Andrea V.

by | Aug 20, 2023

Hello! My name is Andrea and I am the proud “fur mom” to 3 Senior pups and a menagerie of kittens and adult cats. I love that kittens/cats have such unique personalities and I do feel that when they choose you, it is like winning the lottery. I have had the pleasure of caring for dogs and cats as far back as I can remember and cannot imagine a world where I am not surrounded by them. I have been providing care for my own animals and those of family, friends, and neighbors for 25+ years. I have provided care for animals who have required just a bit of extra care, which has included dispensing medication both orally and intravenously.
I enjoy engaging in activities with my animals, which includes paddleboarding with my pups…unfortunately, none of the cats have taken a liking to water and they are not fans of harnesses or leashes either! I am also known as the therapist who can spot the ear of a cat or the tail of a dog during telehealth therapy sessions and my clients are great sports when I request an introduction!
I do believe that caring for the fur family members of others is not only just caring for their daily needs (i.e. food, water, toileting, etc.), but taking care of their living environment as well, which includes taking care of tasks around the home (i.e. light housekeeping, bringing in mail, taking out trash, etc.). I look forward to caring for your fur family members as I do my own!


“Thank you for so much Andrea! We’re home now and got an earful from Keanu, but now all he wants are scratches and to be played with 😻 thank you for everything you did over these past two weeks. We’re so grateful!!” Lauren J. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you so much for all the updates and pics. Each one made my day and allowed me to enjoy my vacation. I hope you’ll be open to taking care of them in the future. Thank you again!!!” -Amanda L. (Las Vegas)

“I cannot state how much I appreciate the whole Comforted Kitty team. I was put in an imminent situation and while not ideal, they were able to step in and now Andrea is a welcome little part of our family. I super appreciate her consistency and love the daily updates and photos. Scheduling, payment, and gratuity are all made SUPER simple, just another reason we’re likely to continue this wonderful partnership.” -Amy M. (Las Vegas)

“These updates are the best, Andrea! Thank you for being so loving to our baby boy. Him in the chair is a first for us – we are happy to see him relaxing and feel so comforted knowing he is in great hands with you.” -Drew E. (Las Vegas)

“He looked like he enjoyed your visits and it made all the difference with us taking a longer vacation knowing KJ was in great hands. We will definitely keep you all in mind next time we head out on vacation.” -Drew E. (Las Vegas)


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