Gail L.

by | Mar 7, 2023

I have been taking care of all kinds of critters virtually my whole life. Beginning with my experiences growing up on a farm, I have had the responsibility of taking care of cats, dogs, horses, and a variety of farm animals. I have also had the experience of working in an animal hospital and a wildlife care center where I picked up a wealth of knowledge and skills; for example, administering medications, cleaning and dressing wounds, and closely observing cats for any signs of distress or illness [especially since they are very good at hiding any evidence of pain or injury].

I have deep respect and love for all animals; this has included efforts to save wild horses [mustangs] and burros as well as assist in the annual whale count of both greys and humpbacks along the coasts of California and Maui. Working with raptors, small mammals, various birds, and reptiles gave me the knowledge and experience of how fragile the lives of urban wildlife can be. [RIP P-22] I am currently volunteering at a horse rescue and farm animal sanctuary, and live with 4 cats and two rescue horses.

While I did love my career in education, my retirement from teaching has given me the time to devote to the compassionate care of cats. As any cat owner [I mean, human owned by cats] will tell you, these are mystical, graceful, sometimes stubborn, both arrogant and affectionate, goofy, highly intelligent, mischievous, and utterly devoted creatures. I have been blessed to have shared my life with so many wonderful felines — all unique and special in their own ways. But each has taught me so much and brought me more joy than I could have imagined possible.


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