Erika R.

by | Apr 6, 2022

Hi there, my name is Erika Rasmussen, and I Adore all things cats! Since before the day I was born, I’ve always had a cat in my household whether it be mine or my Mom and Dad’s!

I noticed at a very young age that I’ve always had an affinity for cats and seem to share a special connection with any cat I met on the street. That connection launched me into the world of cat advocacy. I am a TNR (trap neuter return) advocate, feral cat caretaker, foster for numerous cat rescues, and an independent trapper when needed. I also very much enjoy educating the public on all the above topics.

I’ve worked at two non-profit cat rescue organizations in California. The first was Stray Cat Alliance, where I had the pleasure of being the Return to Field Coordinator in three different shelters in Orange County and Long Beach. My second cat job was at the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in Laguna Canyon, where I was able to learn plenty of skills that I still currently use today like, giving insulin injections to diabetic cats, pilling cats, and sub q fluids. That was a really cool job because I dealt with only senior cats as it’s like a retirement home for senior cats… Only in California, right?!

I have a total of 15 cats between two houses. I have six feral cats, one foster cat, and one rescue at my parent’s house – Big Black, Smoketree, Whiskers, Nails, Ginger Blue, Snowshoes, Mr. Baker, and Bela Lugosi.
At My boyfriend’s house I have four cats and four foster kittens- Raggedy Ann, O’Malley, Ziggy, Dünner Junger, Twinkle, Beep, Boop, and Bop.

I’ve dealt with every temperament of cat out there. I pay very close attention to the body language of cats, as they don’t talk like people and you need to be more aware of what they’re really telling you. I always love meeting new cats and their caretakers and/or parents!


“Erika was so great taking care of our 5 cats. She made sure they were fed, brought in my mail and packages and I could tell really cared about the cats and their well being. They are my babies, so I know I can count on her and Comforted Kitty to take care of them. Will definitely use her services again!” – Elaine P. (Santa Ana)

“Just got home, everything looks good and Lily is good too. Thanks for tidying up too, really appreciate the good work and care while I was gone!” -Jospeh S. (Costa Mesa)


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