How to Prepare Your Cat for Your Return to the Office

by | Mar 28, 2021

Let’s face it. Cats are independent pets, but this doesn’t mean they won’t realize you’re gone when you head back to the office. They might have become used to friendly pets throughout the day and special treats as you work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.But many people who were working remotely during the pandemic are now starting to return to the office. With this in mind, pets are going to have to get used to flying solo again. If this is a situation you’re about to experience, you should make sure your cat is able to adjust to your new routine and doesn’t suffer separation anxiety.

Here are few tips to try with your cat when you have to return to your normal work schedule:

Try to Prepare Your Cat Ahead of Time for Your Return to Work

Not all returns to an in-office setting will be planned well in advance. You might get a call from your boss who says, “Time to get back to work!” and have to start working in the office again next week.

But, if you have advance notice of when your return to the office might be, this will make the adjustment easier on your furry friend. For example, if you have a few weeks before you head back to work, try to ease into the new schedule. Spend more time outside the home each day. You can go for a long walk, run errands, or do anything that gets you out of the house for longer periods of time. This will make the back-to-work routine easier for your frisky feline to handle.

If you don’t have much time to prepare ahead before you go back to the office, find other ways to make your absence less noticeable. Give your kitty a favorite toy to play with or a delicious treat to enjoy. Doing either of these things will take their mind off you not being there and put their focus elsewhere.

Spend Time With Your Cat Before You Leave for the Day

When the time comes to head back to the office, plan about ten minutes or so free time before you leave the house each day. Use this ten minutes to spend some one-on-one time with your beloved pet. Have some playtime with them or just spend the minutes giving them welcome pets or brushing their fur. This shows your cat they have your unwavering attention and that you’ll miss them as much as they’ll miss you!

Keep Them Entertained While You’re Gone

Image by Milada Vigerova from Pixabay

When you’re out of the house, you want your pet to be occupied and not spend the time looking out the window, waiting for your return. Find ways to keep your cat entertained while you’re at work. Cat toys are a great way to provide entertainment for your pet. You can set out your pet’s favorite toys and occasionally buy them new ones to keep their entertainment options exciting and fresh. If you really want to up your game in the best pet parent department, you can occasionally buy them a new bed or play tower to put in another area of your home. This will provide them with options of where to nap and play.

Remember, a preoccupied kitty is one whose attention will be on something other than missing you while you’re at work.

Consider Hiring a Cat Sitter to Help with Adjustments

If you’ve tried all these methods and still need some additional help keeping your pet entertained and happy, consider hiring a cat sitter. You can hire a cat sitter to come over for a short period of time in the middle of the day to entertain your pet and prevent them from feeling lonely.

You might want to hire a pet sitter right in the beginning to help with the new adjustment or do so when you notice your pet isn’t taking to your absence too well. Cat sitters don’t just pet sit for your cat when you’re on vacation. These pet sitting pros help pet parents who need some help when they’re at work and can’t be with their pet all day.

See How Your Cat Responds to the New Routine

The best way to determine how to help your cat adjust to your new work schedule is to see how they adjust. Look for the following signs to see if your pet is having trouble adjusting to your new work routine:

  • Eating disruptions
  • Sleeping disruptions
  • Litter box mishaps
  • Anxious behavior
  • Less active than normal
  • Not playing with their toys like they usually do
  • Scratching, biting, or hissing

If your pet is reacting in any of these ways, and they haven’t experienced these issues in the past, they might be having a hard time adjusting to your new routine. Try the methods above, such as offering new toys and treats. If these methods don’t work, see if a cat sitter can help your pet ease into the new daily schedule.

Time Will Help Your Cat Adjust to Your New Schedule

However you choose to help your cat adjust to your new schedule, don’t worry. Time will help your pet adjust to your back-to-work routine. Once your cat knows this latest schedule is the new routine, they’ll get comfortable knowing how long you’ll be gone and that you’ll be back home before too long.

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