Adrien M.

By Daniel McPartlan | Aug 5, 2023

Adrien M.

"What I like most about cats is that their care routine matches their individual personalities. Diva cats tend to be particular about how their food is served. Couch potatoes are typically nonchalant about new visitors saying hello. Wallflowers need more one-on-one time to build up to play mode."

Hello! My name is Adrien and I live in Concord with my cat, Fernie. As a child, I was obsessed with the show “That’s My Baby”, which led to my childhood dream to become a tiger breeder and raiser. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, but I did get to do the next best thing: raise a sickly seven weeks old kitten into a living room tiger! Watching her grow and develop her own personality has made me what some call “a crazy cat lady” as we go on adventures together using a backpack or stroller.

I’ve developed so many methods and skills in cat care through raising Fernie for the past 7 years and counting. I have extensive experience in creating positive connections and environments with pets of all shapes and sizes through my 7 years of working at Pet Food Express and I look forward to applying that to cat-sitting. It was there that I learned that maintaining a pet’s daily routine (and maybe some calming aids) can help furry friends feel less stressed while their favorite human is away. I will learn how your kitty goes about their day and use my expertise to keep them happy and comfortable. As far as care goes, I have experience in feeding frozen raw or fresh foods. I have tried out many clumping and non-clumping litters too. If your kitty enjoys being brushed, I will gladly help them not hack up hairballs on your bed while you’re gone! Just let me know what your fur baby is like and I will provide them with the care best fit for them. You can also upload your special instructions for your cat so we can review what they need together. I am excited to meet you both and give lots of love to your kitty.


“Adrien took care of my shy/frightened Coco with daily visits for 12 days and literally had Coco eating out of her hand by the end. Adrien did an outstanding job taking superior care of Coco; making her food/treat puzzles to encourage her to eat, scooping her litter daily, refreshing her water, and talking to her, generally making this little rescue kitty feel safe. I was a little worried about leaving Coco with a stranger since it had taken me 7 weeks just to get her to come out from under the bed when I adopted her in January. On top of all this Adrien also took excellent care of my plants, collected my mail, took the trash bin out and retrieved it. On top of all of this, she sent me daily photos and a detailed report of Coco’s activities. I will not hesitate to call on The Comforted Kitty any time I’m in need of a caregiver for my kitty.” – Lynn C. (Concord)

“I had to leave my Coco for the first time since adoption for a whopping 12 days. I was a nervous wreck as she is a former stray, vision impaired, and still working on trust issues. After the first visit Adrien M. had made Coco feel safe enough to come out of hiding and eat; by the end 4 visits Coco decided this very special young woman was worth really getting to know and began coming out to greet her when she arrived. Adrien is a true “kitty whisperer” and I will absolutely be using her in the future. Adrien performed all of her tasks: litter box, plants, trash, mail, etc. perfectly and I received photos and a complete report every night. The Comforted Kitty can be proud to be represented by Adrien M. as she is outstanding in her performance of duties and has an enviable rapport with even the most timid of kitties.” – Lynn C. (Concord)

“Thank you for these amazing summaries and pictures and videos! We absolutely love seeing them!! I’m so happy he has such a cat lover there to take care of him!” -Alison C. (Lafayette)