Holly B.

by | Jan 21, 2024

Hi! My name is Holly and by day I am a maternal-fetal medicine sonographer but by night I love to dog sit, cat sit, and babysit! I just like always having something on my calendar. I grew up in the Midwest and always had pets growing up and interacted with a lot of farm cats too. My mom actually didn’t like cats (ugh right?) so I wasn’t allowed to have one while I lived with her but on my very first day in my first apartment on my own, I looked outside and saw a tiny kitten between a tree and a trash can, took her in and she is now my Nala. I’ve had her for more than 7 years now. Nala has had two brothers since she came home, Smokey, who I adopted as a senior cat, and now Archie, who is a very rambunctious 3 year old. I also have 2 dogs who love to run and play! (Nala is less interested in them)

I have cared for many different pets as I have house sat and pet sat through the years. I’ve pet-sit many dogs, many cats, a few chinchillas, and some guinea pigs. All these animals ranged in size and care needs. Some needing medication ( including insulin and anxiety medication). some just some extra love and cuddles while their people cant be home with them!


“I loved booking with the team at The Comforted Kitty (TCK) for cat-sitting soon after I adopted my first cat in 2018. Because of the pandemic and not traveling much, I haven’t needed cat-sitting services over the past couple of years. But I’m slowly but surely making travel plans again, so I recently reconnected with TCK. And I’m so glad I did! First, everything is so easy to use with TCK’s website and the Time to Pet app. My requested services were confirmed the day I put them in on the website. I was then smoothly connected with Holly, one of TCK’s cat-sitters in Walnut Creek. Holly really paid attention to what my cat Trina would need while I was away, and we had an excellent “meet and greet.” When I was out of town for a three-day weekend, Holly sent the most amazing updates about Trina! Her visit reports were so fun to read and basically made me feel like I was at home with my cat. Holly also made sure to include several outstanding pictures of my cat in her messages. Giving someone access to your home and inviting them to take care of your beloved animal companion are serious tasks. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the team at TCK loves and cares about cats–it really shows in their fine work.” – Kat D. (Albany)

“I needed a pet sitter for the first time since getting my cat during the pandemic. The Comforted Kitty made it very easy to set up a request and visits.
Holly was a great help and sent me lots of great reports with my cat during my trip. The app made it very easy to keep up to date on what was going on while I was away. It really helped alleviate a lot of my initial worries about leaving my pet when going on a trip for the first time. I will definitely be using them again for future trips!” – Nathan I. (Walnut Creek)


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