Your BFF (that’s Best Feline Friend) deserves the very best of everything. The best snuggles, the best cat sitter, and of course, the best veterinary care. From tiny kitten wellness exams to care options for chronic conditions, you’ll need a qualified vet with a gentle hand to help your BFF thrive.

Choosing the right vet can seem like a daunting task with so many options and specialties. That’s why we’ve compiled this complete guide of all the top veterinarians, pet clinics, hospitals, and care options available in Las Vegas today. Browse this comprehensive guide of top-rated general hospitals, cat specialists, mobile clinics, specialists, and emergency vets to find your perfect match with ease.

Well Cat Exams

We all need a checkup now and then. Regular visits to the vet for exams, vaccines, and routine procedures are an important part of keeping your kitty healthy and playful. And when it’s time to visit the doctor, you’ll want thorough care from qualified vets who can spot the warning signs of bigger health issues. Just in case!

These vets are truly the cat’s meow. In no particular order, here are some of the highest rated, most established, best qualified veterinarians in the Las Vegas area.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Las Vegas, The Comforted Kitty

Creature Comforts Animal Hospital

Creature Comforts Animal Hospital in Las Vegas is the AAHA-accredited winner of the 2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite award. This veterinary team is best known for offering a caring, individualized experience for all pet owners and providing a wide range of services to help keep kitties and critters healthy.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, allergies and dermatology, oncology, acupuncture, critical care, behavioral counseling, lab testing, stem cell therapy, laser therapy, and more!
  • Expertise Owner Dr. Sharon Gorman opened Creature Comforts in 2000 where she and three other skilled DVMs care for cats, dogs, and small pets.
  • Top Review “I took my cat there when he hurt his eye and they were great. They took their time to get to know him but moved quickly because his injury was severe. They’ve been so understanding with my one cat, I’ll definitely be taking all my cats to see them.”

Siena Animal Hospital

Open since 2007, Siena Animal Hospital proudly provides top-notch care to cats and dogs in Southwest Las Vegas. Their focus is compassionate care in clinic and pet parent education so that animals can live their best lives at home.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, microchipping, surgery, dentistry, x-rays, diagnostics, preventative care, and more.
  • Expertise Dr. Keeny has been a vet for 25 years and joined Siena Animal Hospital in 2014. She has the distinction of being the first female vet in Las Vegas to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in the Canine and Feline Specialty. Dr. Jenkins has extensive training in the high-pressure world of intensive veterinary care.
  • Top Review “From the front desk to the vet techs to the DVM’s themselves, everyone is super friendly and caring. No one wants to take their animals to the vet but it makes it easier when they’re with people you know you can trust.”

American Pet Hospital

American Pet Hospital is a Las Vegas staple. For over 30 years, locals have trusted American Pet Hospital to provide quality treatment for their cats, dogs and ferrets. All of the veterinarians here have 20-plus years of experience with animals. They’ve seen it all!

  • Services Wellness exams, dentistry, nutrition, vaccines, diagnostics, x-rays, lab testing, surgery, laser therapy, travel certificates, and more.
  • Expertise Dr. Jed Topham has been caring for pets since 2000 and is fluent in Spanish. Dr. Travis Pond, who is fluent in ASL, has been caring for animals for just as long. Dr. Kimberli Johnson has specialized in senior pets since 2001.
  • Top Review “They are awesome. All my animals go here and everyone from the receptionist to doctors and everyone in between is caring and helpful. So thankful for all of you.”

Henderson Animal Hospital

Henderson Animal Hospital is part of the Animal Care Clinic family in Henderson. This local group of pet hospitals has four convenient locations — three in Henderson and one in Boulder City — to help you find consistent quality care for your cat in the Las Vegas area.

  • Services Wellness exams, microchips, vaccines, dentistry, surgery, and more. More services may be available at other locations.
  • Expertise Dr. Randy Stanton established Animal Care Clinic pet hospitals in 1986 and quickly expanded. Today, Henderson Animal Hospital has a team of 7 experienced DVMs and a large support team running the show.
  • Top Review “I would like people to know that the Vet Dr. Suh is a very thorough Veterinarian. She will go through whatever it takes to get your baby feeling better. I’ve been to a lot of vets and Dr. Suh really cares.”’

Rainbow Animal Hospital

Rainbow Animal Hospital has been family owned and operated for 35 years. This full service pet hospital values responsible pet ownership, compassion, and above all, communication. These vets are exceptionally skilled at explaining your cat’s health condition and helping you plan for lifelong wellness.

  • Services Wellness exams, emergency, internal medicine, pain management, surgery, vaccinations, dentistry, endoscopy, microchipping, x-rays, wellness exams, and acupuncture. Open 7 days a week.
  • Expertise Dr. Niel Patton has been caring for pets since 1980 and opened Rainbow Animal Hospital in 1983. There are a total of 4 veterinarians on staff.
  • Top Review “Looking for an excellent, kind, compassionate vet for your pet? Look no further than Rainbow Animal Hospital and Dr. Patton. He helped me through 2 losses with gentleness, kindness and caring. One of my little ones was a stray and with his care she survived.”

Craig Road Animal Hospital

In North West Las Vegas, Craig Road Animal Hospital is known for providing innovative veterinary care for everyone. This large modern facility has over a dozen veterinarians on staff, all with their own unique approaches to pet care. You’re sure to find a good match for you and your cat here!

  • Services Wellness exams, surgery, vaccines, senior pet care, dentistry, laparoscopy and endoscopy, radiology, laser therapy, and acupuncture. Ask about behvioral and educational visits to help pet owners be their best.
  • Expertise Owner Dr. Mychajlonka opened Craig Road Animal Hospital in 1996, which has steadily grown for the last 25 years.
  • Top Review “The entire staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital is very courteous and professional. I recommend this Animal Hospital if you own a pet and need any type of assistance for your pet.”

Cadence Animal Hospital

Cadence Animal Hospital is a favorite in Henderson. This is a full service animal hospital for cats and dogs, meaning you can get quality care for your pet’s entire lifespan. From birth to end of life and everything in between Cadence Animal Hospital’s veterinary team is ready when you need them.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines,surgery, dentistry, endoscopy and laparoscopy, x-rays, laser therapy, and more.
  • Expertise Director Dr. Sharon Brown graduated with honors in 2013 and leads Cadence Animal Hospital’s team of 7 DVMs. Open seven days a week.
  • Top Review “Love this vet hospital! The staff are friendly, helpful and kind. The Dr’s are very good with Cooper and always answer all my questions and make us feel at ease! Definitely recommend them!!”

Warm Hearts Pet Hospital

Warm Hearts Pet Hospital in Henderson is a busy clinic that’s welcome for all kinds of furry pets. Three skilled veterinarians lead the charge, providing care for pets at every stage of life.

  • Services Wellness exams, diagnostics, x-rays, laser therapy, dentistry, surgery, eye care, dermatology. vaccines, and more.
  • Expertise Owner Dr. Inna Goncharov specializes in surgery, internal medicine, and more. Dr. Andrea Larson has been practicing animal medicine in Henderson since 2001 and Dr. Lesley Zamora has been a vet since 1996.
  • Top Review “I’ve been taking my pets here to Dr. Inna for over 10 years and I am so thankful to have found her! I’ve sent all of my friends and family members to her who are in need of a vet and we are all so happy with her services. She is intelligent, experienced, HONEST, and to the point.”

Cat Only Clinics

Some cats suffer debilitating anxiety when faced with a procedure at the vet’s office. Cats can be stressed by other animals, especially dogs, so a cat-only clinic will help keep your cat calm and happy during a scary visit to the vet. Cats have a unique set of requirements when seeking healthcare treatment, so these skilled vets have created cat only offices to help put your kitty at ease. More importantly, we all know that cats are masters of covering up illnesses. While all qualified veterinarians can investigate your cat’s potential illness, an expert who does nothing but care for cats will be able to spot your pet’s more subtle tells.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Las Vegas, The Comforted Kitty

All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

All About Cats Veterinary Hospital is, well, all about cats! No dogs, no exotics, just a clinic dedicated to caring for your beautiful cats. Because they deal only with cats, their knowledge of feline health is unsurpassed.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, spay and neuter, dentistry, senior cat wellness, behavioral consultations, and a full pharmacy.
  • Expertise Dr. Terri Koppe founded All About Cats in 2001 alongside two other skilled veterinarians, Drs. Lansing and Love.
  • Top Review “We have been bringing our cats to All About Cats for about 4 years. They have helped us through routine vaccinations, major surgery issues and even saying goodbye. They have so much compassion not only for our fur babies but also us owners. Thank you for being there for all of us.”

A Vet for All Your Pets

Maybe your home is a menagerie. If you love all kinds of animals and need a one-stop vet to care for your whole crew, these vets are prepared to care for almost any species. Cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, and exotics welcome!

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Las Vegas, The Comforted Kitty

Sunridge Animal Hospital

Do you have a big cat? I mean, really big? The veterinarians at Sunridge Animal Hospital in Henderson have experience with common pets like cats at dogs as well as exotics and even zoo animals. This is a broad spectrum veterinarian prepared to care for any furry, feathery, or scaly pets.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, dentistry, surgery, diagnostics, laser therapy, allergy and dermatology, endoscopy, and emergency care during open hours.
  • Expertise Sunridge Animal Hospital is the silver winner of Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas. Dr. Ceballos has been caring for all kinds of animals since 1999 and spent several years working for the Las Vegas Zoo. Dr Marisda Rosa joined Sunridge in 2007 and works alongside Dr. Ceballos in treating all kinds of animals. If you have cats as well as exotic pets, this is the perfect hospital for your personal zoo.
  • Top Review “Doctor Ceballos and his staff are amazing! Super kind and knowledgeable, brought one of my exotics to him as my regular vet only deals with dogs and cats. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns about her and kept in contact with me the entire time! She is doing wonderful now and I will be switching to this hospital for all of my critters from now on!”

Flamingo Pet Clinic

Flamingo Pet Clinic is a local favorite for exotics, birds, as well as cats and dogs. This clinic is also home to Sir Tubbington, “resident royal” clinic cat. This adoptive kitty is living testament to Flamingo Pet Clinic’s great cat care: since his adoption in 2015, he’s reached a healthy weight and managed his diabetes, all while welcoming patients with a purr!

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, senior cat care, pain management, surgery, dentistry, nutritional counseling, diagnostics, and more. Emergencies and urgent cases treated during open hours.
  • Expertise Flamingo Pet Clinic has been helping Las Vegas’s cats, dogs, birds, and exotics for over 30 years and is owned by Dr. Bryan Kenton, who specializes in avian veterinary care.
  • Top Review “I utilized this pet clinic for our newly adopted rabbit who needed to be neutered. I experienced friendly and helpful staff. They explained the process and cost thoroughly. I found the cost to be reasonable.”

Aloha Animal Hospital

Aloha Animal Hospital is AAHA accredited, which is an impressive distinction only about 15% of all veterinary hospitals can claim. AAH is a state of the art hospital which treats common pets like cats, dogs, and birds, but gladly sees exotics like reptiles and even koi fish. If you’re an animal lover with a variety of critters at home, this is the perfect vet for all your pets.

  • Services Wellness exams, dermatology, weight management, dentistry, surgery, behavioral counseling, pain management, diagnostics, and radiology.
  • Expertise Owners and husband-wife team Drs. Jamie Sulliban and Jason Sulliban opened AAH in 2007. With 3 more DVMs on staff, Aloha Animal Hospital is always ready to help any pet.
  • Top Review “Very clean facility and the staff is extremely friendly. You and your pets feel welcome as soon as you step in the door. I love how they are very timely with sticking to appointments and not making you wait. Dr. Jason was just amazing when it came to checking our kittens!! So gentle, caring, and knowledgeable! Went out of his way to give them the best care and make sure they are growing at a healthy pace.”

Durango Animal Hospital

Durango Animal Hospital is a well-loved clinic and boarding facility for cats, dogs, rabbits, and exotics in a clean, sleek, and state of the art facility. If you or your cat can’t come check out the beautiful veterinary clinic, Durango will gladly send out a veterinarian to help you at home.

  • Services Wellness exams, dentistry, surgery, vaccines,ultrasounds, endoscopy and laparoscopy, emergency care, x-rays, exotic care, pharmacy, and house calls. Open 7 days a week by appointment and emergency care during hours of operation.
  • Expertise Director Dr. Travis McDermott earned his DVM in 2006 and started caring for Las Vegas’s pets right away.
  • Top Review “Everything was perfect. Wait time was only about 10 minutes (I had an appointment). All staff were super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My little guy was treated with great care. The vet took the time to explain everything to me and answered all of my questions. And, in a way I could understand. Durango Animal Hospital will continue to be my vet of choice.”

Emergency Vets

Emergencies don’t always happen on a neat 9-5 basis. Sometimes you need veterinary care on the weekends, the middle of the night, or on holidays. When emergency strikes, don’t waste precious time booking an appointment. Instead, head straight for these reputable 24-hour veterinary clinics to save your cat’s nine lives.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Las Vegas, The Comforted Kitty

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care opened in 2011 to provide critical care for animals in Nevada. Whatever happens, whether it’s a traumatic injury, poisoning, animal bite, illness, or whatever creative injury your cat discovers, VE+CC is prepared 24/7. This location works in association with LVVSC for specialist care and in combination, these two acronym-heavy clinics are able to diagnose and treat even the most complex cases on the spot, any time or day or night.

  • Services Emergency and urgent care, surgery, diagnostics, and referral.
  • Expertise This clinic has been open for 10 years and has the largest stock of blood products for transfusions in the state. VE+CC is home to Nevada’s only board certified criticalist — a veterinarian who specializes in extreme cases and the sickest of the sick.
  • Top Review “Absolutely fantastic animal care. Our doctor took his time to explain every angle and to inform us as best as possible. We couldn’t have had a better experience.”

Animal Focus Vet – ER

Animal Focus Vet – ER is prepared for the worst. With two regular appointment-based clinics in Henderson, Animal Focus Vet’s ER branch is Las Vegas dedicated to saving pets’ lives and treating only the most emergent visits. And because these vets know cats can find trouble at any moment, they’re open 24/7/365.

  • Services Animal Focus Vet – ER is prepared for critical care, trauma, bloodwork, emergency exams, labwork, transport, and laser therapy. In both Henderson locations, services include
    wellness exams, vaccines, surgery, dentistry, diagnostics, lab testing, urgent care, and laser therapy.
  • Expertise Drs. Owens and Snead have been caring for animals for over 10 years and have even invented a special dietary bowl to help keep pets nourished. Animal Focus Vet ER has been in operation since 2004.
  • Top Review “This place was amazing. The doctor was very professional and has an amazing bedside manner. Restores my faith in veterinarian services here in Las Vegas. Thanks to all the staff for taking care of my little baby.”

Mobile Clinics

If your cat can’t make it to the vet, why not have the vet come to you? With little more than a phone call, highly qualified veterinarians are able to make house calls throughout the Las Vegas area and treat your fur babies with undivided attention and no unfamiliar settings. Call on a mobile vet for anything routine care, chronic condition monitoring, or end of life care. If you’re making the difficult decision to put down your beloved cat, consider a vet visit in your home to make the rainbow bridge transition more peaceful.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Las Vegas, The Comforted Kitty

VCA Black Mountain Animal Hospital

VCA Black Mountain Animal Hospital in Henderson provides the quality animal care you know and love from the VCA family of clinics right in the comfort of your own home. If your cat doesn’t travel well or suffers conditions that make it difficult to physically go to the veterinarian, these skilled vets can come to you for most services.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, diagnostics, dentistry, health certificates, pain management, euthanasia, and other routine care is available at home. Visit the clinic in Henderson for more advanced care like surgeries, radiology, urology, intensive care, and other specialties.
  • Expertise VCA Black Mountain Animal Hospital is part of a network of clinics, all requiring strict levels of skills, certification, and specialties. Dr. Leigh Ann Walters leads this clinic and has been caring for animals since 2006.
  • Top Review “VCA has always been our main vet. They are absolutely wonderful. From the doctors to the technicians, they have always been thoughtful and caring and loving to our pets. I would and have recommended them to many friends and family.”

MVS Pet Care

If you’re looking for a compassionate veterinarian to come to your home and care for your cats (or dogs, horses, or exotic pets) look no further than MVS Pet Care. This mobile clinic is the new kid on the block, but well-loved for their skill, compassion, willingness to go above and beyond, and competitive pricing.

  • Services Wellness exams, microchipping, vaccines, preventative care, laser therapy, chronic illness care, and end of life services.
  • Expertise This newer mobile clinic was established in 2019 and Drs. Jensen and Davis are rapidly growing their following.
  • Top Review “Dr Jensen cares about the pets in her care. It’s great to have someone who can come to your home and provide your pet with the care they need without the stress of having them stuffed in a cage and taking them to a place where they sense fear.”

Specialty and Alternative Veterinarians

Are you unable to find the right cat care at standard vet clinics? Maybe your cat suffers from chronic conditions which require specialty techniques. Consider going to a specialist who can assess your cat’s health, treat the conditions, using their niche knowledge.

And if you’re looking for a gentler approach to pet care. In this case, a holistic vet can provide safe and effective treatment through herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and new techniques — all without major surgeries or strong medications.

, Your Ultimate Guide to Veterinarians in Las Vegas, The Comforted Kitty

Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center

Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center focuses on special cases and internal medicine. Whatever your kitty’s ailment, these specialists know what to look for. This state of the art hospital includes a dedicated ICU, diagnostics, surgical teams, and recovery suites available around the clock.

  • Services Cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, physical rehabilitation, and surgery. Wellness exams are not available.
  • Expertise All veterinary specialists require a DVM, 3-4 years advanced training as a residency, and board certification. LVVSC staffs several specialists like these and is the only pet hospital in Southern Nevada with skilled specialists available 24/7.
  • Top Review “Dr. Weinstein and his staff in the ophthalmology department were amazing! They explained things thoroughly and I was given an accurate cost breakdown before my pet’s procedure was performed. They took really good care of my baby and she is recovering well so far.”

Pet Health

Simple name, simple mission: help pets stay well. Pet Health relies on integrative veterinary care to treat animals with both Eastern and Western medicine, finding that perfect happy medium for your specific pet. You’re encouraged to stay with your pet during procedures and care services, so you can stay informed every step of the way.

  • Services Wellness exams, vaccines, and other standard veterinary care in conjunction with a holistic approach which includes acupuncture, massage, laser therapy, and herbal medicine.
  • Expertise Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch has been caring for cats since 2004 and hosted a popular radio show called Pet Talk with Dr. B.
  • Top Review “I was hooked from Day 1. They have met all of my current kitties and have been so understanding. I truly believe that I will NEVER meet a veterinary team such as this one. The entire team is always happy, caring and vibe well together!”

Legacy Animal Hospital

Legacy Animal Hospital is a long-established pet care clinic, but their specialty is keeping up with the times. They focus on progressive medicine to explore the newest treatments and equipment to serve you best. For complete nose to tail care with the most innovative pet care techniques, visit Legacy Animal Hospital in Henderson.

  • Services Wellness exams, surgery, x-rays, lab testing, dentistry, vaccines, pharmacy, and more.
  • Expertise Dr. Terry Muratore, a Las Vegas Native, has been caring for Vegas pets since 1982. Over 2,500 positive reviews attest to Legacy Animal Hospital’s skilled and compassionate care.
  • Top Review “My cat has been with me since 2006. I love him so much and only trust him to the best! This clinic repaired his ear hematoma in 2012 and just performed his senior wellness check last week. With medication recommended by the vet, less than a week later and Tempest is like a whole new cat! From 18 years old to playing like a kitten again. He’s getting around so much better after his laser treatment and medication.”

Whichever veterinarian you choose for your BFF, we here at The Comforted Kitty are ready to supplement your cat’s care with quality cat sitting and expert snuggling. We’ll even administer medications to your pet when you’re not available. Call us today to learn more about our services in Las Vegas.

And if you are looking for the very best veterinary care, you may be interested to learn five other ways you can spoil your cat in the Las Veags area. Check out the best businesses and ways to spoil your cat here.