Carla B.

by | Sep 27, 2023

I had my very last Soul-Cat Salem for 22 years. He was big, black, with golden eyes like sunflowers. We grew older and wiser together, moved several times and had a bond to last a lifetime. Since then I channel all my love and friendship to cats in need of a temporary companion! My friends call me the cat whisperer and I try to live up to that reputation.

I look forward to meeting you and your fantastic feline ❤️


“Perks of the service: you can request once a day, twice a day, and even overnight care services. Of note there are no EOD services when I booked. They also have an app where you can input any special needs for your fur baby, feeding schedules, and even request other tasks ie taking in mail, watering plants, and helping take in/out the garbage bins. The sitters can also communicate with you through the app and send photos/ updates of your pet I requested someone to help me look after my kitten while we were away for vacation and I was very fortunate to have been paired up with Carla! She was so friendly and immediately I could tell she was a cat lover herself. She took to Felix immediately even though he switches between lovable and manic with his zoomies and was oh so patient with him. This was our first vacation and I was very nervous about leaving him home but she went above and beyond with twice a day timely updates and plenty of photos to make us feel at ease. She even helped replant a plant he had pulled in his mischief! I can’t thank her enough for making this first experience such a reassuring one, would 100/10 recommend her to a friend needing cat sitter services!” – Angelica T. (Santa Rosa)

“Excellent care and communication! Absolutely love the Comforted Kitty Care and our sitter Carla, who is skilled, reliable and kind. I am always at ease knowing she is taking care of things. My cat adores her and she spends quality time with him to make sure he’s getting plenty of love and attention while I’m away.” – A. A. (Santa Rosa)


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