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Enjoy the campanionship of beautiful cats, taking care of them while their owners are away.

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A Cat Person

We are, above all else, passionate about cats. Do you enjoy playing with and nurturing kitties? Can you appreciate their unique demeanors and sometimes enigmatic behaviors? Are you interested in developing a solid bond with your furry clients? If so, this could be the job for you.

Professional attitude

Here at The Comforted Kitty, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. This carries over to each sitter, and it’s reflected in the way the sitters approach every task. When you partner with us, you’re representing a company that values honesty, respect, and friendliness. It’s imperative that this attitude shines through.


In order to deliver the superior customer service that your clients deserve, sitters must be dependable, punctual, and self-motivated. The sitters juggle multiple appointments per day with varying instructions. Organization and the ability to self-manage are absolute requirements.

Be available to work on holidays

Requests for sitters spike during major holidays, so it’s important to be available during these times. If spending part of your holiday playing with cats and earning money sounds like a good time, this could be a perfect fit. We do compensate the sitters with higher wages for holiday sittings.


Are there any absolute disqualifiers?
Only a few. You must be at least 18 years old, have an insured automobile and valid drivers license, possess a smartphone (capable of accessing the internet, send and receive texts, emails, and photos), generally be available on weekends and most weekdays, and available to work on the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays.
Is prior veterinary or professional cat sitting experience required?

No. We are primarily looking for candidates who have proven experience caring for cats other than their own in a paid or volunteer arrangement. Having been a veterinary professional or worked for another pet sitting company is a plus but not something we necessarily weight heavier on one application when compared to another who doesn’t have such experience. Being a successful cat sitter is about understanding the profound responsibility and commitment you have to your client.

How many hours per week can I expect to work?
This will vary depending on the time of year, your weekly availability, the geographic area you are willing to serve, and how many sitting requests you accept. Given vacation care is a seasonal business, the summer months and winter holidays are when we receive the most requests. Other parts of the year are slower and so there may only be a few sittings per week. More opportunities exist the wider you set your geographic area of service. The bottom line is that this is as-needed work and there will never be a set schedule every week.
How much money can I expect to make per month?
As above, this varies depending on the time of year, your weekly availability, the area that you live in, and how many sitting requests you accept. This is a seasonal business so some weeks you may work 20 hours or more while others only a few. So while we can’t predict the an exact number, most part time sitters make anywhere from $100-500 during the slower months and somewhat more over the busier months.
How long are the cat visits?

Although we also offer 45 and 60 minute visits, most client opt for the 30 minute visit and so you can expect to work in mostly 30 minute increments. Also, during some parts of the year, you will likely only have 1-2 sittings per day.

How much commute time is involved in the position?
Commute time depends on which cities you serve and the time of day for the sittings. Sittings scheduled around rush hour times will mean longer commutes and therefore we try hard to schedule around such contingencies. Average commute time is 10-20 minutes one way to a sitting.

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