Customer Concerns: I’m Worried About Giving a Stranger Access to My Home

by | Oct 6, 2021

Pet parents can’t always be tied to their home each day to cater to the whims of their feline family members. We may need to travel for work, stay at a medical facility for a night or two, or we may suddenly be gripped by a powerful need to be sitting somewhere with a tropical drink and a great view. Unfortunately, it is not always convenient for our cats to join us on our forays away from home, no matter what the reason is.

As our furbabies aren’t quite independent enough to take care of themselves while we are away, we must make arrangements for their care. Pet parents have several options to consider, including enlisting friends or family members, boarding their cat, or—our personal favorite—having a bonded and insured petsitter such as The Comforted Kitty take care of your pet in your own home.

When first considering a dedicated cat sitter, many pet parents are understandably concerned about the idea of inviting a stranger into their home. How can they trust someone they haven’t met to guarantee the safety of their beloved furbabies? How can you be sure their cat will accept the new sitter? What happens in the unlikely event that a petsitter causes damage to their property or injures their cat?

, Customer Concerns: I’m Worried About Giving a Stranger Access to My Home, The Comforted Kitty

These are all valid and pertinent questions to ask when making this important decision, for both your pet’s happiness and safety and happiness, and your peace of mind. Here at The Comforted Kitty, we understand your concerns because they are our concerns too. We take our responsibility for your precious pet and your property very seriously, with rules and regulations in place so that we are prepared and you are protected if the unexpected should happen.

A Friendly Face

, Customer Concerns: I’m Worried About Giving a Stranger Access to My Home, The Comforted Kitty

With some large pet sitting companies, particularly “gig” based services, you may meet your sitter for the first time the day you start your vacation. This gives neither you nor your cat the opportunity to assess your cat’s caregiver, leading to added stress. The Comforted Kitty, on the other hand, makes sure that you have an opportunity to get to know your sitter by requiring a meet and greet at your home prior to starting services.

The meet and greet session required by Comforted Kitty is an essential step in the petsitting process for multiple reasons. This introductory meeting not only allows pet parents to ascertain if the pet sitter is a good fit for their unique situation, but it also allows the sitter an opportunity to learn more about your cat and their care routine, agree on contingency plans and emergency options, and discuss any additional questions and concerns either of you may have.

Slaying the “What If’s”

Pet parents who are preparing to travel without their pets may have a number of what if’s related to allowing someone in their home to care for their cats. The Comforted Kitty has a two-pronged approach to slaying the what if’s. Firstly, we ensure clear communication between ourselves and our customers, before, during, and after our services are needed. Secondly, we carry expansive commercial liability insurance and bonding that covers each and every one of our cat sitters.

What if something happens to my pet?

, Customer Concerns: I’m Worried About Giving a Stranger Access to My Home, The Comforted Kitty

If your cat is injured or becomes ill for any reason, the sitter will first try to contact you to discuss the appropriate course of action for the situation. If they are unable to reach you in a timely manner, your sitter will transport your cat to the nearest emergency veterinarian, update you on the situation ASAP, and stay in constant contact.

Along with our reassurance that your cat will receive timely and caring attention in the event of an unexpected injury or illness, our robust liability insurance covers damages that could occur as a result of a sitter’s negligence or willful misconduct. This includes the injury or loss of your cat and limited emergency veterinary care.

What if something happens to my property?

, Customer Concerns: I’m Worried About Giving a Stranger Access to My Home, The Comforted Kitty

While our first priority is always the health and safety of your feline family members, we understand that the security and sanctity of your home is also essential to your peace of mind. Our sitters will give your home a lived-in appearance while you are on vacation by bringing in your mail, watering your plants, and adjusting the lights and shades.

Although we have the utmost faith in our sitters’ responsibility and reliability, the unexpected does sometimes happen in life. If, through any negligence or willfulness on the part of the sitter, any damage or loss of property occurs, the industry-leading insurance and bonding procured by The Comforted Kitty ensures that it is covered, as is bodily injury to the petsitter themselves, or burglary caused by the loss or theft of your house key.

We hope this short guide has helped to address your concerns about having a petsitter care for your cat in your home. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to answer them. You can contact us by visiting the FAQs at the bottom of our booking page, sending us an email, or calling us at 925-494-0485 in California or 702-329-0418 in Nevada.



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