Cara W.

by | May 17, 2022

I have spent my entire life with cats (and dogs and rabbits and lizards and whatever else children bring home). Currently, I have four of my own cats and two hens, all of them rescues.

I feel fortunate to be able to devote time to these fascinating creatures with great spirits who ask for nothing but respect and affection. And they give us so much more in return, it’s an endless payoff. I think that human beings are privileged to live alongside animals, and that any amount of time spent with them creates great personal rewards. I have volunteered at the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter for nine years as a feline socializer and feline volunteer mentor. This has exposed me to cats undergoing all manner of strife, from being feral in a caged environment to the abandoned or abused, or experiencing the loss of their caregiver and home. It is incredibly fulfilling to make their lives a little bit better, and help them find the right forever home. I’ve also fostered cats recuperating from surgeries and motherless kitten babies who need bottle feeding every two hours. As a pet owner, I understand how hard it is to leave your best friends in the care of a stranger and I strive to make the experience as gentle and trustworthy as possible.


“I’ve had Cara from Comforted Kitty, check on my little guy for a few trips now and I’ve been very pleased with her service. I’ve only used the 30 minutes a day option, but that’s all I need at this time. Cara is kind, through and her communication is excellent. I look forward to her picture updates and I’m happy to have found a sitter that I can relay on and feel at ease that my Booger is being well cared for. I would definitely recommend Comforted Kitty.” – Rae C. (Alameda)

“Cara recently sat for our kitty in Alameda. She did a wonderful job, and was really patient with her, which was great, as our cat is shy and skittish. She texted me with updates and photos every day, and I think she even dealt with cat hair on the stairs, though we didn’t ask her to. We will definitely ask for Cara again when we need to go out of town. She was wonderful.” – Kathleen (Oakland)

“I have used The Comforted Kitty a few times now and I would definitely recommend their services. My cat is young and doesn’t require much, so I only had Cara come daily for 30 minutes. She was through, kind and I enjoyed receiving Cara’s daily updates and pictures of my little guy. The price seems fair and everything is done on an app which is nice when you’re traveling.” – Stacy C. (Oakland)

“We found The Comforted Kitty when we got new kittens and had plans to travel when they were quite young. We last had cats a few years ago, and our previous sitters were no longer available. Cara at the Comforted Kitty was amazing, keeping our girls cared for, and most importantly, entertained! Regular updates and photos are made easy through the Time to Pet app, and are most reassuring when you’re away from home. We look forward to a long relationship with The Comforted Kitty when we need to be away.” – Ann B. 

“Cara at The Comforted Kitty did a great job keeping our new kittens entertained, particularly the first time we went away for more than an overnight trip. She genuinely seems to enjoy their antics, and provides hilarious updates and photos while we’re gone, as well as taking care of plants, the house, and much more. The Time to Pet app works great, and is a great checklist for both the sitter and for us. We will definitely rely on The Comforted Kitty as we begin to travel again more regularly.” – Ann B. (San Francisco)

“We have been using Comforted Kitty for a few years now in the Oakland/Berkeley area and it’s been amazing. Their service is extremely reliable and we have full trust in them taking care of our cat Snippers when we leave town. Our sitter Cara has taken care of Snip several times now and always takes great care of her. Cara sends detailed and fun updates, and does little things that we really appreciate, like bringing in packages for us. We’ve had a few occasions where we booked last minute travel and needed a sitter in a pinch – Cara was quick to respond and came to the rescue. Thank you Cara and Comforted Kitty!!” – Kevin W. (Oakland)

“We’ve been using The Comforted Kitty for cat sitting for nearly a year now. Before the first visit we filled out a detailed questionnaire about our cats and our preferences and we met our sitter to make sure it was a good fit. The scheduling process is super easy especially with their app and our sitter (Cara) is very thorough. We get updates after every visit with lots of pictures. We’ve also noticed an improvement with our cats’ moods when we return from traveling.” – Erin D. (Oakland) 

“Cara is awesome. She’s taken amazing care of our cat on multiple occasions by now, and in a short period of time she learned Peachy’s personality and she asked great questions – all aimed at trying to understand how she could make our cat more comfortable and relaxed while we were gone. Great communication, ultra trustworthy, caring and thoughtful. 12/10 highly recommend.” – Michael C. (San Francisco)

“This was a lifesaver. I felt so comfortable knowing my sweet Cali was cared for and could stay at home. Cara was professional, loving, and I arrived home to a happy kitty (and clean litter box) ! I really appreciated the daily reports and pictures. The app is convenient and easy to use. Thank you Cara and Comforted Kitty! :)” – Paula W. (Alameda)

“I used The Comforted Kitty when I went on vacation recently. I was so pleased with Cara, our sitter. The service was professional and loving, and I could tell that she really loves animals. I recommend them without hesitation. Meow!” – Paula W. (Oakland)

“My wife and I learned about Comforted Kitty by chance. We recently used them for the first time and we cannot say enough good things about both Comforted Kitty and especially Cara the wonderful sitter! We do not travel often but when we need assistance again we know where we are going for help. Thanks Comforted Kitty and Thanks Cara!!!” – Thomas L. (Oakland)

“What can I say except The Comforted Kitty is great. Using the app to schedule, pay, update our kitties information, and get visit information is super easy. But the real magic is our sitter Cara in Alameda. She is so friendly and absolutely adores our senior fellow. Cara’s updates provide lots of photos and honest information, including subtle behavior changes from visit to visit, just in case it could signal a potential concern. During one vacation these observations were enough that the vet wanted to see our kitty ASAP, and Cara helped to get him seen. Cara is fantastic, and we know our senior kitty is in good hands! We’ve also had Eliska watch our kitty once when Cara was busy, and she was equally great. Highly recommend The Comforted Kitty and its caring cat sitters!” – Aleta H. (Alameda)

“I found the Comforted Kitty on Yelp! It’s generally so hard to find great pet care in the Bay Area, and it’s even harder to find services that have expertise with cats (no, they’re not “just like dogs but smarter and littler”). My experience with the service has been top-notch across the board. Not only do they provide care specifically for cats, but their request and orientation processes are super easy and thorough. When I met Cara in person, she made extra effort to understand Birdy’s habits, tastes, and needs, which gave me confidence that she would really put the effort in to take good care. And she went above and beyond, sending messages, pics, and videos each day to make sure I not only knew Birdy was healthy and happy, but also updating me on the state of the house. Best of all, Cara seemed to really, truly enjoy her time with Birdy. I won’t hesitate to recommend the Comforted Kitty and to use the service again on my next trip. Thank you, Cara!” – Ryan G. (Oakland)

“Awesome cat-sitting service we booked for in-home care; highly recommend. Our sitter Cara provided delightful daily text updates replete with details and photos, which put us at ease and helped family members enjoy their trip without anxiety or worry about the family pet. Very grateful for the help and look forward to booking again soon with The Comforted Kitty!” – Nani W. (Oakland)

“I previously used The Comforted Kitty in 2017 when it was just starting out, and I thought the service was great. Now in 2022 a lot has changed in the world and in my life, but the services from this company remain top quality. Our cat sitter was Cara who gave us good vibes from the start at the meet and greet. Everyday she sent us thoughtful notes and photos of the cats while we were away and it was clear that she spent enough time with the cats to pick up on their individual personalities and eccentricities. The cats were relaxed and happy when we got home from vacation and we felt they were well taken care of. We would recommend Cara and this service and will be using it again in the future!” – K. M. (Oakland)

“Cara is a great cat sitter! She services the Alameda area. I felt really comfortable leaving my kitties in her care when I was out of town. She sent detailed daily updates with lots of photos. My cats seemed to get along well with her and came out to greet and interact with her. Would definitely book her again.” – Megan E. (Alameda)

“Cara has been taking care of my cats, Johnny and Baby, for almost a year now and it’s always so sweet to read her updates. It’s clear that she’s attentive and cares deeply about them and their well-being and that’s exactly what I need in a sitter. Especially since Baby has asthma and requires an inhaler and pill daily, it really puts my mind to rest when I’m away. Thank you!” – Leah R. (San Francisco)

“I was referred to The Comforted Kitty by another cat mom, who raved about their service. Cara was our sitter and I am so happy with the care she gave my two, quite fussy kitties. My cat situation is difficult in that I have to keep my two cats separate as they fight (that’s story for another day). Keeping them separate is hard to do in my apartment but Cara did a great job of keeping the kitties safe. She sent daily updates with photos and made a effort to bond with my more shy kitty (my other cat is super friendly and used to strangers). By the end of the reservation, he was coming out to greet her and she was able to play with him. I had put him into boarding before but he lost weight and it stressed him out. Knowing that I can keep both cats at home under a caring cat sitter is very reassuring. I plan to make another reservation for a longer period of time.” – Clair D. (San Francisco)

“I highly recommend Comforted Kitty for cat sitting services. I have been using them for a few years now and I am incredibly happy with my experience. The folks who are behind this service have been wonderful, reliable, and very responsive giving me peace of mind when I am traveling. I have been working with Cara W. and she has been lovely to work with. I love and appreciate all of the daily updates and photos and knowing that my kitties are in great hands.” – Helen H. (San Francisco)

“I adopted two kittens about a month before Thanksgiving, only to realize that I needed to quickly find some pet care while I was out of town. I was overwhelmed by the different options, but ultimately chose the Comforted Kitty given their professionalism. My sitter, Cara, ultimately ended up taking care of my kittens, and it went so smoothly. A few things to call out: + One of my kittens got an infection the week I was heading out, and the vet prescribed some medication. Cara was able to easily get our kitten to take her medication as prescribed.+ Cara gave extremely comprehensive reports — how much the kittens had eaten, their moods, and several photos. I really appreciated Cara’s thoroughness and ease with the kittens. Thank you!” – Jenn L. (Oakland)

“SOOO glad we found The Comforted Kitty and Cara! She took amazing care of our two senior kitties while we were traveling for Thanksgiving. It was easy to book and communicate with Dan (the owner) and Cara (our cat sitter) through email and the Time to Pet app; streamlines and seamless! Cara not only sent us regular updates after each visit, but also gave us lots of detail about their eating, play, and interactions, and she even sent us photos of our babies from every visit! Using the services of The Comforted Kitty gave us peace of mind to travel knowing that our cats were in good, loving hands. We were so happy with the service, we’ve already booked Cara again for Christmas! Thank you so much!” – Sarah B. (Alameda)

“My partner and I have used Comforted Kitty several times to provide cat sitting services while we travel. We’ve worked with both Cara and Emily, and they’ve both been great! They have been responsive, sending daily updates with pictures. I also like that we can request services online or in the app. In addition to feeding and taking care of the litter, they also make sure to play with our kitty and take care of the house plants as needed. Cara even offered to come and visit our cat an extra day when we were stuck due to airplane delays. All in all, definitely recommend the service.” – Evan M. (Oakland)

“Cara is awesome! She’s taken amazing care of our cat (Peachy/Peaches/Professor Longtail) on multiple occasions. And in just a short period of time Cara learned Peachy’s personality and asked great questions – all of them aimed at trying to understand how she could make Peachy von Peachenheimer more comfortable and relaxed while we were gone. Great communication, ultra trustworthy, caring and thoughtful. 12/10 highly recommend!” – Michael C. (Oakland)

“Thank you for taking such good care of our girls Cara, they were very content when we came home! We were looking at maybe spending another couple days away next week- will request in the portal, hope you are available!” -Kate M. (Oakland)

“Hi Cara! We just got home to 4 happy kitties! Thank you so much for helping us this weekend! As always, appreciate how clean and tidy everything is – I know this was extra work.” -Meg M. (Alameda)


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