Meet Your Sitter

Daniel McPartlan


Cats occupy a special place in Daniel’s heart and home. His cat Pixie was adopted from the Berkeley municipal animal shelter after she was found under an overpass. Daniel has volunteered at the Berkeley animal shelter for many years, socializing and comforting cats of all ages and temperaments, and also volunteers at the Antioch animal shelter.

Ironically, Daniel didn’t grow up with any cats in his household. However, that didn’t stop him from getting plenty of interaction and developing a deep fondness for them, as his grandmother who lived next door fostered up to 30 cats in her home at any given time for the El Dorado Humane Society. He can still remember vividly his favorite cats, such as the gregarious Raisin and the slightly overweight Fluffy, a cat who had a tendency to gain a lot of speed coming down a flight of stairs.

Daniel started The Comforted Kitty in 2014 and has always found it very rewarding to know that he is alleviating the boredom loneliness (and even stress) of a cat whose guardian is away. He strives to make sure they are all very well taken care of and that they enjoy all of the comforts of their life despite the absence of their guardian.

Daniel also loves photographing animal portraits, especially cats. He takes great care in emphasizing their personalities and capturing what makes them unique. Of course, the feline’s natural beauty is always something that makes his images so stunning. You can view some of his work on the gallery page. Daniel has also released for the second year in a row Berkeley Cats, a calendar that profiles some of the cats that reside in Berkeley.

Daniel looks forward to having his team of cat sitting extraordinaires help you out and comfort your kitty.

Providing a reliable, responsive, and professional quality cat sitting service to our clients is of utmost importance to our company. I know how hard it is to find such traits in a sitter these days. Your trust and respect must not be violated by anyone you hire to care for your beloved cat and home.

Poppy J.

Sitter (East Bay)

Poppy grew up on an idyllic small farm in India, where she was surrounded by numerous animals including dogs, cats, parrots, chickens, monkeys, and even buffaloes! As a child she was immediately drawn to the wildlife and quickly learned how to care for a wide variety of animals. Since retiring Poppy has kept busy with and found deep enjoyment in cat sitting, dog walking, jewelry making, eco printing, gardening and intellectual pursuits in her spare time. Poppy is committed to the care and well-being of all the animals she comes into contact with and is both pet first aid and CPR certified.

She happily services Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Kensington, and Richmond.

“We wanted to drop you a line letting you know that we totally loved having Poppy look after our pride of lions! Everything went smoothly and her communication with us was just wonderful. Her attitude and care of our cats has been beyond our expectations. She is an amazing asset to your business! Thank you for sending her to us, we have nothing but praise for such a kind hearted lady.”

-Donna & Gordon K. (Richmond)

“Thank you so very much for watching Chloe for us this past week, Poppy! We were really thrilled to hear that she came out of her shell for you and you two were able to bond over the course of the week. Thank you so much for all of your efforts in making her feel comfortable and giving her some love and attention while we were away. It makes all the difference in feeling confident that we have someone we can trust when we travel and we worry much less about leaving Chloe knowing that she is in good hands.”
-Erin B. (Albany)

Cats have an undeniable warm presence in your home that’s very comforting and not overwhelming or demanding in any way.

Samantha S.

Sitter and Office Manager (South Bay/Silicon Valley)

Samantha brings over 15 years experience working with cats in a variety of settings including; veterinary and animal sheltering. She also works for a non profit cat rescue in Morgan Hill saving countless kitties lives. She is passionate about working with cats and brings years of medical knowledge and behavioral expertise. When she is not working with cats, she can be found at home with her own family of four kitties; Mister, Susu, Pixie and Kindle, hiking in nature, or at the yoga studio. She is so excited to be working for The Comforted Kitty and cannot wait to meet you fur family.

She happily services Silicon Valley, including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell, Los Gatos, and Cupertino

What I like most about cats is their individual personalities. Each one is so uniquely different and wonderful!

Marleena R.

Sitter (Marin County)

Mar has been working with cats for many years. She has been a volunteer at the Marin Humane Society, worked with a wonderful cattery, and has assisted with veterinary care. She has an extensive knowledge of cats, their husbandry needs, and their unique behaviors. First aid trained with experience in administering medication, Mar makes a special point to make sure every cat she has the privilege to work with receives the best care imaginable. She also practices Reiki (calming, soothing, therapeutic touch) for pets and is a budding pet masseuse. She is proud to be the servant of two fur munchkins, Pixie and Po, and a chiweenie who thinks she’s a cat, Sirius.

She happily services lower Marin County.

“Thanks so much Mar!!! Everything is perfect. Arlo is great and very happy. We really appreciate how well you take care of him. 🙂 The house always looks better after you’re here – amazing! We are extremely grateful!!”
-Susie L. (Fairfax)

“Sugar loves you Mar, you have been such a wonderful pal and caretaker for her and for us.”
-Linda C. (Larkspur)

Cats enrich our lives so much more than we could ever ask for. All they need to do is just look at you with those huge eyes and all the cares of the world can melt away.

Barbara S.

Sitter (East Bay)

Barb, a 25+ year resident of Oakland, has had a lifelong affinity for cats, seldom living life without an active feline companion. For 15 years, with the help of many others, Barb participated in the trap, neuter and release efforts of a local feral colony.Barb is the proud caretaker of five elderly and special needs cats, three of whom began life as ferals. She finds great fulfillment and purpose in life in serving and helping others, humans and felines, alike.
She is very good with medicating cats (including injections) and takes pride in understanding that consistency and ritual are very important to our feline friends. Barb would be honored to meet you and to care for your feline friends in the capacity of cat sitter.

She happily services all of Oakland, Piedmont, Emeryville, Alameda, and northern San Leandro.

“Solomon and Sheba always had the best care when I had to travel because of Barbara. My cats were well-fed and watered, and their litter boxes were very clean. And she took care of their twice daily diabetic injections, on time and with comfort. I know my cats missed me, but they really enjoyed Barbara’s visits!”
-Deborah Z. (Oakland)

What I like most about cat’s is that each and every cat is a complex, intelligent, eccentric individual with a fascinating, loving and childlike personality.


(South Bay / Peninsula)

“Hi Tera,
We’ve arrived home and it’s clear the cats have been very well cared for. Mowgs is even in a playful mood! Thank you again for taking such great care of our boys. We will absolutely be using The Comforted Kitty again.”
– Liz G. (Menlo Park)
“Hi, we came home to two happy and fluffy cats. Thanks again!”

– Lea M. (Menlo Park)

Just letting you know we've arrived home safely and Tapi is doing fine. Thanks so much again for looking after her so well!``
- Bronwyn A. (Mountain View)

Irene T.

Sitter (East Bay)

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I’ve been an avid animal lover since I can remember. Growing up my family had all types of animals, from dogs to rabbits to hamsters, and I absolutely loved everything about them! Surprisingly I never had any cats growing up, but when I got my first cat after college, I immediately knew what I had been missing out on! As the years have progressed I have accrued a collection of 4 amazing felines: Buffy, Dexter, Oswald and Champ. I love them more than anything! I love that each of them has a spectacularly individual personality, that they are fiercely independent and yet loving and loyal. Given my fascination with furry creatures, it was no surprise that I began a career as a registered veterinary technician after graduating from UC Davis in 2008. Throughout my pet care career, I have done everything from emergency to internal medicine. Possibly my favorite position was that of a patient care technician, working with hospitalized pets in the ICU. I loved the relationships I was able to form by working with the same pets for several days at a time. Not surprisingly working with cats was my favorite aspect of the job and I became the technician that people turned to when there was an especially frightened cat that needed calm and compassionate handling. Cat sitting has become the perfect way for me to utilize my knowledge of feline health and behavior, while simply having fun and developing lasting relationships based off of trust with the kitties of my community.

She happily services the East Bay from Martinez to Richmond.

“Irene is absolutely amazing with my cats! She is loving, caring, reliable, punctual and willing to go the extra mile for my babies.”
-Stacey W. (Rodeo)​

“Irene is a passionate animal lover and caretaker. We are especially comforted by the fact that she is an experienced vet tech that would notice if our pets weren’t feeling well our needed medical attention. I trust her completely with our fur babies!”
-Reina M. (Hayward)

What I love most about cats is that each of them has a distinct and individual personality with multidimensional characteristics and idiosyncrasies that are uniquely their own. In find their complexities amazing and intriguing!