Heather D.

by | Aug 5, 2023

Hello! My name is Heather but I like to go by my middle name, Alicia. I am originally from Michigan where I enjoyed art, the outdoors, and all the animals. I have also lived in China, Thailand, and Arizona. I started caring for people’s pets from a young age because it is so fun to meet new pets and see them again and again. One dog I watched over the course of five years was a little Chihuahua. She was an older dog who was very sweet and playful. The biggest responsibility I had was caring for this dog for six months while her family went to Europe. I continued to pet sit throughout my school years and now I am happy to have the joy and responsibility to work as a professional pet sitter in my adulthood.

My other profession is teaching English as a second language. I find both these jobs require someone who is extremely aware of others, their needs, and feelings. It takes someone who is nurturing and empathetic to be a pet sitter and I am so grateful to be able to specifically care for cats! The past year, I have been meeting pet owners and providing care for cats and dogs through a website where I was able to gain experience to prepare me to be an excellent carer with Comforted Kitty. Since I truly am happy with cats, it does not feel like a job. I make sure they are well taken care of, get plenty of exercise, and stay entertained. From having a guinea pig, I have become well-versed in pet house construction so cardboard boxes have unlimited potential. It’s great to watch them explore and get to know their different personalities. Similar to guinea pigs, cats get the zoomies too, so that is really adorable.


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