The Benefits of Regular Playtime for Cats: Keeping Your Kitty Active and Happy

by | May 23, 2024

, The Benefits of Regular Playtime for Cats: Keeping Your Kitty Active and Happy, The Comforted Kitty

Did you know your kitty needs playtime to stay mentally and physically fit? You should also know that your cat loves attention, and playtime is one of the ways to give them attention and show your affection. 

Regular playtime with your kitty has several benefits to keep you and your pet happy. If you’re interested in knowing these benefits, then keep reading. 

8 Benefits of Regular Playtime for Cats

Generally, regular playtime with your cat positively contributes to your kitty’s quality of life. Here’s how: 

1. Fosters Bonding with Your Cat

A 2023 research that studied the association between play and welfare in cats showed that spending longer time playing with your cat leads to a higher ‘cat-guardian relationship.’ 

There’s a general belief that cats are low-maintenance pets. But the truth is that cats enjoy playtime with their humans. Playtime will also help you learn about your cat’s personality. 

Frequently helps your cat register you as a happy place. So, make time to spend with your kitty daily, and keep some treats handy while you’re at it.

, The Benefits of Regular Playtime for Cats: Keeping Your Kitty Active and Happy, The Comforted Kitty

2. Helps to Keep Your Cat Fit and Healthy

All the movement that happens during playtime counts as exercise which helps keep your kitty strong. It also prevents health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and obesity.

Exercising outdoors is especially important for indoor cats, so take them out occasionally by hiking with them. Another fun exercise is making a piñata to keep them occupied during playtime. The piñata keeps them active for a while and counts as exercise. Naturally, cats like to hit things hanging overhead, but you can make it interesting and encourage them by inserting treats into the piñata and making it visible. When they hit it right, they get a treat. Don’t let your cat be the stereotypical sleep-a-lot cat. Engage them in play frequently to keep them fit and healthy. 

3. Redirects Destructive Energy

, The Benefits of Regular Playtime for Cats: Keeping Your Kitty Active and Happy, The Comforted Kitty

If your cat acts aggressively toward other animals or continually ruins your furniture with claw scratches, engaging them in playtime can channel their energy into something positive. 

Cats are natural hunters and predators. Keeping them indoors and idle all day can lead to boredom and, consequently, destructive behaviors. Playtime combats this issue by giving your kitty a healthy way to release their energy, enforcing positive behavior. 

Rewarding them with praise and treats also helps them associate playtime with positive interactions. They become less inclined to seek attention through destructive behaviors, thus, reducing their destructive tendencies.

4. Improves Your Kitty’s Social Ability

Socializing with other pets, other cats, and humans, can make your cat anxious or nervous. This can cause behavioral problems like aggression, restlessness, and even medical conditions like upper respiratory infections (UFI). 

Fortunately, you can make socialization easy for your kitty by engaging them in frequent playtime. If your cat is a solo pet, playtime is necessary to teach them how to interact with others. 

But if other pets or people live in the same house, slowly introduce them to playtime with your cat until your cat becomes comfortable with their presence. Doing this is crucial, especially when they’re still kittens. It’ll help them grow to be sociable and erase any trace of anxiety that comes from interacting with others.

, The Benefits of Regular Playtime for Cats: Keeping Your Kitty Active and Happy, The Comforted Kitty

5. Mentally Stimulates Your Cat

Playtime is as vital for your cat’s physical health as it is for their mental health. Cats are intelligent, and it’s necessary to challenge their intelligence now and then. So, how can you do that during playtime?

Engage them in games like hide and seek, get wand toys, organize treasure hunts, or make puzzle feeders available. If you don’t stimulate your cat mentally, it can build up the destructive energy we talked about earlier. 

6. Boosts Your Cat’s Confidence

You can boost your cat’s confidence by engaging them in regular playtime. Play scenarios like catching a toy mouse or completing a mock hunt help build a sense of control. 

Shy cats can benefit from playtime, as it gives them a chance to exercise their natural behaviors in a safe environment. This, in turn, helps them become more comfortable and confident in their interactions.  

7. Sharpens Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

As stated earlier, cats are natural predators. Their natural instinct is to hunt and kill. While keeping them as pets limit instinct, you can find healthy alternatives by engaging them in regular playtime. Let them hunt a toy mouse. This will help mimic a hunting environment with their natural prey. 

You can also play catch with them, use a laser pointer during playtime, and let them explore the great outdoors occasionally.

8. It Can Be Fun for You Too

Playtime can be a fun activity for both you and your cat. It’s also an effective stress reliever. Running around with your cat can help keep you fit. So, keep to a regular play schedule because cats like routine, and have fun with your kitty while you’re at it. 

When Does Playtime Become Too Much?

There are no hard-and-fast rules on how much time to spend playing with your cat. Usually, 10–15 minutes is enough time to play with your adult cats daily. But make it 15–20 minutes for kittens because they have more energy. You can break the playtime into shorter sessions, as cats tend to be active in shorter bursts. 

What If My Cat Is Reluctant to Play? 

It happens. Sometimes, your cat may not be in the mood to play. When it happens, let them be and try some other time. But this time, try another approach. You can start with lighter activities like petting before going full game mode. 

Also, keep in mind that your cat’s reluctance to play may be due to a medical condition like arthritis. If you suspect that’s the case, contact a vet. 

Your Cat Can Play Even When You’re Away!

You may think that your cat wants nothing to do with you. But in many situations, that’s hardly the case. You have to incorporate playtime into their regular schedule because it’s necessary to bond and keep them mentally and physically fit. 

Despite the benefits of regular playtime with your cat, you may not always have the time to make it happen. Fortunately, you can hand over your kitty’s well-being to The Comforted Kitty’s cat sitters. 

If you and your feline companion live in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, or San Francisco, you can ensure regular playtime for your kitty by employing our reliable cat sitters. Other than playing with your cat, we’ll also feed them, clean their litter boxes, fill their water bowl, and even take out your garbage if you have some that need to be disposed of. 

Additionally, you can expect to see your mail sitting prettily in your house when you return. Our cat sitters will also show some love to your plants if you have any. 

What if your cat does not want to play? Don’t fret; we’re trained to handle situations like that. We’ll also send you pictures at intervals to show you the state of your kitty in our care. 

If all this sounds good to you, schedule your next cat-sitting appointment now. Contact us here


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