FAQs about our sitters

How are your sitters selected?

Every sitter at The Comforted Kitty is selected for their years of cat care experience, excellent customer service, and proven exceptional work ethic. Furthermore, we are proud to pay a living wage in order to attract and retain the best caregivers.

All of our partner cat sitters are screened and selected via a rigorous three-part interview process, an extensive reference check, and must pass a criminal background check too. Furthermore, they are covered under our commercial liability insurance and bonding policies.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Will I get to meet my sitter beforehand?

Absolutely! In fact, we require an initial consultation / meet-and-greet with you as a new client so that the sitter can come to your home and interact with both you and your cat, to make sure there’s a good fit. It also is an opportunity for the cat sitter to familiarize themselves with the entire visit and care routine, retrieve your house keys, and ask you any questions they might have. It’s also appropriate in this meeting for either party to mention any concerns that might exist so that both you and your sitter are best prepared for the sittings. We assign the same sitter for your entire trip so that you will have met the person entering your home and not have someone new each visit.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

How many sitters will be caring for my cat?

We believe it is very important for a sitter to develop a relationship with our human and feline clients. In fact, it’s really beneficial for all when the sitter is able to form a strong bond with your cat. Therefore, only your one assigned sitter (the person you meet at the initial consultation) will be entering your home to care for your cat. Unlike many other pet sitting companies and dog walking apps that are popular these days, you will always know ahead of time who is coming into your home and we won’t ever bring another person or animal into your home. No bait and switches here!

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Will I have the same sitter each time I use your services?

While we do assign a sitter as your primary sitter — and strive to have that person care for your cat each trip — we cannot guarantee their availability each time. This can be due to such factors as illness, personal obligations, vacations, or other scheduling conflicts. If we do have to assign a substitute sitter to help you out, you will always get to meet that person beforehand to see they are a good fit with your cat too, and also go over the whole visit care routine with them. And rest assured… the sitter will ALWAYS be a The Comforted Kitty sitter who is background checked, insured, bonded, and fully vetted. Additionally, all of your cat care routine and contact information is stored securely in our pet sitting software so that regardless of which sitter helps, they will always have the most up-to-date information to complete the care — and execute the visits — properly without any confusion.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Do you have references available?

Absolutely. Check out our Happy Clients page, as well as our Yelp, Google, and Facebook review pages. Lot’s of our current clients are eager to share their experience using our professional cat sitting services!

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Meet Your Sitters

Dara W.
I LOVE CATS !!…okay, I love all animals, but I have a special connection with cats. My name is Dara. I have been volunteering at a local nonprofit cat shelter / adoption center for the past twelve years. I am responsible for administering medications, and helping prepare abandoned cats for their future furever homes. I am a wire artist, and also enjoy gardening, and yoga (all of which are closely supervised by my own fur babies.)
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“Dara has watched our cats a few times and always sends pictures of happy kitties. It’s not easy trusting someone with your animals but we definitely feel comfortable with Dara and the Comforted Kitty!” – Spencer C. (Henderson)

“We have gone on 2 short trips and Dara did such a great job watching our 3 kitties! She sends us photos each visit. It’s such a comfort knowing that our cats are safe at home while we’re gone.” – Drew S. (Henderson)

Andrea V.
Hello! My name is Andrea and I am the proud “fur mom” to 3 Senior pups and a menagerie of kittens and adult cats. I love that kittens/cats have such unique personalities and I do feel that when they choose you, it is like winning the lottery. I have had the pleasure of caring for dogs and cats as far back as I can remember and cannot imagine a world where I am not surrounded by them. I have been providing care for my own animals and those of family, friends, and neighbors for 25+ years. I have provided care for animals who have required just a bit of extra care, which has included dispensing medication both orally and intravenously. I enjoy engaging in activities with my animals, which includes paddleboarding with my pups…unfortunately, none of the cats have taken a liking to water and they are not fans of harnesses or leashes either! I am also known as the therapist who can spot the ear of a cat or the tail of a dog during telehealth therapy sessions and my clients are great sports when I request an introduction! I do believe that caring for the fur family members of others is not only just caring for their daily needs (i.e. food, water, toileting, etc.), but taking care of their living environment as well, which includes taking care of tasks around the home (i.e. light housekeeping, bringing in mail, taking out trash, etc.). I look forward to caring for your fur family members as I do my own!
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“We have used the Comforted Kitty twice now, once for a week out of town and the other one for a long weekend sitting. Andrea is our Petsitter and we have hired her for twice daily 30 minute sessions. We have two very socially needy cats. She is awesome! She is so good with them and keeps them entertained. They always seem so happy in their photos. She gives detailed reports and seems to read our minds on what we would want to know. We get plenty of pictures to make us feel reassured from far away. She’s great about grabbing our mail/ packages too. I also feel that our house is in much more order when we come home. It’s so nice to have someone we can trust and know is going to not only check in our boys, but also make sure they are getting the playtime and socialization they need.” – Sarah W. (Las Vegas)

“I love The Comforted Kitty! They were referred to me by a friend of a friend and what a great referral. So easy to make an appointment. Very thorough with your details. We had Andrea and she is the BEST! Will ask for her every time. Great prices. They take care of your kitties and if you need mail brought in or garbage cans, that too. Love they are background checked, and insured! Just awesome! Don’t forget to TIP your sitter, too. They are taking care of your babies, they deserve it!” – Mary R. (Las Vegas)

“We had an absolutely fantastic experience with Andrea and The Comforted Kitty! Andrea’s communication was superb, and our beloved cats were exceptionally well cared for. It’s a relief to know that we can trust someone as dedicated and skilled as Andrea to look after our furry little guys. Thank you for the peace of mind and top-notch service!” – Patrick D. (Las Vegas)

“We have used the Comforted Kitty twice now, once for a week out of town and the other one for a long weekend sitting. Andrea is our Petsitter and we have hired her for twice daily 30 minute sessions. We have two very socially needy cats. She is awesome! She is so good with them and keeps them entertained. They always seem so happy in their photos. She gives detailed reports and seems to read our minds on what we would want to know. We get plenty of pictures to make us feel reassured from far away. She’s great about grabbing our mail/ packages too. I also feel that our house is in much more order when we come home. It’s so nice to have someone we can trust and know is going to not only check in our boys, but also make sure they are getting the playtime and socialization they need.” – Sarah F. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you for so much Andrea! We’re home now and got an earful from Keanu, but now all he wants are scratches and to be played with 😻 thank you for everything you did over these past two weeks. We’re so grateful!!” Lauren J. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you so much for all the updates and pics. Each one made my day and allowed me to enjoy my vacation. I hope you’ll be open to taking care of them in the future. Thank you again!!!” -Amanda L. (Las Vegas)

“I cannot state how much I appreciate the whole Comforted Kitty team. I was put in an imminent situation and while not ideal, they were able to step in and now Andrea is a welcome little part of our family. I super appreciate her consistency and love the daily updates and photos. Scheduling, payment, and gratuity are all made SUPER simple, just another reason we’re likely to continue this wonderful partnership.” -Amy M. (Las Vegas)

“These updates are the best, Andrea! Thank you for being so loving to our baby boy. Him in the chair is a first for us – we are happy to see him relaxing and feel so comforted knowing he is in great hands with you.” -Drew E. (Las Vegas)

“He looked like he enjoyed your visits and it made all the difference with us taking a longer vacation knowing KJ was in great hands. We will definitely keep you all in mind next time we head out on vacation.” -Drew E. (Las Vegas)

Stephan V.
My name is Stephan and I have lived in Las Vegas for over 30 years and been a pet parent and guardian for longer. Joining the team at TCK has been a lot of fun; working with and for cats has brought so much joy into my daily life. My own pets have been special needs and I think all cats are individually special. I do my best to make sure the cats are comfortable and happy, and hope this makes our clients have a more carefree experience while they are away.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“I’ve been using TCK for 4 years now. I’ve had 3 different sitters and each one of them has been outstanding. Stephan, our current sitter, has adopted our kitties to the point that he calls them “his cats” in our messages. His updates are always funny and show that he spends enough time every visit to really get to know our furry babies. We have met each sitter in person before we start working with them, and the app is the best I’ve seen in this space. It is incredibly easy to request services, pay invoices and communicate with the owner Dan at any time. Dan has also been communicative, responsive and understanding the entire time we have worked with his company. During COVID they raised rates slightly and the entire increase went to the sitters. I cannot recommend The Comfortes Kitty more for your pet sitting needs!” – Natpro H. (Las Vegas)

“This is such a great company! The owner Dan, as well as our sitter Stephan communicated promptly & consistently through both the booking & actual cat-sitting process. They were very accommodating to our last-minute booking and Stephan sent detailed updates of each visit. Thank you for your kindness & care! Will 100% be booking again!” – Makenzie H. (Las Vegas)

“The Comforted Kitty came highly recommended after our cat sitter moved out of state. Scheduling on the app was a breeze. Stephan was reliable, kind, patient, and treated our cats like his own. His daily reports were always a joy to read. We knew our cats were happy & safe with him. We will absolutely use The Comforted Kitty in the future. Thank you so much, Stephan!” – Isabelle M. (Las Vegas)

“I recently moved to Las Vegas, and my first concern was finding a great sitter for my normally-shy cat. Stephan and the whole team at The Comforted Kitty have been absolutely wonderful partners in making this a non-issue for me! Their communication and organization is quick, efficient, and friendly. And the clever, careful way they interacted with my cat to make him feel comfortable in our new home gives me complete confidence anytime I have to travel. Everything I could think of was covered–meals, play time, litter box patrol… all handled as a matter of routine, with photos sent to keep me from missing my little guy too much. All this, plus the kind of above-and-beyond stuff that you only find with people who really do care. Highly recommended–they’re just terrific people, and they’re extremely good at what they do.” – Lee S. (Las Vegas)

“We have been using Comfort Kitty for about the last year and it has given us peace of mind to be able to leave our two cats home alone. Our sitter Stephen is awesome. He’s very thorough, he always sends us multiple photos of our cats playing and lounging. We usually do 2 visits one in the morning and one at night. One of our cats needs meds twice a day and Stephen is always able to make that happen. We are always kept up-to-date with the amount of food they eat, and how the litter boxes are looking, and the general well-being of our animals. Without the Comfort Kitty and Stephen, we would not be able to leave town for more than a day at a time and have proper care for our cats.” – Keith C. (Las Vegas)

“We absolutely Love Stephan V. And so do our cats! He was so patient with our sweet little scared rescue cat who hid from him on the first visit. 2nd visit he patiently and softly Talk to her and she came out of hiding!! All the sudden we were getting pictures of them hanging out and she was demanding scratches from him lol! It’s so comforting to know that our cats are loved, petted and cared for when we can’t be home! Stephan you rock!!” – Kristina M. (Las Vegas)

“The Comforted Kitty is so well organized and helpful! Stephen did a GREAT job watching our four cats, even the ones who hid every time he came by. He made a point to find them to make sure all were accounted for. He played with the ones who came out, and he did a great job keeping them fed, watered, and (boxes) cleaned! I got pics from each visit to see how they were doing, and had no worries while we were out of town. Great job!” – Jennifer P. (Las Vegas)

“Stephan was amazing! I think our cats were sad to see him go. He was dependable and made extra sure our cats had fresh water and clean boxes each time he came by. He even brought in a delivered package that was delivered late (I had tried to time it for delivery before leaving). He also gave us great visit updates complete with pictures of our cats.” – Jennifer P. (Las Vegas)

During the eight-day trip, my cats eagerly awaited Stephan’s daily visits. My living room was like a kindergarten playroom and every day he reported that he played a lot with my cats. The pictures were so professional and beautiful and put me at ease every day. These are just a few of the pictures he took of my cats. He truly loves cats and is an expert on them. It was amazing how quickly my nervous cat opened up to him. I am so happy to have found a really great sitter here in Las Vegas. I will definitely ask him again next time. Also, Dan (the owner) is very responsive and has great customer service. If you are looking for a cat sitter in Las Vegas, I highly recommend this place. Thank you so much for coming every day in the heat. – Hatsuki K. (Las Vegas)

The Comforted Kitty remains our go-to for cat-sitting each time we go on vacation, and we’ve always been very pleased with the results. Our cats get pampered, and we can have peace of mind while we’re away. For quite a while, our primary sitter was Amy, but most recently, Stephan filled in instead. He did a great job! We have one social cat and one who thinks the whole world is out to get him. We’ve learned over time that the cats need to be fed in separate areas, otherwise the brave one will steal all the food before the other one has a chance to come out of hiding. Stephan was very attentive to the feeding instructions and really went out of his way to make our shy cat feel comfortable. On each update, he was able to let us know how much the shy one ate while he distracted the other cat with pets and playtime. (In addition to the other helpful info they send each day). Also, everything was nice and clean when we came home, which was very nice, since our cats like to kick litter everywhere. – Audra W. (Las Vegas)

Stephan took care of our 2 cats for 5 days while we were on vacation. He did a great job. We had him come by 2 times a day. He gave us a detailed text report every time he visited. He fed, played, and gave our cats attention. He also did a couple of other chores, such as fill the bird baths and take care of the garbage. We were grateful and pleased with his conscientious care of our kids. Highly recommend Comforted Kitty and Stephan. – Ellia V. (Las Vegas)

Everything went so well with Stephan. Our cats adored him. He was very attentive & kind. I will reach out again soon! He’s a great photographer too! 🙂🙂 -Caroline T. (Las Vegas)

Mindy V.
With a deep-rooted love for cats, I have been a proud cat owner for the past 26 years. This lifelong journey has not only given me countless moments of joy but also invaluable experience in understanding and caring for these wonderful beings. In addition to being a cat owner, I have spent many years as a dedicated pet and house sitter. This role has allowed me to extend my love and care to many other cats, treating them with the same affection and attention as I would my own. Whether it’s my own cat or those I look after, I strive to create a nurturing environment that caters to their unique needs and personalities. In essence, my experience with cats is not just a profession or a hobby, but a passion of mine.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty
Cali N.
My name's Cali, and I've loved animals ever since I can remember. I had an iguana and a dog while growing up, and my parents insisted I take care of them myself, which I loved learning to do and took pride in keeping up! I adore watching the way animals communicate with one another and with me, and try and match them on their same level. I remember spending hours of my days playing with or mimicking the mannerisms of my iguana, to the point I started doing her head-bobs with friends. I've also taken care of my family and friend's pets for many years now, working regularly with animals who have special needs, from having special food or regular medicine to behaviors like darting for doors the moment one opens or one of my own cat's anxiety issues. These past three years, I've fallen deeply in love with felines since adopting my trio of kittens. I regularly go out of my way to study the way cats communicate with people, the different mannerisms they can have, and what potentially can cause changes in behaviors. It both keeps me alert to any upset in the home, and I think their big personalities are so cute! It's amazing the way that it can show so differently, even among litter-mates like mine. Besides animals, my other hobbies are reading, writing, and playing video games, usually with a furry friend relaxing on my lap while I do. I love sharing all these activities with my friends, talking about books, collaborating on writing, or just playing something together is always a delight.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty
Lori B.
Hi, my name is Lori. I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life. It started as a child with my own cats, dogs, horses, goats, bunnies, and pocket pets. I have a Bachelors degree in Equine Science and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I worked in veterinary medicine for about 20 years and have extensive experience with small animals, large animals, farm animals, exotic animals, and in emergency/intensive care. I was a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind for many years and I have helped train several working guide dogs. I’ve trained and shown horses for more than 40 years. Although I now work in human medicine I still have that same passion for caring for animals. I will bring that passion and love of animals when caring for your fur baby.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


We had never left our cat for more than 24 hrs before, and we have a week-long trip coming up that we couldn’t bring our cat with us. Our cat is super skittish already, so boarding was out, and we were very nervous about getting a cat sitter. I looked at other apps and organizations, but it seemed like all the sitters primarily took care of dogs, or the organizations were not very responsive to our inquiries. Dan at Comforted Kitty responded very quickly and didn’t tire of our many questions. That was before we even committed to anything! Once we set everything up, we had a meeting with Lori to introduce her to our cat. We were surprised that the cat didn’t sprint out of the room. Lori was great! We got daily updates and pictures, and everything went well. Now that we know about The Comforted Kitty, we won’t hesitate to take trips again. The Comforted Kitty comforts owners as well! – Alexis R. (Las Vegas)

Stephanie S.
"What I love most about cats is their intelligence, independence, and aloofness. I think it’s hilarious when a cat treats you like their “human minion.”
Growing up, my family always had at least one cat. One of my earliest memories as a child was of my first cat, a Calico named Bonnie. Currently, I have a 17 year old kitty named Vegas. She was a kitten when I adopted her from a shelter while I lived on the east coast for a few years. I regretted my decision to temporarily leave Las Vegas - hence the name I gave her. She has been my constant companion through thick and thin, including the move all the way across the country to come back home. We’ve been partners for a very long time. In my free time, I’ll be found at Red Rock or Charleston, or bagging a new peak somewhere out of town. Otherwise, I might be watching a movie or reading a book. I love the adventure, but I also appreciate the simple things. I delight in caring for others’ cats simply because it’s a nice thing to do. I find enjoyment in being their “temporary human” and providing companionship to kitties while their real guardian is away.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“I had to go home for 10 days and I was worried about my cat, Josephine. She gets very stressed at the boarder, especially for so long. I am SO HAPPY i found the comforted kitty. They made the scheduling process so easy and Stephanie, my sitter, was the best. I got like 5 pictures every time she visited and she really made an effort to care for josephine, who can be shy and standoffish. I will be going home again for the holidays and I know I will be scheduling with them again. The fee for the first time meeting made total sense, especially since the sitter was coming out of her way to meet me and come to my apartment.” – Amanda H. (Las Vegas)

“My experience with Comforted Kitty was very positive. My initial contact was promptly returned. I was away for 9 days and although my cat never showed for the sitter, he did all his business as usual. Stephanie, the sitter, was easy to work with. She was at the home daily and tried to get my cat to come out, but insisted on being a cat. She cleaned the floor around the litter along with his feeding and watering. I would not hesitate using CK and Stephanie again and I plan do to do later this month.” – Howard M. (Las Vegas)

“This was our first time using a sitter outside of family. We were very nervous about a stranger coming into our home and taking care of our pets. We have four cats and our sitter was Stephanie. Stephanie was amazing with our cats! She gave us very detailed updates after each visit and lots of pictures. Our cats had an absolute blast with Stephanie. We have a cat that is very shy and loves to run and hide from anyone she doesn’t know but she did so well with our sitter, we were shocked at how well she did! We have already booked a few more dates with Stephanie and we will happily continue to use The Comforted Kitty.” – Kaitlyn V. (Las Vegas)

“I’m so glad I found The Comforted Kitty! I was going away for 10 days and my poor kitty is easily stressed and has hated going to a boarder in the past. Daniel and my sitter, Stephanie, made my trip so much more comfortable. I got detailed daily updates about how Josephine (my cat) was doing with multiple pictures. Josephine can be shy and scared around new people and Stephanie really took the time to take it slow and get Josephine to trust her! I’m so happy with the service and will definitely be using them in the future!” – Amanda H. (Las Vegas)

“I needed a new cat sitter sort of last minute before the Thanksgiving holiday (about 6-7 days out which is sort of short notice for a holiday). After submitting a request as a new customer I was responded to promptly and matched with a potential sitter. The communication was timely and the set-up process was pretty simple. A couple days later the sitter Stephanie came over to meet the cats and to get familiar with the house, feeding routines, where I keep the food/supplies/toys etc. It was a great and seamless experience and the best part was getting to read the notes and see the pictures after each of Stephanie’s visits. I will definitely be using this service again.” – Alaina W. (Las Vegas)

“I’m very happy with this company and relieved to have a reliable cat sitter when I’m out of town! Stephanie — a true cat person — is great and sends me updates and photos, and the cats are relaxed and happy when I get back home. What more can you ask for? : )” – L. T. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you, Comforted Kitty. More specifically, Thank you Stephanie! I haven’t traveled much since my boys came into my life. I was worried about how they would do with a pet sitter. One of my cats is a perfect gentleman, the other is a momma’s boy that doesn’t like anyone visiting our home. Stephanie was kind and understanding with their particular personalities. She respected Sassafras’s space while taking great care of him. And, Nigel seemed very happy and content when I returned. Stephanie sent me daily updates and photos of the boys lounging and playing with her. I highly recommend The Comforted Kitty and Stephanie. I have been able to schedule more travel with the peace of mind that my boys will be well cared for.” – Abbey C. (Las Vegas) 

“Stephanie has been amazing! We were very apprehensive leaving our little one home for the first time, so finding someone that was dependable and trustworthy as Stephanie was most important. She showed up during the scheduled times and fed and played with her. We even got pictures during the visit and an update upon her leaving. Thank you Stephanie!” – Lana M. (Las Vegas)

“My girlfriend and I had stumbled upon The Comforted Kitty while we were planning our Christmas trip last year. We had been looking for a few days prior for pet services but everyone was charging exorbitant fees and mostly catered to dogs. We were on the verge of cancelling our trip, that is until we found The comforted Kitty. We were both a little nervous because this was the first time we were going to be leaving out cats for an extended period of time; however, upon meeting Stephanie our worries were quickly comforted (badum tss). She is an easy going individual who takes her business seriously. Stephanie will ensure that your cats get their daily meal and will play with them. She sends you daily updates after every visit with details of how it went and what the cats were up to. Setting up an appointment was as easy counting 1,2,3. The Comforted Kitty has their own app called “Time To Pet” and registration is not an issue. With Stephanie taking care of our cats we no longer worry because we know that she will be looking after them as if they were her own.” – Jr. R. (Las Vegas)

Shannon F.
Hi, I’m Shannon! I have been in love with cats for as long as I can remember. When I was 4 years old, I got my first two cats, ‘Tinkerbell’ and ‘Dusty’. I gave those cats every ounce of love my heart had to give, I was hooked and I became a crazy cat (little) lady from age 4 and on. In Middle School while most kids were babysitting, my best friend and I started our own pet-sitting business. We called ourselves “The Critter Sitters”. We would care for pets of all shapes and sizes, but most common were fish and cats because they were easy to care for due to their independent nature. This is one of the things I love most about cats. They can be fiercely independent but completely needy. A little over a year ago, I lost my fur baby unexpectedly and way too soon. My heart was broken. I was completely devastated and I was not ready to rescue another quite yet. I had also been considering a career change during this time but unable to commit to this change. It was when I saw the Dan’s advertisement for The Comforted Kitty, when everything came together. I left a job that I was completely burnt out from, to begin a job that I still cannot believe I get paid to do. In addition, my heart was able to heal from the loss of my fur baby by caring for so many incredible kitties. I have never been so happy and fulfilled. It is my genuine pleasure to be able to care for and play with your kitties. I treat each as if they are my own.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“The Comforted Kitty came highly recommended, and Shannon has lived up to the praise. She’s professional, reliable, and exhibits genuine care for our cats, making her our go-to sitter. Her in-depth initial consultation, amusing photo updates, and patient interactions with our shy cats, are exemplary of her exceptional service. Using the portal for scheduling is also simple and efficient, with updates available via app and text – a fun highlight during our time away. If you need a dependable and compassionate cat sitter, Shannon is your person.” – Melissa V. (Las Vegas)

“We’ve used The Comforted Kitty five or six times now and have had a great experience every time. Shannon is such an incredibly attentive and caring catsitter. She sends us detailed updates and photos every day, whether we’re away for a weekend or for a few weeks. In addition to feeding our cat and changing his litter, Shannon made sure that our cat got plenty of playtime and grooming. It is such a relief knowing that he’s having a nice time and getting plenty of attention when we’re away, especially for longer periods of time.
The online portal makes it easy to share all of the necessary details and to manage payments. We will absolutely use The Comforted Kitty again, and we can’t recommend them enough!” – Daniel L. (Las Vegas)

“Comforted Kitty has provided another worry free sitting while we traveled. Thank you Shannon for caring for Cat who now waits at the door for your return. Thanks CK for excellent pet care the past few years. Love the photos and daily updates!” – TJ W.

“We had a once in a lifetime trip booked for Hawaii but didn’t have anyone who could watch our two cats. After getting some recommendations and searching online, we decided to contact the comforted kitty. The owner of the business, Dan, was super responsive and professional, and we were quickly put in touch with Shannon, who came out and got the lay of the land. She told us that we would get updates and photos for each visit, which is more than we’ve ever gotten from other petsitting companies. It seemed more like an old friend was watching our girls, to the extent that Shannon learned what toys each cat liked, bought new and unused toys and brought them for our cats. She even let us keep them! One of our kitties is shy but we watched her in the photos through the week come out of her shell and play, which she never does with strangers! The updates were in depth and personalized to each cat. Shannon accommodated all of our wishes and then some. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and use them a​gain, and plan too in a few months. This was such a source of anxiety but we were put completely at ease. 5 stars!” – Trevor J. (Las Vegas)

“Shannon went above and beyond to keep our cats happy and safe and calm. She brought toys with her to play with them. The cats needed medication and she had no problem getting them sit and take it. Extremely happy and would recommend Comforted Kitty to anyone, this is our second time using their service.” – Derek K. (Las Vegas)

“Shannon is amazing! She treated our fur baby like she was her own cat and really made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She went above and beyond to give us daily updates and pictures while we were away (which we loved!); she even left adorable gifts for our kitty when we came home. My only regret is that I didn’t take pictures to share on here! The entire process was incredibly easy and affordable. If you are looking for a compassionate, friendly and reliable pet sitting company look no further!” – Brittany R. (North Las Vegas)

“We love this cat sitting service and have booked them multiple times. Shannon is so friendly and sweet to our cats! We know they are in great hands and we love the daily updates when we are away. Highly recommend their service!!” – Marissa W. (Las Vegas)

“I am so grateful for such a sweet, thoughtful person like you to take care of my little boo boos.” -Kim T. (Las Vegas)

“I’m so glad Callie is so comfortable with you; thank you for being so patient and kind with her numerous “quirks” 😉 They both look like they’re happy and not stressed.” -Janet .L (Las Vegas)

“Shannon thank you SO MUCH for taking care of the fur babies!! Thank you so, so much for the thoughtful gifts. We appreciate everything you did for them and felt relieved to know they were in such good hands!” -Ella W. (Las Vegas)

Maggie C.
"Cats are such interesting and intelligent creatures and each one is so unique. Their personalities and attitudes can have you wondering what's really going on inside their little heads, but the serotonin boost from hearing a mew or a purr, or getting a headbutt is unmatched. "
Hi, I'm Maggie! I'm originally from the Bay Area and moved to Las Vegas in 2020. I've owned many cats throughout my life, whether they found me or I found them. Currently I have two cats- a 6yo shy and quiet boy that moved here with me, his name is Peanut (aka Piggy) and a 2yo vocal and cuddly boy that recently adopted us, we're calling him Yuki (aka JustABaby; pictured). I spent a lot of time caring for friends' and neighbors' animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, etc) growing up. I've always loved and been drawn to animals of all kinds, but cats hold a special place in my heart; caring for them is fun and fulfilling. If I'm not hanging out with a cat, I'm either playing video games, doing yoga, or at a metal/hardcore show.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“First off, I’m a very nervous cat mom and I absolutely hate leaving my two siamese alone. I’ve had friends in the past running late to feed them and not being there long enough and it’s made traveling really stressful. So this last time I decided to try a professional service and I have to say these guys really put my mind at ease. Maggie was great! I got a message at the end of the session each day with great detail (and pictures!) about how the cats were and what they did while she was there. She played with them, fed them dinner, and my boy cat has stress-related health issues so she also gave him vet-prescribed medicine to help keep him calm and relaxed while I was gone. It definitely put my mind at ease to know someone was there watching over them and I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.” – Cariann L. (Las Vegas)

“Maggie was amazing!! She sent photos every day while watching my 2 cats and she always gave a nice recap of how they were doing while I was away! Definitely recommend The Comforter Kitty and Maggie!” – Sierra H. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you so much as always for taking care of [Pepper and Prudence]. It really is greatly appreciated and I can tell that both are quickly growing more and more comfortable with you :)” – Jake E. (Las Vegas)

“Maggie did a wonderful job taking care of our 20 year old cat, Champagne, while we were out of state for a week. Champagne was taking new thyroid medicine and was healing 20 stiches at the time. Maggie was so careful and attentive, sent us daily detailed updates. We are so grateful and will absolutely ask her to watch Champagne again should we need it.” Marc W. (Las Vegas)

Kristen G.
“What I like most about cats is discovering their unique personalities and quirks. The love and companionship they offer once you’ve earned their trust is so rewarding.”
Kristen is originally from San Diego and relocated to Las Vegas in 2018. Currently she has two kitties who are full of energy. They definitely keep her on her toes with their endless curiosity! Growing up, Kristen always had cats of all ages as part of her family in addition to many neighborhood cats that adopted her as their part time family. Friends often entrust Kristen to care for their cats and dogs while they’re away knowing she will care for them like her own. Kristen’s free time is spent spoiling and snuggling her two kitties, Lexi and Mister Big. She loves exploring and hiking the beautiful nature Las Vegas has to offer. When the summer weather gets too hot, you’ll find her in a pilates or yoga studio
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty

“Thank you so much for your loving care of our babies Kristen!! Truly appreciate you 🤗 it was such a relief leaving knowing they were in good hands!” -Natalie P. (Las Vegas)

“Kristen went above and beyond to take care of my kitty. Not only did I receive messages and such, but I swear she left my apartment nicer than I left it.” -Juliette L. (Las Vegas)

“I can relax and enjoy my vacations knowing my my kitties, Buddy and Bella are well taken care of. Kristen is always reliable and makes sure my fur babies get lots of love and attention.” -Fiorella R. (Las Vegas)

Shelley H.
Shelley H. has almost 20 years of experience with feral cat rescue and TNR. She has worked with private cat rescues in Northern Nevada. Also is a caretaker of a feral cat colony in Sparks, NV. She has a lot of patience with scared/frightened cats and has done cat sitting for a few of her friends over the years.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty
Justin D.
I am a professional, honest cat lover. I would be happy to take care of your special cat while you are away. I have been a cat owner for over 40 years, and I can’t imagine life without them!
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty
Adrienne T.
As I was growing up, all the stray kitties in the neighborhood would somehow find our house. I received my Veterinary Technician degree many moons ago, and although I left that field when kids came along, I have always had a myriad of animals for myself! So I am very comfortable giving medications, physical therapy or cleaning up yucky messes. I have also cared for and fostered cats/kittens with the Reno Humane Society for many years. Ran a pet sitting business myself from 2015 until Covid hit. I really enjoy finding out each cats individual personality and seem to have a knack making friends with the shy ones. I just can't stay away from the furry critters 🙂
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty
Lynn T.
"Cats are very mysterious independent and you have to respect them. They are truly amazing animals and I truly enjoy being around them."
I am a mother of 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 grown sons and I am married. I have been a pet sitter since I began my career as an RVT many years ago. I have worked for pet sitting companies as well as clients from the veterinary hospitals that I worked at. My love for cats became more and more when I started volunteering at a cat rescue group. I am a very responsible, reliable and consciousness person who takes pride in what I do and of course my dedication and love for animals make it easy to care for them. I treat everybody's cats like they are my own. I am confident in giving pills, oral meds, fluids and insulin. I have cared for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish and reptiles.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty
Shauna H.
"I love that cats each have such distinct personalities that, when given the opportunity, will always shine bright. From sassy to chill, each one is unique and ultra special."
I have had cats ever since I can remember. Some of my first memories involve cats. The first pet of my own was a cat who lived to 19. She was the epitome of calico and certainly had the attitude that some people equate to calicos and tortoiseshells. It wasn’t until years later that I decided to try fostering orphaned bottle kittens. Once I started doing that I “foster failed” a few times and it seems that whenever I need a new cat in my family one just finds us. With work, I love the challenging cats. Often it simply takes quiet moments just existing in the same space before eventually the kitty comes around and I’ve made a new friend for life. In my spare time I love to crochet cat toys and beds and take road trips and, of course, spend time with my dogs and cats.
, Nevada, The Comforted Kitty


“Have had the pleasure to work with the comforted kitty 3 times over the last year. Feel fortunate to have had Shauna assigned to my request for each occasion. Shauna is a compassionate caregiver who is more than capable. She is also dependable and trustworthy. I can recommend Shauna to anyone living in the Reno/Sparks area who may be in need of services provided by the comforted kitty.” – Steve P. (Reno)

“We recently moved to a different area of Reno, and needed a new cat sitter. Shauna has become an excellent caregiver for our cat, Jitterbug! Bugs is a shy and secretive kitty who has ventured forth to know Shauna a little bit more each time she visits. I love that Shauna always sends photos of our somewhat-elusive cat! Shauna knows most of Jitterbug’s hiding places are, and does her best to interact with her when she visits, even if it simply means sitting quietly for our cat to come to her. It is nice to know that daily contact and care have been made. We travel a lot, and it is comforting to know that our cat is in great hands!” – Lynne C. (Reno)

“I am so happy with The Comforted Kitty! Shauna did a great job bonding with my cats (one is outgoing and the other is shy). I rely on her to take care of them, play with them clean the litter box, feed them, the whole works. She also brings in my mail and waters plants. I would recommend this service to everyone with cats.” – Linda H. (Reno)

“We moved to Reno over the summer and promptly needed to find a sitter for our two elderly cats. After research, we reached out to The Comforted Kitty. Dan was very prompt in his response, welcomed us to the family and was very thorough about the company and it’s standards. They are new-ish to the Reno area, however quite established in the SF Bay Area and Las Vegas. We were introduced to our sitter, Shauna, shortly thereafter. She came to the house for a meet and greet and we knew immediately she would be great! We could not be happier with Shauna and she is wonderful with our remaining cat, who needs medicine daily. She also recommends items that will help with the comfort of our Tabitha. Shauna is our go to anytime we are out of town and I could not recommend her more.” – Michelle K. (Reno)

“I JUST moved to Reno, and usually had friends or family where I lived before always watch my cats. I accidentally waited until the last minute to book a cat sitter for a 4-day bachelorette trip and was so stoked at how quick and easy the Comforted Kitty was to use. Within several hours of submitting my request, I had scheduled a meet and greet with Shauna for my two kitties. She came over and met them, we went through everything in 20 min. The two best parts of the service, IMO, is that 1) it’s super affordable–especially if your cat(s) just need a little bit of attention and feeding–and 2) the updates are so detailed and made it so I didn’t have anything to worry about, even for my senior citizen kitty. I was surprised that the cat sitters will also water plants, turn fans on, etc., too. We’ll definitely be using this service for our longer honeymoon trip! :)” – Kelsey H. (Reno)

“We are so pleased with The Comforted Kitty service. I wish we had done this sooner since we didn’t realize how comforted we were! Shauna has been so good for Max, our 21 year old boy. He loves new company and made himself and Shauna right at home. She sent texts with pictures and kept us posted on how he was doing. I highly recommend The Comforted Kitty and especially Shauna!” – Cindy L. (Sparks)

“This is the 2nd time we’ve used The Comforted Kitty for our cat sitting needs. Shauna was/is our sitter and she did a very professional and thorough job in tending to our kitties. She updated us each day after feeding our cats, cleaning the litter boxes, filling the water bowls, and bringing in our mail. She also sent us photos of each cat and updated us on who came out and who was hiding. All in all, we feel we are in good hands with Shauna. We highly recommend her and The Comforted Kitty!! Until next time, Thank you!” – Kevin M. (Reno)

“We have been using the The Comforted Kitty’s services for a year. We are so pleased with the service that Shauna provides. Our cats love her! She spends quality time with them, makes sure their food and water is filled, and also waters plants and brings in the garbage cans. She sends detailed updates and we never have to worry when she’s taking care of our “fur babies”. Highly recommend.” – JoAnn T. (Reno)

“Whew. What a relief! I had an urgent need for a cat sitter (long story), and I came across The Comforted Kitty. They were able to set me up and get me ready for my trip in no time. I met with Shauna, she met my cats, and we got everything ready. Shauna sent me photos every day and even charmed my shy cat. I’ll definitely be using Shauna and The Comforted Kitty again!” – Linda H. (Reno)

“I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Shauna and The Comforted Kitty. Shauna is reliable, communicative, and my cat loves her! My cat can be a bit finicky, and Shauna went the extra mile getting to know him and making him feel comfortable. You can tell that she is really invested in her clients and is extremely knowledgeable about cats and their behaviors. With each visit, I get a status report complete with photos and a full description. Knowing that my cat is being well taken care of while I’m gone lets me relax and enjoy my vacation!” – Jordan M. (Reno)

“Shauna was attentive and communicative about her daily visits with my cats, whom she took amazing care of! She sent photos which offered me peace of mind and allowed me to relax and enjoy my trip. She did an amazing job and I will happily use her and the Comforted Kitty next time I travel.” – Tori C. (Reno)

“We were unsure about hiring a stranger to come into our home and take care of our Lucy while we were a few states away. However because both Dan and Shauna were very polite and professional we quickly felt that we made a good decision. Shauna checked in on Lucy everyday and gave us a daily updates. Shauna knew what to watch for if Lucy wasn’t doing well with us being gone. Happily, Lucy did very well and was actually happy to see us when we got home compared to the other time when we had no one to check in on her. We’re already planning on hiring Shauna again for our next vacation.” – Curtis C. (Reno)

“Our Lucy is getting a bit to old to travel so we contacted Comforted Kitty to have someone look in on her while we went on vacation. Dan was quick to reply back to our inquiry and made the sign up process very easy. Shauna was our sitter and from the beginning she was always polite and very professional. Both Dan and Shauna made us feel comfortable with trusting them with our Lucy and our home while we were gone. Shauna kept in touch everyday with updates letting us know how Lucy was doing. Lucy isn’t very social but Shauna did what she could to let Lucy know that she could trust her. When we came home Lucy was a lot calmer than a previous time when we had no sitter. Lucy is happy and our home was just as we left it. We’re already planning on hiring Shauna again for our next vacation in May.” – Curtis C. (Sparks)

“The Comforted Kitty is the perfect option for cat sitting. We love our sitter, Shauna! She sends us very thorough updates and always tells us how much she loves taking care of our kitty. This is a great service that I absolutely recommend!” – Nicole E. (Reno)

“I can’t say enough about what a positive experience we had with Comforted Kitty. Shauna was our kitty sitter here in Reno. Usually the only thing stressful about vacation is leaving our fur babies behind. We met with Shauna the week before. She asked about their likes and dislikes, where they hide, and many more questions I would never think to ask. She put our minds at ease by checking in everyday. Shauna included daily pics of our kitties as well as a check list… food, water, liter, etc.. A day after we left, we realized that the thermostat had not been adjusted. Shauna reset it per our request. And even gave our plants a splash of water when needed. I can’t speak for the other sitters, but Shauna is amazing & I totally trust her! The business itself did an excellent job too. They got back to me shortly after the request. Then then did a thorough intake. Including an emergency contact person & what to do if the cats get hurt. Where to take them, how much to spend. Thanks to Shauna @ Comforted kitty, we can rest easy while away from home.” – Marianne V. (Reno)

“We are big big fans of the Comforted Kitty and will definitely use their service again! We used The Comforted Kitty to check in our cats while we were away for a week on a family vacation. Shauna was our sitter, and we could not have been happier with her care for our two kittens, and with the service as a whole. Signing up was very easy using the online platform. All of the pricing was very reasonable (much more affordable than the pet “hotels” we looked at)and transparent from the start. We were able to share lots of information about our kittens as part of signing up. And a few days before we left, Shauna visited us to get to know the kittens and the space, and ask any important questions. We were nervous leaving them alone for a whole week, but every day Shauna sent us lots of pictures and detailed descriptions on how they were doing. She checked their food and water, cleaned out the litter box, and played with them. We could tell from the pictures they were having so much fun! She lured our shy kitten out from hiding where he usually stays to the point where he would greet her when she showed up. It was clear she formed a bond with them in a very short period of time and treated them with a great deal of love and care. We will certainly be using the Comforted Kitty the next time we have to leave town, and hope Shauna can stay with our cats again. It takes a lot to trust someone into your home and with your family pets while you are away, and this team has earned our trust.” – Andrew M. (Reno)

“I recently began traveling for work fairly frequently and needed to find someone to trust to take care of my sweet Maizy, who is nearing 14 years old. I decided to try the Comforted Kitty in Reno and was connected with Shauna. It was a pleasure to meet her and I’m thrilled with her care of Maizy, as they have become fast friends. The app is easy to use, once setup. Shauna has been kind enough to water some plants and bring in trash cans as well. It is wonderful to receive the pictures and her updates about her visits with Maizy which gives me peace of mind while I’m away. Thank you Comforted Kitty and Shauna!” – Lori S. (Reno)

“We love the Comforted Kitty! Shauna is our assigned sitter, and we looooove her! She is very kind and patient with our shy rescue kitty, Chibi. Shauna has actually been able to get Chibi to come out of her hiding spot, which she doesn’t often do for visitors. Not only is Shauna great with Chibi, but she sends very detailed updates on how Chibi is doing every day of her sitting. She includes updates on whether she’s eaten her food, when the water bowl is refilled, when the litter box is cleaned, and includes adorable photos of Chibi! I also really appreciated that she was able to have a virtual meet and greet with me and chibi before her first sitting. We will always use the Comforted Kitty when we go out of town 🙂 Thanks Shauna!” – Kay K. (Reno)

“Our 5 cats are all seniors (12 yrs – 15yrs) so I was a bit nervous about leaving them. Our little Ella needs insulin shots and it was scary to think someone we didn’t know was going to give those shots to her. Well, Shauna was simply wonderful! At the Meet & Greet, she gave Ella her shot with no problem. You can tell she is an animal lover and experienced in her job. Each visit Shauna sent us photos and updates on how everyone was doing. That put our minds at ease. This was our first time using The Comforted Kitty service and will certainly request Shauna for our future getaways. Thank you Shauna and Dan for providing quality cat sitting for our “kids”.” – Barb S. (Reno)

“Excellent experience with Shauna from The Comforted Kitty! I am relieved to have found a reliable cat sitter that speaks cat and cares about my cat’s comfort and well-being. I have a challenging cat that tends to be timid or even territorial when it comes to newcomers, so finding a cat sitter that is able to calmly manage her to ensure her needs are met is a huge win!” – Sarah M. (Reno)

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