Cinta L.

By Daniel McPartlan | Aug 5, 2023

Cinta L.

"What I like most about cats is that they are so loving once they get to know you. I find it so rewarding when a cat that has been shy the first few days of a pet sit comes out and sits on my lap for the first time. I also love getting to know each cat's individual personalities."

I have been working with animals and pet sitting for over 10 years. I am a San Francisco native and it’s always been my dream to work with animals. I was previously an adoptions counselor at the SPCA and am currently a veterinary assistant. I love when I’m able to help comfort the shyer cats who are more nervous at the vet and gain their trust. I have had pet cats since I was a kid and currently have a flame point Siamese named Marshmallow.


“Cinta watched my cat Worm from 11/22/2023 – 11/25/2023 and she was amazing! I did the once a day, 30 minute visit at any time of the day service. She sent me a visit report (which included how much food he ate, whether she refilled his water, and whether he pooped or peed) and several photos of Worm during each of her visits. I appreciate that The Comforted Kitty schedules a meeting between owners and sitters prior to the first day of services. Cinta was a great sitter, and I definitely plan to use The Comforted Kitty next time I’m out of town!” – Haley B. (San Francisco)