Angie D.

by | Sep 25, 2022

My name is Angie and I’m a writer, teacher, and artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been a devoted cat servant ever since a kitten moved into the tree outside my window and made me realize that my whole life spent assuming I was a dog person was a lie. I now work as a cat sitter and live with an adopted Torbie named Ro. She has endless energy, and loves climbing the walls, playing with toys, and stirring up trouble to get my attention so she can then climb into my arms for some cuddles and neck scratches.

I am friendly, calm, tidy, and detail-oriented, and I enjoy giving regular updates to my clients and their families. With years of cat care experience as a sitter and foster caregiver, I understand just how important play, socialization, and stability are to their well-being and environment. I’m also experienced with administering oral medications, injections, ointments, and other treatments, so you can trust your loved one is in good hands. I really look forward to meeting you and your unique pets, and to learning how I can best support them during your time away!


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