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by | May 22, 2021

The world’s first official cat café, Cat Flower Garden, opened in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. They were not the first café to have a cat on-premises, but they were the first to be reported by the media on such a large scale. While Cat Flower Garden became a wildly popular tourist destination, it wasn’t until Japan embraced the idea that it took off. The first Japanese cat café, Neko no Mise (Cat’s Store), was established in 2005. Since then over 150 cat cafés have opened their doors in Japan.

The unique appeal of these cat-filled lounges and coffee houses is particularly attractive for cat lovers who are unable to have a cat of their own, whether due to not having the time to properly care for a cat full time, property restrictions, or housemates with allergies. In the United States the populations of cats at these cafés are typically made up of strays and rescue animals, which are available for patrons to adopt. They save the lives of countless at-risk felines by finding them suitable homes.

The concept first reached the United States sometime around 2014 and has blossomed since then, with cafés full of adoptable cats popping up in almost every major city, including Los Angeles. This guide will introduce you to the cat cafés located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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Currently in Business

The restrictions placed on small businesses since the start of the pandemic have made it difficult for any type of food or drink-based business to stay profitable. Cat cafés in the United States are focused on finding homes for cats who might otherwise be in jeopardy of euthanasia and not on bringing in loads of cash for themselves. Despite the difficult regulations that these companies are facing, they are still accepting visitors—and still finding homes for rescue cats.

Feline Good Social Club
301 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 900-6127

The Feline Good Social Club in Long Beach bills itself as a cat lounge rather than a cat café, but it’s still a great way to get a little downtime with some purrfectly pleasing companions. Regular sessions start at the beginning of the hour and last 50 minutes each and cat lovers can also book private sessions for up to six people. While they have temporarily paused their food service for people, they do have a few tasty snacks available for the cats upon request.

As is the case for many cat cafés and cat lounges in the USA, all of the friendly cats at the facility are rescue cats—looking for their forever homes. The lounge typically has around 25 adult cats from local rescue Long Beach Felines available to keep you entertained at any given time and they often have kittens to watch and play within their nursery area as well.

CatCafé Lounge
​1736 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 254-7246 (text only)

The CatCafé Lounge in West Los Angeles is a nonprofit company with a comfortable and engaging lounge area, along with a delightful cat patio that allows for cats and visitors alike to get a little fresh air. The CatCafé Lounge typically has both coffee and snacks available for patrons to purchase, but due to Covid-19 related concerns, guidelines dictate that food offerings for humans at the CatCafé Lounge be limited to prepackaged snacks to-go.

Both the lounge room and the outdoor catio provide plenty of opportunities to interact with the 35+ cats at the café, all of whom are completely adoptable. Adoptions are finalized through Stray Cat Alliance, a Los Angeles group focused on the health and welfare of feral and stray cats in Orange county. Approximately 5% of the cats in the café are also receiving rehabilitation and socialization from The Cat Counselor, run by Certified Feline Behavior Consultant, Cristin. Without rehabilitation, these cats would likely be deemed unadoptable.

, Cat Cafés in Los Angeles, The Comforted Kitty

Photo by Benjie Delmonte on Unsplash

Temporarily on hold

The restrictions set in place to help control the pandemic have made running a café of any sort much more challenging. Many cat cafés, including Catmosphere Laguna, the first cat café in Orange County, have been forced out of business, and those that remain struggle to stay afloat. The businesses listed in this section have had to pause visits to their cafés for the time being, but will hopefully be open again soon.

Crumbs and Whiskers LA Kitten Café
7924 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Crumbs and Whiskers Kitten Café was started with the goal of reducing euthanasia rates and increasing adoptions. Founder Kanchan Singh was inspired by a trip to Catmosphere, a cat café in Chang Mai, Thailand. She was so delighted with her experience in Chang Mai that she decided to open up her own café and Crumbs and Whiskers was born. She opened her Washington DC location first, then expanded into the LA area.

Here in Los Angeles, they partner with the Stray Cat Alliance to help ensure adoptions go well and with Best Friends Animal Hospital to ensure that their cats and kittens are all active and healthy. Unfortunately, restrictions around Covid-19 have forced both locations to suspend visitors until the restrictions are lifted. Until that time you can help support Crumbs and Whiskers by buying gift cards to use for later, or by buying some of their great merchandise.

Moon Cat Café
Mobile throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Moon Cat Café is the only mobile cat café in Orange county. Housed in a renovated step van, this cat café provides a small but comfortable sit-down area to interact with the cats, along with coffee and a pastry as part of the experience. The café is equipped with two HVAC units in the ceiling, so it can be heated or cooled as needed. The cats that inhabit the Moon Cat Café mobile cat café are rescues from several cat rescue organizations throughout the area.

Unlike the other cat cafés listed, Moon Cat Café does not have a limit on the time you can spend interacting with the cats, although they do ask that patrons be mindful to ensure everyone has an opportunity to pet and play with the cats.

Moon Cat Café has temporarily paused visits as well as merchandise purchases.

Although first introduced to the United States just seven years ago, cat cafés are becoming more and more popular, and they are saving hundreds of lives a year. This has been a particularly difficult year for businesses that rely on human interaction, like cat cafés. These wonderful organizations give people who are unable to have cats a chance to enjoy them as well as helping cats and kittens find their forever home. They also give the cats a better home until they are ready to be adopted. You can support your local cat café by visiting, volunteering, or donating.

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