Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento

by | Jul 28, 2021

When your kitty is feeling under the weather, do you have a plan in place? Have you decided on the best veterinarian to treat your cat’s specific needs while meeting your requirements? Finding this match can be a daunting task, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. Here are the very best of the best veterinarians and clinics in Sacramento.

Well Cat Exams

Preventative care is essential to keeping your cat healthy and happy for all nine lives. Make sure to schedule regular checkups to stay on top of your cat’s vaccines, weight, dental care, and other routine care. If you have a generally healthy cat who needs routine checkups to keep her at her best, meet your perfect vet right here.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty


Did you know the Sacramento SPCA does more than serve as an animal shelter and help find adoptable pets their forever homes? The SSPCA also offers spay and neuter procedures, a low-cost vaccine clinic, and regular veterinary services to help keep your cat in good shape.

  • Services The SSPCA is happy to provide wellness exams, claw trimming, blood work, FIV test, vaccinations or microchips for healthy animals. This clinic is closed for the pandemic, but should be reopening in fall 2021.
  • Expertise The SSPCA has been caring for pets since 1892. That’s a tough record to beat!
  • Top Review “An astonishing array of services for our furry friends. Their spay and neuter clinic is exceptional. Our cats were back to their playful kitten antics a day later. We also get our cats’ annual vaccinations here. The love for life shows in everything that Sacramento SPCA does.”

South Sacramento Pet Hospital

California’s pet parents have been entrusting South Sacramento Pet Hospital with their four-legged family members for over 60 years. This well-established clinic is AAHA accredited, which is a badge of distinction only a small percentage of veterinarians can claim. Your precious cat is definitely in good hands at SSPH!

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccinations, dentistry, surgery, lab tests and imaging, grooming, and even emergency services.
  • Expertise Dr. Diljit Kamboj is a skilled licenced veterinarian with a special interest in preventative care and has been the owner for the last 20 years.
  • Top Review “I’m very pleased with the service. The doctor is amazing. I will return to this place again. Thank you for everything and explaining everything and giving me options.”

Sacramento Animal Hospital

Established in 1941 and AAHA accredited, Sacramento Animal Hospital has both experience and expertise. SAH is a full service veterinary medical center ready to handle anything from bouncy healthy kittens to senior cats with chronic conditions.

  • Services Wellness exams, ultrasound and x-rays, dentistry, routine or advanced surgery, vaccinations, kitten care, and laser therapy. To help ease pain in senior pets, SAH now offers brand new PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology to speed up healing.
  • Expertise True to its name, Sacramento Animal Hospital is actually the first animal hospital opened in the city of Sacramento.
  • Top Review “This is a fantastic veterinary hospital! I have seen 3 different vets here now, and they have all been so friendly, professional, and flexible with what I’m able to do financially.”

Capital Pets Animal Hospital

Locals may remember Capital Pets Animal Hospital being called the Affordable Pet Clinic. While still affordable, the clinic has been completely refreshed and is now owned by Dr.Manhas DVM. He has a special interest in feline dentistry and preventative medicine, making this the perfect place to keep up your cat’s best health.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, routine surgery, dentistry, and emergency care are available. This clinic is an affordable option for keeping up with your cats’ health, even in the evenings.
  • Expertise Dr. Manhas has been caring for pets since 1991, came to California in 2007, and took over Affordable Pet Clinic in 2018, where he has dedicated his expertise to caring for Sacramento’s cats and dogs.
  • Top Review “Dr. Manhas and his team are excellent and take really good care of their patients. I trust them with my fur baby because they treat him with such compassion and care.”

Discovery Animal Hospital

Discovery Animal Hospital is clean, calm, comfortable, and welcoming to the entire family — four-legged and two-legged. This clinic has a friendly clinic dog named Raider who helps calm nervous pets, showing them it’s not so scary at the vet. While this works great for many pets and families, if you have a dog-fearing cat, you may find visits a little stressful.

  • Services Wellness exams, health certifications, vaccinations, microchips, diagnostics, x-rays and ultrasounds, minor surgery, prescriptions, dentistry, and much more.
  • Expertise Dr. Arashpal Bhatti has been caring for pets since 1994 and has been USDA accredited for 16 years.
  • Top Review “This is probably one of the best vets that I’ve ever taken my animals to. I trust them implicitly. They do a great job and they really do work with you. I would highly recommend them and if I could give them more than five stars I would.

Natomas Veterinary Hospital

Natomas Veterinary Hospital specializes in caring for cats and dogs with state of the art equipment and testing. During operating hours, Natomas is ready to provide emergency services to animals that have been injured or have fallen seriously ill.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, dentistry, surgery, diagnostics, care for chronic conditions, counseling, and more. If you have an adorable new kitten, Natoma specializes in care packages which include all necessary exams, shots, preventative medicines, and tests to ensure your kitty will grow up to be a big strong indoor tiger.
  • Expertise Led by two DVMs and supported by skilled staff, Natomas has been providing top notch pet care since 2006.
  • Top Review “I’ve been coming here for about 15 years. All the vets and staff are outstanding. Highly recommend!”

El Camino Veterinary Hospital

El Camino Veterinary Hospital provides quality pet care to Sacramento’s cats and dogs six days a week. This full-service pet hospital is dedicated to educating pet parents and offering customized care for every critter.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, dentistry, preventative medication, counseling, testing, radiology, routine surgery, and more. El Camino uses a progressive approach to pet care and is always willing to explore the newest procedures and techniques.
  • Expertise Led by Dr. Zack Morgan, El Camino has the prestigious distinction of being an AAHA accredited clinic.
  • Top Review “The folks at El Camino Vet Hospital are awesome! Our pets are always greeted by name when we arrive, the staff is very professional, caring, and considerate. The doctors consider all options when suggesting treatments and make me feel like I’m making an informed decision.”

Cat-Catering Clinics

If vet visits make your cat anxious, a clinic that understands the unique needs of the feline breed can help her feel more welcome. With cat-friendly clinics in Sacramento and nearby Carmichael, you and your cat are sure to find the perfect balance between a soothing space with expert care.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty

River City Cat Clinic

Drs. Salaguinto, Quinley, and Lara are cat lovers to the extreme. At River City Cat Clinic, there are no scary dogs and no tempting birds and hamsters, but plenty of stress-relieving pheromones wafting through the clinic. You and your kitties will enjoy the wide range of care available at this cat-only clinic with a relaxing, cozy vibe.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, bloodwork, lab testing, surgery, dentistry, pharmacy, and emergency care during office hours. Dr. Quinley is skilled in feline acupuncture.
  • Expertise Dr. Salaguinto started as veterinarian at River City Cat Clinic in 2011 and by 2015, took over the practice. This clinic was awarded the Cat Friendly Practice Gold award by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, so you can trust that these vets really understand cats.
  • Top Review “River City Cat Clinic is excellent, I’m not surprised they have a wait list for new clients. My kitty with arthritis has been treated so well by the staff, I love this vet.”

Sacramento Cat Hospital

The Sacramento Cat Hospital loves cats and only cats. They’ll help you provide the best care possible at every stage of your cat’s life, from newborn kittenhood to end of life. With their dogless clinic, cats can relax and make themselves at home.

  • Services Wellness visits, diagnostics, dentistry, x rays, surgery, pain management, and emergency care during office hours.
  • Expertise SCH has years of experience working with feral cats and are extremely adept at spaying or neutering, providing necessary medical care for these aggressive animals. SCH is also skilled with Eastern medicine and can offer acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, vitamins, and even flower essence therapies to help your cat live her best life.
  • Location Carmichael, California
  • Top Review “Had to take my kitty, Shadow there because he chipped his tooth. The ladies there gave him so much love and made him feel comfortable. They also didn’t try to force any treatments upon me and even gave helpful suggestions.”

East Sacramento Veterinary Center

Personalized pet care at East Sacramento Veterinary Center is performed by Drs. Collins, Rosen, and Scharbrough and supported by a team of skilled vet techs and staff. This multi-animal clinic knows that cats can be upset by vet visits, making the administration of care difficult, so they use Feliway cat pheromone diffusers to keep your anxious kitty calm and collected.

  • Services Routine exams, dentistry, diagnostics, surgery, care for chronic conditions, and much more. The experts at East Sac Vet Center can help you set up a wellness plan to keep your cat healthy and sassy for years to come.
  • Expertise Dr. Collins was voted Best Veterinarian in Yolo County for four years in a row!
  • Top Review “The care, compassion, concern, and kindness that we receive here, EVERY TIME, is the reason we love East Sac Vet!! Thank you Dr. Collins for all you and your staff do for our family!”


Does your special needs cat require expert care? Are complex surgeries in your cat’s future? If you and your cat are managing chronic conditions like feline leukemia, FIV, or allergies, consider a specialist veterinarian. Their expert care and years of ailment-focused experience can help your cat live a longer, more comfortable life.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty

Vista Veterinary Specialists

Part of the Ethos family of veterinarians, the Vista specialty and emergency vet is ready for anything. This clinic does not perform routine services of any kind and only takes the most challenging, specialized, or emergent cases.

  • Services Quality care in cardiology, dermatology, diagnostics, internal medicine, neurology, and complex surgeries. Emergency and critical care providers are available 24/7, ready to help bring your cat back from the brink. They can provide emergency surgery, bone setting, blood transfusions, cesareans, foreign body removals, and more.
  • Expertise This large staff of over 20 DVMs and support staff is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Top Review “I brought my pregnant kitty Luna here because she was having some alarming symptoms. They got her in quick and assessed her then told us everything that was going on. They gave us time to think about the treatment plan and they began as soon as they were able. I am so thankful for them saving my kitty Luna!”

MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty Animal Clinic

If you’re located on the north side of Sacramento or nearby cities, MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty Animal Clinic is one of the most skilled 24-hour clinics in the area. If you and your pet need urgent care performed with a deft hand, Roseville’s MarQueen clinicians are prepared for any patient.

  • Services MarQueen specializes in animal cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, and surgery. Emergency care is ready 24 hours a day for injuries, trauma, poisoning, or worse. Call the clinic while you’re on your way to explain what happened and get the emergency vets ready for diagnostics and treatment. They will keep your cat safe and under observation until they’re strong enough to go home.
  • Expertise The emergency team is led by Dr. Casey Kohen, who specializes in critical care emergency services. There are 8 emergency vets on staff and 5 other specialists focusing on oncology, surgery, cardiology, and internal medicine available to help care for your cat’s advanced healthcare needs.
  • Location Roseville, California
  • Top Review “I cannot say enough good things about MarQueen. The staff was very kind, patient and understanding. Dr. Pearson explained and reexplained our options to us several times and did so in a kind and compassionate manner.”

Sacramento Veterinary Dental Services

Cats have lots of teeny tiny teeth, all of which are fragile and can cause issues if they aren’t cared for properly — and sometimes kitties forget to brush. Next thing you know, you’re calling Sacramento Veterinary Dental Services, an AAHA accredited clinic. These skilled animal dentists can perform almost any oral surgery or dental procedure your cat may need.

  • Services Oral surgery, x-rays, diagnostics, periodontal care, root canals, extractions, crowns, treatment for malocclusions, orthodontia, and more — all for cats and dogs.
  • Expertise Director Melissa Gates DVM has been caring for pets since 1980. She has owned Cordova Veterinary Hospital since 1987 and joined the American Veterinary Dental Society in 1990.
  • Location Rancho Cordova.
  • Top Review “We brought our sweet boy here for a root canal but he ended up having another urgent issue with an impacted tooth and cyst. Dr. Gates and staff were so great at keeping us up to date, exploring our options, and answering many questions about our pet’s after care. We would definitely recommend this office if you have an animal that needs dental care.”

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

UC Davis is a teaching hospital caring for patients both human and animal, and is in fact one of the largest veterinary hospitals in the country. If you have multiple pets at home, trust the teaching hospital to care for all of your animals. They specialize in exctics and even have a parrot wellness clinic!

  • Services Thousands of pet parents trust the teaching hospital at US Davis for wellness care, dentistry, vaccines, nutrition, diagnostics, and surgeries as well as more specialty care like cardiology, oncology, and ophthalmology just to name a few. Emergency services are available around the clock, every day of the year.
  • Expertise Faculty veterinarians each have years of experience and teach new vets new techniques every day.
  • Top Review “Care… Compassion… Friendly! The price is comparable to a regular vets office but they have all the latest information and all the labs right there. I couldn’t be happier with the care my pet has received.”

Emergency Services

When seconds count, don’t waste time calling clinics that aren’t open or able to handle life-or-death veterinary procedures. These Sacramento clinics are ready and waiting to help your cat cash in one of her nine lives and live a long and healthy life after an emergency.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty

VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center

Since 2007, VCA Sacramento has been offering animal surgery, radiology, internal medicine, and emergency care to countless cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Many patients entrust VCA Referral Center’s veterinarians with their pets during an emergency. Since this is a specialty center, you know your cat will be treated as an individual and all diagnoses will be considered.

  • Services Diagnostic images, internal medicine, radiology, neurology, oncology, and advanced surgical procedures. VCA is proud to offer cutting edge, minimally invasive 3D radiation therapy with the Halcyon device. For non-emergency care, VCA also offers house calls to care for your cat.
  • Expertise For specialty care, VCA’s rigorous training for all healthcare providers is hard to beat. This clinic is part of a nationwide family of animal care centers, each staffed with their own team of experts.
  • Top Review “Recently, I brought a stray kitten in for some medical treatment. While this was a difficult experience, the kind words, professionalism, and understanding, went above and beyond. While we all hope that we never need to take our loved ones in for emergency care, I’m grateful knowing that they are always there to help.”

Del Paso Veterinary Clinic

Del Paso Veterinary Clinic is calm under pressure and ready to help you and your pets return to the peak of health. This large clinic is a relaxed, calming, and family friendly space for all patients. Urgent care appointments available to squeeze your cat in between appointments for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, lab testing, diagnostics, microchips, spay and neuter, dentistry, preventative care, and all necessary emergency services. Del Paso is an open hospital, which means pet parents are welcome to stay with their loved ones during any procedure.
  • Expertise The staff at Del Paso is prepared for emergencies like trauma, poisoning, or worse.
  • Top Review “The staff was helpful, sympathetic, friendly, and fast. The forms were easy, the wait was not long, and we observed the staff being tremendously patient with all sorts of worried pet owners.”

Mobile Clinics

If you or your cat are unable to get in the car and physically go to the veterinarian, call a clinic that comes to you. Mobile clinics and veterinarians are willing to come to your home or place of business to provide personalized care and give your cat the undivided attention she deserves/demands.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty

Dr. Jyl’s Mobile Vet Connection

If you’re looking for personalized care and a wide range of options, Dr. Jyl’s Mobile Vet Connection may be just the clinic for you. Dr. Jyl Rubin provides routine veterinary care right in the comfort of your own home, using both modern medicine and holistic care to serve each patient individually.

  • Services Essential veterinary care like wellness exams, vaccinations, x-rays, lab work, and some surgeries in home. She also has a brick and mortar clinic where she and her associates can provide surgeries and advanced procedures. Alternative care like laser therapy, ozone therapy, biophotonic therapy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, food therapy, and ionic foot baths are available.
  • Expertise Dr. Jyl Rubin has been caring for pets since 1985. She is especially interested in exotics and uses her skills in both Western and Eastern medicine to treat animals.
  • Service Area within 15 mile radius of the clinic in Orangevale. Service in Folsom, Roseville, and parts of Sacramento.
  • Top Review “THE BEST VET and staff! Every single decision she makes in the interest of my animals. Nothing is automatic, not even vaccines.”

Pet’s Request Mobile Veterinary Services

If you’re too busy, too anxious, or otherwise unable to take your cat to the vet in person, Pet’s Request is able to help your cats or dogs stay healthy right at home. Dr. Alissa Burnett is prepared to provide quality care for your cat at every stage of life.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, blood tests, screenings and diagnostics, ultrasounds, health certificates, euthanasia, and some urgent care services.
  • Service Area Pet’s Request is based in Davis and serves Yolo County, Sacramento County, and Solano County.
  • Expertise Dr. Alissa Burnett has been caring for animals since 2002 and earned her DVM in 2013. She leads Pet’s Request and also acts as CFO for Mercer Veterinary Clinic for the Homeless in Sacramento.
  • Top Review “After 2 trips to the vet’s office to get our unruly cat vaccinated & nails trimmed proved unsuccessful, we contacted Alissa at Pet’s Request. Alissa and her assistant arrived at the agreed upon time and handled the situation in a very caring and professional manner. Even with this being a housecall, the total cost for services received from Pet’s Request was less than what is usually charged at the vet’s office.”

Alternative Medicine

When selecting your perfect veterinarian, have you considered the alternative? Holistic health focuses on caring for the mind and body simultaneously and uses gentle, proven techniques. Consider herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic care to ease your cat’s pain, manage chronic conditions, and keep her at the peak of health.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty

Integrative Veterinary Center

IVC is all about options. Established in 2000 by Dr. Signe Beebe, Integrative Veterinary Center strives to provide both Eastern and Western medicine to your cat. Relaxing professional clinic with lots and lots of greenery. Wind chimes and soothing music set the scene for utmost relaxation for you and your pet.

  • Services Acupuncture, herbal medicine, laser therapy, prolotherapy, neural therapy, massage, chiropractic care, nutrition, and supplements. If you prefer conventional care, IVC offers vaccines, lab tests, minor surgeries, wellness exams, dentistry, and more.
  • Expertise Integrative Veterinary Center is run by three skilled DVMs. Owner Dr. Beebe earned her DVM in the 90s and is a nationally recognized expert in Chinese veterinary medicine, holding countless accolades and veterinary memberships.
  • Top Review “An incredible blend of Eastern and Western medicine with a staff that simply loves your furry as if it were their own.”

Paw Chi Holistic Veterinary Care

Paw Chi Holistic Veterinary Care in Roseville provides top quality alternative pet care to cats and dogs in greater Sacramento. Unlike many other alternative veterinary practices, Paw Chi focuses primarily on holistic health to treat a wide range of ailments. Whether your cat suffers from arthritis, chronic conditions, or is the picture of health, the professionals at Paw Chi will provide compassionate and gentle care customized for you.

  • Services Acupuncture, laser therapy, herbal medicine, nutrition therapy, orthopedic manipulation, stem cell therapy, vaccines, integrative cancer care, and more.
  • Expertise Dr Leslie Baldner has been a DVM since 1999 and has taken countless courses in holistic and alternative health.
  • Top Review ”Dr. Baldner is wonderful at what she does. Her energy is amazing and our pups love her. Her treatment recommendations are very helpful and successful. We don’t know where our pets would be without her.”

Meridian Veterinary Care

If you’re used to Western medicine but are open to trying a gentler, more natural approach, Meridian Veterinary Care is ready to offer you a buffet of options. Meridian is located in Fair Oaks and provides a soothing experience for stressed cats and pet parents. If you’ve been searching for an integrative approach to animal wellness, look no further!

  • Services Wellness visits, lab testing, vaccines, and other care services or try an alternative service. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, laser therapy, ozone therapy, shockwave therapy, and more are available for cats and dogs.
  • Expertise The owner of Meridian, Dr. Angie Stamm, earned her DVM in 2001 and later became a certified veterinary acupuncturist in 2002 before establishing Meridian.
  • Top Review “The BEST Vet I have been to in 20 years! This place is so well run, the people are kind and I don’t feel ripped off when I leave. They are reasonably priced, have alternative treatments and offer good advice! I love this team.”

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Sacramento, The Comforted Kitty

The skilled veterinarians, vet techs, and support staff in Sacramento and the nearby cities are ready to provide the best care available to your Capitol cat. Here at The Comforted Kitty, we love caring for cats, too, and providing quality cat sitting, medicine administration, litterbox cleaning, and of course — snuggles! When you’re not home, entrust your cats to the best cat sitters in Sacramento.


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