Daria F.

by | May 1, 2023

I grew up with cats and consider them essential family members, I don’t think there’s every been a long period of time where there wasn’t a cat in my home. Because of this I’ve been trusted by friends and family to cat sit for them while they traveled for vacations, either for short periods of time or for longer. My understanding of cat body language and needs makes me a great cat owner and a good cat sitter – or so I’ve been told. So I decided to cat sit more professionally!

Aside from cats, I also own rats, and am just as quick to notice any changes in behavior with both species. I love my pets with my whole heart and try to give them the best care possible, and I hope to carry this trait over to the cat-sitting role. Whether it’s a pet sitter or a vet, I find that as a pet owner I want that individual to truly care about the animal so that they will put in their best efforts.


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