FAQ Spotlight #2: How can you assure the safety and security of my cat and home?

by | Feb 19, 2019

Here at The Comforted Kitty, we totally understand this very serious and legitimate concern. Indeed, it is something we all feel when looking to hire your first local pet sitter. Leaving your beloved feline family member as well as your entire home and precious belongings within it in the hands of a total stranger is no easy pill to swallow and doesn’t add much appeal to the thought of hiring a professional cat sitter. It is a stressful process and you will have a lot of legitimate questions and concerns swirling around in your head, such as will the cat sitter:

  • Violate my trust by rummaging through my personal belongings and steal treasured valuables and priceless family heirlooms?
  • Bring another person or even animal into my home without telling me?
  • Stay for only a few minutes and then leave?
  • Come for the scheduled visits at all?

I have personally heard all of these unfortunate situations come true for many of our new clients who tell us about the experience they had with a previous pet sitter they hired. Make no mistake about it, these are issues that can happen to you, especially given the plethora of different pet care providers out there on the internet and beyond.

But before you give up on the thought of hiring an in-home cat sitter and rather just boarding your cat at the local pet boarding facility, consider first the advantages our company in particular gives that not only offers a better option than boarding, but a superior alternative to most pet care providers in the marketplace, a standard of service that reprehends the unprofessional and downright negligent behavior such as mentioned above.

At The Comforted Kitty, we understand and care deeply about the sense of vulnerability you as a cat guardian and home owner experience in handing over the care of your beloved cat and keys to your home to a person you have only met once. That is why we proudly offer all of the following benefits in our cat care services that ensure you have the strongest sense of trust and faith in getting the highest quality cat and home care:

  • An initial consultation meet and greet. We always require that the sitter who will be caring for your cat and home come over to meet you and your cat beforehand so that you can decide if the sitter is a good fit for you and more importantly your cat. It also gives you a better idea of how the sitter will conduct themselves in your home when they are alone with your cat. We would never allow someone into your home that you have never met.
  • A trusted person. All of our sitters are thoroughly vetted before being hired onto our team. Among the many steps in our hiring process is the requirement of passing a background check through a national criminal database. Your trust in the competency of our cat care is of extreme importance to us and we would never allow someone into your home who has not been rigorously background checked first.
  • Accountability in care. All of our sitters are covered under a commercial liability insurance and bonding policy. We are very proud to have this accountability in place so that if your cat is injured, your property and home damaged, or your home keys are accidentally lost, you are legally entitled to be compensated and made whole because of this coverage.
  • Daily visit updates to you via text or email. We always send to you daily visit updates with pictures of your cat to let you know how your cat is doing, how things went at the visit, and any issues, concerns, or questions that arose during the sitting visit. You deserve to have this service that is critical to your peace of mind while away on vacation.
  • A proven, elite business reputation that is based on countless rave reviews and testimonials via Yelp, Google, and Facebook. These are not mere bragging points. They offer a much deeper level of social proof from other legitimate clients offering candid thoughts on our professional cat sitting services. We also have numerous professional references of all of our sitters from current and former clients that also serve this analysis.
  • A detailed and comprehensive service agreement contract signed by us and yourself. This contract ensures we are held accountable for our care of your cat and home to the exact specifications you have outlined in the document.
  • A multi point inspection of your home on EVERY visit prior to the sitter’s departure from your home. Our sitter’s check things such as appliances and faucets to make sure they are turned off, cat toys stashed away that could be eaten, all windows and doors locked and alarms set. We also rotate lights and shades and retrieve packages, door hangers and flyers so as to give your home a lived-in appearance and discourage obvious signs that you are away. All of this ensures to eliminate serious liabilities present to your cat and home.
  • Your home keys securely labeled and stored so that no compromising information is listed that could be traced back to your home if the keys were misplaced.

Our services are much more comprehensive than what we have listed here. But you can rest assured knowing that we take our responsibility in the safety and welfare of both your cat and home extremely seriously.


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