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We don’t sit cats. We serve them.

Our Story

In 2014, when Daniel was volunteering at an animal shelter, a friend mentioned a cat sitting business. Having never heard of such specialized pet-care company idea, Daniel got immediately interested. He did not feel personally satisfied with his employment at the time and was looking around for better options.

An idea of starting his own business was something Daniel has always wanted to do. A business where you have to work with cats – sounded like the best kind of work anyone can possibly have. A friend warned Daniel, you will have to work every day. To Daniel, nothing could possibly sound more appealing. He has always found it very rewarding to know that he is alleviating the boredom loneliness (and even stress) of a cat whose guardian is away

Shortly after, The Comforted Kitty was born. By 2017, it became a team of 7 employees. In 2019, it has established a second location in Las Vegas.

Fast forward to today, where The Comforted Kitty serves hundreds of clients annually, making sure they are all very well taken care of and that they enjoy all of the comforts of their life despite the absence of their guardian.

Our Mission

Cats are part of our families. But too often pet sitters don’t recognize the profound importance of this. In the modern “gig economy” where you can hire almost anyone for anything with a phone app, it can be very difficult finding a cat care provider who is reliable, responsible, and responsive. That is why we offer a higher level of care and professionalism. We cherish their companionship and want the best for them when going away on travel.

At The Comforted Kitty, it is our honor and privilege to hold your trust in our meticulous care we provide to your cat and home. And we cherish the peace of mind we deliver to you that you expect and rightfully deserve.

Our Philosophy

In our pledge to provide you with the highest quality care of your cat and home, we proudly recognize and respect the following rights for which we strongly believe you possess when it comes to hiring a person to come into your home and care for your beloved feline family member. These rights stand true regardless of whether you hire our services or that of another company because they are the foundation to a deep and lasting professional relationship with your sitter that is built upon trust, transparency, and accountability.

When a sitter’s actions fail to meet these rights, they should take full responsibility for such inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. Your trust should not be violated or taken advantage of.

Your customer rights:

  • Have your privacy protected
  • Not be cancelled on short notice
  • Record us in your home while we perform the sittings
  • Updated daily on how your cat and home are doing
  • Be notified immediately of any concerning behavior or health issues noticed of your cat
  • Return home to your home looking just as clean as when you left it
  • A full refund if you are not satisfied with our level of care

Not Your Ordinary Pet Sitters

What sets us apart


All our cat sitters have extensive experience in cat care.


Comforted Kitty team members are dedicated to all our feline clients and their humans.


Every one of our sitters is thoroughly vetted and background checked for the highest integrity, reliability, and professional capabilities. 

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our level of care for your cat and home after the completion of the requested sitting services, we will issue a full refund for the entire invoice.

Contractual Obligation

We never cancel last minute so you can enjoy your vacation, knowing that you have a reliable sitter who will always be there to care for you cat and home.


We don’t just come over and play with your cat or just throw a bowl of food down and leave. We actively observe your cat’s behavior and appetite and notify you immediately of any concerns.

900+ Happy Cat Parents

Meet Daniel McPartlan


Cats occupy a special place in Daniel’s heart and home. His cat Pixie was adopted from the Berkeley municipal animal shelter after she was found under an overpass. Daniel has volunteered at the Berkeley animal shelter for many years, socializing and comforting cats of all ages and temperaments, and also volunteers at the Antioch animal shelter. If there is one thing Daniel has learned from all his volunteering time wtih cats at animal shelters, one of the most important things you can give a cat is there own home to enjoy and stimulate their mental health.

Ironically, Daniel didn’t grow up with any cats in his household. However, that didn’t stop him from getting plenty of interaction and developing a deep fondness for them, as his grandmother who lived next door fostered up to 30 cats in her home at any given time for the El Dorado Humane Society. He can still remember vividly his favorite cats, such as the gregarious Raisin and the slightly overweight Fluffy, a cat who had a tendency to gain a lot of speed coming down a flight of stairs.

Daniel also loves photographing animal portraits, especially cats. He takes great care in emphasizing their personalities and capturing what makes them unique. Of course, the feline’s natural beauty is always something that makes his images so stunning. You can view some of his work on the gallery page. Daniel has also released for the second year in a row Berkeley Cats, a calendar that profiles some of the cats that reside in Berkeley.

Daniel’s ultimate goal is to one day open a feline-themed casino in Las Vegas where all profits will go to finding animal shelter kitties forever homes and also support veterinary assistance and spay/neuter services to low-income communities.

Daniel looks forward to having his team of cat sitting extraordinaires help you out and comfort your kitty.

“Finding a reliable, responsive, and professional cat sitter these days is hard. Providing the highest quality service to our clients is of utmost importance to our company. Your trust and respect must not be violated by anyone you hire to care for your beloved cat and home.”

Daniel McPartlan

Meet Your Sitters

San Francisco Bay Area

Samantha S.

Sitter and Office Manager (South Bay/Silicon Valley)

“What I like most about cats is their individual personalities. Each one is so uniquely different and wonderful!”

Samantha brings over 15 years experience working with cats in a variety of settings including; veterinary and animal sheltering. She also works for a non profit cat rescue in Morgan Hill saving countless kitties lives. She is passionate about working with cats and brings years of medical knowledge and behavioral expertise. When she is not working with cats, she can be found at home with her own family of four kitties; Mister, Susu, Pixie and Kindle, hiking in nature, or at the yoga studio. She is so excited to be working for The Comforted Kitty and cannot wait to meet you fur family.

She happily services Silicon Valley, including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell, Los Gatos, and Cupertino.

Barbara S.

Sitter (East Bay)

“What I like most about cat’s is that each and every cat is a complex, intelligent, eccentric individual with a fascinating, loving and childlike personality.”

Barb, a 25+ year resident of Oakland, has had a lifelong affinity for cats, seldom living life without an active feline companion. For 15 years, with the help of many others, Barb participated in the trap, neuter and release efforts of a local feral colony.Barb is the proud caretaker of five elderly and special needs cats, three of whom began life as ferals. She finds great fulfillment and purpose in life in serving and helping others, humans and felines, alike.

She is very good with medicating cats (including injections) and takes pride in understanding that consistency and ritual are very important to our feline friends. Barb would be honored to meet you and to care for your feline friends in the capacity of cat sitter

She happily services all of Oakland, Piedmont, Emeryville, Alameda, and northern San Leandro.

“Solomon and Sheba always had the best care when I had to travel because of Barbara. My cats were well-fed and watered, and their litter boxes were very clean. And she took care of their twice daily diabetic injections, on time and with comfort. I know my cats missed me, but they really enjoyed Barbara’s visits!” – Deborah Z. (Oakland)

“I just wanted to write in and commend Barb on her outstanding care for Putty during our vacation. It was a challenging assignment because we were (and still are) trying to diagnose a problem with his appetite. But Barb ensured that he got his medication as scheduled, and did a great job trying different ways to get him to eat. She demonstrated good judgement in adapting the feeding instructions when they weren’t working as anticipated. Barb kept everything clean and tidy, which was great to come home to. We really appreciated the detailed reports and photos that she sent each day. Even though we were concerned about him, we were still able to enjoy our vacation knowing that he was in such good hands. Many, many thanks to Barb!” – Sarah and Kevin (Emeryville)

Erin Y.

Sitter (San Francisco)

“I love that every cat is distinctly their own being. As full respect of the individual is practiced, I am rewarded when cats reveal to me their most comfortable selves.”

Erin Yen hails from the Midwest, where she’s cared for indoor and outdoor felines of every size, age, and personality! Using her expertise in kinesiology and the Alexander Technique, Erin prides herself in befriending kitties through deep understanding of instinctual movement.

Erin has held titles such as professional dancer, personal home-care assistant, and pet handler and care extraordinaire. She knows that every cat has a unique personality to share, and Erin works to let your cat’s quirks shine. It is her goal to provide you with peace of mind during your time away by giving the same environment of love and support your cat(s) get while their family is at home.

She happily serves San Francisco and the upper Peninsula.

“Thank you so much for your awesome care of our kitties! Your sweet note made us happier when we got home too Maui had seemed to forget us and I feel like he was like “Who are you guys! Where is Erin?” We were so lucky to have you watch them. Alo and Maui can’t wait to see you again.” – James and Jiyhun (Emeryville)

“We call Erin first every time we go out of town because we know our family and our home will be in good care. Jack, Peep, and Twitch always look forward to seeing her!” – April B.

“We are thrilled with the service we received from Erin. She went above and beyond our expectations and we and our kitties couldn’t be happier. Thank you!” -Diana S. (San Francisco)

Kat A.

Sitter (East Bay)

“What I love most about cats is that you have to work to gain their trust and affection. It’s a fun challenge I’m always up for.”

Kat loves cat sitting because she finds cats to be the sweetest, most genuine animals, and it makes her day to make friends with a particularly shy kitty. She usually has a way of making even the most skittish ones come out and play. Kat believes that every animal is so different, but they’re all very innocent and being with them is such a nice break from reality for her. She knows how scary it can be to leave your pets behind while you’re away, and she wants to make sure everyone is able to be comfortable knowing their cats are safe and happy.

Kat had an escape-artist black cat for 2 years who enjoyed leashed walks, being carried on her shoulder, and doing backflips chasing after toys. She also has watched friends and family members cats for years.

Kat happily serves Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, and Berkeley.

“Kitty and her kittens appreciated Kat’s visits, the tired momma certainly needed the help! She made sure they were all fed and that everyone was accounted for.” – Sarah F. (Oakland)

“Kat always made sure my 3 cats were entertained, fed, and put inside at night. She gets along with all of them, from the cuddly 3 year old to the gruff 8 year old, and they come running as soon as they see her walk up.” – Zack R. (Pleasant Hill)

Mike C.

Sitter (South Bay)

“What I like most about cats is their unpredictability. Cats are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Mike loves cat sitting because each cat has a unique personality, bond and way of communicating. He believes cats are very intelligent which makes discovering each personality very rewarding. Being a cat lover and owner for 20 plus years has given Mike the skills and ability to easily establish a caring relationship with each one. Mike is the son of a pet sitter and over the years has learned the ropes of pet care in both areas of medical and emotional support from his mother. Mike is currently the owner of a rescue kitty named Smokey. Cats bring so much joy to a home and Mike is thrilled to provide excellent service and care to each kitty as if they were his own.​

Mike happily serves cities across the South Bay.

“Hello Mike! We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the care you provided for Molly. She’s really bonded to you and we are so thankful to that.” -Annie M. (San Jose)

“All of the updates had fun pictures attached to them, and I could tell that Mike really bonded with my cat Harvey. I got to take a much needed vacation knowing my Harvey was in good hands.” -Samantha C. (San Jose)

Sherri H.

Sitter (East Bay)

“What I like most about cats is that they are better alarms than any snooze button or clock will ever be and it’s nice to be woken up to sandpaper noses and whisker kisses.”

Sherri, a 6th generation Californian, grew up in Contra Costa County and now lives in Alameda. She has had cats and dogs all her life. Her first cat Barney, who grew up to be a 20lb cat, was found in a ditch near her house. Barney was followed by Freddie after the Flintstones. Today she lives with Felix, who is a socialized Trap Nurture Release Cat. He is a love bug and followers her around the house and sits on her keyboard when she types. She graduated from California College of the Arts, where her final project was a campaign to reduce euthanasia in cats called “Be a Hero for Cats”. She loves taking care of other people’s cats where the biggest reward is a purr of happiness.

Sherri happily serves cities across the East Bay.

“Sherri was fantastic.  My cat is pretty shy around strangers. He warmed right up to her, which was a huge relief.  In fact, he loves her. She clearly knows and loves cats.  She is very kind and professional and thorough.  I was completely relaxed on my vacation knowing my cat, who is so precious to me, was in good hands.” – Aaron K. (Alameda)

“Hi Sherri. You are wonderful! Thank you for the report and photos! I’m so glad to see Peanut is in good spirits. Thanks again for your great care for her!” – Vanessa W. (Alameda)

Laura K.

Sitter (South Bay)

“What I like most about cats is that they are magnificent companions that provide comfort no matter what the world brings us. They have insatiable curiosity, the capacity to for endless play and the wisdom that reminds us that naps are essential.”

Laura has a lifetime of animal care experience with her love for cats as a focus. Growing up in a country setting Laura was around many animals from an early age and cats were clearly her favorite. Over her lifetime Laura has cared for cats in all circumstances as her own loved pets, caring for pets of others, feral and stray cat adoption.
Working with cats that have anxiety is one of Laura’s specialties. She has a knack for gaining the trust of cats through time, patience and a gentle approach. Each cat has its own unique habits, tastes and personal cat space which are always respected. Laura admires the independence, individuality of each cat and tailors her care to meet those needs.
Care for stray, injured and abandoned animals has always been a passion for Laura. Over her lifetime she has fed, provided medical care and shelter for numerous animals including cats. Taming shy and frightened abandoned cats to gain their trust and provide them with the care they need is one of Laura’s biggest priorities for cat care in her life.
Laura’s other titles in life are Artist and Resident Coordinator for the homeless in the bay area. As a former career Operations Manager, she knows the value of organization and accurate and timely services that provide each client with the care for their beloved pets they deserve.

Laura happily serves cities across the South Bay.

Brian B.

Sitter (East Bay)

“What I like most about cats is bringing out their playful side and watching their agility.”

Brian is a 15 year resident of Oakland living in the Fruitvale foothills. His affinity for cats started at age 5 with his first cat KC. Currently Brian and his wife cohabitate with a couple of adopted shelter 2 year old kitties, Enzo and Miró . Brian enjoys getting to know each cat’s unique personality and admires cats for keeping their own agenda. He gets satisfaction in having acceptance from shy kitties.

Brian happily serves cities across the East Bay.

“Thank you so much for the update and for those amazing pictures of Stella and Alvin! We love the action shots of Stella playing and Alvin looks so sweet. Thank you so much for taking such great care of them!” -Eric G. (Berkeley)

Meet Your Sitters

Las Vegas

Janet N.

Sitter (Las Vegas)

“What I love most about cats is that they are quirky, curious, goofy, silly, playful and loving – from their whiskers to their toe beans!”

Janet relocated to Las Vegas two years ago with her fiance’ and two cats, Pixie and Skylar. She is originally from the Pacific Northwest, but traded rainy days for sunshine. Her two passions in life are cats and Art. When she is not playing with cats she is most likely painting portraits of them.  Animals have been in her life for as long as she have been alive and cats have owned her heart for as long as she can remember.  Janet has taken care of many cats through all of their stages of life from kitten to elderly. She’s participated in the rescue and re-homing of strays.  She’s fostered cats her entire adult life and has always been passionate about their welfare. They are all precious to her and every cat is worthy of the utmost affection and love. That is the mindset and attitude she brings each time she cares for your beloved feline!

“When I had to leave for a week Janet took extremely good care of the cat. She made sure there was clean water, wet and dry food and she cleaned both litter boxes. I’d use her again!”. Eugene W. (Summerlin Las Vegas)

“Janet did an exceptional job taking care of my two cats (and the house). I didn’t realize how big a stress relief the daily updates were going to be until I got the first couple. Knowing how well the cats were being looked after made it a lot easier to focus on my trip.”. Kris A. (Las Vegas)

“We had Janet watch our kitties Boo & Jinx and could not have been more pleased with the results. She has a way with cats for sure. Our boy Jinx warmed up to her immediately (he’s usually a little shy at first) and our cat Boo (who never comes out) actually came out and got some pets! We couldn’t believe it!”. Steffany C. (Henderson, NV)

FAQs about our sitters

How are you sitters selected?

Every sitter at The Comforted Kitty is selected for their years of cat care experience, excellent customer service, and proven exceptional work ethic and we are proud to pay competitively in order to attract and retain the best caregivers.

All undergo a rigorous three part interviewing process, extensive reference check, and must pass a criminal background check. They are covered under our commercial liability insurance and bonding policies.

Will I get to meet my sitter beforehand?

Absolutely. In fact we require a initial consultation meet and greet with you as a new client so that they can come over to your home to see if they are a good fit for you and especially your cat. It also is an opportunity for the sitter to familiarize themselves with the entire visit care routine, retrieve your house keys, and ask you any questions or concerns they have so that they are totally prepared for the sittings. There is a $20 fee for this meeting.

How many sitters will be caring for my cat?

We believe it is very important for a sitter to develop a relationship with our human and clients and form a strong bond with their cat. Only your one assigned sitter (the person you meet and the initial consultation) will be entering your home to care for your cat. Unlike many other pet sitting companies and dog walking apps that are popular these days, you will always know ahead of time who is coming in your home and we never bring another person or animal into your home. No bait and switches!

Will I have the same sitter each time I use your services?

While we do assign one sitter as your primary sitter and strive to have that person care for your cat each trip, we cannot guarantee their availability each time, due to such factors as illness, personal obligations, vacations or other schedule conflicts. If we have to assign a substitute sitter to help you out, you will always get to meet that person beforehand to see they are a good fit with your cat and also go over the whole visit care routine. And rest assured they are a The Comforted Kitty sitter who is background checked, insured, bonded, fully vetted. Also, all of your care routine and contact information is stored securely in our pet sitting software so that regardless of which sitter helps, they will always have the most up-to-date information to complete the care properly without any confusion.

Do you have references available?

Absolutely. Check out our Happy Clients page, as well as our Yelp, Google, and Facebook review pages. Lot’s of our current clients are eager to share their experience using our professional cat sitting services!

Crazy about cats as much as we are? If you answered YES! than we are looking for you.

At Comforted Kitty, it’s never just about being a cat sitter. It’s about providing companionship and excellent care to our feline clients. Join us and together we will continue to uphold the higest standards in the cat care industry.

925-494-0485 info@comfortedkitty.com

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