Our Story

In 2014, when Dan (Owner/Founder of TCK) was volunteering at an animal shelter, a friend mentioned a cat sitting business she had started herself. Having never heard of such a specialized pet-care company before, he became obsessed with bringing this idea to action in his own life.

The idea of starting his own business is something he has always wanted to do, and a company where you get to work with cats day-in-day-out – sounds to him like the best kind of work anyone could possibly dream up!

Before he started The Comforted Kitty, the same friend warned him, “you will have to work every day.” To him, nothing could possibly sound more appealing. He has always found it very rewarding to know he’s alleviating the boredom, loneliness (and even stress) of a cat whose guardian is away.

In 2014, The Comforted Kitty was born. Dan started with little more than a bicycle to travel to client homes on, a backpack stuffed with cat toys and work supplies, and a few hundred dollars in the bank account. By 2017, it grew tremendously, and we welcomed a partnership with several sitters. In 2019, we established a second location in Las Vegas. In 2021, we established three more locations, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Reno. Things couldn’t be more exciting!

Fast forward to today, The Comforted Kitty serves hundreds of cat sitting clients annually. We work religiously to make sure all the cats we look after are well taken care of and that they enjoy all of the comforts of their life despite the absence of their guardian.

“Finding a reliable, responsive, and professional cat sitter these days is hard. Providing the highest quality service to our clients is of utmost importance to our company. Your trust and respect must not be violated by anyone you hire to care for your beloved cat and home.”

Dan McPartlan

Our Mission

The Cat Care Equation = Reliability + Responsibility + Responsiveness.

Every single cat owner we’ve met considers their cat an essential part of their family. But, when they go away, knowing what to do and where to turn can be a hard road to navigate. Especially when there are so many seemingly “easy” options out there.

In the modern “gig economy” where you can hire almost anyone for anything with a phone app, it can be challenging finding a cat sitter who is reliable, responsible, and responsive. We’ve seen all too often pet sitters who don’t recognize the profound importance of this. A negligent, inattentive, unknowledgeable cat sitter is not a lesson to be learned, it can be a travesty for both you and your cat.

Since inception, we have made it our company mission only to offer the highest level of care and professionalism when it comes to comforting your kitty and caring for your home. All of our cat sitters cherish feline companionship and only ever want the best for your cat. They’re not just sitting your cat because it’s their job, they serve cats because of their sincere fondness and respect for them.

At The Comforted Kitty, it is our honor and privilege to hold your trust in our meticulous care standard we provide to both your cat and your home.

We cherish the peace of mind we deliver to you, and the assistance your cat has every right to expect and rightfully deserve.

Our Philosophy

Our pledge is to provide you with the highest quality care of your cat and home. We proudly recognize and respect the following customer rights.

Your customer rights:

  • You have the right to have your privacy protected, both in your home and online
  • You have the right to not have any appointment cancelled on short notice
  • You have the right to be in your home while we attend to cat sittings if preferred
  • You have the right to be updated daily on how your cat and home are doing
  • You have the right to be notified immediately of any concerning behavior or health issues we’ve noticed in regard to your cat
  • You have the right to return to a home that looks just as clean as when you left it

Your customer rights protect you, your cat, and your home from poor or unprofessional service. At the Comforted Kitty, these rights are the foundation to a deep and lasting professional relationship. Your relationship with our company and with your unique cat sitter is a relationship built upon trust, transparency, and accountability.

If a sitter’s actions ever fail to meet these rights, we will take immediate action and full responsibility for any inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. Your trust should never be violated or taken advantage of.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Not Your Ordinary Cat-Sitters

What sets us apart


All our cat sitters have extensive, specialized experience in cat care. Even when their not sitting with your cat, they’re most likely caring for their own.


To us, respect = that warm and fuzzy feeling. The Comforted Kitty sitters are dedicated to our feline clients and their humans.


We’ve got high standards. Every one of our cat sitters is thoroughly vetted and background checked for the highest integrity, reliability, and professional capabilities.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied, let us know, and we will make it right.

Contractual Obligation

We never cancel last minute so you can enjoy your vacation, knowing that you have a reliable sitter who will always be there to care for you cat and home.


We don’t just come over and play with your cat or just throw a bowl of food down and leave. We actively observe your cat’s behavior and appetite and notify you immediately of any concerns. Being responsive and responsible is part of our credo.

Trusted by Over 1000 Happy Cat Parents!

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Crazy about cats as much as we are? If you answered YES! than we are looking for you.

At Comforted Kitty, it’s never just about being a cat sitter. It’s about providing companionship and excellent care to our feline clients. Join us and together we will continue to uphold the higest standards in the cat care industry.
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