Cats don’t always let you know how they’re feeling. They’re masters of hiding illnesses and injuries, so it can take a true expert to monitor your kitty’s wellness. Thankfully, LA has no shortage of well-qualified veterinarians in every city and neighborhood. Whether you prefer a vet who works exclusively with cats, one who can see all your pets at once, or a specialist for your feline, there’s an animal healthcare provider for you. From kittenhood to senior care, your BFF deserves the very best care.

And we’ve made it easy to meet your cat’s perfect match! Although there are dozens of clinics and hundreds of veterinarians in the area, we’ve compiled your ultimate list of 2021’s top cat doctors practicing in Greater Los Angeles.

Cat-Only Clinics

Is your cat terrified of dogs? Between the constant barking, strange smells, and bustling atmosphere, taking a scaredy-cat to a general clinic can be a harrowing experience. That’s why some vets cater exclusively to cats. They work hard to build a quiet, calm, bark-free environment to reduce your cat’s anxiety and make essential healthcare services a breeze. Here’s your list of all the best cat whisperers in the area.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Greater Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

T.H.E. Cat Hospital

T.H.E. Cat Hospital is the cat hospital! Drs. Kate Blair and Tom Elston deal only with cats in a soothing, dogless space to keep your cat at ease. Their fun-loving and upbeat approach to cat care eases human visitors’ nerves, too!

  • Services Regular exams, dentistry, vaccinations, pharmacy, laser therapy, labwork, and x-ray diagnostics. They also offer cat counseling services for nutrition, weight management, behavioral assistance, senior care, cancer treatment and a range of cat-only products to keep your kitty happy.
  • Expertise Award-winning T.H.E. Cat Hospital originally opened in Boston in 1991, but in 1990, Dr. Elston brought the clinic to Orange County.
  • Location Tustin, with a secondary location in Marina del Rey. Open weekdays.
  • Top Review “We absolutely love Dr. Blair. We’ve been bringing our kitty here since he was 6 months. He is now 11. The staff is very caring, the facility is wonderfully designed for cats, and we always leave feeling well cared for.”

The Cat Care Clinic

The Cat Care Clinic is exactly what it sounds like, a cat-only animal hospital, but it also has the distinction of being the largest cat-only clinic in the state of California. This clinic boasts a higher ratio of vet techs per patient than most vet offices in the country, guaranteeing personalized care from true cat experts.

  • Services The Cat Care Clinic provides thorough wellness exams, dentistry, pain management, x-rays, pharmacy, preventative medicine, surgery, and behavioral consultations at every stage of life.
  • Expertise The Cat Care Clinic was established in 1991 and is run by six veterinarians and over 30 staff members. Notably, this clinic is led by Dr. Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, who has written multiple books about cats, including the Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Cat.
  • Location Orange, California. Open 7 days a week.
  • Top Review “Called the Cat Care Clinic after my regular vet couldn’t see us for a while, and was lucky enough to get an appointment. It was the best thing that could have happened for our Bosscat! The staff and Dr Wexler-Mitchell were amazing!”

Bastet Cat Hospital

Bastet Cat Hospital is a traditional clinic with a personal twist. Clinic cats Oliver and Gizmo are always at the vet, working hard every day helping new patients feel calm and welcome. Plus, it helps remind visitors that this is a safe space where cats are put on a pedestal.

  • Services Emergency care, wellness visits, vaccinations, diagnostic imaging, labs, surgical treatment, dentistry, and weight management. Bastet also has a full pet pharmacy to provide everything your kitty needs to stay healthy at home.
  • Expertise Dr Basilious has been in practice since 1980, and Bastet Cat Hospital has been “taking the ‘ow’ out of meow since 1998.”
  • Location Burbank. Open 6 days a week.
  • Top Review “Dr. B has treated our cats over the last 20 years, keeps very up-to-date on all cat medical issues. Lovely office and great staff. He’s wonderful at explaining procedures and why he recommends them. If there are any Alternative treatments for your cat he’ll mention those too.”

Westchester Veterinary Center & Cat Clinic

Westchester Veterinary Center & Cat Clinic loves cats just about as much as we do. This is a general animal hospital with a cat-exclusive wing, where they provide routine and specialty care that’s meant to keep your cat healthy, happy, and comfortable. Nervous cats have nothing to fear in cat-only exam rooms and cat condos for longer hospital stays.

  • Services Seniors, kittens, and special needs cats are all welcome for regular checkups, dental care, diagnostics, vaccinations, microchipping, ultrasound, and surgical procedures. Specialties include environmental counseling (to help you provide a low stress, high enrichment, well-stocked home for your cat) and weight management visits to help with specialty diets. As an added bonus, patients have the option of scheduling telemedicine visits.
  • Expertise Dr. Yoo has over 30 years’ experience providing compassionate cat care.
  • Location Westchester Village in Los Angeles. Open 6 days a week.
  • Top Review “I had an excellent experience with Dr Keigley and the staff at Westchester Cat Clinic. They were caring, friendly, professional, and did an outstanding job caring for my 22 year old cat. She was less stressed than I’ve ever seen her after a vet visit. I recommend them!”

Galloway Cat Clinic

Galloway Cat Clinic comes highly recommended by hundreds of cat lovers in South Bay. This small clinic is very busy with many happy, purring patients. Dr. Son is exceptionally knowledgeable with sphynx cats and is often referred to as a cat whisperer!

  • Services Wellness exams, dentistry, x-rays, lab testing, surgery, and eye care are available for cats of all ages.
  • Expertise Dr. Son founded the Galloway Cat Clinic to honor her mentor, veterinarian Dr. Galloway, in 2011.
  • Location Torrance. Open weekdays by appointment only.
  • Top Review “They’ve been caring for our cats for over 11 yrs and treated them through each stage of life and everything from just the regular check-ups to age related issues to even terminal illnesses. They truly care for cats and us ‘Fur Parents’. Dr. Son is honest and direct. They go above and beyond… but they also know their limits and when they need to refer us to specialists.”

Cat’s Meow Veterinary Clinic

Looking for a vet who really understands what makes cats purr, but you’ve had enough of the runaround? Cat’s Meow Veterinary Clinic is a well-established, cat-exclusive practice with a no-nonsense approach to thorough, results-driven feline care.

  • Services Keep your cat in tip top shape with preventative medicine, wellness exams, and routine surgeries in a cat-centric location conveniently located in Woodland Hills.
  • Expertise The vets at Cat’s Meow Veterinary Clinic have been caring for cats — and only cats — since 1991.
  • Location Woodland Hills. Open 6 days a week.
  • Top Review “Dr. Robinson is an amazing vet. When we moved to the valley, we had to find a new cats-only vet and we really lucked out with her… She told us that a lot of vets treat cats like small dogs, and that’s not right. She’s so knowledgeable about cats and we trust her completely with all three of our cats.”

Whiskers to Tails Cat Hospital

With Dr. Linda Ilburg at the helm, Whiskers to Tails Cat Hospital is an independent clinic that thrives on word of mouth. Call this busting private practice to schedule an appointment or learn more about specific cat care services.

  • Services From newborn kitten care to end of life services, this veterinarian’s reputation precedes her! Schedule well cat appointments, diagnostics, minor surgeries, x-rays, senior cat care, and even specialty services like diabetes care.
  • Expertise Dr. Linda Ilburg has been caring for Pasadena’s kitties for over 15 years.
  • Location Pasadena. Open 5 days a week
  • Top Review “This is the best experience I’ve ever had taking my cat to a vet. Dr. Iburg seems to draw from a lot of experience and deep knowledge of cat health. She manages to give a full explanation of the different possible causes and solutions for a given problem, but in a way that leaves you feeling informed, not confused. I especially like that she considers what is most practical and comfortable for both pet and owner.”

House Calls

For some persnickety pussycats, a cat-only clinic isn’t exclusive enough. Either the animals’ or the pet parents’ health prohibits traveling, anxiety is too overwhelming, or sometimes they just don’t feel like going out. For these felines, a vet who will come perform healthcare services in the comfort of their own home is just the ticket.

And when it’s time to say goodbye, euthanasia in the home is often the most peaceful choice for both pets and the family who love them. Consider a mobile pet clinic when making this difficult call.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Greater Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

Cats Only

Cats Only Veterinary House Calls is a double whammy. Not only is Dr. Ehrenberg a cat-only veterinarian, but he performs convenient house calls in the Woodland Hills and San Fernando Valley. If your cat needs extra care or overnight observation, this clinic is associated with West Valley Pet Clinic in Woodland Hills, where they can provide hospitalization and major surgical service.

  • Services Checkups, laboratory testing, x-rays, dentistry, surgeries, in-home euthanasia, and a full pharmacy help keep your kitty healthy at home.
  • Expertise Dr. Matthew Ehrenberg established Cats Only in 1992.
  • Service Area Primarily operates in Woodland Hills and San Fernando Valley, but extends to Ojai, Los Angeles, and El Monte. Clinic open 5 days a week.
  • Top Review “One of my cats was very sick and we took him to a vet who couldn’t do anything for him because they thought he had FIP. It was a scary time. Then we called this place because we didn’t want to stress our cat further by driving him back and forth. And the doctor gave him a few shots and he got better. He’s alive and well now.”

Home Pet Doctor

Home Pet Doctor knows that sometimes pets just can’t leave their home. Dr. Steve Smith is very comfortable caring for difficult patients who are fearful or aggressive. For especially sensitive patients or for questions that don’t require a full in-person exam, virtual counseling by text or email is available.

  • Services Dr. Smith provides puppy and kitten well visits, vaccinations, checkups, blood tests, travel documents, and more. He also provides in-home euthanasia to make end of life care as comfortable as possible. He carries his pharmacy with him and can often provide prescriptions on the spot.
  • Experience Dr Steve Smith has been an award-winning vet for over 30 years, half of which has been devoted to running a fully mobile clinic.
  • Service Area Northern LA county including Hollywood, Beverly Hills. Glendale, Burbank, and beyond.
  • Top Review “Dr. Steve is the best! Very thorough, gentle and kind. Having the vet come to your home saves so much trauma for you and your pet. Marcel gave a four paws up for Dr. Steve’s visit.”

Dr. Karen Kelly

Dr. Kelly treats cats and dogs in the comfort of your own home to reduce stress and offer undivided attention. Her loving touch is trusted by pet owners even during the most difficult times of their lives.

  • Services Dr. Kelly specializes in preventative care, wellness visits, senior pet care exams, vaccinations, testing, and end of life care.
  • Experience Dr. Kelly is ABVP certified and has been a practicing veterinarian since 1995, and opened her house call practice in 2002. Her writing even appears in the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine — she literally wrote the book on compassionate in-home euthanasia.
  • Service Area Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and Ventura Valley. By appointment only.
  • Top Review “Dr. Kelly is a compassionate vet. She was able to do a same day euthanasia for our 17 year old Mama Kitty. She gave us time to be with her, and treated her respectfully after she passed. Our old girl was able to pass at home, in the laps of the two people she loved most, assisted by a caring vet. There is not much more you can ask for when letting your fur baby go.”

My Pet Mobile Vet

When you need a veterinarian in a hurry, My Pet Mobile Vet has a team of qualified ready to help. This thoroughly capable team treats cats, dogs, and exotics with a wide range of approaches right in your own home, so call the clinic to find your ideal veterinary match.

  • Services Routine exams, vaccinations, dentistry, x-rays, lab work, soft tissue surgery, in-home euthanasia, and pharmacy. Dr Pagana also provides integrative medicine and can provide acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.
  • Expertise My Pet Mobile Vet is run by 3 veterinarians. Dr. Garcia DVM has a special interest in feline medicine and completed an internship specializing in feline hyperthyroidism.
  • Service Area Primarily works in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, but pet care is not limited. Weekdays by appointment only.
  • Top Review “Our family is SO grateful to Dr. Garcia and his entire team. They are GIFTED in every aspect of veterinary care: compassionate, highly proficient, and with a sophisticated level of bedside manner and ability to communicate information that’s hard to hear.”

Top General Wellness Vets

Providing your cat with quality veterinary healthcare at every stage of her life is the best way to show her your love. Same goes for dogs, rabbits, exotics, and every other pet in your life. Whether it’s just you and your feline overlord or you live in a house that doubles as a zoo, LA’s top vets are ready to care for your furry and feathery family members.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Greater Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

The Veterinary Care Center

Not only is The Veterinary Care Center a beautiful and relaxing clinic, it’s a well-staffed, well-regarded pet hospital ready to care for Hollywood’s cats and dogs with specialty and routine procedures.

  • Services This clinic specializes in radiography to help diagnose health issues, and laser therapy to treat pain, skin disease, infections, and many other health problems with fast healing times and precision non invasive technique. Pharmacy, nutrition, behavioral care, and routine procedures like neutering, microchipping, and dentistry are also available.
  • Expertise This upscale large clinic has 13 skilled veterinarians, each with their own specialties, and over 60 support staff.
  • Location Hollywood. Open 7 days a week.
  • Top Review “I can’t thank this place enough… they really took great care of my 2 year old cat and most importantly Dr. Kohan REALLY cares and really addressed all my over analyzing questions with science based facts and her skilled doctor training.”

Santa Monica Pet Medical Center

Santa Monica Pet Medical Center is a family operated animal hospital who proudly calls themselves “your other family doctor.”

  • Services They’ll do everything from surgery to routine vaccinations. Wellness checks, dentistry, lab services, and even acupuncture are available. Bilingual doctors offer appointments in Spanish, too.
  • Expertise These vets have been caring for cats and dogs in Santa Monica for almost 60 years! Established in 1962, SMPMC has the distinction of being the very first female veterinarian owned and operated animal hospital in the state. Since then, it’s been a family operated clinic that now employs 6 animal doctors.
  • Location Santa Monica. Open 6 days a week for appointments or emergencies.
  • Top Review “Aww, I love Santa Monica Pet Medical Center but most importantly, so does my cat! My first cat loved them as well. The quality of care and connection between humans and pets is in all of the staff members! I refuse to go anywhere else after 7 years! Appointments are easy to get, wait times are short, and I truly feel the prices are more than fair. The doctors are helpful in coming up with a step-by-step plan. They’ve never under done it nor over done it. Balance!”

Westside Pet Clinic

Westside Pet Clinic is a local favorite! The vets and care providers here are known for their friendly attitude, relaxed clinic atmosphere, and deep knowledge. These pet doctors really get to know their patients and are happy to help you learn to be the best cat parent possible.

  • Services Westside does it all with wellness visits, lab tests, radiology, dentistry, surgery, vaccinations, pharmacy, microchipping, spay and neutering, and more!
  • Expertise Westside Pet Clinic is directed by Dr. Gary Adams, who has been a vet since 1997.
  • Location Santa Monica. Open 7 days a week.
  • Top Review “Thank you for helping my kitty! Dr. Adams and the staff are very friendly, professional, and straight forward. My cat was having labored breathing, so I brought her in as a walk in. They were very accommodating in squeezing her into their already busy schedule”

Emergency Clinics

Just like humans, cats sometimes find themselves in an emergency situation. They can be struck by a car, injured by other animals, accidentally ingest poison, or find a creative new way to get hurt. Be prepared for the worst and add these veterinarians to that emergency phone list you keep taped to your fridge.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Greater Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

PriVET Pet Care 911 VETS

Do you know who you would call for a cat ambulance? PriVET Pet Care 911 VETS answered this question over 15 years ago by establishing themselves as LA’s premier emergency housecall veterinarian and pet ambulance service.

  • Services In an emergency, 911 VETS can be there ASAP for certain surgical procedures, lifesaving measures, and transportation to pet hospitals. In less dire situations, 911 VETS provides routine exams, diagnostics, vaccination, preventative care, biopsies, and dentistry.
  • Expertise Dr. Steve Weinberg established PriVET Pet Care 911 Vets in 2005 and has worked as a veterinarian for over 35 years.
  • Service Area Greater Los Angeles and Orange County. Routine care by appointment and emergency calls available 24/7.
  • Top Review “Dr. Weinberg is lovely, empathetic and, most importantly, an excellent veterinarian. His service has been such a wonderful resource for my cat, who morphs into Cujo at a traditional vet’s office. It is expensive but, in my experience, totally worth it when you need to quickly schedule an emergency appointment and want to mitigate stress on your animal.”

VCA Animal Hospital

VCA Animal Specialty and Emergency Center is the number one family of 24-hour emergency animal hospitals in the country with locations in almost every state.

  • Services These specialists work with emergency injuries and critical care patients as well as animals with chronic conditions. And, VCA Pet Cancer Center is staffed with skilled animal oncologists who will treat your cat with as much respect and skill as human doctors do.
  • Expertise VCA is a well-established chain of vets who are willing to explore every option from traditional medications and surgeries to cutting edge technology, and even alternative medicine.
  • Location VCA Hospitals is a large group of clinics with branches in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, South Bay, Pasadena, and more. Check the location map to find the 24-hour animal hospital nearest you.
  • Top Review “After taking my daughter’s kitten to two other vets, VCA immediately suspected what turned out to be the eventual diagnosis (FIP) and methodically and economically confirmed their hunch. Both neurologists I spoke with, Dr. Sammut and Dr. Thai were kind, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. To top it off, they pointed me to an alternative treatment for this incurable and fatal disease that is turning out to be extremely effective. Thank you, VCA!”

Washington Dog & Cat Hospital

Washington Dog & Cat Hospital is one of the longest-established animal hospitals in the area, providing LA’s favorite pets quality care since 1962. This busy clinic sees dozens of animals a day for everything from wellness exams to emergency surgeries.

  • Services This full service veterinarian provides vaccines, exams, dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry, surgery, heart and lung care, senior care, and well visits for both indoor and outdoor cats. Emergency veterinarians are on call, ready to save one of your cat’s nine lives. To reduce wait time, call the clinic when you head in.
  • Expertise Established almost 60 years ago, this family owned business has been caring for cat and dogs for two generations and has grown to employ 5 skilled doctors. They’ve moved with the times, though, and include cutting edge technology and even have an in-house laboratory for same day lab results.
  • Location Downtown Los Angeles. Open 7 days a week.
  • Top Review “I have been taking my cat there for quite some time, and she is very well taken care of. Doctors and staff are professional, friendly, caring and very important to me, they are also compassionate towards pets. Their hours are very convenient,”

Alternative Medicine

When seeking medical care for your pet, you may wish to consider going a gentler route than surgery and strong medications. Holistic pet healthcare, which encompasses herbal medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, is a safe and effective alternative when caring for your cat. These vets are the best of the best in LA.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Greater Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

Pasternak Veterinary Center and Animal Acupuncture

Pasternak Veterinary Center and Animal Acupuncture is skilled in both Western and Eastern animal medicine, so if you’re looking for a caring doctor who can give your cat plenty of healthcare options, look no further. Holistic health is great for treating the medical issues as well as the emotional health of the animal, as this author of Healing Pets with Nature’s Miracle Cures know, but he doesn’t shy away from surgeries and major procedures when necessary.

  • Service Dr. Pasternak is certified in veterinary acupuncture and provides holistic care like acupuncture, ozone therapy, and herbal remedies, as well as Western treatment for serious healthcare issues like cancer, respiratory diseases, and autoimmune disorders.
  • Expertise Dr Henry Pasternak has been serving Los Angeles since 2003, and has over 30 years experience caring for pets.
  • Location West Los Angeles. Open 6 days a week for both scheduled appointments and walk ins.
  • Top Review “Dr. Pasternak and the staff are absolutely wonderful. The whole appointment was so easy and more importantly our 2 cats seemed at ease the whole time. Thank you again!!”

Dr. May’s Veterinary Housecalls

Dr. Amaiti May provides wellness visits, herbal remedies, and homeopathy for your cat… all in the comfort of your own home! Her integrative housecalls blend Eastern and Western medicine, all with the wellbeing of animals in the forefront.

  • Services Well pet exams, consultations, blood tests, vaccines, spaying and neutering, dentistry, in-home euthanasia, and behavioral counseling are available for all patients. Alternative options include acupuncture, essential oils, laser therapy, and massage therapy.
  • Expertise Dr. May is a staunch vegan and animal activist. She dedicated her life to animals by becoming a veterinarian in 2005. She also has the distinction of being the founder of the Veterinary Association for the Protection of Animals.
  • Service Area House calls in the West Los Angeles area by appointment only.
  • Top Review “Dr. May is aMAYzing! Her extensive knowledge of veterinary science and her genuine concern for the wellbeing of her patients is so reassuring and heartwarming.”

VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital

The VCA Animal Hospital is on the list twice! Not only does this pet hospital quality routine, specialty, and emergency pet care, they’re also skilled with alternative medicines to help serve the entire pet-loving community. Call to schedule a specialty appointment at the West Los Angeles branch.

  • Services Acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, herbal veterinary medicine, and chiropractic pet care are available to cats and dogs. These services are gentle way to reduce pain, correct behavioral issues, and improve organ functions.
  • Expertise Under the careful eye of trained veterinarians and skilled traditional Chinese medical practitioners, you can be sure your cat’s herbal remedies will be both safe and effective.
  • Location West Los Angeles. Open 7 days a week, but call ahead to schedule alternative healthcare appointments. Alternative medicine may not be available at all locations.
  • Top Review “VCA animal hospital is doing it right! We took our dog in when he was incredibly lethargic and having trouble walking out of nowhere. VCA was prompt, respectful, empathetic, and helped our little guy out without doing unnecessary tests and running up our bill. Thank you!”

, Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Greater Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

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