Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone

by | Mar 7, 2021

Ah, home. It really is where the heart is – especially when you have a beloved feline friend to greet you at the door. Some cats can be a little chilly when their owner returns after a long time; they miss you when you’re gone! After a long trip away, or even a short weekend jaunt, there is no doubt but that your cat wants you to stay. Some owners feel comfortable leaving their cats in the house with a big bowl of food, plenty of water, and a clean litter box. But is that really the right way to do leave Fluffy alone? Absolutely not.
It may seem like the easiest solution, particularly when you take a short trip, but there are huge risks in leaving your cat at home by itself. Keep reading to learn exactly why you must avoid this, and the best ways to keep your kitty happy in your absence.

, Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone, The Comforted Kitty

Every kitty loves their owner, perhaps more than they’re willing to admit.

Your cat will miss you terribly

Though they like to play it cool, cats have a deep attachment to human company. Your aloof kitty might seem like they want nothing to do with you at times, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your cat wishes you were around all the time, for some tummy rubs, playtime, or even just to watch you from the far corner of the room. Many cats experience separation anxiety when their favorite human disappears for a while – it’s not like you can leave a note on the fridge saying when you’ll be back! Having other pets can make this absence more tolerable, but even that isn’t the same as having you around.

, Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone, The Comforted Kitty

Whether you have a dog or other cats for your kitty to play with, they prefer you every time.

There are dangers in being left alone

Every cat owner is familiar with this. The house is quiet; peaceful, even. There is hardly a sound to be heard, then suddenly, BANG! Your precious little furball has knocked a vase full of flowers off the counter. Cats, curious as they are, get bored easily, and seek out stimulation from whatever source there is. When you are home, it can be a quick fix, but what if your cat breaks something when you’re gone? They could eat something dangerous like a household cleaner, or get glass in their paw, or find their way into the ceiling vents. The point is, cats WILL find trouble if there is any to be had. Leaving your cat alone without anyone to check in could mean something more sinister.

, Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone, The Comforted Kitty

Cats love to play – especially with things you want them to stay away from.

They could run out of food or water

Though they aren’t quite as ravenous as dogs, cats certainly like to snack. Automatic feeders often appear to be the perfect solution to your care need – the machine will dispense your kitty’s favorite food at the same time each day, no problem. But this method simply isn’t fool-proof. Such devices can malfunction, or your curious cat might try to play with it and break it. So, what happens when you have three days left on a trip, and your Kitty Cam shows that Fluffy doesn’t have anything to eat or drink? There is no way to be sure this won’t happen, particularly if no one is visiting your cat regularly to check on food, water, and a clean litter box. I know my cats would go absolutely crazy – not to mention the physical and emotional toll of hunger.

, Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone, The Comforted Kitty

Your cat’s favorite part of the day – when you get home and feed them.

They might try to run away

Every cat owner’s worst nightmare? Coming home from a long trip to see a window or door cracked, with no kitty to be seen. When left alone for too long, your cat will probably start to lose its cool, seeking ways to escape your home. Clever as they are, cats are skilled at opening things up; an open window could spell disaster. They definitely do not like feeling abandoned and trapped – if they go too long without human interaction, cats might go to any lengths to feel normal again. Under your cat’s ideal circumstances, you’d be home all the time; when this proves impossible, danger lurks. Having a professional care for your cat on a daily basis while you are away cuts down this risk significantly.

, Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone, The Comforted Kitty

Given how much time cats spend staring out the window, an escape attempt isn’t out of the picture.

What you can do instead

It is impossible to avoid travel at times whether it is for business or personal reasons. But what about your cat’s wellbeing? Even weekend trips can prove to be difficult when there is no guarantee of your cat’s care. Rather than risk any number of calamities related to leaving Fluffy home alone, consider hiring a professional cat sitting service while you travel. The Comforted Kitty offers daily in-home visits, giving your cat a sense of safety and you peace of mind while you’re gone. Featuring services like feeding, playtime, medication dispensation, and even light housekeeping (trash and mail retrieval), the Comforted Kitty makes traveling a snap for both you and your cat.

In a perfect world, we could bring our cats with us everywhere. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t possible – so making sure Fluffy feels okay in your absence must be your first priority. The Comforted Kitty’s team of professionals adds a personal touch to your cat’s care; friendly and devoted cat sitters will make your time away from home a breeze. Daily updates can practically make it feel like you are there, too. Next time you travel, be sure to contact a cat sitting service that suits your needs (and more importantly, your cat’s!).

, Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone, The Comforted Kitty

A safe cat is a happy cat – even if they’re missing you!


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