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Julia G.

We are so grateful for The Comforted Kitty!! Sara took wonderful care of our cats, Bonnie and Crocodile, while we were away for a week. My husband and I were immensely pleased to receive a sweet email report with adorable pictures every day. The best part was coming home to very happy cats and a tidy home!!

Marc G.

The Comforted Kitty was the first cat-sitting service we tried, and we haven’t needed to go anywhere else since…the website is excellent.

Mimi N.

This is such a professional and outstanding catsitting company! They make sure to get all the info from you about your home and your pets before the first visit, and he even asked questions I didn’t think to tell, such as where cleaning supplies were just in case…

David D.

They are the best! They take great care of your pets and are 100% professional!

Tracy B.

I live in the San Jose Area and Samantha from Comforted Kitty did an excellent job watching my cat while I was out of town. I have an older cat who is on several medications, eats a special mix of food and still maintains her tortitude even in her old age and Samantha handled it all.

Kit R.

The Comforted Kitty is amazing! I am obsessed with my cats and given towards worrying and feeling guilty for leaving them at home while I travel, but knowing they will be taking care of them makes me feel so much better!

Richard M.

The Comforted Kitty company has some pretty solid web tools for booking and payment, which made using their services even easier…would definitely recommend to anyone looking for pet sitting services!

Nithya R.

If I could give 6 stars for Comforted Kitty I would. Comforted Kitty should be called Comforted Parents! A day before our trip, our flight tickets were canceled…I sent a message to the Comforted Kitty in a panic, and they responded in minutes. In less than an hour, they confirmed that they could accommodate the change in my schedule and I could rebook my flight tickets in peace knowing that our cat would be taken care of. Kudos!

Teresa D.

We used Comforted Kitty to care for cat  and we were very happy with the service! Erin was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. We appreciated the daily updates! We’ll definitely be using Comforted Kitty again and highly recommend them!

Joanna L.

My cats were very well taken care of by Tera. She played with them, pet them and gave them lots of love. The Comforted Kitty is definitely the best cat sitting company I’ve ever used!

Dana F.

Our cat is 18 years old and needs special care and attention and I don’t trust just anyone with that responsibility, let alone letting a complete stranger have access to our home. But Daniel and Poppy stepped up and did an amazing job. They are professional, respectful and completely put us at ease with their understanding, reliability, integrity and careful attention to detail.

Sarah S.

Their online interface makes it easy to schedule, input/update cat-care information, and get emailed daily updates and photos during the sitting.  They also offered to take in the mail, water any plants, turn on and off lights, etc…Great sitters allowing for better peace of mind and I’d definitely recommend!

Sara G.

The questions on the initial form go over your kitty’s likes, potential hiding places, vet information, and much more. Before I even met my cat sitter I was impressed!

Wendy L.

Slam-dunk 5 stars for due diligence, responsiveness, professionalism, attentiveness, kitty-care skills, integrity…For reals, add any rave-review adjective here and it would fit The Comforted Kitty.

Shere R.

It was worth every penny to have someone who really cared about our cats and gave them some love & play versus someone who would’ve just come in to feed, clean the litter box and leave. Thank you so much Marion & Daniel!

Jackson M.

Rather than picking up a shell-shocked cat from the cat hotel we get to return to our normal, happy cat. I highly recommend Samantha if you are in the San Jose area, and after meeting Daniel I am sure that all of the other cat sitters would do an equally amazing job.


The business side is so professional and the care so personal, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have someone my kitten loves caring for him! I am so grateful for this service!

Holly S.

They definitely comfort your kitty, but they also comfort you! For obsessive pet parents like us, the type of care and attention they give to your fur child makes being away from them bearable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking!

Kyle M.

The price includes additional perks that make it worthwhile, such as getting the mail and watering the plants, and bringing out the trash. I got daily detailed updates and photos…I will be using this service regularly.

Jake B.

We were very worried about leaving “Obi,” our six-month-old kitty, with a sitter and giving a stranger access to our apartment for an entire week. The Comforted Kitty put us at ease so we could relax on our vacation. The online registration was very thorough and each sitter is insured.

Abbie P.

Poppy was great! She made sure she understood Ripley’s care and reassured us about the concerns we had…The Comforted Kitty app is also very easy to use—that’s where we received our pictures and updates, and you can also pay right in the app. We will definitely hire Poppy again for our next vacation.


I was very happy with our pet sitting service from The Comforted Kitty. Ashley was our assigned provider and she was prompt, organized, and worked well with our somewhat difficult (a.k.a psycho) kitty.


We were extremely pleased with the service The Comforted Kitty provided. We will definitely be repeat customers!

Shannon S.

Ashley Best recently took care of my cat and she did a great job! My cat is very shy around new people but she happily came out when Ashley stopped by.

Jessica C.

Daniel is a wonderful cat sitter! It was clear when I used his services that the cats were happy and well taken care of during my trip. I have used his services twice and was relieved knowing he would be taking care of my kitties. I know he will play with them and give them great care. Daniel is very professional and responsive. He provided me with daily text & photo updates so I knew how they were doing. I look forward to working with him again and will urge others to use his services as well. Thanks Daniel!!

Athena S.

The Comforted Kitty is an excellent pet sitting service! Daniel takes great care of our kitty Linus each time we travel, not only checking food and water and litter box, but also taking time to play with and bond with our cat. He even emails picture updates so we can really see how Linus is doing! Furthermore, Daniel is very professional and responsive to emails and calls. I definitely recommend The Comforted Kitty!

Erin B.

I would highly recommend the Comforted Kitty to anyone in the area looking for a highly dependable, conscientious fellow cat lover to care for their feline companion(s).

Kyle M.

Daniel’s service is thorough and comprehensive. He is the cats meow! I initially hoped to ask for every other day to try to save money, but having the peace of mind was well worth it, and the cats enjoyed daily visits and were much better behaved than they have been in the past when we’ve been gone.

Jack H.

Daniel is quite simply the most amazing cat sitter I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s very responsive, sends great updates, and cares for our cats like his own. When my wife and I have taken long trips without phone/network

Jennifer S.

I was hesitant at first to use a cat sitting service, but when my cat needed care while I was gone on a long trip I contacted The Comforted Kitty. Every single time I interacted with them they are responsive, courteous and very professional. Plus, their online website calendar and registration system are easy to use!

Marcella K.

I was referred to Comforted Kitty with high regards from a friend, and have used their services once so far. They did not disappoint. Daniel and Barbara were very professional, organized, kind, and thorough. I could tell that they wanted to provide the best possible, and safest, care for my Bunny and Jackrabbit. And indeed, I felt completely free to enjoy my vacation with my babies’ care in their hands.

Jen W.

Daniel went above and beyond to make sure our two cats were healthy, happy, and cared for during a two week vacation we took last year, and was able to take care of the cats on short notice for other trips after that. He made sure to ask thorough questions during our initial cat meet-and-greet and get to know our two cats. He even managed to earn the approval of our very skittish cat who usually runs and hides under the bed with strangers!

Lisa G.

These are the best cat sitters! They seem to genuinely love cats and are very conscientious. They bring toys to each visit and send lots of pictures. As an added bonus, you can do the booking and payment online. I definitely recommend them!

cat sitting testimonials, Happy Clients, The Comforted Kitty

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cat sitting testimonials, Happy Clients, The Comforted Kitty
cat sitting testimonials, Happy Clients, The Comforted Kitty
cat sitting testimonials, Happy Clients, The Comforted Kitty
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