Professional Cat Sitting in Oakland, CA

, Professional Cat Sitting in Oakland, CA, The Comforted Kitty

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Oakland’s Professional Cat Sitting Service

Traveling outside of Oakland for a few days or even weeks? Comforted Kitty is here to make sure your cats are cared for while you’re gone. Our fully licensed and insured sitters visit your cat in your home, eliminating the stress that comes with entering an unfamiliar boarding facility. 

Our sitters aren’t just people looking for an extra buck; they’re dedicated cat professionals with comprehensive knowledge of cat needs. While checking in on your cats, they provide socialization and enrichment, ensuring you can travel without worry. 

Not Just a Pet Sitting Service

While most pet sitters and animal care companies watch all kinds of animals, Comforted Kitty sitters focus on cats. That means our passionate cat professionals will pamper your kitties and let you relax. Wondering what care our sitters provide? Check out the following.

Daily In-Home Visits

, Professional Cat Sitting in Oakland, CA, The Comforted Kitty

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Daily check-ins are at the core of Comforted Kitty care. By visiting your kitty each day, sitters ensure they have a clean litter box, fresh food and water, and a safe home. Plus, these visits allow for playtime and snuggles. To help with peace of mind while you’re away, sitters send cat parents daily updates.

Customized Care

, Professional Cat Sitting in Oakland, CA, The Comforted Kitty

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Comforted Kitty sitters have watched all kinds of cats. That means they’re capable of caring for kitties of all ages and personalities. To make sure you and your cats will get along with your sitter, they will meet with you ahead of time. This visit also gives our cat professionals a chance to learn your cat’s medications, hiding places, and quirks.

Home Care

, Professional Cat Sitting in Oakland, CA, The Comforted Kitty

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Since your feline family member will be staying at home, it’s even more important that you know your house is safe. Our sitters can adjust your blinds and lights as well as water your plants and collect your mail.

Available Throughout Oakland

Our services are available throughout Oakland, California. Whether you live just off the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, on the shores of Lake Merritt, or in Rockbridge, our sitters can come to your home.

Book now to meet one of our Oakland sitters.

Praise From Previous Clients

“We are grateful to be able to rely on Barb at Comforted Kitty whenever we are away from home. Barb does her best to make our cat Lisa feel loved and cared for, and Lisa appreciates it! Meanwhile, we are comforted by the detailed reports and many pictures that Barb sends us. Barb is a true “cat lady” in the best sense: she is compassionate and attentive, and she truly understands our beloved feline companions.” -Alexander P.

Cats’ Favorite Oakland Spots

With over 65,000 pet cats in Oakland, it’s no surprise this city has a number of cat-loving spots.

Paws & Claws

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your kitty’s needs, look no further than Paws & Claws. Their in-store spa offers nail trimming, baths, and haircuts to make your cat feel like a star. Plus, their store offers natural foods, toys, and treats.

Cat Town

Cat Town Oakland picks up where local shelters leave off by rescuing and adopting out overlooked felines like senior cats and shy kittens. So if you’re looking for a new feline family member, check them out.