Darcee N.

by | Jul 15, 2021

Hi, My name is Darcee! I’ve been an animal lover My whole life. I’ve been taking care of animals (not just My own) for the past 7 years. I have a cat of My own that I found when she was just a few weeks old, her name is Blueberry but everyone calls her Mama, and she’s a 13 year old Russian Blue that is Our house manager. I also have a few dogs; Elton, Ru, & Bruce, and they all listen to her ruling with the utmost respect! All following her lead when it comes time to start the “dinner parade”. I love the way these animals care for and teach us so much throughout their lives. Being around animals so much, I feel like I can create a bond with just about any animal. Did I mention that I also help care for a few horses? Animals are some of the best parts of living!!! Cats are extra special, and becoming your cats friend is at the top of My list! And I will be patient because I know it’ worth it! Spending time with animals is My life purpose and My passion. Some of My other passions are silversmithing and jewelry making.


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