Carolina M.

by | Apr 21, 2021

Carolina owns seven cats, all of which she adopted. Cats have always been her favorite animal which is why she could not resist adopting as many as she could. She has worked with cats and dogs since she was 18, and has worked at both PetSmart and pet food express for a total of 9 years and was store manager there. She also worked 5 years managing the dog and cat boarding facility at PetSmart, which was incredible for her and she loved every pet as if they were her own. Carolina also own 3 dogs, who now live with her parents but also owns a bearded dragon that loves her 7 cats and they love her. She have previously also owned hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and even a ferret! Carolina is the biggest animal lover and wants to spend the rest of my life surrounded by them! She definitely dreams of owning a farm one day and adopting as many cats and all different critters as she can.
Carolina really enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her cats. She is a complete home body and always chooses staying home with her cats over going out any day of the week! They are her best friends and make her the happiest. Anytime she leaves, she misses them like crazy!
Carolina happily serves cities across the SF peninsula.


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