cat sitting services
We keep our fees clear and simple so that there are not any hidden surprises for our clients when booking professional cat sitting services.

30 Minutes


  • Best for 1-2 cat households

60 Minutes


  • Best for 4+ cat households

For the safety and welfare of your cat and home, we do NOT skip visits or schedule ‘every other day’ arrangements.

Sitting requests for households with four or more cats requires at least 45 minute visits. This is due to the very little time our sitters usually have left to socialize with the cats after taking care of all of the necessary cat care “chores” and other requested tasks. We want to make sure all of your kitties receive as much of our care and attention during the time duration as possible!

The following holidays incur an additional $15 per visit surcharge: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

This fee is compensation for the sitter’s time away from family during the holidays.

For any sitting requests during the Thanksgiving holiday period (November 18-26) and Christmas/New Year’s holiday period (December 18 – January 3, 2019), we require a 3 daily visits minimum order.


All of the following services are included in each of the visit fees above.

Proper feeding and fresh water

Each visit we will ensure that your cat is fed the exact brand and precise amount of food you have instructed us to do. We will also refresh water bowls and fountains with tap, filtered, or bottled water, whichever your kitty prefers.

Litter box servicing

Each visit we will scoop out the litter box completely and top off with fresh litter as needed. We are also happy to change out the entire litter box and refill with fresh litter if you desire. Cats are very particular about the cleanliness of the litter box so we absolutely want to make sure it is as clean as possible.

Plenty of socialization!

After the cat care chores are completed, we spend the remainder of the time socializing with your kitty. This is not only our favorite part, we understand that it is very important to reducing the stress and boredom your kitty may have with your absence. We will play, pet, brush, lap sit-whatever your kitty is up for and will provide the most comfort! Or if your cat prefers to be left alone, we will definitely respect that and not push our boundaries, causing stress to them.

Daily visit updates

Upon the completion of each sitting, we will provide you with a daily visit update with pictures (delivered via text or email) to let you know how things went. We will mention things such as your cat’s appetite, what toy they liked to play with, how their mood is, and any issues or concerns we may have encountered with your cat or home.

We understand how important visit updates are to you as the client, providing tremendous peace of mind that everything is being well taken care of and openly communicated with you.

Medication administration

If any medication needs to be administered to your cat, we would be glad to provide this vital and necessary care to them, provided their temperament allows us to carefully administer it to them. We thoroughly review medication dosage and procedure with you at the free initial consultation meet and greet.

Home security

We happily provide minor home services to give your home a lived-in appearance for security purposes. At your request, we can adjust lights, shades, windows, and other home fixtures. All of our sitters have experience with a wide variety of home alarms and door locks so we are very proficient in keeping your home safe and secure while you are away on vacation or business.

Mail retrieval

We are happy to retrieve any mail and packages that arrive at your home while you are away. We will also proactively monitor the front of the home for flyers and newspapers, making sure to retrieve them for home security purposes.

Plant watering

We are happy to offer minor plant watering for indoor and outdoor plants. We request that it not be too sophisticated so as to leave less time for us to socialize with your kitty 🙂

Trash bins

We gladly offer putting your trash bins out to the curb on trash pickup day as well as retrieving them on the next visit.

Time of Day for Visit


8am – 11am


Noon – 5pm


5pm – 8pm

Any TIme

8am – 8pm
  • No matter which time frame you choose above, we try our absolute best to come around the same time each day in order to maintain consistency in your cat’s routine and schedule.

  • We also understand that each cat has different care needs. Therefore we are glad to offer custom sitting requests that mix and match service duration and time-frames above. Just let us know when filling out the Request Services form.Although we can’t guarantee it, we will do our best to accommodate your specific request. 

Initial Consultation Meet-and-Greet

In order for the sitter to become properly acquainted with your cat and see if they are both a good fit for each other, we require a FREE initial consultation meet-and-greet. In addition to meeting you and your cat, this is where the sitter and you will go over the entire visit care routine and the precise details for the proper care you are seeking.

Key Policy

*Please note: Two working copies of your house keys should be provided at the time of the initial consultation. Necessary FOBs to enter the building should also be provided at this time. If you do not want (or are unable) to keep your keys on file with us for future sittings, there is a $10 key return fee and a $10 pickup fee for future sitting requests. These fees are to compensate for the sitter’s time and mileage costs. 

We do not allow clients dropping off keys to sitters due to not wanting customers visiting their home for privacy reasons.