Jacquie R.

by | Mar 5, 2023

Hi and meow there!
My name is Jacquie.
I am the wife to a wonderful hubby and a mom to an awesome 18-year-old daughter, as well as a fur mommy to 3 kitties, Pumpkin the oldest, and Topaz & Opal…..the twins! Also a pupper named Peanut, and courageous mouse named Eddy.

I love all animals, but I consider myself “The Crazy Cat Lady,” because they are my favorite. Shhh- don’t tell the others!
I am a retired hairdresser and I’m looking for my next chapter in life, and I can promise you your kitties will be treated as my own, with lots of love! I think I’m a purrr-fect candidate, because I am very detailed-oriented, especially when it comes to litter box clean up, and any medication your furball needs.

Whenever I enter someone’s home, I always make sure to take off my shoes and wash my hands. I will treat your home with much respect!
I’ve raised kitty cats my whole life, so I know they will be safe and happy with me. I can’t wait to meet your kitties! 😻


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