Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers

by | Jun 6, 2021

Are you and your cat champion sunbeam nappers these days?

Well, stretch your paws and head to Sacramento for enough cat-themed entertainment and events to get even the laziest kitty’s whiskers twitching.

Many of the top cat-centric places are temporarily shut down and most events have been delayed due to the pandemic, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had! Enjoy fabulous furry fun with museums, shows, fundraisers, virtual events, and even cat yoga in the Sacramento area.

Virtual Events

Concerned about Covid? Unable to travel? Or are you just more of an indoor cat kind of person? Sacramento will be hosting fun online events for everyone to share their love of all things furry.

Doggy Dash

The upcoming Doggy Dash on June 5th encourages dog — and cat! — owners to lace up their shoes, leash their pets, and hit the trails. Show your support for the SSPCA, win prizes, and get active with this virtual walk no matter where you are. Is your cat a reluctant leash-walker? Try cat carriers or strollers. Want to take your other pets on a walk, too? Go for it! The Doggy Dash encourages anyone to get outside, even if it’s just to the backyard.

Have fun with your pets and share creative social media photos and videos from your feline stroll with the hashtag #SSPCADASH2021. This virtual festival supports the SSPCA and raises awareness about the local pet adoption programs, health clinics, community events, and the TNR program.

Art Fur Paws

Check out Art Fur Paws, an online benefit auction to help raise money for the animals at the Sacramento SPCA. Local artist will sell their unique paintings, mosaics, sculptures, and more. Some pieces were even assisted by their pets! Be sure to like and share some of the amazing art pieces on the SSPCA’s Instagram page The auction is scheduled to run between November 18 to December 2, 2021 via

The last Art Fur Paws auction generated over $10,000 to help cats and dogs in need, so get ready to do some good and bid on incredible works of art.

, Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers, The Comforted Kitty

Alley Cat Allies Virtual Run/Walk

Alley Cat Allies will celebrate International Cat Day on August 8, 2021 for a virtual run/walk. Choose your purrfect run distance between 1 mile to a full marathon. After the walk, bring home a sparkly medal that says “You had me at meow”! A percentage of the registration fees and shop purchases help support Alley Cat Allies donate cat and dog food to local food banks.

Too busy to run a marathon on August 8th? No problem, you can join in anytime during the month of August.

, Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers, The Comforted Kitty

Cat Shows

All Breed Cat Show

The Poppy State Cat Club will once again present the CFA (Cat Fancy Association) All Breed Cat Show in January 2022. Head to Auburn, California to see some of the state’s rarest and most beautiful cats. Expect more than 175 pedigreed felines, music, food, souvenir booths, and a championship crown. Admire breed favorites like Persians and Abyssinians, as well as the rarer kitties like Tonkinese, Egyptian Maos, and Scottish Folds. This popular event returns after a 2020 hiatus and is sure to be a real winner.

, Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers, The Comforted Kitty


Can’t contain your love of cats? Neither could the Ancient Egyptians! Cats have played a vital role in history — both ancient and modern. These great mew-seums honor their contributions.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose for an immersive educational experience from the top of the Pyramids to the bottom of the pharaohs’ tombs.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped Bastet, the cat goddess, who symbolized protection, health, home, and more. Her image was inscribed on countless artifactshttp://Bastet, the cat goddess and carved into beautiful sculptures that have withstood the test of time. The Egyptians’ respect for cats extended to mummification as offerings, too, when they prayed to Bastet and Sekhmet for protection. See amazing cat-related artifacts and more at the largest Egyptian museum in the western United States.

Too far to travel? Check out the highly detailed 360 museum tour for free online.

The Cat Museum

The Cat Museum in San Francisco is a fun pop up museum that has hosted exhibits ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to the internet cat video festival. The Cat Museum explores myths, ancient religions, and today’s modern cat obsession with equal enthusiasm. Learn about famous cats in literature or the symbolism of the Norse goddess, Freya, and her chariot pulled by a team of cats. Exhibits have appeared in many unexpected places throughout SF, including Sunday Streets, Delano’s Grocery, the Mission District, and Valencia Street.

This museum doesn’t have a permanent location and is on hiatus during the pandemic, so check back often to find out where they’ll turn up next.

, Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers, The Comforted Kitty

Furry Fun

Cat Yoga

At the last SSPCA kitten yoga event, participants enjoyed a meet and greet with adorable adoptable kittens, a mixed level yoga class with an experienced Cal Fit instructor, then kitten playtime and information about adoption afterward. The kitties were free to roam and give their expert guidance on back-bending yoga poses. Sounds like furry fun? Keep your eye open for more classes in the future.

Can’t wait for a local class? Head to San Francisco’s KitTea for a Cats on Mats yoga class every Wednesday. This 60-minute all-levels hatha yoga class includes green tea and plenty of time for kitten cuddling during and after the session.

, Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers, The Comforted Kitty

Cat Party

Love cats and cake? Birthday boys and girls can enjoy a unique pawty at the SSPCA with cats, dogs, or other shelter pets. Enjoy the specially-decorated adoption center, complete with a personalized birthday card, t-shirt, and meet-and-greet with any adoptable pet. Parties are offered to pet-loving kids ages 5-16.

The SSPCA strictly adheres to social distancing guidelines, so this year’s pawties are limited to 6 people at the adoption center. If you’re hosting a larger shindig and wish for the party to come to you, reserve the mobile party package for an outdoor cats & cake extravaganza!

Cat Cafe

For an unbeatably relaxing cat-centric experience, visit one of the nearby cat cafes: KitTea in San Francisco and Mini Cat Town in San Jose. Both venues are inspired by Japan’s trendy cafes and include coffee, tea, and of course cats! Reserve a cuddle time with the cafes’ permanent feline residents or their adoptable cats and kittens.

KitTea hosts mew-vie nights where you and your favorite feline can cuddle up and watch a movie together. If you’re strictly social distancing, you can still pet the kitties: KitTea offers private events where you and up to 12 friends can relax in the company of cats. Who wouldn’t love that?

LapCats Events

Finding forever homes can be a challenge. Fortunately, LapCats is a not-for-profit match service that scours Sacramento’s many cat rescues and animal shelters to help kitties find their humans. They’ve matched over 3,000 cats since 2016, including senior and special needs animals, including FIV+. LapCats focuses on matching senior cats with senior humans with their Laps for Love companionship program.

To help generate interest, LapCats has participated in Cars and Coffee the first Sunday of every month and has offered pet photos with Santa around the holidays. Most events have been put on hold during the pandemic, but stay tuned to their event page. As things start reopening, exciting LapCats events are sure to reappear.

Coming Soon

Morti’s Used Book Nook & Adoption Lounge

Looking for even more cat-related fun in and around Sacramento? Expect the Petaluma Pet Pals nonprofit to open up Morti’s Used Book Nook & Adoption Lounge later this year or early 2022. Enjoy browsing the shelves of donated books and pet the adoptable kitties who will be permitted to roam the shop. Named after the owner’s late kitten, Morticia, Morti’s hopes to help cats (and books!) find their forever homes.

, Sacramento’s Best Events and Entertainment for Cat Lovers, The Comforted Kitty

Honorable Mention

Sacramento River Cats Baseball

Are you a sports fan and a cat lover? Although the Sacramento River Cats aren’t technically cats, this minor league baseball team embraces their Grumpy Cat lookalike logo. You’ll fit right in with your Comforted Kitty gear. The stadium will be returning to full capacity in June, where you and 14,000 other fans can cheer for Cats!


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