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Our Story

In 2014, when Dan (Owner/Founder of TCK) was volunteering at an animal shelter, a friend mentioned a cat sitting business she had started herself. Having never heard of such a specialized pet-care company before, he became obsessed with bringing this idea to action in his own life.

The idea of starting his own business is something he has always wanted to do, and a company where you get to work with cats day-in-day-out – sounds to him like the best kind of work anyone could possibly dream up!

Before he started The Comforted Kitty, the same friend warned him, “you will have to work every day.” To him, nothing could possibly sound more appealing. He has always found it very rewarding to know he’s alleviating the boredom, loneliness (and even stress) of a cat whose guardian is away.

In 2014, The Comforted Kitty was born. Dan started with little more than a bicycle to travel to client homes on, a backpack stuffed with cat toys and work supplies, and a few hundred dollars in the bank account. By 2017, it grew tremendously, and we welcomed a partnership with several sitters. In 2019, we established a second location in Las Vegas. In 2021, we established three more locations, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Reno. Things couldn’t be more exciting!

Fast forward to today, The Comforted Kitty serves hundreds of cat sitting clients annually. We work religiously to make sure all the cats we look after are well taken care of and that they enjoy all of the comforts of their life despite the absence of their guardian.

“Finding a reliable, responsive, and professional cat sitter these days is hard. Providing the highest quality service to our clients is of utmost importance to our company. Your trust and respect must not be violated by anyone you hire to care for your beloved cat and home.”

Dan McPartlan

Our Mission

The Cat Care Equation = Reliability + Responsibility + Responsiveness.

Every single cat owner we’ve met considers their cat an essential part of their family. But, when they go away, knowing what to do and where to turn can be a hard road to navigate. Especially when there are so many seemingly “easy” options out there.

In the modern “gig economy” where you can hire almost anyone for anything with a phone app, it can be challenging finding a cat sitter who is reliable, responsible, and responsive. We’ve seen all too often pet sitters who don’t recognize the profound importance of this. A negligent, inattentive, unknowledgeable cat sitter is not a lesson to be learned, it can be a travesty for both you and your cat.

Since inception, we have made it our company mission only to offer the highest level of care and professionalism when it comes to comforting your kitty and caring for your home. All of our cat sitters cherish feline companionship and only ever want the best for your cat. They’re not just sitting your cat because it’s their job, they serve cats because of their sincere fondness and respect for them.

At The Comforted Kitty, it is our honor and privilege to hold your trust in our meticulous care standard we provide to both your cat and your home.

We cherish the peace of mind we deliver to you, and the assistance your cat has every right to expect and rightfully deserve.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

Our Philosophy

Our pledge is to provide you with the highest quality care of your cat and home. We proudly recognize and respect the following customer rights.

Your customer rights:

  • You have the right to have your privacy protected, both in your home and online
  • You have the right to not have any appointment cancelled on short notice
  • You have the right to be in your home while we attend to cat sittings if preferred
  • You have the right to be updated daily on how your cat and home are doing
  • You have the right to be notified immediately of any concerning behavior or health issues we’ve noticed in regard to your cat
  • You have the right to return to a home that looks just as clean as when you left it
  • You have the right to a full refund if you are not satisfied with our level of care

Your customer rights protect you, your cat, and your home from poor or unprofessional service. At the Comforted Kitty, these rights are the foundation to a deep and lasting professional relationship. Your relationship with our company and with your unique cat sitter is a relationship built upon trust, transparency, and accountability.

If a sitter’s actions ever fail to meet these rights, we will take immediate action and full responsibility for any inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. Your trust should never be violated or taken advantage of.

Meet Dan McPartlan


My name is Dan and I believe every cat’s life matters: their interests, their personality, their story. All of it is fascinating to me every time I meet a cat I seem to learn something new about them.

Since I can remember, cats have occupied a special place in my heart. After all, the research shows, having a pet can be an intrinsic part of our human nature! While I never had any cats of my own during my childhood, my grandmother fostered up to 30 cats in her home at any given time for the El Dorado Humane Society. She lived next door, and I could almost always be found at her house playing ‘cat-dad’ to all her fostered felines.

I still remember my favorite cats; gregarious Raisin and the slightly overweight Fluffy, a cat who had a tendency to gain a lot of speed coming down a flight of stairs.

What I learned from these interactions is that one of the most important things you can give to a cat is there own home to enjoy. Cat interactions have quite a profound effect on both the mental health of the cat as well as the cat-owner.

That’s why I have spent much of my career pursuing the idea of better welfare for cats and actively volunteering for over 15 years at municipal animal shelters and private rescue organizations, socializing and comforting cats of all ages and temperaments.

I even adopted my cat Pixie from the Berkeley municipal animal shelter after she was found under an overpass.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

My ultimate goal is to open a feline-themed casino in Las Vegas, where I now live, and have all profits go to finding animal shelter kitties forever homes while additionally supporting veterinary assistance and spay/neuter services to low-income communities. Short of that, I would like to open a cat cafe on the Las Vegas Strip that features kitties from local rescue organizations so that people from around the world visiting can experience their very first cat cafe while also experiencing how amazing shelter kitties can be. And I also want to open a cat rescue ranch in Las Vegas that adopts out homeless kitties rescued from shelters.

My non-feline hobbies include exercise (weightlifting, hot yoga & pilates), photography, and travel to obscure places. I also like collecting cat tattoos and currently have eight!

Contact us to discuss your cat sitting requirements, to get a quote, or to arrange a home visit. We look forward to comforting your kitty!

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

Not Your Ordinary Cat-Sitters

What sets us apart

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty


All our cat sitters have extensive, specialized experience in cat care. Even when their not sitting with your cat, they’re most likely caring for their own.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty


To us, respect = that warm and fuzzy feeling. The Comforted Kitty sitters are dedicated to our feline clients and their humans.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty


We’ve got high standards. Every one of our cat sitters is thoroughly vetted and background checked for the highest integrity, reliability, and professional capabilities.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied, let us know, and we will issue a refund for the entire invoice.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

Contractual Obligation

We never cancel last minute so you can enjoy your vacation, knowing that you have a reliable sitter who will always be there to care for you cat and home.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty


We don’t just come over and play with your cat or just throw a bowl of food down and leave. We actively observe your cat’s behavior and appetite and notify you immediately of any concerns. Being responsive and responsible is part of our credo.

trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

Trusted by Over 1000 Happy Cat Parents!

Meet Your Sitters

Erin Y.
“I love that every cat is distinctly their own being. As full respect of the individual is practiced, I am rewarded when cats reveal to me their most comfortable selves.”
Erin Yen hails from the Midwest, where she’s cared for indoor and outdoor felines of every size, age, and personality! Using her expertise in kinesiology and the Alexander Technique, Erin prides herself in befriending kitties through deep understanding of instinctual movement. Erin has held titles such as professional dancer, personal home-care assistant, and pet handler and care extraordinaire. She knows that every cat has a unique personality to share, and Erin works to let your cat’s quirks shine. It is her goal to provide you with peace of mind during your time away by giving the same environment of love and support your cat(s) get while their family is at home. She happily serves San Francisco and the upper Peninsula.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Thank you so much for your awesome care of our kitties! Your sweet note made us happier when we got home too Maui had seemed to forget us and I feel like he was like “Who are you guys! Where is Erin?” We were so lucky to have you watch them. Alo and Maui can’t wait to see you again.” – James and Jiyhun (Emeryville)

“We call Erin first every time we go out of town because we know our family and our home will be in good care. Jack, Peep, and Twitch always look forward to seeing her!” – April B. (Oakland)

“We are thrilled with the service we received from Erin. She went above and beyond our expectations and we and our kitties couldn’t be happier. Thank you!” -Diana S. (San Francisco)

“Easy communication, top-notch service, and my kitties love Erin!” -Jackie L. (San Francisco)

Mary P.
I sit and I watch in wonder, a cat’s beauty: their grace, their curious nature, their playful ways. To hold a cat is to feel all the days stress leave your mind and body, to lightly squeeze one is to experience the feeling where all is, again, right in my own little corner of the world.
During Mary's very happy early childhood, she moved around a bit throughout The United States and Canada and, in 1973, her family finally settled down in Fairfield, CA. Mary's mother, coming from a country that worships cats, naturally started taking care of our neighborhood stray and feral cats and she began to naturally help her. Mary's passion and fondness for animals, especially cats, grew from there. She had numerous fish, pet hamsters and a gorgeous German Shepherd/Collie mix dog named Rocky. As a student-athlete, she graduated from CSU, Sacramento earning a dual BA in Biology and Psychology and competed on the Women’s Tennis Team. Her college years were, sadly, pet free but that all changed one stormy night when she took in a kitten crying outside her door. From that night forward it has been non-stop spaying, neutering and vaccinating of stray and feral cats in her neighborhood and the nightly feeding of her community cats. She has been fortunate to have found good homes for many kittens and cats and one very good dog. Any cat that comes to her, stays with her if she is not able to find them the right home. Mary has also reunited a few lost dogs to their owners and welcomed an occasional opossum to hang out with her. She has spent most of her work life as a medical assistant and in retail customer service. Mary currently volunteers one afternoon a week with The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA. She enjoys attending numerous types of sporting events, especially tennis down in the Palm Springs area. Mary happily services the Vallejo/American Canyon and San Leandro areas and looks forward to meeting your kitties!
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“When my Gracie needed, for 6 months, daily medication for her lung condition and I was unable to provide this consistent care for her, Mary, with no hesitation, offered to take her home and care for her. Gracie never missed a dose, fully recovered and I was able to enjoy life with her for an additional 12 wonderful years.” -Leonard P. (Vacaville)

Maria R.
"What I like most about cats is that every cat is uniquely their own individual. Cats are mysterious and beautiful, it’s always fun to watch where their curiosity will take them. "
As a teenager, Maria had a dog and two pet rats. Four years ago she became a total cat lady when she got her first kitten, found in her mom’s backyard with two siblings. Even though Maria decided to keep one it was still hard to find a rescue with room to take two kittens and so she decided once she was able to, she would foster kittens to help. Maria now fosters kittens with SJACC and is very excited to help street kittens find loving homes. Since she got her first kitty, Maria now has three more cats, two of which are also rescued from the streets and one adopted from an organization. Maria also loves pet fish and currently has two fish. Her goal is to open her own cat rescue one day to help even more cats! Maria happily serves clients across the South Bay and Silicon Valley.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Maria not only took care of my two boys Dexter and Jude, but built a loving trusting bond with them while they were in her care. I can completely trust that my boys will feel safe and at home with her.” Samuel B. (Milpitas)

Kendall K.
"I love that cats are family members and bring so much calm and happiness to people's lives. I love how the magical and serene presence of a cat can light up and transform any space in something even more wonderful!"
For as long as I can remember, I've always felt connected to and very aware of the profound beauty that cats possess. As a young child, I had a pretend school. My students were stuffed animals, dolls and our own family cat! I was also a girl who always stopped and made friends with any cats that I'd meet on my walks in the neighborhood. I've owned cats my entire life and each one of them has been so unique and an absolute gift. One of my favorite things about owning cats is returning home to them even after a few hours of being away. The feeling of knowing I that I left my cats tucked in securely and safely, allows me to be to go about my day worry free and have a wonderful reunion with them! As a cat care specialist, I want you to know that I would treat your cats with the utmost care, as if they were my own. My goal is for you to feel completely confident in my abilities, so that you can go about your business, and come home to a happy, healthy cat! Kendall happily serves cities across Marin County, from Novato to San Rafael and even Sausalito.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty
Tracey N.
"What I like most about cats is their unpredicted behavior - one moment they’re smothering you with attention and the next moment, they’re full of sass."
I became a cat owner six years ago when I had the opportunity to adopt a cat after completing my undergraduate degree and enter the working world as an adult. Since my cat has become my companion, I started to care for my sister’s cat, friends’ cats, and visit cat shelters. Now, I can be found hanging out with cats at parties. I feel that nurturing and caring for humans and animals, especially cats come naturally to me. Other than caring for cats, I work as a registered dietitian and previously coached gymnastics. I know I have an obsession with cats when I have an album personally dedicated to all the cat photos I take. Tracey happily serves cities across the South Bay, including Santa Clara, North San Jose, Downtown San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Milpitas, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and Los Altos.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Tracey was wonderful when I asked her to cat sit while I was out of town. My cat opened up to her and Tracey was caring and gentle. She was easy to communicate with and kept me informed on a daily basis.” -Will G. (San Jose)

Maya D.
Cats have always been my favorite pet. From their unique personalities and cute quirks. They always find a way to brighten up your day. Plus, their snuggles are the best!
I love to go outside on small adventures and collect tiny trinkets. I have three kitties of my own named Ember, Miss Velvet, and Pazuzu. Whenever I'm not in class I love to take Ember out on walks or play with all 3 of them inside. I've had experience with both mother and kittens caring for them for about a month. And building winter shelters for strays in my area. I also love to draw and take on little art projects. Maya happily serves cities across the East Bay, including Richmond, El Cerrito, Berkeley, and Oakland.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Maya was great with my cats! She always kept them entertained with playtime and pets. She’s a nice sitter to even nicer kitties.”
-Elenora W

DeAnna G.
Hello! My name is D, I love caring for animals, and look forward to helping your family. I have been fully vaccinated and am comfortable meeting with and going into peoples homes to meet their pets. My entire life I have been fortunate to live with kittens and cats. I am writing this now with two sibling cats sitting on my lap! I believe cats need to be adored and played with in a way that suits their individual personality. To be truly happy I understand that clean food and water dishes as well as cat boxes are essential to the animals health and well being. My flexible schedule allows me to help others with their pets as it can be hard to find a reliable pet sitter. I live in the mission district with a wonderful partner and our sweet and rambunctious cats. I have reliable transportation and am interested in helping people nearby in SF, DC, SSF, Brisbane. I look forward to hearing from you and helping ease your mind when you travel knowing that your cat/s will be well taken care of by a local trustworthy pet sitter.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“D Gibbons is a reliable, intuitive, trustworthy and responsible animal-lover, which is of utmost importance to my husband and I. She is also delightful, energetic, and fun-loving, which is of utmost importance to my cats, who adore her. They are always enthusiastic to see her, and we never feel guilty or concerned when they are in her competent and loving care. We enthusiastically recommend D Gibbons.” -LR

“I would highly recommend D Gibbons to anyone who is looking for a pet sitter and wants to have a capable, responsible, and kind person to care for their pets while they’re away and be able to enjoy their time off without having to worry about them. D is responsible and diligent, a great caretaker. She is naturally great with pets. My 2 love her! If you want a mature person to care for your beloved pets, be sure to hire D Gibbons.” -Kate S.

Mikaela A.
"What I love most about cats is that they are as independent and fierce as they are cute and curious, and it feels like such an honor to earn their love and affection. I also love when they sit on glass tables -- it’s just so precious!"
Mikaela is a Bay Area native who absolutely adores caring for and spending time with cats. Almost 20 years ago, Mikaela’s parents took her to a neighbor’s house to pick out a kitten from a litter left behind by the neighborhood stray, but she ended up bringing home three! Since then, she has never passed up an opportunity to spend time with cats, often seeking them out at parties, pet sitting for neighbors and family friends, and even volunteering at a cat cafe adoption shelter during her time at UCSB. Her experiences have taught her a lot about the importance of patience and respect when bonding with different feline personalities and she has repeatedly been dubbed a “cat whisperer”. When Mikaela’s not cuddling her own geriatric kitties, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and making music. Mikaela happily serves Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, Pleasant Hill, and south Concord
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Mikaela provides such gentle, kind and thoughtful care that even our shy skittish cat warms up to her.” – Deborah B. (Walnut Creek)

“As a French family, we leave every summer for a long time. We had an old French cat and needed somebody able to love and take good care of him. When we came back, we always could see our animal was absolutely fine, and cleaned, and brushed … and calm. As If we just left !!! I 100% recommend Mikaela.” – Dominique C. (Walnut Creek)

“My cat loves Mikaela! She did such a great job with her and made her feel very comfortable.” – Catherine W. (Santa Barbara)

Kat A.
"What I love most about cats is that you have to work to gain their trust and affection. It’s a fun challenge I’m always up for."
Kat loves cat sitting because she finds cats to be the sweetest, most genuine animals, and it makes her day to make friends with a particularly shy kitty. She usually has a way of making even the most skittish ones come out and play. Kat believes that every animal is so different, but they’re all very innocent and being with them is such a nice break from reality for her. She knows how scary it can be to leave your pets behind while you’re away, and she wants to make sure everyone is able to be comfortable knowing their cats are safe and happy. Kat had an escape-artist black cat for 2 years who enjoyed leashed walks, being carried on her shoulder, and doing backflips chasing after toys. She also has watched friends and family members cats for years. Kat happily serves Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, and Berkeley.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Knowing that someone who likes cats (and that cats like) will be taking care of ours, and will actually engage with her. Its a BIG difference from having a friend or neighbor come in and have our cat stay under a bed the whole time. We’ve used your service a number of times and its unfailingly excellent! Thanks Kat!” -Pete and Kate R. (Berkeley)

“How kind our sitter, Kat, was with us and our kittens. How clear and communicative she was and the timeliness of each update really put our hearts and minds at ease and allowed us to enjoy our vacation. Thank you and thanks to Kat who really was just lovely to our pets and us.” -Cruz G. (Oakland)

“Kitty and her kittens appreciated Kat’s visits, the tired momma certainly needed the help! She made sure they were all fed and that everyone was accounted for.” – Sarah F. (Oakland)

“Kat always made sure my 3 cats were entertained, fed, and put inside at night. She gets along with all of them, from the cuddly 3 year old to the gruff 8 year old, and they come running as soon as they see her walk up.” – Zack R. (Pleasant Hill)

“Hi Kat! Just wanted to say belatedly thanks so so much for your always amazing photographs and updates, they really give us peace of mind while we’re away! I’m glad Elliot cuddled with you :)” – Stephanie Y. (Oakland)

Mike C.
“What I like most about cats is their unpredictability. Cats are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”
Mike loves cat sitting because each cat has a unique personality, bond and way of communicating. He believes cats are very intelligent which makes discovering each personality very rewarding. Being a cat lover and owner for 20 plus years has given Mike the skills and ability to easily establish a caring relationship with each one. Mike is the son of a pet sitter and over the years has learned the ropes of pet care in both areas of medical and emotional support from his mother. Mike is currently the owner of a rescue kitty named Smokey. Cats bring so much joy to a home and Mike is thrilled to provide excellent service and care to each kitty as if they were his own.​ Mike happily serves cities across the South Bay.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Hello Mike! We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the care you provided for Molly. She’s really bonded to you and we are so thankful to that.” -Annie M. (San Jose)

“All of the updates had fun pictures attached to them, and I could tell that Mike really bonded with my cat Harvey. I got to take a much needed vacation knowing my Harvey was in good hands.” -Samantha C. (San Jose)

“We are back home and Mork & Mindy are both doing great. Thank you for taking such good care of them. They looked like they enjoyed your visits. 😸 We’ll be in touch next time we’re away for sure.” -Judith D. (San Jose)

Sherri H.
“What I like most about cats is that they are better alarms than any snooze button or clock will ever be and it’s nice to be woken up to sandpaper noses and whisker kisses.”
Sherri, a 6th generation Californian, grew up in Contra Costa County and now lives in Alameda. She has had cats and dogs all her life. Her first cat Barney, who grew up to be a 20lb cat, was found in a ditch near her house. Barney was followed by Freddie after the Flintstones. Today she lives with Felix, who is a socialized Trap Nurture Release Cat. He is a love bug and followers her around the house and sits on her keyboard when she types. She graduated from California College of the Arts, where her final project was a campaign to reduce euthanasia in cats called “Be a Hero for Cats”. She loves taking care of other people’s cats where the biggest reward is a purr of happiness. Sherri happily serves cities across the East Bay.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Sherri H. was a joy to have as my cat sitter. I could tell right away that she was going to give my cats the attention I would hope for. And that my cats responded instantly to her presence was amazing. The personal attention given to my cats. Both cats bonded instantly with Sherri and this almost never happens, especially with my cat Kate. But they all hit it off the bat right from the start and that gave me so much piece of mind and relief that I could really enjoy my vacation.” -Steve N. (Oakland)

“Thank you so much! We got home to 3 very happy kitties and a clean home. Can’t thank you enough. Loved all your notes and photos. Very thankful all the kitties warmed up to you by the end of the trip, even Leni, I’m sure the next visit he will be less timid! Thanks for letting us know Larry was easy with meds, good to know it’s not just with us!” -Meg & Bianca (Alameda)

“Sherri was fantastic. My cat is pretty shy around strangers. He warmed right up to her, which was a huge relief. In fact, he loves her. She clearly knows and loves cats. She is very kind and professional and thorough. I was completely relaxed on my vacation knowing my cat, who is so precious to me, was in good hands.” – Aaron K. (Alameda)

“Thank you for all your help Sherri. You really gave me peace of mind while away from home. Hope you have a great week and we will definitely be contacting you again in the future!” -Stacy V. (Oakland)

“Sherri, so grateful to you for your incredible care. Casso is a shy guy and it’s great to know he eventually started trusting you more. . I’m on here now to thank you but also to book you again in a couple weeks!” -Jesse B. (Oakland)

“Just wanted to let you know that Sherri did a wonderful job with the kitties. In fact, she’s a bit of a cat whisperer in that she got my somewhat skittish little girl to warm up to her immediately. I’m really happy to have connected with you and your folks, especially Sherri.” -Perri F. (Oakland)

“I’m so happy that Kate is actually interacting and being a love bug! This is very rare for her and I always worry about her being super stressed out when I leave for several days. But it is so nice to hear that she has taken a liking to you and that she is able to get love and treats while I’m gone. It is also great to hear that they are both eating their food too. Another thing I don’t have to worry about. Thank you so much Sherri. You are the cat whisperer to both my kitties :)” -Steve N. (Oakland)

“Sherri and the Team are helpful and awesome. Sherri is lovely with Ripley and they get on well together. During a difficult time with the death of my GF’s dad, they rallied to support. Lovely people,. lovely service.” – Alex L. (Oakland)

“Hi Sherri. We can’t thank you enough for all of your incredible work with the cats and for the detailed updates! They gave us so much peace of mind and we’re also relieved to learn that Theta can be fed by someone who isn’t us!!” – Anna K. (Oakland)

“Thanks, again, for the great care of Bomi, and of us through your wonderful reports. We know where to go the next time we will be gone overnight.” – Brian G. (Oakland)

Jim M.
“What I like most about cats is the love they give once you’ve earned their trust. They also have a look in their eye that reminds me they are never completely domesticated. They are beautiful and majestic and I think they’re wonderful.”
Like many people who’ve chosen to get into Pet Services, Jim had pets all his life. When he was young, his family had dogs, when he moved out and got an apartment got a few snakes and a bearded dragon (because he couldn’t have a dog or cat). Over fifteen years ago he got his first cat when he started feeding Sammie, an abandoned juvenile at his apartment in Oakland and ever since he’s been in love with them. Currently Jim has two cats, and a bearded dragon who he loves dearly and are part of his family. Over the years he’s helped take care of other people’s pets which included having to administer medications and take care of house chores. He believes that our pets are a part of our families and will take care of your loved ones like they are his own. Some interesting things Jim has done is run the SF Marathon, biked around Lake Tahoe, and traveled Europe for six weeks. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and is studying Spanish and also working on a little French. He teaches English to Colombian Students once a week via the internet as well. He happily services cities across the upper East Bay.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“I highly recommend Jim as a pet sitter. First of all I can tell he’s taken care of all the tasks, litter box etc.., I also know my pets like him, and that he plays with them. When I get home the pets have a good demeanor, and I can tell he has brushed them, and given them the attention they need.”
– Julie S. (Richmond)

“Thank you, Jim! Safe and sound, and the cats are also. They warmed right back up and it was clear you took excellent care of them even though they were a bit too nervous to greet you. We really appreciate it and will definitely get back in touch if we need help again!” -Diana L. (El Cerrito)

“Thank you Jim. We’re home now and everything looks great. Kitties are hanging out with us, happy. We will be traveling again in a couple months and will definitely be in touch. Again, thanks so much!” -Callie D. (Richmond)

“Jim takes great care of our cats Fluffy and Ginger, and makes sure to keep us informed. We always have peace of mind and he’s never let us down.” – Steph R. (Albany)

“Jim our sitter! He is so passionate, caring and has high integrity for this work. Our cat LOVES him!” – Cary J. (Oakland)

“Jim did a really great job taking care of our two cats. When we returned, they were happy and healthy and didn’t seem to miss us at all 🙂 That’s a good sign! Thank you!” – Katherine P. (El Cerrito)

Sarah L.
“What I love most about cats are their personalities and individual uniqueness of each cat. You can’t treat all cats the same because each one has their own set of behaviors, personalities, and habits, much like humans.”
Sarah has been the proud owner of a fuzzy feline, Millie for 12 years and counting. After adopting her from Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), she started to volunteer there on weekends. Sarah eventually became a cat care specialist and would socialize the shelter cats, observe their behavior, and look for ways to create a bond between human and wild feline. In her spare time, Sarah likes drawing and sketching animals, hiking, and watching funny cat videos while her cat (AKA: her personal assistant) keeps her lap warm. She happily serves cities across central Contra Costa county.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Sarah is a really great pet sitter! She followed all the instructions left and even took the mail in for us!” -Jennifer S. (Concord)

Carolina M.
“What I like most about cats is they are the best listeners, they are always there for you ready to cuddle and give you the best therapy session, after you give them a treat or two of course! They truly are all so unique and lovable, I couldn’t imagine my life without my 7 fury best friends!​”
Carolina owns seven cats, all of which she adopted. Cats have always been her favorite animal which is why she could not resist adopting as many as she could. She has worked with cats and dogs since she was 18, and has worked at both PetSmart and pet food express for a total of 9 years and was store manager there. She also worked 5 years managing the dog and cat boarding facility at PetSmart, which was incredible for her and she loved every pet as if they were her own. Carolina also own 3 dogs, who now live with her parents but also owns a bearded dragon that loves her 7 cats and they love her. She have previously also owned hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and even a ferret! Carolina is the biggest animal lover and wants to spend the rest of my life surrounded by them! She definitely dreams of owning a farm one day and adopting as many cats and all different critters as she can. Carolina really enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her cats. She is a complete home body and always chooses staying home with her cats over going out any day of the week! They are her best friends and make her the happiest. Anytime she leaves, she misses them like crazy! Carolina happily serves cities across the SF peninsula.
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Amy S.
"I love cats because they're each special and unique. If they accept you and love you, it's everything! Having a cat around is soothing; hearing that purr, watching them play, it always brings me peace and happiness!"
I grew up with cats and have never been without at least one. I believe that a house is not a home without a cat! One of the first cats that I remember as a kid was diabetic. Her name was Kitten. My Mom would give her shots of insulin twice a day. Despite that, she was healthy and lived to be 13. I think that's why I now have a soft spot for kitties that are a bit different. Along with a dog and a parrot, I have six cats and three of them have special needs. Two of my babies are tripods and one was born with a neurological disorder. Don't worry, she's actually a very sweet and happy little girl with the normal projected life span of any other cat. The people that are close to me know that I'm obsessed with two things, cats and hockey (Go Knights Go!). During hockey season, I go to as many games as I can. In the summer months I enjoy being surrounded by nature and taking photos of the wildlife. I'm also perfectly happy staying at home, relaxing by the pool and having friends over. I mostly keep busy with fostering. I always have foster cats and have had as many as 12 fosters in the house, in addition to my own. I have also fostered a few dogs and "foster failed" my current dog Sadie, an adorable shitzu. It's truly a special feeling knowing that you have helped an animal find their forever home...a cat or dog that would have otherwise lived on the streets or died in a shelter. Animals are simply my passion and I love taking care of them all!
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Amy is patient, attentive, trustworthy and safety conscious. Leaving town can be very stressful, but I am confident that Amy can ease the worry for pet parents. She is reassuring, responsive and accommodating. I can tell she genuinely enjoys taking care of animals and feels deeply responsible for their well being. Amy has never pushed an animal out of their comfort zone and that is why I’m beyond grateful for her being one of my top fosters.” – Kylie W. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you so much for the updates! Thank you for taking the time to write me a detailed message. This is the first time we’ve left her with a sitter so I’m happy to hear that it’s going well :)” -Jenny S. (Las Vegas)

“Thank you so much Amy! I appreciate all your help and how sweet you were to Belle! Thank you for helping her feel safe and happy while we’re away ❤️” -Jenny S. (Las Vegas)

“Hi Amy. Thank you for all the updates. We missed Mindy as well. Thank you again for all your help. What a great and kind service you
provided.” -Eva E. (Las Vegas)

“Amy has watched my animals (both dogs and cats) when I have left town. Even when she lived an hour away in Arizona, I would make the effort to drive them out to Amy’s house because I knew that they would always be in the best possible hands with her. Amy understands the domestic and natural needs of animals and she goes out of her way to make sure those needs are being met.” -Sonja C. (Las Vegas)

“Amy has helped me many times with the care and feeding of my many pets, particularly our cats. Her knowledge and caring manner are what really is important to our family. Amy is very responsible, dependable and loving to all animals.” -Susan P. (Las Vegas)

Judy S.
"I love the way you can put anything down in front of a cat and they just have to tap it! They are so intelligent, fiercely independent, unbelievably flexible, the best snugglers, self cleaning and can make anything they do look cute! There is so much about them that amazes me and there is no greater love than that of a cat."
Hi, my name is Judy and I currently have 5 kitties that either found me or that I rescued. I use the word ‘currently’ because it is always subject to change! I live by the motto, “What’s one more cat?” For many years I used to treat myself to a new kitty from the shelter every Christmas. That’s how I ended up with 13 and decided I needed to stop doing that. The minute I touch a kitty, I fall in love with it. So please know, if I take care of your cat(s), I am going to love it like it was my own. I have had a plethora of animals of all kinds my whole life but cats have always been my greatest love. I’ve had cats that wouldn’t use the litterbox and cats that were biters and cats that were bullies and cats that tore up my furniture, but I never loved them any less. I knew that they needed to be taken care of and I managed to always make it work. I am proud to say that I have found several missing cats over the years because I know the best time to look for them is in the early morning hours (1-4am) and I will spend hours just sitting quietly and listening, and I will do it endlessly. I grew up with cats and have had my own my entire life and I will continue to always have them in my life. I have already decided that eventually I will adopt only senior cats. Nothing could soothe my soul more than to know they are in a loving home when it comes their time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Judy happily serves Las Vegas.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“We love it when Judy takes care of our kitties! She’s so good with them and we always come home to happy cats!” -Barbara & Bill S. (Las Vegas)

“We appreciate Judy because not only is she great with our cats, she also takes good care of our house. She goes over and above to make sure everything is okay.” -Mike & Cindy L. (Las Vegas)

“My job requires a lot of traveling and it really makes me feel so much better about being away so much just knowing Judy is there with my furbabies. They really love her!” -Sarah P. (Las Vegas)

“We call her Aunt Judy and our four little angels (kitties) love her! We never worry about them when she’s taking care of them because she plays with them at every visit and makes sure she gives them all lots of lovin’. We can tell from her texts how much she truly cares about them. She’s the best!” -Rick V. & Steve M. (Las Vegas)

Darcee N.
I love cats because cats are the most honest animals, they will tell you honestly how they feel about you! I admire these consent based creatures and the way they set boundaries. And they’re soft and sweet!
Hi, My name is Darcee! I’ve been an animal lover My whole life. I’ve been taking care of animals (not just My own) for the past 7 years. I have a cat of My own that I found when she was just a few weeks old, her name is Blueberry but everyone calls her Mama, and she’s a 13 year old Russian Blue that is Our house manager. I also have a few dogs; Elton, Ru, & Bruce, and they all listen to her ruling with the utmost respect! All following her lead when it comes time to start the “dinner parade”. I love the way these animals care for and teach us so much throughout their lives. Being around animals so much, I feel like I can create a bond with just about any animal. Did I mention that I also help care for a few horses? Animals are some of the best parts of living!!! Cats are extra special, and becoming your cats friend is at the top of My list! And I will be patient because I know it’ worth it! Spending time with animals is My life purpose and My passion. Some of My other passions are silversmithing and jewelry making.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Darcee made sure to have consistent and detailed communication with us throughout our trip. She gave the boys excellent care, even when it became a little difficult (special dietary needs; throw up).” -Anya L. (Las Vegas)

Kristen G.
“What I like most about cats is discovering their unique personalities and quirks. The love and companionship they offer once you’ve earned their trust is so rewarding.”
Kristen is originally from San Diego and relocated to Las Vegas in 2018. Currently she has two kitties who are full of energy. They definitely keep her on her toes with their endless curiosity! Growing up, Kristen always had cats of all ages as part of her family in addition to many neighborhood cats that adopted her as their part time family. Friends often entrust Kristen to care for their cats and dogs while they’re away knowing she will care for them like her own. Kristen’s free time is spent spoiling and snuggling her two kitties, Lexi and Mister Big. She loves exploring and hiking the beautiful nature Las Vegas has to offer. When the summer weather gets too hot, you’ll find her in a pilates or yoga studio
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Thank you so much for your loving care of our babies Kristen!! Truly appreciate you 🤗 it was such a relief leaving knowing they were in good hands!” -Natalie P. (Las Vegas)

“Kristen went above and beyond to take care of my kitty. Not only did I receive messages and such, but I swear she left my apartment nicer than I left it.” -Juliette L. (Las Vegas)

“I can relax and enjoy my vacations knowing my my kitties, Buddy and Bella are well taken care of. Kristen is always reliable and makes sure my fur babies get lots of love and attention.” -Fiorella R. (Las Vegas)

Maegan S.
"The biggest reason why I love cats is that they provide constant entertainment, even when they aren’t trying. No other animal purposefully knocks things off counters, make chirping sounds at birds in the window, makes biscuits, explores plastic bags out of curiosity, and goes crazy for catnip the way cats do!"
My name is Maegan and I am 29 years old. I am the mother of four fabulous felines; Phantom, Nemo, Winnie (Winifred) and Suki (Sukeena). I have been obsessed and passionate about cats since I was a child. I believe I was put on this earth to care for and nurture the feline population. Besides having four cats of my own, I am also a lead volunteer and feline mentor at the Sacramento SPCA, where I have been volunteering for the past three years. I have such a big heart for these animals, and I consider every cat I meet a part of my extended family. Maegan happily serves kitty clients across the Sacramento area.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“Maegan watched my two cats for me while my husband and I went out of town for a week. She was the best we could have asked for! She came by our house every single day to make sure they were taken care of and even sent me pictures. Those pictures were just what I needed to brighten my day. She’s very trustworthy and genuine. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have someone take care of their cats who truly cares. 5 stars 10 out of 10!” -Heather (Sacramento)

Garrett F.
"What I like most about cats is how they’re like mini tigers. They’re super fierce and sassy, yet they’re so small and cuddly at the same time."
I have a nine year old butterscotch tabby named Kitty! I’ve always loved cats and can’t imagine myself without them. I always find myself going up to stray cats and petting them. I have done pet sitting for my friends and family for the past 10 years and loved every bit of it! I’ve never considered it a chore to do so. I love going on hikes, learning how to cook, and relaxing with Kitty on the weekend. Garrett happily serves cities across the Greater Sacramento area.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“We met with Garrett on Friday and like him very much. Baby even graced us with her presence and approached him which is rare for first time strangers. I can’t express my appreciation that you have extended these services to Sacramento. Garrett is very patient, extremely professional. What a relief to know we can travel without worrying if our beloved cat, member of our family will be receiving the best of care.” Lisa L. (Sacramento)

“I’m always worried about letting people watch Percy Catson as anyone would when it comes to their furry friends, but Garrett proved to be an awesome cat sitter! I could tell he genuinely cared for Percy Catson and he always made sure she was fed and her water bowl was full.” – Jessica C. (Elk Grove)

Alex R.
"My favorite thing about cats is just how unique each one’s personality is. Plus how precious their little purrs and meows are, of course!"
Alex was born in the Bay Area, but now resides in Sacramento. Growing up, she had a dog but was in love with animals of all kind. As a young teenager, she became friends with someone who had several cats and realized just how fun they could be. At a spur of the moment adoption event, she convinced her mom to let her get a kitten, and that’s when things really clicked into place with her. She realized just how much she loves cats - now she has two, including that first cat that changed everything - and even wants to open a rescue at some point. Alex loves helping take care of other people’s animals when they’re away, and did pet sitting in the Bay Area before moving to Sacramento to be closer to her mom. When she’s not hanging out with animals, Alex enjoys watching horror movies, cooking, and going to concerts. Alex gladly serves communities across Sacramento.
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty
Carrisa R.
What I love most about cats is that some cats are mischievous but at the same time they love silence and sometimes even crave solitude. I also love that they are their own being, unapologetically!
My name is Carrisa Ramos. I am a native of Los Angeles and I love my home. I have been in the animal care industry for about 6 years. I have experience within several cat and dog hospitals, cat rescues and pet sitting. I have a soft spot for cats and enjoy their company over any creature on this earth! I have two cats of my own - Tetsu a 4 year white and tabby boy and Momo a 3 year old seal point Siamese girl. They are my best friends and are spoiled beyond belief! I hope to meet you and your pet soon and can’t wait to become friends 🙂 Carrisa gladly serves Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Alhambra, and more!
trusted cat sitter, About Us, The Comforted Kitty

“My husband and I feel lucky to have Carrisa as a caretaker and friend for our cats (18yrs and 3yrs old) when we’re away. She is reliable and enthusiastic, sends us great pictures, and always leaves our house looking better than when we left it — and our cats are always happy and relaxed when we come home. Her background as a vet tech is especially welcome — she’s cared for our senior cat for several years and is comfortable administering meds, fluids etc. She is very perceptive and if something is off with the pet she’s watching she’ll let you know. All in all, she is the best cat sitter we’ve ever worked with — we give her our highest recommendation!” -Simone S. & Jed F. (Silverlake, CA)


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FAQs about our sitters

How are your sitters selected?
Every sitter at The Comforted Kitty is selected for their years of cat care experience, excellent customer service, and proven exceptional work ethic. Furthermore, we are proud to pay a living wage in order to attract and retain the best caregivers.

All of our partner cat sitters are screened and selected via a rigorous three-part interview process, an extensive reference check, and must pass a criminal background check too. Furthermore, they are covered under our commercial liability insurance and bonding policies.

Will I get to meet my sitter beforehand?
Absolutely! In fact, we require an initial consultation / meet-and-greet with you as a new client so that the sitter can come to your home and interact with both you and your cat, to make sure there’s a good fit. It also is an opportunity for the cat sitter to familiarize themselves with the entire visit and care routine, retrieve your house keys, and ask you any questions they might have. It’s also appropriate in this meeting for either party to mention any concerns that might exist so that both you and your sitter are best prepared for the sittings. There is a $15 fee for this meeting.
How many sitters will be caring for my cat?

We believe it is very important for a sitter to develop a relationship with our human and feline clients. In fact, it’s really beneficial for all when the sitter is able to form a strong bond with your cat. Therefore, only your one assigned sitter (the person you meet at the initial consultation) will be entering your home to care for your cat. Unlike many other pet sitting companies and dog walking apps that are popular these days, you will always know ahead of time who is coming into your home and we won’t ever bring another person or animal into your home. No bait and switches here!

Will I have the same sitter each time I use your services?
While we do assign a sitter as your primary sitter — and strive to have that person care for your cat each trip — we cannot guarantee their availability each time. This can be due to such factors as illness, personal obligations, vacations, or other scheduling conflicts. If we do have to assign a substitute sitter to help you out, you will always get to meet that person beforehand to see they are a good fit with your cat too, and also go over the whole visit care routine with them. And rest assured… the sitter will ALWAYS be a The Comforted Kitty sitter who is background checked, insured, bonded, and fully vetted. Additionally, all of your cat care routine and contact information is stored securely in our pet sitting software so that regardless of which sitter helps, they will always have the most up-to-date information to complete the care — and execute the visits — properly without any confusion.
Do you have references available?
Absolutely. Check out our Happy Clients page, as well as our Yelp, Google, and Facebook review pages. Lot’s of our current clients are eager to share their experience using our professional cat sitting services!

Crazy about cats as much as we are? If you answered YES! than we are looking for you.

At Comforted Kitty, it’s never just about being a cat sitter. It’s about providing companionship and excellent care to our feline clients. Join us and together we will continue to uphold the higest standards in the cat care industry.