Leaving Cats Alone While On Vacation: 15 Tips To Follow

by | Feb 8, 2021

Picture this – you’re all packed up, your house is tidy, your plane/bus/train is leaving soon – but what about your lovely kitty? Leaving cats alone while on vacation is something that millions of people do. 

Any responsible pet owner knows that putting out some food and water is nowhere near enough maintenance for a cat at home alone, so how can you make sure your cat is well cared for in your absence? 

This checklist article will tell you exactly what you need to do when leaving cats alone while on vacation. Follow every tip in this checklist and you’ll be able to fully relax while away.

Clean Up

Every cat owner knows how quickly cats can get into things that endanger them. Here are some common household items that can be dangerous to your cat:

  • Chemical substances like air fresheners, cleaning wipes, deicing salt, lawn fertilizer, and insecticides. 
  • Foods like chocolate, raisins, avocado, onions, and dog foods
  • Medications and supplements.
  • String, yarn, dental floss, and anything stringy they may play with and accidentally swallow
  • Loose change
  • Sharp objects
  • Plastic bags

As you can see, cleaning up is about so much more than having a clean house to come back to. You’re also responsible for keeping a safe environment for your cat while you’re away.

Leave Toys & Entertainment

Cats are extremely social creatures that require lots of love, attention, and playtime. Though they may seem antisocial at times, the fact of the matter is that your cat LOVES you, and really hates it when you’re gone. Leaving your kitty alone for an extended period of time will likely cause serious anxiety, which can lead to destructive behavior. 

Make sure all of their toys are clean, in working order, and available to them. 

Set Up Food And Water

The best way to make sure your cat doesn’t get too much food or water is by buying a water and food dispenser. Your best option is to have someone drop by the house to feed your cats, especially if they require a special diet like wet food.

Tip: Keep food and water bowls separate so your cat doesn’t accidentally (or on purpose) spill water into their food bowl making their food soggy.

Clean Up The Litter Box

This one shouldn’t require much explaining.

Set Up A Camera

Cameras are great for both your cat’s safety and your happiness. Setting up cameras allows you to keep an eye on your cat and ensure they’re not getting up to something. Maybe they knocked over something in the kitchen and you need a friend to come over and clean up. Worse, your cat locked themselves in a closet and the only way to know is through hearing their cries through your camera.

If you feel anxious about leaving your cat alone, a camera can also give you a way to feel connected.

Keep Doors Unclosable Or Closed

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for our cat sitters to find a cat locked inside a closet or bedroom because a door accidentally closed behind them. Close any door fully if you don’t want your cat to have access to a room or if you don’t want to risk them getting locked somewhere that doesn’t really serve a purpose for them.

If you need to leave a door open, then place a heavy immovable object in front of the open door to keep it open.

Move Poisonous House Plants

Many plants are actually poisonous to cats. If you have any, leave them in a separate room with the door closed, move them outside, or get rid of them completely.

​​Cover/Hide Electric Cords

Cats will chew on just about anything, especially if they already have toys that resemble it. Before you leave, unplug electronics and appliances that don’t need to be plugged in, roll up the chords, and pack them away.

For extra measure, buy a cat repellant spray.

Leave Your Scent

If your cat suffers from separation anxiety (all cats feel it to some effect)m then leave some unwashed clothing somewhere where your cat will find it. Pay attention to objects that your cat enjoys sitting on. What may seem odd to you is actually your cat bonding to your scent. Place said items in places where your cat likes to rest like in front of a window with direct sunlight.

Give Them Access To Sunlight

Speaking of direct sunlight, cats love the sun. Although cats don’t synthesize UVB from the sun into Vitamin D as humans can, they still have plenty of reasons to enjoy the sunlight. Leave blinds up in rooms when you can.

Noise Like TV or Radio

Noise is a great way to calm a cat’s separation anxiety. Consider leaving a tv or radio on at low volume to keep your cat company.

Update Tags And Microchips

If your cat gets away, a well-prepared cat owner will have updated tags and/or microchips.

Make Sure Someone Can Get Inside

Cats can be left alone for up to 72 hours. If you’re going to be gone for any longer than that, then you should make sure a friend, family member, or neighbor has a key to check up on your cat.

Get A Second Cat If You Travel Frequently

A second cat may seem like twice the work, but in reality, you don’t have to do a ton of extra work. The big benefit is your cat will have someone there to keep them company and ease their anxiety.

Hire A Cat Sitter 

When figuring out the best way to safely leave your cat while traveling, there are seemingly infinite factors to consider. Safety, comfort, unpredictable hazards, and anxiety all pose a threat to your kitty’s wellbeing. Leaving your cat completely alone is seriously dangerous; a kennel removes your cat from its comfort zone; dropping it at a friend’s house can be very risky. So, what is the best solution? Professional cat sitters offer a level of security and trust that these other options simply can’t match, providing your beloved feline the welfare they deserve in your absence.

Companies like The Comforted Kitty employ professional cat sitters whose extensive experience can give you peace of mind. Cats can be fickle creatures, requiring unique care and attention that other methods tend to overlook. As a cat-specific service, Comforted Kitty’s licensed and insured cat sitters will provide you and your furry friend thorough care, even offering daily updates to further assuage separation anxiety. Leaving your cat in the hands of professionals – especially in the comfort of your home – ticks all the boxes for your peace of mind.

Conclusion – Leaving Cats Alone While On Vacation Is Ok If You Follow The Above Steps

Leaving your cat can be an agonizing experience. When outside cat care becomes necessary, ensuring you’re on v kitty is in safe hands will make both of you feel better about the situation, as long or short as it may be. The Comforted Kitty’s services make home cat care a snap!


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