Ready to get back out there, but don’t want to forget your kitty? San Francisco’s pet entertainment scene has you covered, no matter how much socialization you prefer. From popular cat cafes to casual meetups or even virtual events, there’s something for every cat lover.

Get outside, get active!

After being cooped up for the last year and a half, aren’t you ready to get outside and get some exercise? You can… and all for the good of cats!

2021 Pets 2 the Rescue Run/Walk/Bike

Between now and July 4th, join Jelly’s Place for a virtual run/walk/bike event. Take on the 2021 Pets 2 the Rescue challenge and go for a 1 mile or 5k run/walk, a 5 mile bike trip, or even all of the above. When you’re done, bring home a great t-shirt and the knowledge that you’ve helped rescue cats.

Your registration and donation supports Jelly’s Place, an animal rescue focusing on finding homes for needy cats and dogs in San Francisco. This woman-led shelter deals primarily with animals that have been abused or neglected, that is, those that need your help the most. Want to help, but don’t like running? Jelly’s Place is always looking for volunteers to foster sick animals, socialize them, take pets to the vet, clean the shelter, and even do clerical work. There’s a ton of work to be done!

Last year’s Pets 2 the Rescue event raked in over $35,000 for shelters across the country, and this year looks just as promising.

Cats on Mats Purrlates

Pilates! 20 cats! Sparkling wine! Cats on Mats Purrlates is a cat lover’s dream. Enjoy a 30-40 minute pilates class with an experienced pilates teacher from Santa Rosa… and twenty cats who will be glad to show you their best moves. KitTea warns that the kitties like to get involved in the poses and often jump on the participants, to make sure you’re prepared for a surprise! This event is held on Friday nights: July 9th, 16th, and 30th. Be prepared for these specialty classes to fill up fast.

International Cat Day Virtual Run/Walk

Celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday, International Cat Day, with a run/walk no matter where you are. 20% of the registration fee goes toward Alley Cat Allies, who deliver cat food to food banks across the country and San Francisco. On August 8th, join in and run or walk a 1 mile, 5 k, 10k, half marathon, or a full marathon race. Complete your race, win a cool medal and race bib, and do good for cats. Everyone wins!

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Meet mew friends

If you can’t be with your cat, why not talk about her? Here’s where you can find fellow cat lovers in San Francisco. You can even bring your cat along.

First Caturday

Enjoy this beautiful weather with your cat and other cat lovers at the First Caturday, located at Mission Dolores Park. Every first Saturday of the month, cat lovers in the Bay Area congregate at the park to chat about cats, get some human interaction, and snooze in a sunbeam. Bring your cat on a leash, in a stroller, in a carrier, or however your pet likes to travel. This is a great opportunity to get some fresh air — for you and your feline.

This is the first First Caturday since the pandemic, so expect lots of happy cats and humans! This event will be held once a month starting on Saturday, July 3rd from 3:30 to 6:30. No registration is required.

Bay Area Cat Adventure Club

Do you love cats and the great outdoors? So do the members of Bay Area Cat Adventure Club! Join this Meetup to hang out with humans who love their cats and can’t wait to talk about them. The group has been a little quiet since the pandemic, but a few friendly headbutts and purrs will surely get this group back on track. This group has hiked Sugarloaf with their cats, chilled at a brewery, and more. Awesome!

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Chill with cats

Cats make excellent coffee dates. Meet some new feline friends at the Bay Area’s top cat cafes.


If you haven’t been to KitTea, you are missing out. San Francisco’s very first cat cafe is home to dozens of cats, many of whom are adoptable. Hang out in the cat lounge, enjoy tea and a snack, and enjoy the meowment.

KitTea’s super popular Mewvie Night is back! On June 26th, enjoy a doubly interactive version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show while 20-30 cats roam, snuggle, and distract you from the film. Some of the kitties are adoptable, so if you make friends, there’s a chance you can bring home a furry souvenir. We think Riff Raff is an adorable cat name. Just saying.

Cat Town Oakland

At Cat Town in Oakland, spend a luxurious hour in the Cat Zone with 20-30 adoptable cats. It’s the nation’s very first cat cafe: a cage-free adoption center plus coffee bar. RAWR coffee bar sells all kinds of delicious snacks: both human and feline. Grab a cup of coffee, some cat t-shirts and other cool stuff while dozens of kitties purr for your attention.

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Your cat deserves their own portrait

Is your cat your muse? Of course she is — we don’t even need to ask. Just outside of SF, you can go to a painting class and honor your furbaby. These events are 21+ only, so kids, you’ll have to stay home and stick to crayons.

Paws & Relax Paint Your Pet (virtual)

Feeling creative? Sign up for the virtual Paws & Relax Paint Your Pet event through Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek. Just submit a high resolution digital image of your gorgeous cat, and they will provide a pre-sketched drawing on canvas so that you can paint. The kit includes a canvas, paints, brushes, an easel, and a link to the Zoom event on June 26th, August 14th, or November 6th.

Paint Your Pet at Painting With a Twist

At Painting With a Twist in Pleasant Hill, enjoy a quiet afternoon painting your cat with an adult beverage in hand on Sunday, July 18th. Send in a photo of your precious feline and they’ll sketch it on canvas before you arrive.

Project Pet at Pinot’s Palette

Closer to Danville? Head to Pinot’s Palette for Project Pet, a pet portrait painting session on Sunday, July 18th. Whether you’re a skilled artist or have never held a brush, Pinot’s Palette is there for you. They’ll make it easy by sketching your pet first.

Paint for Paws

Paint for Paws will be held on July 10th in Alameda. This chill event, Art, Animals, & Alcohol, raises money for Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter, helping rescue pets get the veterinary care they need. A skilled local artist will instruct you on painting techniques while you relax with a drink from Lucky 13.

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Stay Home — Socialize Virtually

Maybe you’re more comfortable in your own home. You might not want to meet up with other people or do things in person yet. That’s cool, you can still play with cats!

Bay Area Pet Fair

If you’re looking for your new family member, why not visit a pet fair? The Bay Area Pet Fair is now virtual, helping even more potential pet parents meet their furbabies. Every year, California’s biggest pet adoption event helps find homes for 3,000 animals in one short month. From September 12th to October 11th, log on to the virtual pet fair, browse the adoptable cats at your local San Francisco shelter, and get ready for snuggles. For every adoption, Pet Food Express will donate $25 to the shelter, too.

Cat Cam

Maybe you have enough cats already and don’t want to be tempted at the pet fair. Or perhaps you can’t make it to the cat cafe or don’t like to paint. What’s a cat lover to do? Not to worry, you can watch cats at play on the SFSPCA live cat cam starting June 28th.

Alongside the live cam, this IndePETdence Day event includes cats, dogs, and a fireworks pet safety guide to help keep your pet calm, safe, and happy during the scariest pet holiday of the year.

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Coming soon

Not ready to get back out there yet? That’s okay, neither is Cat Town. Although all Cat Town events are on hold during the pandemic, we expect their calendar to fill up soon. Before you know it, we’ll all be socializing and enjoying awesome activities like before, so watch for these returning events.

Bottle Baby Kitten Class

Will you be volunteering to foster cats while they wait for adoption? Is there a chance you’ll be caring for newborn kittens? Cat Town’s Bottle Baby Kitten Class teaches foster cat parents to care for the newest of newborns. Little kittens need specialty care, including bottle feeding, and it’s important to learn how to do it right. This class will help fosters and rescuers learn how to treat the kittens, when to call a vet, and how they can help. This class will be an invaluable source of information for all future pet parents.

Mindful Yoga in the Cat Zone

Mindful Yoga in the Cat Zone. It sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it? Spend an evening with a yoga instructor for a mixed-level yoga class surrounded by cats doing their own version of the poses. Spoiler alert, they’re much better at it than most humans.

Not into yoga? Try Cat Town’s Meditation with Cats for a guided meditation in the company of the real pros. Just give them a sunbeam and watch the master meditators get to work. We can only hope to reach their level of enlightenment.


, The Best Cat Events and Entertainment in San Francisco, The Comforted Kitty


Have we missed anything? What other awesome Cat Francisco events have you heard about lately? Let us know in the comments down below. If you are thinking about adopting a cat for the first time, we have a great guide to the best cat rescues in the area- check it out.

And if you need some time away for your own entertainment or relaxation, let The Comforted Kitty take care of your cat while you are away. Save your cat the trauma of being held in a boarding facility and let them be pampered in the comfort of their favorite place. We feed, water, clean the litterbox, and can even help out with basic household tasks while you are away. Contact us today for the best cat-sitting service in San Francisco.