Pet Shops, Shelters, and Rescues in San Jose

by | Nov 10, 2020

Are you looking for a new pet shop in San Jose or a place to purchase your next furry, purry friend? Being located in a populated area within the Santa Clara Valley, the options are endless. 

However, finding the right pet store or shelter to adopt from can be difficult without knowing what’s available to the caring kitty owner. So, whether you are looking for a new addition to the family, a way to give back to the animal kingdom, or trying to perk your old kitty up with a new friend, San Jose has a multitude of options, so you don’t have to choose just one!

Here are a few of my favorites:  

  1. Andy’s Pet Shop, 51 Notre Dame Ave. 

Andy’s is rated as one of the top pet shops in the San Jose area. The shop itself is dedicated to selling and rehoming only unwanted cats and other animals. They are also committed to providing quality products and educating their customers on ethical quality of life for pets. They frequently hold adoption events and have lots of volunteering opportunities if you’re so inclined. Take the time to peruse their website for a full list of services.

  1. Sam’s Downtown Feed & Pet Supply 

Sam’s is another excellent pet store located in San Jose. A combination large and small pet store, you’ll find all the products you need to care for your pet right here. They also carry unique items like bee-keeping supplies, hay bales for events, and the regular products you need for everyday pet life. They are generally focused on larger animals, but visiting to see what cute kitty toys they have is always fun too. They are conveniently located in downtown San Jose, with lots of parking on-site. Not all of their products are listed online, so visiting the location is a must to see everything they have. Check out their website for more details. 

  1. Pet Club Food and Supplies 

This is a chain store with locations throughout the Bay Area, but what they do is pretty cool. Their mission and dedication to saving and caring for furry friends is evident in their high-quality products, and they also host charity events like walk-a-thons for homeless pets. All stores offer a self-service pet wash and low-cost veterinary clinic (no exam fee!). Follow them on social media for promotions, events, and new pets. Check out their website for brands offered, sales, and other locations.

Pet and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Shelters in San Jose

On the off chance you aren’t just a cat person, say, if you wanted to donate your time to helping pets and wildlife in the area, there are loads of volunteering opportunities at shelters in and around San Jose. These facilities take care of surrendered and stray pets and wildlife, and they desperately need your help to heal and rehabilitate animals before releasing them back into the wild or to a caring forever home. 

In fact, many shelters and pet stores offer workshops, volunteering opportunities, and ways to give back to the community. Some are dedicated to dogs, some are focused on wildlife, and others promote animal/human relationships. 

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, located at 3027 Penitencia Creek Road, has been operating since 1993, offering rehabilitation for sick or injured wildlife. The rehabilitated animals are released back into their natural habitat when possible, contributing to the natural development of human/animal relations in a developed society. The Wildlife Center is part of the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department and is funded by the city. However, they are strictly focused on sick or abandoned wildlife in Silicon Valley. If you’re interested in helping out, donations of time—or money—are always welcome. 

City of San Jose Animal Services

The City of San Jose offers animal care services at their shelter and in conjunction with other shelters in the area. Their website lists adoptable pets at the shelter and other services available, like spay-neuter clinics, pet licensing, and more. 

13th Street Cat Rescue

If you’re looking to add another fur baby to the family but aren’t too sure if you’d like to start with a kitten or an adult cat, the 13th Street Cat Rescue has kittens, cats, and even special needs cats available for adoption. Their facility is welcoming, the website has all of their available adoptions listed, and the staff is incredibly caring. 

Maine Coon Adoption Center

If you fancy an exotic breed, check out the Maine Coon Adoption Center. They specialize in adopting and rescuing Maine Coon cats, but they also rescue and rehabilitate homeless, abandoned, and abused cats of every breed. They also host regular adoption events in case you feel like getting social with other Maine Coon fanciers. The Maine Coon is a large breed that looks very much like a lynx or a bobcat; adopting one is almost like having a wild animal in the house! But don’t worry, Maine Coons are gentle giants with big personalities, and they bond easily with their human keepers. 

The Dancing Cat 

The Dancing Cat is a place for people and cats! They host events for up to 12 cats and their owners, and you can choose from activities such as book club, sewing classes, corporate events, or baby showers. Just imagine – kitties climbing over tables to help you sew a decorative pillow or teddy bear! Snuggling is highly encouraged! The Dancing Cat always has cats for adoption, mostly from owners who had to surrender them because they could no longer care for them. So whether you are hoping to join the cat world but unsure of where to start, if you want to meet and socialize with other cat fanciers, or if you’re just looking for new activities to do with your cat, The Dancing Cat is the place to be! 

Bottom line – if you’re a cat lover in the San Jose area, there are plenty of pet shops, shelters, and rescues here for you. And if you need cat care in your home, look no further than Comforted Kitty. We provide a complete range of home pet care services in the Bay Area to cover you while on vacation, at work, or anytime your pampered pet needs some love. 



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