Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer cat boarding or overnight stay services?

Sorry, we do not. We only offer in-home drop in sitting visits.

Do you allow other persons besides The Comforted Kitty to share with the care of my cat and home?

Sorry, we do not. In order to ensure the highest quality care and to your exact instructions, we do not share cat or home care duties with any other persons besides The Comforted Kitty cat sitter you have hired to provide such care. This is based off of many past experiences that put the safety and welfare of the cat and home at serious risk and so we are strict about this policy.

My cat requires medication administration. Do you charge extra for this?

No. We try to make our fees clear and simple. We do not charge extra for any medication administration to your cat, whether it be ointments, pills, injections, sub-cutaneous, or other. However, availability for such procedures depends on sitter availability as well as the temperament of the cat.

Do you really offer a 100% money-back guarantee of your services?

Absolutely. We firmly stand behind our superior cat care and want to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied and their cats are comforted. If for any reason you do not feel we lived up to this promise in level of care, we will gladly refund to you the entire fee for all of the scheduled visits you booked.

I worry tremendously about my cat while I am away. How will I know how he/she is doing?

We totally understand your worry about your loved one’s well being when away from them. It is a very nerve wracking and stressful thing to think about. That is why we will give you daily visit updates about how your cat is doing. We will mention such things as appetite, litter box usage, playtime, lap sitting, and any other observation worth noting to you. And (by very popular demand) we will be very happy to also send you a photo and/or video of your kitty! Just seeing their face can make a world of difference when you miss them so much 🙂

I am very nervous about leaving my beloved cat and all of my personal belongings in my home in the hands of a stranger. How can you assure the safety and security of my loved one and home?

We totally understand the seriousness and worry of leaving your cat and your entire home with a person you have only met once. That is why we have the caregiver chosen for you come over and meet you beforehand for an initial consultation meet and greet. It is also why every single one of our sitters are covered under our business insurance and bonding and they all undergo thorough criminal and driving records background checks. Your trust in our care and competency is of highest importance to us and we would never allow someone who has not been this vetted into your home.

Will I get to meet the sitter who will be watching after my cat?

Absolutely. Transparency and trust is what drives this business and so we love and want to have you meet your sitter. We are excited to have the sitter come over and demonstrate to you their level of competence and care for your cat and home.

Must I meet with you before the start of the sittings?

Yes. Complete and proper care of your cat and home is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we require a FREE initial consultation meet-and-greet before the start of the scheduled visits. This is to ensure we understand the visit routine completely and know exactly the care you are desiring for you cat and home. It is also where you and us can go over any questions you might have about our service agreement. And it is where we can obtain a copy of your home key. Finally, it gives us the opportunity to go over the securing the safety and security of your home by reviewing such things as what lights and curtains to adjust, how to adjust the thermostat (if needed), as well as the operation of your home alarm, if you have one.

Do I have to pay for the initial consultation meet and greet?

Nope. We are more than happy to schedule this meeting free of charge so that we can go over the visit care routine details and our service agreement. And of course most important of all meet your kitty!

Do I need to sign a contract in order to hire your services?

Yes, we require that you fill out and sign our service agreement before we begin performing care for your cat on the requested dates. This contractual obligation ensures that their is accountability on our part to providing you the professional services you expect and have paid for.

Do you allow other persons in the home besides the sitter we have hired while performing the care of my cat?

Absolutely not. We take your privacy and security and our professional responsibility and liability extremely seriously. We understand not only the liabilities involved in bringing along a person to the sitting but the stress it can cause to your cat. We highly value the trust you have placed in our care and we would never violate that.

How can you assure me your sitter stays at my home the entire 30, 45, or 60 minute scheduled visit?

We have timetracking software that also has GPS tracking, insuring the integrity of our business. You can rest assured that your sitter will always stay the entire time you have paid for.

Does the visit fee include any other non-cat-care related tasks?

Definitely. We would be more than happy to retrieve your mail, water your house plants, take the trash bins out to the curb on pickup day and retrieve them afterwards, and (yes :)) even feed the fish!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept direct credit card and ACH bank transfers through your Time To Pet software portal, Venmo, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, Square Cash, and Google Pay.

Are gratuities required to your sitters?

No. Tips are are not expected but are very appreciated by our sitters. We would prefer that you tip sitter directly rather than add to sitting fee payment.

Can I schedule additional consultation with you?

Absolutely. We would be more than happy to meet with you again at your request. We offer additional consultations for $15 each. There is an additional $15 fee if the meeting is on a designated holiday.