FAQs about our sitters

How are your sitters selected?

Every sitter at The Comforted Kitty is selected for their years of cat care experience, excellent customer service, and proven exceptional work ethic. Furthermore, we are proud to pay a living wage in order to attract and retain the best caregivers.

All of our partner cat sitters are screened and selected via a rigorous three-part interview process, an extensive reference check, and must pass a criminal background check too. Furthermore, they are covered under our commercial liability insurance and bonding policies.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Will I get to meet my sitter beforehand?

Absolutely! In fact, we require an initial consultation / meet-and-greet with you as a new client so that the sitter can come to your home and interact with both you and your cat, to make sure there’s a good fit. It also is an opportunity for the cat sitter to familiarize themselves with the entire visit and care routine, retrieve your house keys, and ask you any questions they might have. It’s also appropriate in this meeting for either party to mention any concerns that might exist so that both you and your sitter are best prepared for the sittings. We assign the same sitter for your entire trip so that you will have met the person entering your home and not have someone new each visit.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

How many sitters will be caring for my cat?

We believe it is very important for a sitter to develop a relationship with our human and feline clients. In fact, it’s really beneficial for all when the sitter is able to form a strong bond with your cat. Therefore, only your one assigned sitter (the person you meet at the initial consultation) will be entering your home to care for your cat. Unlike many other pet sitting companies and dog walking apps that are popular these days, you will always know ahead of time who is coming into your home and we won’t ever bring another person or animal into your home. No bait and switches here!

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Will I have the same sitter each time I use your services?

While we do assign a sitter as your primary sitter — and strive to have that person care for your cat each trip — we cannot guarantee their availability each time. This can be due to such factors as illness, personal obligations, vacations, or other scheduling conflicts. If we do have to assign a substitute sitter to help you out, you will always get to meet that person beforehand to see they are a good fit with your cat too, and also go over the whole visit care routine with them. And rest assured… the sitter will ALWAYS be a The Comforted Kitty sitter who is background checked, insured, bonded, and fully vetted. Additionally, all of your cat care routine and contact information is stored securely in our pet sitting software so that regardless of which sitter helps, they will always have the most up-to-date information to complete the care — and execute the visits — properly without any confusion.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Do you have references available?

Absolutely. Check out our Happy Clients page, as well as our Yelp, Google, and Facebook review pages. Lot’s of our current clients are eager to share their experience using our professional cat sitting services!

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Meet Your Sitters

Rowan W.
"I love cats because it takes more work to win them over than other animals, which makes it even more special when they finally trust you. They are also extremely cute, which is a plus."
Hello! My name is Rowan, and I just recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in cinema. I got my first cat when I was 8 years old. I also have had dogs, rats, guinea pigs, and mice. I often watched neighbors and family friends' pets when they went on vacation growing up. After moving out of my parents house and relocating to San Francisco, I got a cat of my own (she is in the picture with me).
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Kat S.
"It's a joy to see cats express their unique personalities. My heart melts when a cat sits on my lap and makes biscuits, or when I ask them a question and they meow in response."
Hi! My name is Kat and I'm a cat person! When I was a kid, there were many stray cats in my neighborhood, and I always took a liking to them. It wasn't until my early twenties that I started to cat sit for friends and foster kittens, showing me just how interesting, strange and lovable cats can be. My husband and I decided to adopt a foster kitten a few years ago. At the time, she had the cat flu, so we named her Sniffles. I work remotely, and I get to hang out with Sniffles...a lot! One could say that she is my favorite coworker, making brief appearances in Zoom meetings.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Emilia S.
"Cats are there for you in their own special way. Not everyone understands them and what it takes to create a real bond. I love how real the love feels because I know it doesn't always come so easy."
Hi! My name is Emilia and I am finishing up my senior year of college online at California State University Monterey Bay. I have had cats my whole life, in fact, I currently have four! Three boys and one girl. I began pet sitting in high school for a little extra cash while I was saving up for college and just never stopped. I understand that your pets mean the world to you and when I am taking care of your pet they will be my whole world too. I am currently working part time at a preschool which gives me plenty of time to commit to you and your cats! They would have constant love and attention from me to keep them happy and healthy during our time together. I look forward to meeting you!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Moira T.
"Cats are magnificent animals. I love how they can have multiple fluffy, comfy cat beds, and yet choose to sleep curled up in a plant."
Hello Cat Parents: My name is Moira and I adore kitties of all kinds. So much so, that I occasionally embarrass my husband with my cat purse, hats, hoodies, etc. Who doesn’t love a Cat Mom Beanie? I have had the pleasure of taking care of friends and family cats, feeding them, playing and loving them (if the kitties allow me to). For the past 14 years I have been a business owner and recently sold it, so I could follow my heart and dedicate my life to the care of animals (kitties being my favs). Because I have four of my own cat babies, I understand the importance of being dedicated, nurturing, responsible, loving and honest. I know our kitties are our home’s royalty and allow us to serve them. In volunteering, I have helped with trapping cats (11) behind my commercial kitchen so I could have them fixed and returned to their “home.” Two of the colony I caught, I brought home where they now live (with my two other kitties). Three others were also able to be socialized and found forever homes. I am currently attending online classes to become a veterinary assistant primarily for the knowledge, as I would love to eventually have a cat rescue. I cannot think of a more joyful career than taking care of animals and working with The Comforted Kitty and their cat-loving clients.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Natalia A.
"I love that cats can be independent, curious and sassy, while being the most adorable, loving creatures. Having a cat on my lap is my happy place, specially if they are purring."
Hello! My name is Natalia and I am excited to be your next cat sitter. While I didn’t have the luck to grow up with cats, my love for them started at 18 years old. I was living on my own for the first time, and decided to take in a kitten and adventure buddy, Morel. He taught me about independence and boundaries, high cleanliness standards, zoomies and purrings. I’ve been a cat lover since and taking care of cats for friends and family always brings me joy. In addition to being a cat person, I am also a documentary filmmaker. I’ve lived in and traveled multiple countries, enjoy learning languages (I speak Spanish, French, English and currently learning Portuguese), love taking neighborhood cat tours, and spending time in nature. Originally from Colombia, I’ve called California home since 2015.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Thanks so much Natalia!! They were very happy to see me, and of course extremely well cared for in my absence! Thanks for taking such good care of them and sending really comprehensive updates and photos. It’s really peace of mind while I’m away!” -Joe S. (San Francisco)

Sally M.
"What I admire most about cats is their loving nature, curiosity, and independence."
My love of animals began with a childhood neighbor who had many pets. She taught all the neighborhood kids how to bathe, feed, nurture, clean up after, and most of all to have a gentle compassion for animals. Those were some of my fondest times. Since then I’ve owned two cats, Breakfast (who’s in catnip heaven) and Eyebrow (now lives with my brother since I had to move overseas) and currently have a kitten named Lucy. I’ve been a pet sitter for many co workers and family friends. My hobbies include running, puzzles, and sewing.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Thank you so much Sally for taking great care of Lucy and Matilda! We made it home safely. Both cats were in great spirits when we got home.” -Veronica T. (Pleasant Hill)

“I just wanted to express our gratitude for your exceptional service. You did an excellent job providing updates daily and the photos were really a great bonus. The house looked great when we got back and the cats were in tip too shape. I think they might be missing you a bit. We truly appreciated everything you did and we look forward to using the service again for our next vacation.” -Michael S. (Pleasant Hill)

Danlin W.
"I love cats because they are fierce, uncompromising, and friendly on their own terms. They have clear boundaries, but will show affection when you least expect it."
Hello! My name is Danlin. I grew up in a family that has been breeding and racing pigeons for the past 15 years, which has given me a lot of experience in caring for animals. After moving to the US for college, I had a bunny (named Rapunzel) and a roommate with two cats (Puff and Spiro). As international students, we often took care of each other's pets while they are in traveling. Each holiday or school break, our home would be full of fur friends. This led to me gaining a lot of experience in cat-sitting. I quickly realized that I had a special connection with animals, especially cats. It was as if I had some sort of magic touch that made them feel comfortable around me. I absolutely love rolling and cuddling with them. After discovering my passion for pet-sitting, I did it for 4 years during my undergrad and graduate career. As a cat sitter, I have not only gained valuable experience in care, but I also made many new friends. Taking care of cats has given me a wonderful opportunity to connect and share my love for these furry little creatures. I hope my thoughtful and reliable caring can bring more convince to you. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your furry purry baby.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Eliska V.
"What I love most about cats is their unearthly ability to take our sadness and turn it into a kind of serenity. Somehow, they can sense the sadness that is a part of life and transform those feelings into a deep calm."
It has been a great pleasure for me to have known so many cats throughout my life, beginning when I was just a small child. There was Paganini, a black and white tuxedo cat my dad brought home to our houseboat one day. I still remember the smarting pain that rose when he scratched my hand to ward off my fervent advances just to touch him. Years later, there was Max, or Maxwell, as my mom used to call him. What I remember most about Max was his alabaster mane, that appeared to hem in his head like a halo. When we teenagers my mom took my brother and I to the Humane Society to pick out a kitten, a fluffy tabby we named Pierre. I remember Pierre very well. We were very close, and I missed him a lot when I moved out of my dad’s house to find a place of my own and attend college. Even when I became a so-called adult, Pierre and I still enjoyed chasing each other, his claws clicking, then sliding and scratching at the wood floor at the end of the hallway to make the sharp turn into our dining room. I still miss him. These days, my partner, S., and I are close friends with a long-haired tabby we call Captain. He stays at a hotel across the way from us, near the hotel’s pool. That is where we saw him for the first time, along with his brother, Gill, and his mom, Skip, about five years ago. One day Gill and Skip followed us back to our home, a 36-foot sailboat. They came and went as they pleased, back and forth along the long narrow docks and through a parking lot between our boat and the hotel. Captain, a very sweet, very cautious tomcat never ventures far from the hotel’s pool area. Every morning and evening, rain or shine, S. and I come to see him. First, I brush his long silky coat, then S. sits on the grass and pets him while he eats, and I shake out the hair and debris from his bed inside his “house”, a little wooden shelter our neighbor constructed recently, right before the heavy rain started last year. Then I put a hand-warmer or two under the blanket on his bed and pour fresh water in his big water bowl. Captain insists on having these cat duties completed in this order. If not, watch out! S. and I would love it if he came with us back to the boat, but he won’t- and I don’t blame him one bit. I often take care of our neighbors’ cats and dogs in the marina when they leave town. They have been here their whole lives, and it is home for them. Captain’s home is on land, and I take comfort in knowing that he’s nearby and we can come over and see him anytime. It is my sincerest wish that all people experience the great pleasure that comes from knowing cats and taking care of them. The world would be a better place.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Thank you so much for taking your time with them and taking such good care of them and the house! it is appreciated! take care and the girls will look forward to seeing you next time!” -Leslie B. (Alameda)

“Thank you again for everything! I’m so relieved to have found someone that the cats and I like and trust so much!!! I’m sure we’ll see you again 😸😸😸” -Angela F. (Alameda)

“Just got home a little while ago. Star is telling us how wonderfully you took care of her while we were gone , California, The Comforted Kitty, California, The Comforted Kitty, California, The Comforted Kitty, California, The Comforted Kitty Thanks again for all you did. Until next time , California, The Comforted Kitty, California, The Comforted Kitty, California, The Comforted Kitty” -Gina B. (Alameda)

“Thank you so much Eliška. We got home late last night and Misty was thrilled to see us. We really appreciate all your hard work and great care of the kitties. We will definitely get in touch the next time we go on a trip!” -Ellen K. (Oakland)

“We are back home from our trip and everyone is happy and super chill. Thank you so much for your excellent cat care! You are truly one of the best sitters my crew has ever had and the best sitter they’ve had since my friend left town a couple years back!” -Tracy G. (Oakland)

Jessica G.
"One of my favorite things about cats is that they each have their own unique personalities, so I look forward to getting to know yours."
Hi! My name is Jessi and I moved to San Francisco from my hometown of Chicago in 2022. I spent the first 24 years of my life living with my first feline best friend, Tigger. Currently, I have two silly and spoiled rescue kitties, Hendrix and Arlo, who bravely joined me on the plane for our move to the West Coast. I got my first cat sitting gig way back in middle school when I cared for my English teacher's cat and I am thrilled to now be part of The Comforted Kitty team. In addition to cats, I enjoy writing, roller derby, and photography - so expect plenty of cute photos of your kitties from me!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Daria F.
"What I like most about cats is their expressive faces and different personalities. I've never had a cat without its own quirks, and I think that is what makes them special and great family members!"
I grew up with cats and consider them essential family members, I don't think there's every been a long period of time where there wasn't a cat in my home. Because of this I've been trusted by friends and family to cat sit for them while they traveled for vacations, either for short periods of time or for longer. My understanding of cat body language and needs makes me a great cat owner and a good cat sitter - or so I've been told. So I decided to cat sit more professionally! Aside from cats, I also own rats, and am just as quick to notice any changes in behavior with both species. I love my pets with my whole heart and try to give them the best care possible, and I hope to carry this trait over to the cat-sitting role. Whether it's a pet sitter or a vet, I find that as a pet owner I want that individual to truly care about the animal so that they will put in their best efforts.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Trinity C.
"My favorite thing about cats would be that each one is their own personality and the unique sounds each one has when they are trying to communicate!"
Hi! My name is Trinity and I am currently a PhD student in molecular cell biology at UC Berkeley. I have had pets since I can remember... I grew up with several dogs, cats, and cats who thought they were dogs. Our cat Midnight even had two litters of her own! After moving to the bay area for graduate school, I became a cat mom to my Hazel and Leo who have extremely different personalities but are the best of friends. In addition to my own cats, I also frequently take care of my coworkers' cats when they are traveling for work or vacation. I understand how pets become a part of the family and treat them as my own when I have the pleasure of taking care of them.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Brian J.
“Cats can be so deeply in tune with our emotions. Sometimes they help us realize what we’re feeling before we do.”
I take pride in serving both feline and human clients alike! I have 10 plus years of pet sitting experience. This includes caring for cats needing regular medication, including that delivered by inhaler. I take a personalized approach to each cat because each cat is very different. I look forward to meeting you and learning about your cats’ quirks, needs and habits. I recognize it can be a strange feeling to be separated from your beloved fuzzy family member for any extended period of time. My mission is to provide excellent care for your cat and thus peace of mind for you until you can be reunited. In my “day” job I am a financial services and insurance recruiter. I sought out The Comforted Kitted because I am the type of person who will melt internally (and sometimes externally) when meeting a new cat. I love that there is always something new to learn about a particular cat’s personality.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Katherine A.
"What I love most about cats? Well, their adorable faces, playful nature, and soothing purrs, but most of all their tiny little paws and squishy bellies! But above all, I love the special bond that can form between a cat and their human. It's truly magical."
Hi there! I'm Katherine, a self-proclaimed lover of all fur babies, especially little angels who go “meow”, who's been obsessed with feline friends since I was a little kitten myself. Growing up, my home was always full of love, with pets by my side, and right now I live with my sweet girl, Chami who is a rescue who holds a special place in my heart. I love exploring historical places around the Bay Area, baking, and finding ways to be creative in my free time. As a student, I always make time to unwind with my fur baby and cherish the moments we share. I can't wait to meet your furry friends and create our own special memories together!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Laura P.
"What I love about cats is their unique personalities. Each is their own individual that may (or may not) allow you to become part of their world. If you are lucky enough to be allowed inside, there's nothing better than interacting with a contented kitty, especially if they give you a purr."
Hi there! My name is Laura and I am passionate about kitties! My love of all animals started in childhood being raised by a cat loving mother. I am a caretaker by nature, and have spent the last several years raising my two children. Now that it is time for me to get back into the workforce, I am excited to do something that I truly love. Working with animals is my passion and brings me much joy and happiness. I have cared for many types of pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, bearded dragons, turtles, even snakes. I love them all! Any kitties in my care will be treated with love and respect as if they were my own. I have completed a Pet CPR & First Aid Course along with Cat Sitting Fundamentals in order to make sure I am prepared for any situation that may come up during a sitting. I will treat your kitty and your home with utmost respect, and do my best to ensure your absence is the least stressful it can be for your fur babies. I look forward to meeting fellow kitty parents and providing the best care possible to kitties while their family is away. I was born and raised in the South Bay Area. I'm a mom of two teens, one in high school, the other in college. When I'm not taking care of others, I enjoy hiking, supporting my favorite sports teams (San Jose Sharks & San Francisco 49ers), hanging out with my family including my kitty, Oreo, and cheering/spectating at my daughter's volleyball games.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“We’re home and the kitties seem happy you were there to visit them. Thank you again for taking such great care of them. I’m hoping we get to travel more together now that we have a cat sitter.” -Courtney M. (San Jose)

“These are such great photos!! We’re both tearing up because they look so happy and playful. 😻 And Piper was scratching! That means she’s happy! Thank you for being an awesome sitter to them. 💙🐾” -Sue K. (San Jose)

“We’ve just arrived home and were greeted by two very happy cats! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of them while we were away. Your pictures and updates alleviated our worries and brightened each day. We cannot thank you enough.” -Bryan B. (San Jose)

“Hi Laura! We just got home and everything looks great. You did an amazing job! We cannot thank you enough. It was so great knowing we had someone so good taking care of them and getting your reports. We’d love to have you watch them again in the future.” -Tori S. (San Jose)

Sierra F.
Sierra would be delighted to care for your cat! It’s her avenue to quality kitty time, as she currently doesn’t have any of her own due to apartment restrictions. After having grown up with three cats throughout her childhood, going off to college presented the unique challenge of being without the comfort of a furry friend. She misses in particular the sounds of a little companion around the house—of a tinkling collar bell, the deep rumble of a purr, and the insistent meows at mealtime. But it really started for her in kindergarten, when her teacher was an avid SPCA volunteer who would constantly have a new litter of kittens, each with their own personalities and challenges, and Sierra always offered to help out with feedings during recess. When she’s not looking after some cute animal or another for her friends and family—not only cats!—Sierra is working part-time at a bakery and tutoring soccer players on the side to save up for her master’s degree in psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking elaborate meals and working it off at the gym with weightlifting and pilates; afterwards, her walk around the neighborhood is, of course, planned on a route that passes all of the local cats’ favorite hangouts.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Steve M.
I LOVE CATS!!! I completely understand why the Ancient Egyptians believed that many of the Egyptian gods chose cats as vessels to inhabit! I love it when cats sit upright like they do in the ancient hierogplyhs. They are so majestic sitting like this, and I love hanging out with them while we're all meditating together. Om Shanti and a Deep Bow. I've been around cats and dogs my whole life, whether working for clients, or helping out friends and family. I love cuddling with cats, and rubbing dog bellies! I had a cat for 10 years while growing up, and later in life my brother had two cats that I helped take care of for 5 years. For one of my clients, I took care of 2 cats, a huge outdoor garden, and a large indoor plant for 10 days with two drop-ins per day, morning and evening. For another client I took care of 3 cats with one drop in per day. Another client had me take care of 2 cats and house sit for 2 weeks. Yet another client had me take care of 2 cats and house sit for a month. I'm a part time Cyber Security, Zen & Yoga Student, so I have time to take care of your fur baby, or babies. I typically have morning, mid-day, and evening availability for cat and/or dog drop-ins. I can also do overnights. I'll be staying at a Yoga Ashram in San Francisco at the start of 2023 where I'll have some extra duties, and responsibilities. However, my overall flexibility will still be very good. I'll stay at the Ashram for at least the first half of 2023 while I get my Yoga on!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
John H.
"Cats to me are most interesting creatures, many different personalities and probably a slight jealousy wishing I could sleep as much as they do!"
Hi! I’m John, although I mostly go by my middle name, Liam. Its fair to say I’m an animal lover, and have been around cats pretty much all my life, and am currently the cat parent to one senior, Gabe, and two kittens, Chris and Jay. I’ve spent a fair amount of time pet-sitting, both for friends and for family, and find it quite enjoyable being able to meet new cats. I also spend several months volunteering with CatTown Oakland, helping cats that some deemed “unadoptable” find homes. When I’m not spending time with my cats, I’m out photographing trains, walking, writing stories, or playing with my model trains at home or at the local model train club. I’m an avid history nerd and love going to museums almost as much as I enjoy time with cats!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Denisse A.
My name is Denisse Alfaro and my hobbies are hiking, volunteering and cat care~! My love for cats started when I was a child and rescued my first cat off the street, his name is Oreo. Then rescued two more and my admiration for them has only grown since then! I am fond of cats because not only are they adorable and fun to be around but they are also there for you emotionally like no other. I am the biggest cat person due to their uniqueness in personalities, resilience,curiosity, loyalty and their independence. My experience: Where I previously lived, I would have stray cats roaming around. My family and I took care of them as our own and would feed them and take them to the vet for checkups. We ended up adopting one while the other two preferred the outside. Also as of recently, I have been volunteering at a pet shelter, specifically in the cat department to get an even better understanding of cats. Some fun facts about me are that I am bilingual! I speak both Spanish and English fluently, and a bit of French as well. I am a college student with online courses and a flexible schedule so feel free to book!
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Thank you Denisse! You did an amazing job! We did indeed have a great trip and it was so much better knowing the kitties were being well looked after! We don’t travel often but next time we do we will definitely reach out again!!” -Tara D. (Richmond)

“Hi Dan I wanted to drop a note of appreciation for how great Denisse is and this service is. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will also be able to travel now knowing that the kitties are well looked after and happy. Thank you for providing this service” -Swati P. (Richmond)

Katrina A.
"I love how cuddly cats can be once you earn their trust. A cat deciding you’re cool is the most wonderful feeling in the world."
If there is one thing you need to know about me, is that I have never come across a cat that I haven’t loved! Growing up, there was always at least one cat in the house, including my cat Dusty (the blond tabby in my profile picture). My sisters and I feed them, brush them, and give our cat May that has upper respiratory issues oral medication when necessary. It wasn’t until I was in college did I start petsitting for other families. My first petsitting job was for a Labrador mix. I took him out on walks, fed him, and comforted him during thunderstorms. My first cat sitting job was for an elderly cat named Satori who required topical medication twice a day and lots of cuddles. Caring for Satori made me realize how much I enjoyed looking after cats and sparked my desire to be a professional cat sitter. Besides cats, books and writing has always had a special place in my heart. In 2021 I finished writing my first novel (though I still continue to work on it to this day) and I intended on acquiring a Masters in Publishing within the next five years. Besides that, I am also an amateur embroider and film lover 🙂
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Scott G.
I am 28 years old and have owned cats most of my life. My current two cats are Thom and Jerry who require lots of attention and love. I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and am quite familiar with the area. I attended Diablo Valley Community College and SAE Expression College where I obtained a Bachelor in Applied Science in Animation and Visual Effects. My hobbies are gardening, drawing, hanging out with friends, taking care of the local wildlife, and playing with my cats. My grandmother was a member of a group that takes care of stray cats, and I spent my early life helping her feed and care for all the cats in my neighborhood. Since I live in a small forested area away from the city, there are tons of wildlife in my area. I take care of a murder of crows, who I have found love cat food, a barnyard cat named Sam who terrorizes said murder of crows, a family of polecats that hide under the outside office, a clan of racoons that keep trying to get into my house where I keep the cat food, 2 possums, a flock of turkeys that chase my car, and a bee hive that moved into my backyard tree last year. I have a good deal of experience taking care of my neighbor's cats whenever one of the families goes on vacation. One of my favorite cats that I have taken care of is the neighborhood barnyard cat, Sam. Whenever I am feeding the birds or working in my garden he is there to help me. He is a sponge that never has enough attention and he will walk in front of you and throw himself down at your feet. When I leave the house I will often find him sleeping in front of the door and when he wants food or attention, he will stand on a chair in front of my window and look into the house. This sends my territorial cat, Jerry, into a yowling fit. He is one of the most friendly cats that I have ever known and I am happy that he visits me every day. I have never met a cat that I did not like, and I'm sure that I will become great friends with your cat as well.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Heather D.
Hello! My name is Heather but I like to go by my middle name, Alicia. I am originally from Michigan where I enjoyed art, the outdoors, and all the animals. I have also lived in China, Thailand, and Arizona. I started caring for people’s pets from a young age because it is so fun to meet new pets and see them again and again. One dog I watched over the course of five years was a little Chihuahua. She was an older dog who was very sweet and playful. The biggest responsibility I had was caring for this dog for six months while her family went to Europe. I continued to pet sit throughout my school years and now I am happy to have the joy and responsibility to work as a professional pet sitter in my adulthood. My other profession is teaching English as a second language. I find both these jobs require someone who is extremely aware of others, their needs, and feelings. It takes someone who is nurturing and empathetic to be a pet sitter and I am so grateful to be able to specifically care for cats! The past year, I have been meeting pet owners and providing care for cats and dogs through a website where I was able to gain experience to prepare me to be an excellent carer with Comforted Kitty. Since I truly am happy with cats, it does not feel like a job. I make sure they are well taken care of, get plenty of exercise, and stay entertained. From having a guinea pig, I have become well-versed in pet house construction so cardboard boxes have unlimited potential. It’s great to watch them explore and get to know their different personalities. Similar to guinea pigs, cats get the zoomies too, so that is really adorable.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Marilee M.
"I admire how cats fit into our world on their own terms. Cats don’t speak our language yet manage to communicate quite clearly if you watch closely. They ask only for our respect for them as individuals, and well, maybe some kibble."
Hello, my name is Marilee. I have rescued stray street kittens, fostered cats, raised bottle-baby litters, socialized shelter cats, adopted medically fragile elderly cats whose owners have died, raised money for cat spay/neuter programs, and staffed feral cat clinics. Each cat who has touched my life has amazed me. I admire how cats fit into our world on their own terms. Cats don’t speak our language yet manage to communicate quite clearly if you watch closely. They ask only for our respect for them as individuals, and well, maybe, some kibble. I am fortunate now to be professionally retired from 20-plus years as an emergency/critical care credentialed veterinary technician and have even more time available to spend in the company of cats. My Best-Orange-Cat-in-the-World, Sparky, would prefer that I meet any new kitties outside his home and I have to respect his wishes. Working with The Comforted Kitty gives me an opportunity to meet those new cats. I would be honored to meet yours and give them the care and respect that they deserve.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Adrien M.
"What I like most about cats is that their care routine matches their individual personalities. Diva cats tend to be particular about how their food is served. Couch potatoes are typically nonchalant about new visitors saying hello. Wallflowers need more one-on-one time to build up to play mode."
Hello! My name is Adrien and I live in Concord with my cat, Fernie. As a child, I was obsessed with the show “That’s My Baby”, which led to my childhood dream to become a tiger breeder and raiser. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, but I did get to do the next best thing: raise a sickly seven weeks old kitten into a living room tiger! Watching her grow and develop her own personality has made me what some call “a crazy cat lady” as we go on adventures together using a backpack or stroller. I’ve developed so many methods and skills in cat care through raising Fernie for the past 7 years and counting. I have extensive experience in creating positive connections and environments with pets of all shapes and sizes through my 7 years of working at Pet Food Express and I look forward to applying that to cat-sitting. It was there that I learned that maintaining a pet’s daily routine (and maybe some calming aids) can help furry friends feel less stressed while their favorite human is away. I will learn how your kitty goes about their day and use my expertise to keep them happy and comfortable. As far as care goes, I have experience in feeding frozen raw or fresh foods. I have tried out many clumping and non-clumping litters too. If your kitty enjoys being brushed, I will gladly help them not hack up hairballs on your bed while you're gone! Just let me know what your fur baby is like and I will provide them with the care best fit for them. You can also upload your special instructions for your cat so we can review what they need together. I am excited to meet you both and give lots of love to your kitty.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Thank you for these amazing summaries and pictures and videos! We absolutely love seeing them!! I’m so happy he has such a cat lover there to take care of him!” -Alison C. (Lafayette)

“Thank you so much Adrien. I feel so good about Coco being in your care.” -Lynn C. (Concord)

Cinta L.
"What I like most about cats is that they are so loving once they get to know you. I find it so rewarding when a cat that has been shy the first few days of a pet sit comes out and sits on my lap for the first time. I also love getting to know each cat's individual personalities."
I have been working with animals and pet sitting for over 10 years. I am a San Francisco native and it's always been my dream to work with animals. I was previously an adoptions counselor at the SPCA and am currently a veterinary assistant. I love when I'm able to help comfort the shyer cats who are more nervous at the vet and gain their trust. I have had pet cats since I was a kid and currently have a flame point Siamese named Marshmallow.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Emily M.
"What I love most about cats is their individual personalities. Until I had two cats, I had no idea every cat differs in their likes, dislikes, and quirky uniqueness."
I love animals and over the course of life have owned hamsters, hermit crabs, fish, a cockatiel, chickens, and two cats. One cat, Luna, was a sweetie who liked to curl up and purr in any lap. The other cat, Cosmo, was an orange tabby and was my heart for over 18 years. He was with me in 5 homes, on two coasts, in airplanes and long car rides. While Cosmo passed last year and I don't currently have a cat, I know how important that furry snuggle and playful joy are to enriching our lives. I have experience house & pet sitting for other people and understand the responsibility that entails. Over the many years of having cats I took out-of-town trips and used pet sitting services. I know how important it is to trust other people to keep your pet safe and happy while you're away. I look forward to caring for your cat or cats as I did my own.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Angelina C.
My name is Angelina, I’m a dedicated 23-year-old pursuing a PhD in art history, while also minoring in film. When not immersed in academia, I find solace in the company of my cat, Willow, and channeling my creativity into both visual art and creative writing. I would love to provide a safe and caring environment for your feline friend!📚🎨📸🐾
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“We just made it home to a whole bunch of happy kitties! Thank you so much for your excellent care, beautiful pictures, and thoughtful updates. It brings us great peace of mind to know how well cared for they are when we are away!” -Eric G. (Redwood City)

Maria A.
I have over 15 years of experience caring for my own pets as well as fostering rescue pets preparing them for new homes. I help care for my housemate's and friends' cats, which I adore. I believe the keys to cat care are patience, consistency, love, and accountability. I believe consistency is crucial and how you earn the animal's trust. My love for animals is what drives me to now care for my friends' dogs and cats, and it is what drives cat owners to use The Comforted Kitty to make sure their cat is safe and happy. I like to tailor cat care to the specific cat(s) and their families. Knowing this information will help me make your cat feel safe and happy while you are out.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Michelle B.
I've had cats for over 12+ years. I love animals and the first chance I was able, I got a cat, named Dog! Actually before Dog arrived, there was a neighborhood cat named Fred that I took to (and vice versa). We were buddies so much that I eventually let him sleep on my couch. My current cat is named Gaju, and I also have a dog. Gaju is definitely the boss around the house. I understand how important and special cats are and will treat them with kindness and understanding. If your cat is an extroverted cat and they would like to be petted or sit on my lap and play, I'm all for it! If they are shy and prefer quiet time, I respect that and can just hang out with them. My favorite part about cats is when they are making biscuits (kneading) and plop down on or next to me. That always warms my heart and puts a big smile on my face.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Henry B.
"I love cats for all their goofiness, complexity and their abilities to love me back."
Hello, Cat friends! My name is Henry, and I have recently become an empty nester. I was exposed to various animals early in life on a farm in the Caribbean and quickly learned how to handle each one safely. There were several cats on the farm, and I was amazed at how versatile and agile cats are, not to mention their exceptional hunting skills. They make perfect companions. My family always had cats at home. The only time I didn't have a cat was during my 4 years in the military. I recently lost two of my three cats to cancer and poor digestive health. They were my best buddies at home. I understand how important our cats are to us.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Hey Henry, thank you SOOOO much for taking care of all our little guys and gals. Thank you for all of the updates. It def seems like the cats have started getting used to you. They must really like you.” -Mike U. (Concord)

Alex S.
I made the Bay Area my home in 2012 while attending San Francisco State University. Around this time is when I began pet sitting for clients in the Palo Alto/Los Altos Area. I have recently made the east bay my home. I absolutely adore animals but cats have always had a special place in my heart. I’ve had cats most of my life and I currently have four, the youngest being a year and a half and my oldest being 14. “Every cat is my best friend.” – Unknown
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Jessica D.
“Cats are so awesome, and even if they side-eye you, they’re still the sweetest, funniest, and quirkiest animals on the planet. Plus, they’re just plain adorable.”
A Napa local, Jessica grew up with the love of outdoors and always had animals around. She even had a pet rooster named Buzzar because he would purr for her! Her first furry friend was a kitten she named Precious, who she spent the next 20 years loving. As an adult, Jessica works in the wine industry and lives with her husband and their two rescue kitties, a sweet but shy Dash and little rambunctious Anni. She’s worked at a small vet clinic as a pet tech assistant, and pet sits for her neighbors and friends. She looks forward to caring for your furbabies!
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“We can’t thank you enough for the great care you’ve given to Lemon and her friends 🙏” -Katie H. (Napa)

“Thank you for everything. It was such a good feeling knowing that were well taken care of.” -David B. (Napa)

Mary B.
I’m a big fan of cats! They are the most exquisite, elegant creatures! They were constant companions during my childhood growing-up in the Bay Area. My family and I adopted them from the local shelter or rescued them from the neighborhood. The first one I remember is Tickle, a beautiful, long-haired, gray tabby that my sister found as a kitten at a local park. As a teen, I literally became a cat mama when I bottle fed and raised a sweet, tuxedo kitten that was abandoned by her mother. I named her Chaps and she became a beloved member of our family for 20 years. I moved to New York City after graduating from college to continue studying acting and dance. I cat sat as I pursued my creative endeavors. I also adopted three kitties that I adored. One was a beautiful, large, black cat named Shorty. He was geriatric and the sweetest boy ever. I showered him with lots of love in his final years. I gained experience administering subcutaneous fluids as part of his care routine. Eventually, I moved to L.A. where I continued my cat sitting adventures. I adopted my two current fur babies, CoCo and Colby, from a rescue organization. They are sister and brother and the apples of my eye! I moved back to the Bay Area recently to be close to my family. I’m happy to bring my experience and passion to The Comforted Kitty team. It’s a privilege to spend time with each individual cat and develop a special bond. Whether you have a shy kitty who takes time to come out of their shell, an energetic kitten with impressive acrobatic skills, a senior cat who needs special care or a very social baby, it’s a great pleasure to provide extra-loving care and personalized attention.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Thanks so much for the time, attention, and all the love you’ve shown our baby! We’re so excited to see her tomorrow and our trip could not be possible without all that you’ve done. 😻🤗 We can’t thank you enough for the love, time, and effort you showed our little princess! ❤️🥰😻 Our trip was only possible because of your help and watchful care. That was so thoughtful and unexpected that you swept up and tidied up. What a treat to come home to a clean home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We would not hesitate to ask you to watch Isabela on any upcoming trips, and hope you can forge a growing bond each time. Thank you so much!!!” -Matthew S. (San Bruno)

“They were both excited to see me. Didn’t seem anxious at all when I got home. Thanks for doing such a great job with them and keeping them happy while I was out ☺️” -Micah K. (Burlingame)

“I read your texts over and over again. They are so comforting during these long trips. Thank you for being so loving with my kitties. I appreciate you so much.” -Evelyn L. (Burlingame)

Carla B.
I had my very last Soul-Cat Salem for 22 years. He was big, black, with golden eyes like sunflowers. We grew older and wiser together, moved several times and had a bond to last a lifetime. Since then I channel all my love and friendship to cats in need of a temporary companion! My friends call me the cat whisperer and I try to live up to that reputation. I look forward to meeting you and your fantastic feline ❤️
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Tracie E.
"What I love most about cats is that we comfort each other. And who could resist a kitty paw your face at 3:00am after all, It's play time!!"
Hello, my name is Tracie and I would love to be your cat sitter! I am certified in First Aid/CPR for pets and have 5 years experience In house/pet sitting. I am hoping to put your mind at ease knowing I will always be kind and patient during my visits. My background has been in the jewelry industry for the past 20+ years as a Bench jeweler/designer. Growing up in Connecticut I was surrounded by animals dogs, cats, horses too! I love them all. I have always been intriqued by cat's, they can be quite entertaining with their "Circe de Sole" antics or playing hide & seek. They like things on their own terms, I can respect that. Preferring a sink bowl to a fancy bed or a piece of string vs. the cutest toy I've ever seen! Cat's seem to intuitively know when to cheer you up by curling up in your lap.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Denise G.
"My favorite thing about cats is how resilient they can be with time, patience and love. Another favorite thing is their ability to say a lot without saying a word."
Hi, I’m Denise. A wife, mom and cat lover!!! I’ve been surrounded by cats almost my entire life. My love for cats led me to volunteering at a local cat rescue. Through volunteering I’ve found my passion for taking care and finding forever homes for cats in need. My experience as a nurse has allowed me to help sick cats back to health. Seeing them recover is very rewarding.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

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Kara F.
"Cats are each a unique expression of diverse personalities, beautifully packaged in a bewitching blend of grace and charm. It’s an honor to witness the unfolding of each of their journeys."

I've always felt a special connection with cats, so much so that I overcame a mild allergy to adopt my first shelter kitty. The first cat in a long line of companions that at one point  included rabbits, an African Grey parrot, a canary, fish, and several hamsters. Since then, my feline family has grown to include three beloved cats, and I've partnered with local non-profits to assist with the care of nearby feral colonies. Holding a first aid certification from the Berkeley Humane Society under my belt, I'm equipped with essential skills in emergency protocols and CPR. I adapt easily to the unique personality of each cat, whether they seek playful interaction, soothing cuddles, or tranquil companionship. You can trust me to learn quickly and adhere diligently to any healthcare routines. Recognized for my reliability and meticulous attention to detail, I strive to make your cat feel cherished, secure, and thoroughly pampered when you're away. When I'm not on a feline adventure, you'll find me hiking, painting, and documenting life's nuances through mobile photography.

, California, The Comforted Kitty
Saturday G.
"I love that cats are both cantankerous and adorable. They are our tiny, furry, grumpy overlords and Saturday serves them happily."
Saturday Grace has been an avid cat-lover all their life. They currently live with mostly senior cats and have lots of experience with subcutaneous fluids, medication, and general senior cuddling. But fear not! Saturday has also fostered many kittens, including those abandoned by their mamas and in need of bottle feeding. Saturday is an all ages cat-carer. When they are not entirely absorbed by cat-cuddles, Saturday can be found trying to read around a cat, gardening with the "help" of cats, or rescuing their knitting from a cat.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Alicia T.
Hello fellow feline enthusiasts! I’m Alicia, a cat sitter with a knack for creating a cozy and stress-free environment for your feline friends. Growing up surrounded by cats, I’ve developed a deep understanding of cats and their unique personalities. In college, I took on the adventure of raising a playful kitten, learning the ropes of responsible pet parenting. I adore cats for their captivating mix of independence and distinct personalities, each feline bringing a unique charm to the table. From their affectionate cuddles and playful antics to the genuine bonds formed over shared moments, having a cat around is a special and fun experience. With several years of cat-sitting (and dog-sitting) experience under my belt, I’ve become well-versed in the art of keeping our whiskered companions happy and content, handling everything from short-term playdates to extended stays. From the young and sprightly kitties to the wise old souls, I’ve cared for them all, including administering medications when needed. When I’m not on pet duty, you’ll find me snapping cute pet portraits, baking delectable treats in the kitchen, or getting creative with arts and crafts. Your peace of mind and your cat’s comfort are my goals, and I can’t wait to be the reliable and loving presence your furry friend deserves.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

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Hannah T.
Hi, my name is Hannah and I have been a cat enthusiast for my entire life! I grew up with cats, and when I was 10 I convinced my family to begin fostering kittens, as long as I promised to be responsible for their care. My family and I continued to foster until I left for college, at which point I was without a cat for the first time in my life. That proved to be impossible for me, and so within a year I started fostering senior cats and ended up adopting a hospice cat that lived another two years with me, defying the vet's prediction that she only had a few months left. I am now living at an apartment complex, where I care for some of the resident stray cats as well as my own two indoor rescue cats. I love befriending new cats and am very keen on listening to a cat's body language and respecting their boundaries. I've worked with all types of cats, whether young, old, feral or sweet as can be. I'm comfortable giving all forms of medications, including any oral or topical medications, as well as subcutaneous injections. I’m currently going to school to become a vet tech, and if I don’t know how to do something I’m eager to learn. As an anxious and detail-oriented cat owner, I will always follow the exact cat care instructions and will send detailed updates with pictures/videos, since that's what I'd like from my sitter! I look forward to meeting you and all your feline friends in the future!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Petra M.
Hi, my name is Petra. I am living here in Napa, CA for 22 years now. I am Originally from Germany. I love cats, dogs and all animals. I have a 15 year old Siamese cat, who is my Baby. I very much understand how important those fur babies are for us. I always had at least one cat around me growing up in Germany. I am a Hairstylists. I work in Sonoma part time. I have plenty of time to take care of your beloved cat or cats. My hobbies are puzzling, hiking, fitness classes, movies and many more things. I’m looking forward to meeting you! ❤️
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Kathy D.
Hi my name is Kathy I've lived in the Bay Area all my life. Been an animal lover for that long as well ,especially cats. What I love most about cats is their independence they choose whether they like you or not. My background and pet sitting has been mainly neighbors and Friends. This is the first time I've worked for a company that specializes in cat sitting and I think it's amazing. I love what I do and I will take care of your kitties just as they were mine.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Anna V.
I'm a Bay Area native, having lived in El Sobrante for the past 20 years. I have a cat named Sofia who always follows me around the house and has taken on the role of herding the chickens back into the coop at sundown. I take daily walks around the block to visit with my neighborhood animals including a horse, a goat and several felines. I'm especially fond of cats because of their quirky ways and independence and like sitting down and giving them some undivided attention.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Emili N.
"Two of my favorite things about cats are the way they can express their feelings and how many memes you can create with their photos and funny faces."
My life with cats is one of my favorite things to talk about. I currently have two sweet companions (Pabu and Gorda) . We have been together for almost four years ever since I found them in my backyard. My experience with them has been one of the funniest things ever. I love taking pictures of them, especially when Pabu sticks her tongue out when I pet her, and when Gorda follows me whenever I do my laundry. One of my favorite hobbies are drawing, listening to music, cooking, making crafts, watching anime and also feeding and saving animals in need. I also like to create crazy and funny ideas specially about animals and I like to say that I have the perfect meme for every occasion of my life.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Webb H.
Hi! What’s GREAT about cats, you ask? Though hairballs and finickiness can be trying, What’s not? Right? I LOVE the way they can be so stand-offish, yet when they turn on their charms SOOOOO attractive and endearing. As for their playfulness, it’s addictive. Who can resist—Certainly not me! Born in the desert of New Mexico, raised in the wilds of Alaska, and schooled in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, I have enjoyed the friendship of many types of animals from horny toads to tropical fish to a variety of dogs and cats—Sorry no bears yet. I know and feel animals, especially felines. You can trust me to leave your cat PURRING and you smiling.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Megan P.
Life is just incomplete without a sassy cat! My name is Megan and I’ve been caring for cats my whole life. Cats’ personalities have always brought me joy and working to earn their trust makes a bond with them that much more special. I’m a California girl, born and raised, UCSC grad and current staff member at UC Berkeley where I work at the UC Botanical Garden. It’s my honor daily to welcome guests to a world-class garden full of rare and endangered plants. It would also be my privilege to give you peace of mind and care for your fur babies while you enjoy adventures away from home. From litter box duty, playing, to cuddling, I’m happy to help. I’ve also had experience caring for cats with health issues requiring giving pills, administering creams, and more. As a past owner of a cat with special medical needs, I know how hard it is to leave home. I look forward to meeting you and your kitty!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Kris C.
I’ve been a cat mom for over 30 years. Cats are family! They fill my home with good energy, love and lots of laughter. What I love most about them is their companionship, and our nightly cuddle sessions. I know how hard it is to choose the right person to care for my feline family, so that’s why I decided to become a kitty care provider. I am skilled in administering medicines, and I know the warning signs to look out for if there is a medical emergency brewing. It brings me much joy to care for kitties when their people are out of town, because I know I’m adding a positive element to their day.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Danielle S.
Hi there! I'm an experienced and compassionate pet sitter with a passion for helping families. I've been caring for pets for 2 years, and I'm passionate about providing them with the best possible care. I have a gentle and patient approach to cat care and am always mindful of their individual needs and personalities. Whether your cat is a playful kitten or a senior kitty, I'll ensure they feel loved and secure while you're away! Quick Facts About Me: , California, The Comforted Kitty Reliable Car Transportation , California, The Comforted Kitty Living in Oakland Fun Facts About Me: , California, The Comforted Kitty I am a professional dancer! , California, The Comforted Kitty I turn 28 this December! (Capricorn)
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Evie B.
Hi there! My name is Evie (they/them pronouns) and it's lovely to e-meet you. My love for cats started early in life - I grew up with a total of six. I currently have one cat of my own named Doodle (whose favorite pastime is eating books) and many, many god-cats. In my free time, I enjoy gaming, digital art, and reading. I have experience with kitties across their lifespans - I've bottle-fed kittens and nursed senior kitties. One of my favorite things about cats is the way they set their boundaries and communicate their needs - I've learned a lot from them about how to be kind and respectful towards animals and humans alike.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Reem S.
Reem’s extensive list of gifts include acrobatics & body contortion, Retreat Chef, Logistics Coordinator & Conscious Alternative Radio Show Host. However caring for cats allows Reem’s heart for service to shine & allows her to help others in many ways. Reem’s love for cats began at an early age. She was home sick from school & wanted to snuggle her cat Olive. When she went to the backyard she did notice a cat however it wasn’t Olive. Olive was out adventuring & no where to be found. Reem began feeding the stray & over time trust was built and the stray started spending more time inside then outside. Reem has had a cat in her life ever since.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“We arrived home on Monday eve to some very happy kitties!! Big thanks again for taking such wonderful care of them!!” -Meghan L. (Oakland)

Andrea J.
"My favorite thing about cats is how much all of their personalities vary. I love meeting clients and their cats and getting to know their individual personalities through sittings. I interact with all cats at their own pace and enjoy seeing them become more comfortable in my presence."
My name is Andrea and I am currently a Vet Tech student (graduation date-June 2023). I work at an animals shelter and a VCA where I interact with cats on a daily basis. I specialize in neonatal kittens and am comfortable with all cats of all ages,sizes and temperaments. I am comfortable giving oral medication and subcutaneous injections. I foster kittens during the summer months and spend the majority of my free time with my own cats or others.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Veronica W.
"I love the way cats chirrup at birds, like they're going to convince them to come play. I also love when a cat lays down and purrs and lets you hold his paw."
Hello, there! Veronica here. I love cats! I have 2 of my own, and they are both adorably spoiled. I've taken care of cats for over 40 years, from family cats to neighbors' and friends' cats to local TNR cats. I've also occasionally cared for dogs, fish, reptiles, and birds. When l watch other people's pets, l like to make sure that they are safe and happy. I know your cat misses you when you're gone, and can get bored. I enjoy interacting and playing with them, and cuddling if they allow it. If not, l give them their space while still making sure their needs are met. I will follow all instructions when caring for your kitty and send you updates/pictures, so that you can have peace of mind while you're away. Cats can't tell us if something's wrong, so l will contact you if l notice anything amiss, and l will do everything l can to make your cat feel comfortable. Of course, you can always call/text/email me to check in about your cat as well. I'm here for you and your kitty whenever you want to reach out. I look forward to working with you and meeting your sweet purr-babies!
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Hey Veronica! Thanks for taking such good care of the girls this weekend. It made us so happy to see them doing so well in all the pictures. Thanks again for everything this weekend!” -Maddie D. (Newark)

Anne D.
"I love the the way cats greet you at the door when you come home and purr and brush up against you to show their affection. They are independent yet very loving and playful!"
My name is Anne and I am an Animal lover! I have lived in Marin County for 25 years and have enjoyed taking care of animals for the last eight years. In addition to dog walking, I especially enjoy visiting our feline fur babies! I have taken care of hundreds of cats for folks who are away on vacation. I enjoy spending time and getting to know the kitties and making sure they are well fed ! I have received outstanding reviews from clients as I have built solid fond relationships with the kitties and i therefore get many return clients who specifically request my care. I provide photos during my visits for the client so they can see that their loved one or soulmate is being well taken care of. I truly enjoy my job and look forward to meeting your adored pet or pets.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Marlene S.
"I love how cats manage to bend everyone to their will!"
I'm Marlene, born and raised in the Bay Area. I didn't really grow up with animals, so when the opportunity came up to pet sit for some coffeehouse regulars whenever they were out of town, I was game--except I didn't have the appreciation for cats that I do now. Shortly after getting my first apartment, the universe blessed me with the best first cat, and the rest, as they say, is history! From then on, if there was a cat around, I was trying to win kitty over. And let's be real, because I know we're all thinking it...cats are the best jerks. They are unapologetic, ridiculously cute and cuddly one minute, and then reminding you that there's still a wild beast inside the next. No doubt, I want to be a cat in my next life! I don't have to work or worry about how ridiculous rent and gas prices are. The food is always flowing, I get to spend my days lounging around in the sun, no bad weather or predators to worry about, I get to cuddle on my terms, and there's a box a go to the bathroom in and it magically cleans itself. (After getting a Litter Robot, the running joke was that our cat's toilet is more expensive than ours!) And everyone thinks I'm cute! Besides caring for friends' cats and our own, I've done in-home pet sitting, connecting with people who would let you stay at their house in exchange for caring for their animals. I mostly staycationed at people's homes around different parts of the Bay. I loved getting to explore different places, and getting to spend a lot of QT with kitties was a huge plus. After over a decade of working as a health care professional, I was able to retire early by way of financial independence. I now fill my days with a few gigs that actually bring me joy while still being of service and bringing joy to others. In addition to helping my husband with his business, I started teaching yoga again, and now, thanks to The Comforted Kitty, I get to meet and hang out with all the kitties! I love meeting their humans too. I consider it a great honor to be trusted to care for people's homes and pets, and I love being able to give people some peace of mind while they're away. When I'm not working, I'm probably hiking, going to the beach, taking care of my indoor jungle of house plants, listening to music or a podcast, reading a book, watching a movies, or hanging out with family or friends.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Marlene from The Comforted Kitty was super professional, responsive, thorough, and caring. She was incredibly clear and precise in all our communications – making me feel like we were in very good hands and that our cat would be well taken care of. Marlene went above and beyond to make sure our beloved pet and home were safe and well (e.g., she alerted us that a surprise package we received was marked ‘perishable’ and made sure that the contents wouldn’t be ruined). Highly recommend!” -Simon M. (Oakland)

“Thank you so much for taking care of our babies at the last minute. You helped us through a rough time by generously being there for us in a time of need. Sending you much love and gratitude. It makes us so happy to know YOU have brought your kindness and great energy to our home. XOXO 💞 🥰🥂” -Tiffany B. (Oakland)

“Dear Marlene – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of Boots and Rex! They were totally calm when we got home. Your love and kindness made all the difference. We appreciate you and all you do to be sweet and gentle with our babies.” -Tiffany B. (Oakland)


Deepshika S.
"What I love most about cats is how curious they are about the world. Whether it's playing with a new toy or exploring a cabinet, I feel like that wonder gives them such a personality!"
Hello, my name is Deepshika (my nickname is Deepy) and it's a pleasure to meet you! I have some experience with pet sitting and have watched cats for my neighbor and friends. I love to be around animals of all kinds and look forward to meeting yours! I have two cats of my own, Kobe and Nyx, who I love spending lazy afternoons with. My hobbies include drawing, playing video games, and just chillaxin with my cats.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Kristy W.
"I love it when cats make “biscuits” on your lap. They are little fur babies that trust and love you. Cats help relieve our daily stresses as well as provide us with endless entertainment."
Hello, my name is Kristy and I want to be your next cat sitter. I love all animals, especially cats! I have over 20 years of experience caring for all kinds of pets. Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to work with both wild and domestic animals. I have a background in wildlife science and conservation biology. I have worked for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the U.S. Forest Service, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, and the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. I am currently working my way to becoming a Veterinary Technician. I share my home with three cats (ages 1, 7, & 12 years), a box turtle, aquarium fish, and a tarantula. My favorite part of the day is spending time with each of my pets and giving them the attention and care they need. I am a huge fan of providing animals with enrichments. (Defined as the process of providing captive animals with some form of stimulation in order to encourage natural behaviors, which helps to improve or maintain their physical and mental health.) As your cat sitter, I will make sure your fur baby is getting all of the attention and love it needs while you are away. I am also able to confidently take care of any additional pets (i.e. lizards, birds, fish, rabbits) that you may have. I am looking forward to meeting you and your cat(s) soon.  
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Cara W.
"I love how every cat is unique and fascinating. When any cat accepts me, I feel like I have been graced by some great spirit who has allowed me to enter their world and share their time."
I have spent my entire life with cats (and dogs and rabbits and lizards and whatever else children bring home). Currently, I have four of my own cats and two hens, all of them rescues. I feel fortunate to be able to devote time to these fascinating creatures with great spirits who ask for nothing but respect and affection. And they give us so much more in return, it’s an endless payoff. I think that human beings are privileged to live alongside animals, and that any amount of time spent with them creates great personal rewards. I have volunteered at the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter for nine years as a feline socializer and feline volunteer mentor. This has exposed me to cats undergoing all manner of strife, from being feral in a caged environment to the abandoned or abused, or experiencing the loss of their caregiver and home. It is incredibly fulfilling to make their lives a little bit better, and help them find the right forever home. I’ve also fostered cats recuperating from surgeries and motherless kitten babies who need bottle feeding every two hours. As a pet owner, I understand how hard it is to leave your best friends in the care of a stranger and I strive to make the experience as gentle and trustworthy as possible.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Thank you for taking such good care of our girls Cara, they were very content when we came home! We were looking at maybe spending another couple days away next week- will request in the portal, hope you are available!” -Kate M. (Oakland)

“Hi Cara! We just got home to 4 happy kitties! Thank you so much for helping us this weekend! As always, appreciate how clean and tidy everything is – I know this was extra work.” -Meg M. (Alameda)

Maria H.
"What I treasure most about cats is the unconditional love they give when you actually take the time to show them respect and make every effort to gain their trust."
My name is Maria Del Angel and kitties are my life. A black beauty with the sweetest meow came trotting over to me outside my apartment when I was 8. I fed her a trail of smoked turkey scraps until she gained the confidence to be petted and made my apartment her new home. I named her Mother Pearl and I’ve been a cat mama ever since. My best friend was a little tabby I named Sunshine, one of Mother Pearl’s kittens. Sunshine lived to be nearly eighteen and shared with me many moments that shaped my life. Today she lives in Tierra, my baby tortoise-shelled riot of a girl, who reminds me so much of Sunshine as she curls up on my lap and purrs vividly. Mother Pearl has also returned to me in the form of another black feline goddess, who used to roam the streets without food, suffering from untreated injuries. From the moment I scooped her up from the sidewalk and brought her to safety, I knew she was mine, and named her Cielo, which is Spanish for sky. Cielo is currently the queen of our house, a sassy Bastet on Earth whom I worship by giving her rubs, treats and reciting nonsensical poems as odes to her silky, plump charms.I have met many colorful and wonderful kitties while cat sitting for my friends and family and volunteering at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley I believe that cat parents deserve peace of mind knowing their cats are being cared for by someone who strives to make their kitties feel safe, nurtured and comfortable when mom and dad are away. Cats are not only exceptional companions, they are our children and God’s gift. Along with being a cat lover, I’m an artist, writer and runner who is addicted to peanut butter and sprinting (human zoomies)! My two favorite kitty themed mottoes are: Black cats are the best luck. And: Let’s save the planet, it has cats in it! Hablo español!
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Aww thanks Maria!! We know they love your visits. We know they’re in great hands when you take care of them 💕” -Lucy M. (San Jose)

Daniel H.
"I love cats because they are affectionate ,great companions and provide unconditional love."
Hi my name is Daniel. I have been an " animal person" my entire life. When I was young I lived in the country and had a menagerie of animals including cats, a dog, a horse, calves, rabbits and more. I have been a devout " cat person" since adopting Blackie Norton years ago. See the photo. I have lived in San Francisco for more than 40 years.I consider catsitting a labor of love. I love cats the most of all animals because they are warm intelligent and make me happy just to be around.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Amber D.
"I love that cats are so communicative - you always know exactly how a cat feels about you. I also love their quarks, especially when they try to squeeze into boxes that seem to be all too small for them!"
I’m a Sonoma County native and love cats. I have my own 4 year old rescued kitty, Murphy. I’ve enjoyed having a cat in my life for as long as I can remember. I love their cuddles and purrs but they keep me on toes as well with their feisty, playful nature. When I’m not spending time with cats, I enjoy hiking, eating at local restaurants, and boating.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Mindy L.
"I love a cat's unique ability to communicate everything they want and need if we just take the time to really listen and their amazing ability to show unconditional love through a simple head butt or gentle touch of their paw."
I have always had a cat throughout my life. All have been rescues or strays and each one has their own wonderful story and a huge impact on the shaping of my love for and dedication to animals. I currently have a beautiful little calico kitty named Annie who is probably the most spoiled little girl you have ever met. (As she should be!) I “catified” my studio apartment in San Francisco when I first rescued her as a tiny little <2lb girl and she can literally go up and down towers, around the ceiling on a carpeted trail, through tunnels and up and down staircases on the walls. It's quite entertaining when she gets the zoomies! I truly believe that animals deserve all the best love and care and I bring all of this to you when I sit for your fur baby. I know how hard it is to leave them when we have to, and I treat yours as I would want my little Annie to be treated. Daily check-ins with pictures and videos are a given and I follow mom & dad’s instructions to the letter. I also try to see them at the same time each day, as I know how important routine is for our babies. I have been working with The Comforted Kitty since last year and I have met so many wonderful people and fantastic cats, and I feel very fortunate to be able to provide some peace of mind for you. I have even helped some (per owner’s request) with behavior issues and have taught others tricks like “sit”, “paw” and “say please” I have honestly fallen in love with each one and treat them as if they were my own. I go at their pace and respect their boundaries and have yet to meet a kitty that wasn’t a friend within the first visit.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Susannah S.
"The thing I love the most about cats is their independence and their self-loving nature. Whenever I'm having a bad day, there's no doubt that a cat on my lap will fix everything!"
Hi, I'm Susannah. I am an animal lover and own two cats -- but let's be honest - they're the ones who own me! One of my cats, Jeromeo, was first a feral cat who moved in and adopted me last year. My other cat, Celia Cruz, I adopted from a shelter here in Oakland, 11 years ago. I also care for several other feral cats in the area and I have been doing this since 2006 when I moved into the neighborhood. As a teenager and young adult, I had a small business walking dogs and feeding cats in my neighborhood in Marin County. When I'm not hanging out with cats, I like to make art, salsa dance or play the piano. I am a mother of a 7 year old boy who is also an avid cat lover!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Gabriel M.
"I love that cats are very gentle and loving creatures that have such great personalities and never leave a moment uninteresting!"
Hello there! My name is Gabriel, and I am a cat care specialist and overall animal care enthusiast. I always like to say that I’ve known animals from a very young age because I was born into a house with three dogs and three cats. They had to get used to me as much as I had to get used to them, but we all got along very well! As I grew up I got into taking care of and foster sitting for kittens with my dad. We did it for a long time and ended up only adopting one if you can believe it! Since then I’ve had a lot of experience taking care of animals, I’d have to say mostly cats, so that’s where my forte lies! I’m very excited for the opportunity to care for your furry or non furry friends!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Sarah K.
"What I like most about cats is their gentle, sweet and independent nature. Earning their trust and affection is the best feeling, and one of the most comforting sounds you can hear is a cat purring!"
I’m a life-long animal lover who has experience caring for many types of pets over my lifetime including cats, dogs, small mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs. I have a degree in biology, and animals are one of my passions. I have fond memories of the cats I have had over my lifetime and have always liked cats for their gentleness and sweet personalities. I recently moved from my career in special education to spend more time with my family, including my young, active dog. I feel privileged to be able to care for others’ pets and give them all the love and attention they need.  
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Angie M.
"What I love most about cats is how they set their boundaries and take time to gain your trust. I believe it is very special to build a bond with a cat for this reason! Cats have such unique personalities and I love watching those characteristics reveal as you build your relationship with cats. Plus, they are all so cute."
My name is Angie and I am looking forward to taking the best care of your fluffy friends. I am a lifetime cat owner and cat lover- my own cat is a sweet 2 year old girl named Moo. She is a fluffy tabby and white mix with the cutest green eyes and pink nose. She loves playing fetch with her squeaky toys and taking long naps in the window. My first cat Muffin was a beautiful Himalayan cat that I had since he was a kitten. My sweet boy Muffin lived a happy 21 years with me! The relationship I had with Muffin was foundational to me growing up and a huge reason why I continue to love cats so much to this day. A bit more about myself, I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I worked in the coffee industry as a barista throughout San Francisco and Oakland for many years but now I am focused on cat care! I have been a trusted cat sitter for many friends and neighbors for years. As a cat sitter, I have been responsible for giving cats daily medications and providing special care to some shy and reserved kitties. I love music, dancing and fashion. Creativity is a big part of my life and I enjoy trying new crafts and arts to express myself.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Mariah P.
"I love the wide range of personalities cats have and how you need to earn their affection, it makes the bonds and relationships built with them feel so much more important."
My name is Mariah, I am 25 and I have worked with animals most of my life. I spent two years working with Banfield pet hospital, where I was trained as a veterinarian assistant, and worked at Top Dog Grooming. From those experiences I have learned many things from how to trim kitty nails to medicating and administering injections. I have also spent a lot of time volunteering at local animal centers. I have two cats at home, six year old Stormy and three year old Mac! Stormy is a lynx point Siamese, and Mac is an orange tabby. Those two live along side a rabbit named Spoox and a small Menagerie of birds. My favorite pastime is playing with my pets and being around animals.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Josie B.
"My favorite thing about cats is that they are independent but make the best companions. They don't need you to shower them in affection but they are most loving creatures once you gain their trust."
I always have had cats my whole life. My first cat's name was Maddy, and it was an instant connection! Since then, everyone knew that I would forever be a cat person. This led me into being the go-to cat sitter for my close family and friends as early as elementary school. As a way to make extra money throughout high school and college, I did cat sitting for many clients in my community for about 4 years. When I finished undergrad, I packed up my car with my current cat, BooBoo, and drove from Michigan to Oakland, CA for a job opportunity but found myself wishing I still did cat sitting on the side. I now work as a System Engineer, mainly working from home, so I get to spend all day with my pets and then get to go care for other's pets! My favorite part of cat sitting is when a shy cat finally becomes comfortable enough with me to let me pet and socialize with it, it's the most rewarding feeling!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Susan D.
"Besides being the most beautiful animals on Earth, cats have a unique way of moving like poetry in motion. ... And, y'know, toe beans."
Susan has always been a caring, intuitive individual with keen attention to detail and a history of customer service, art and design, teaching, senior care, and early childhood development. Susan totes a unique toolbelt of creativity, integrity and management. Raised a girl scout with a strong moral compass and a solid knowledge of first aid, Susan easily navigated towards societal nurturing roles. She also briefly studied psychology and behavioral studies, thus to this day, she carries an understanding and profound respect for varying personality traits in all walks of life. Susan understands that the little things matter, especially for lifeforms that cherish the sanctity of home and the comfort in routine. Susan comments, "I love how cats can have such distinctive personalities. This one's a diva, that one thinks he can fit into any shoe, this one can play fetch all day long, that one will hide and hates loud, sudden noises, this one is like the mayor and must know where you are at all times so he can meow his stories at you-- I love all those nuances. A lot of times, you need to earn that recognition as 'one of the clan,' and that makes knowing a cat that much more treasured." Susan has well over 2 decades of experience with being a cat parent, with a particular soft spot for Siamese (like her first childhood pet) and rescues. Although Susan does not currently have a pet, she nurtures a small home garden and enjoys painting pet portraits.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Our family isn’t complete without two very special parts of our heart- our cats Obie and Pineapple Bun! When we need a cat-sitter, Su is our golden gal! She understands our OCD, and how important our cats’ care is to us! She really puts us- and our kitties- at ease! Su is dependable, open with communication, and has a heart of gold. Would highly recommend!” -Alex & Marisa W.

Christy H.
"Nothing makes me happier than hearing them purr and knowing they're happy. Just being in their vicinity makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside."
Hello! My name is Christy, and I look forward to meeting you and your furry family member(s)! I currently have cats of my own and have had several throughout my life, so I do believe I understand cats’ body language quite well. I have personal experience caring for a non-able-bodied kitty; if you need help with medications or expressing the bladder, I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you so that you can make it easier on your beloved kitty. I promise to care for your furry family member as if they were my own family: with respect, patience, and love. ***To Japanese speakers: I am bilingual (Japanese and English), if you would feel more comfortable speaking in Japanese.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Hi Christy! We just got back earlier today from our trip. Thank you again for taking care of Alfred and Bruce. We can tell they were in good hands with you.” -Desmond T. (Campbell)

“Hi Christy, we just arrived home and can’t thank you enough! Xiao Bao is telling us all about the great week he had with you! We had a wonderful vacation and were fully relaxed knowing you take such great care of him! Aloha!” -Mark M. (San Jose)

Antonella C.
"What I love the most about cats are their nonchalant attitude and their obsessions with reflections. It’s so funny to watch them not get tired of chasing the light although I will say my cat Jaxx has caught on to the fact that it’s my hand that controls the light so sometimes he’ll reach for hand instead of the light. "
Hello! My name is Antonella and I love cats! My family has always been obsessed with animals because they grew up in a ranch back in Peru but naturally we’re always drawn to felines. When I was little my mom and I would always help take care of the neighborhood stray cats. I loved playing with them anytime that I had the opportunity. Now my partner and I have 3 kitties named Rainbow (5), Jaxx (3) and Mochi (8 mo). We live playing with them and spoiling them with all the cat toys we find at target! They all particularly love the feather toys the best! My partner and I sometimes take them out for walks in their kitty backpacks to Lake Merrit.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Emily K.
"I love how cats are unapologetically themselves. And I love that they can be some of the greatest companions in life and yet also be some of the greatest teachers on how to live."
I have over 10 years of experience cat-sitting. While it’s now a paid job, it started out as a passion for caring for neighborhood cats while their families were away. I have experience feeding, cleaning, socializing and giving medication to cats, along with watering plants and bringing in mail. My visits have ranged from 20min-1hr, once or twice a day and sometimes overnight. I can’t imagine living life without cats. I have 2 of my own; I’m constantly learning from and finding companionship in their company. I also know what it feels like to leave them when I travel, and I want to make sure that your trip is the most comfortable it can be for both you and your cat.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“I got home yesterday evening and Mork and I had a happy reunion. Thank you for your attentive care of him, and of the house, this week. We really appreciate all the communication, especially the photos! You get some great action shots of him. I’ll be in touch next time we’re out of town.” -Laura R. (Oakland)

“We just got home and are very happy to see the cats. Thank you so much for the attention and care that you gave to Starbuck & Hicks while we were away. We really appreciate all of the reports and great pictures! You really made our trip stress free! Thank you again for all that you do! We look forward to having you take care of Starbuck & Hicks in the future.” -Nathaniel C. (Oakland)

Ronnie T.
"What I love most about cats is their pickiness and silly preferences that confuses every cat parent, yet we cater to our cats because we love them unconditionally."
Greetings cat parents! My name is Ronnie. I provide cat care services to clients all over the East Bay, from Pinole to Oakland. I am a cat mom myself of 2 adult female felines, and have been caring for them since they were tiny kittens. When they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew “crazy cat lady” would best fit my dream job description. Thanks to my own 2 fur babies and Dan at TCK, I’ve had the greatest opportunity and experience to welcome many more feline friends into my life, and meet other like-hearted cat people that help me become a better cat mama and caregiver. Outside of being a cat care specialist, I manage my small online business where I make handmade spiritual jewelry. Some days I vendor at music shows, skateboarding events, or at Lake Merritt. I also love to spend time in nature, meditate and go thrift shopping. I enjoy creating, being involved in my community and a positive impact in people's lives. I became a cat care specialist because of my love for cats and it is my passion to provided reliable care and make life easier for others. I hope to meet you and your fur babies soon!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Claire G.
"What I love most about cats is that they all have their own unique personalities and it’s fun getting to learn their individual quirks and likes and dislikes."
Claire’s entrance into being a cat lady started 10 years ago when she adopted her first cat. Since then Claire and her family have rescued and adopted several cats into her family and now have a lively house filled with cats! Along with her experience with her own cats, Claire also volunteers her time at a local cat rescue and has experience providing cats with the care and attention that best fit their needs. Claire knows that pets are an important part of your family and leaving them with a sitter requires a lot of trust and that is why Claire is dedicated to providing the best care and needs for both client and kitty. In her free time she enjoys seeing Broadway shows and going to the beach.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Tracey N.
"What I like most about cats is their unpredicted behavior - one moment they’re smothering you with attention and the next moment, they’re full of sass."
I became a cat owner six years ago when I had the opportunity to adopt a cat after completing my undergraduate degree and enter the working world as an adult. Since my cat has become my companion, I started to care for my sister’s cat, friends’ cats, and visit cat shelters. Now, I can be found hanging out with cats at parties. I feel that nurturing and caring for humans and animals, especially cats come naturally to me. Other than caring for cats, I work as a registered dietitian and previously coached gymnastics. I know I have an obsession with cats when I have an album personally dedicated to all the cat photos I take. Tracey happily serves cities across the South Bay, including Santa Clara, North San Jose, Downtown San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Milpitas, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and Los Altos.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Tracey was wonderful when I asked her to cat sit while I was out of town. My cat opened up to her and Tracey was caring and gentle. She was easy to communicate with and kept me informed on a daily basis.” -Will G. (San Jose)

“Omg thank you so much for this! We miss her so much so hearing her little purrs was just what we needed 🥹 thank you for working your magic with Moira and with the ants!!” -Emily L. (Santa Clara)

Mary P.
I sit and I watch in wonder, a cat’s beauty: their grace, their curious nature, their playful ways. To hold a cat is to feel all the days stress leave your mind and body, to lightly squeeze one is to experience the feeling where all is, again, right in my own little corner of the world.
During Mary's very happy early childhood, she moved around a bit throughout The United States and Canada and, in 1973, her family finally settled down in Fairfield, CA. Mary's mother, coming from a country that worships cats, naturally started taking care of our neighborhood stray and feral cats and she began to naturally help her. Mary's passion and fondness for animals, especially cats, grew from there. She had numerous fish, pet hamsters and a gorgeous German Shepherd/Collie mix dog named Rocky. As a student-athlete, she graduated from CSU, Sacramento earning a dual BA in Biology and Psychology and competed on the Women’s Tennis Team. Her college years were, sadly, pet free but that all changed one stormy night when she took in a kitten crying outside her door. From that night forward it has been non-stop spaying, neutering and vaccinating of stray and feral cats in her neighborhood and the nightly feeding of her community cats. She has been fortunate to have found good homes for many kittens and cats and one very good dog. Any cat that comes to her, stays with her if she is not able to find them the right home. Mary has also reunited a few lost dogs to their owners and welcomed an occasional opossum to hang out with her. She has spent most of her work life as a medical assistant and in retail customer service. Mary currently volunteers one afternoon a week with The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA. She enjoys attending numerous types of sporting events, especially tennis down in the Palm Springs area. Mary happily services the Vallejo/American Canyon and San Leandro areas and looks forward to meeting your kitties!
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“When my Gracie needed, for 6 months, daily medication for her lung condition and I was unable to provide this consistent care for her, Mary, with no hesitation, offered to take her home and care for her. Gracie never missed a dose, fully recovered and I was able to enjoy life with her for an additional 12 wonderful years.” -Leonard P. (Vacaville)

“We did make it home to the kitties– thank you again for looking (and cleaning up) after them while we were away! So happy that they feel so comfortable with you!” -Michele S. (Vacaville)

Jim M.
“What I like most about cats is the love they give once you’ve earned their trust. They also have a look in their eye that reminds me they are never completely domesticated. They are beautiful and majestic and I think they’re wonderful.”
Like many people who’ve chosen to get into Pet Services, Jim had pets all his life. When he was young, his family had dogs, when he moved out and got an apartment got a few snakes and a bearded dragon (because he couldn’t have a dog or cat). Over fifteen years ago he got his first cat when he started feeding Sammie, an abandoned juvenile at his apartment in Oakland and ever since he’s been in love with them. Currently Jim has two cats, and a bearded dragon who he loves dearly and are part of his family. Over the years he’s helped take care of other people’s pets which included having to administer medications and take care of house chores. He believes that our pets are a part of our families and will take care of your loved ones like they are his own. Some interesting things Jim has done is run the SF Marathon, biked around Lake Tahoe, and traveled Europe for six weeks. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and is studying Spanish and also working on a little French. He teaches English to Colombian Students once a week via the internet as well. He happily services cities across the upper East Bay.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“I highly recommend Jim as a pet sitter. First of all I can tell he’s taken care of all the tasks, litter box etc.., I also know my pets like him, and that he plays with them. When I get home the pets have a good demeanor, and I can tell he has brushed them, and given them the attention they need.”
– Julie S. (Richmond)

“Thank you, Jim! Safe and sound, and the cats are also. They warmed right back up and it was clear you took excellent care of them even though they were a bit too nervous to greet you. We really appreciate it and will definitely get back in touch if we need help again!” -Diana L. (El Cerrito)

“Thank you Jim. We’re home now and everything looks great. Kitties are hanging out with us, happy. We will be traveling again in a couple months and will definitely be in touch. Again, thanks so much!” -Callie D. (Richmond)

“Jim takes great care of our cats Fluffy and Ginger, and makes sure to keep us informed. We always have peace of mind and he’s never let us down.” – Steph R. (Albany)

“Jim our sitter! He is so passionate, caring and has high integrity for this work. Our cat LOVES him!” – Cary J. (Oakland)

“Jim did a really great job taking care of our two cats. When we returned, they were happy and healthy and didn’t seem to miss us at all 🙂 That’s a good sign! Thank you!” – Katherine P. (El Cerrito)

Sarah L.
“What I love most about cats are their personalities and individual uniqueness of each cat. You can’t treat all cats the same because each one has their own set of behaviors, personalities, and habits, much like humans.”
Sarah has been the proud owner of a fuzzy feline, Millie for 12 years and counting. After adopting her from Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), she started to volunteer there on weekends. Sarah eventually became a cat care specialist and would socialize the shelter cats, observe their behavior, and look for ways to create a bond between human and wild feline. In her spare time, Sarah likes drawing and sketching animals, hiking, and watching funny cat videos while her cat (AKA: her personal assistant) keeps her lap warm. She happily serves cities across central Contra Costa county.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Sarah is a really great pet sitter! She followed all the instructions left and even took the mail in for us!” -Jennifer S. (Concord)

Mariann H.
"What I love most about cats is the love I get back from these amazing creatures. They are truly healing and therapeutic companions, and there is never a dull moment with kitties in the house!"
I’m Mariann and I’m a certified cat lover! I share my home with two sweet domestic shorthairs, Baba and Bastet. Baba is my one and a half year old tabby cat who loves to chase the light and bird watch in the window. Bastet is my five month black kitty who loves to hang out in the neck of my hoodie and see things from a bird's eye view! I have lived with cats my entire life. Growing up, our home always had at least two cats, and as an adult, I was never without at least one cat in the house, sometimes several more! I care for my daughter’s four cats whenever she travels, and I care for my close friend’s cat often, as well. Additionally, I have experience caring for kitties with medical needs. In my spare time, when not playing with my kitties, I love to craft. My current craft of choice is diamond painting, and I will be focusing on macrame next. The kitties sure love getting into my craft kits, and I have a feeling they’ll enjoy the macrame yarn even more!
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Thank you so much! It means a lot to us that we know she gets great care and love when we are away.” -Jamie T. (El Dorado Hills)

Sidney C.
"Cats are unique because they all have their own personality that takes time to discover. They have little quirks that explain their names or favorite toys that show their playful side."
There has never been a time in my life where I didn’t own an animal. I’ve been around animals growing up, but specifically cats. I love getting to know different cats when I’m caretaking. I know my kitties through and through, but to be able to take care of someone else’s joy and discover the cat's character is my favorite part. I’m in my last year of college and taking care of cats is a great way to de stress. Cats are proven to relieve stress, and apparently when they purr they’re trying to heal you. More cats equals more fun.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Cynthia P.
"What I love most about cats (besides cuddling with them) is how attuned they are to their owners. They sense our emotions and will come to us when we need comfort the most. There's nothing better than coming home to the love of a cat (or cats) especially after a bad day!"
Cynthia was born & raised in Sacramento and has had cats in her home since she was born so she can't help but have so much love for them! She has been cat-sitting since she was a teenager, but have been doing it professionally for the past 2 years. Cynthia earned her Bachelor degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from CSU Northridge. She spent 15 years living in Los Angeles as professional dancer & choreographer working at both Disneyland and Universal Studios and also worked as a middle school fitness and performing arts teacher. Now back in Sacramento, Cynthia works as an in-home caregiver to children with special needs and owns & runs an L.A. based dance entertainment company. Cynthia is a single mom to her 11-year-old son, and they are both fortunate to have 4 cats in their family- Dipsy, Nala, Monkey, and Princess! She enjoys supporting Sacramento's pro sports teams by attending Rivercats and Kings games as much as she can! Cynthia is Pet First Aid certified and Pet CPR trained through the American Red Cross. She looks forward to meeting you and your cat(s)!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Diane W.
Hi, it’s Diane taking this back over. I grew up with cats and dogs. I have had 4 cats and 2 rabbits in my 20 adult years. I worked for a cat rescue for 4 years that really helped me learn so much about cat behavior, needs, medical issues/care and so much more. I am slowly TNRing cats in my own neighborhood. I have always had a soft spot for cats. I can’t save them all but I can definitely help care for your fur baby.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Tracy P.
What I love most about cats is their playful nature and unique personalities. I currently care for 18 barn kitties and they are absolutely entertaining every time I hang out with them. Some are super friendly while others are pretty much feral but they all have a special place in my heart.
Hello. My name is Tracy. I've lived on a hobby farm my entire life raising horses, dairy goats, chickens, dogs, and cats. I love all animals though and also have experience with livestock, reptiles, birds, and fish. As a pre-teen/teen I participated in the Horse and Dairy Goat projects in 4-H where I learned all aspects of care from vaccinations and wound care to delivering, raising, and training babies. I've been pet and ranch sitting for about 20 years now and am always happy to provide my clients with piece of mind so they can enjoy their time away without worrying about their furry or feathered friends. I'm a paralegal by trade and in my spare time I enjoy gardening, sewing, snowboarding, paddling, and horseback riding.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Carly W.
Hello! My name is Carly & anyone who knows me knows I’m a cat lady. My love for felines started at a young age, as I grew up with cats always in the home. I have loved and cared for my own kitties over the years as well as cats of friends & family as if they were my own. I’m experienced in administering shots, medication, feeding, cleaning litter box spaces & of course playing. I’m very conscious of the fact that cats must trust you deeply before they give you attention or play so I make sure that they are as comfortable as possible with me while in my care. I currently am the proud mother of two fluffy cats of my own, Figaro and Tolouse. They are my world & I love how affectionate they are with each other & the family, not to mention how much they keep us entertained! I know when I’m away from home, having someone who loves my kitties as if they were their own means the world to me, so I’d love to give you the same sense of ease!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Maila P.
Hi there! My name is Maila. I'm a huge lover of all animals, but cats have always had a special place in my heart. I have a sweet little fur girl myself, her name is Majical, and she means everything to me. One night after a long day, I was unloading my groceries and after I brought in the last bag, I turned around to go shut the front door, and I noticed there was a cat sitting in my living room staring at me. Like magic, she appeared out of nowhere and that is how she got her name Magical. I had never seen her around before so it must of been the big flashing sign on my forehead that said 'cat lover' and she quickly grabbed her things and moved right in. With that being said, I know and understand the feeling of being away from your fur baby for any amount of time can be hard. We wonder what they are doing, are they ok, do they miss us, and depending on the time of year it is, will the Christmas tree still be standing when I get home. I'm happy to help relieve some of the anxiety you may have. I love playing with kitties, brushing them, and giving them their favorite treats. I also recognize that each cat is different with their own personality and things they like and dislike. If your cat is on the shy side I will talk to them and let them come to me as they feel more comfortable. During my visit, I'm more than happy to take pictures and send them along with my visit updates if that is something you would like. I'm excited for this opportunity to get to know you and take care of your sweet fur baby. I look forward to meeting you soon!  
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Klari B.
"Cats can be so quirky and adorable. I absolutely love how smart they are and how they provide endless entertainment. They make great subjects!"
Hi, I’m Klari and I’m so excited to meet your Kitty! I’m a Mom of two, and in my spare time I love to cook, garden and write. I’m a life-long animal lover who was born into a family of animal lovers. As an adult with a family of my own, we’ve raised four rescue animals, (two cats and two dogs) plus another two non-rescue dogs. At this time we have four animals, we really like a full house, and I jokingly refer to them as “the herd.” My Kitties are named Ari and Aviva. I love taking pictures of them and will really enjoy sending you portraits of your cats! One of my animals had severe epilepsy, and through that and other experiences providing care for the animals of friends and family, I’ve grown accustomed to managing chronic conditions in pets. I’m more than happy to learn your routine so you can rest assured that your furry friend is fine while you’re away! I’m looking forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations with personalized care and an extra dose of love.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Annette M.
"My favorite thing about cats is when you find them curled up sleeping. They are always so adorable asleep, especially when you see them in the most random places; laundry baskets, cupboards, or even on top of the fridge."
Hello! My name is Annette, and I adore cats. I love all animals, but I have always had a special place in my heart for our feline overlords. Growing up, my mother had a sign saying, "a house is not a home without a cat," and I agree wholeheartedly. Cats come in many different personalities, and I love getting to know these individual personalities when I cat sit. When I was young, we had two Siamese siblings (Sanjin & Lily) who were the personification of the "we are Siamese if you please" cats from Lady and the Tramp. Later on, we had a large fluffy cat named Dan, who did nothing but sleep all day and shed (he was awesome). I understand that even though cats are very self-sufficient, they still need care and attention when their owners are away. I have been pet-sitting for family and friends my whole life, and I have experience administrating most medication forms. Including; oral medications (pill & liquid), topical (such as flea medication), and subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. I currently live in West Sacramento with my cat Percy, a very fancy and distinguished gentlemen. He is a British Shorthair, and I rescued Percy earlier this year. He just turned one back in May!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Candice D.
"I love the many ways cats express themselves with different sounds. It's so sweet to hear a cat purr for pets...or meow to announce it's time for treats! :)"
Candice has over 20 years of experience as a veterinary technician, pet sitter, and cat mom. She has provided nursing care to many animals including rabbits, sheep, pigs, and horses. Cats are her absolute favorite patient and pet! She has also been a proud caregiver to dogs, turtles, a hedgehog, and many foster kittens. She currently lives with her rescued cat, Yuki, who loves to play, cuddle, and relax to music. Candice specializes in animal enrichment and behavior. She has fun creating DIY cat toys and cozy cat corners! When she’s not working, you’ll typically find her taking pictures of nature, reading a good book, or organizing a cabinet like Marie Kondo. Candice is happy to comfort kitties in The San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Amanda P.
"What I love most about cats is that they make you earn their love so when you finally get it it feels so much more special."
I’ve loved cats since adopting my first stray at 4 years old. Her name was Lally and we were bff’s. Since then, I’ve pretty much always had a cat in the house. I’ve even had 2 boyfriends give me cats as a birthday presents. The cats were in my life much longer than the boyfriends. Today, I am a freelance Makeup Artist from the Philippines who decided to make LA her home 3 years ago. My husband and I haven’t had a chance to get our own pet yet but catsitting allows me to get my cuddle fix and boost of seratonin.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Jacquie R.
"I love that cats are funny, curious, mischievous! I love when they curl up on my lap and purr away. I love their little chirps when they are talking to birds, each other or me! If I could live on that island in Greece and just take care of cats all day, I'd be in heaven. 😻"
Hi and meow there! My name is Jacquie. I am the wife to a wonderful hubby and a mom to an awesome 18-year-old daughter, as well as a fur mommy to 3 kitties, Pumpkin the oldest, and Topaz & Opal.....the twins! Also a pupper named Peanut, and courageous mouse named Eddy. I love all animals, but I consider myself "The Crazy Cat Lady," because they are my favorite. Shhh- don't tell the others! I am a retired hairdresser and I'm looking for my next chapter in life, and I can promise you your kitties will be treated as my own, with lots of love! I think I'm a purrr-fect candidate, because I am very detailed-oriented, especially when it comes to litter box clean up, and any medication your furball needs. Whenever I enter someone's home, I always make sure to take off my shoes and wash my hands. I will treat your home with much respect! I've raised kitty cats my whole life, so I know they will be safe and happy with me. I can't wait to meet your kitties! 😻
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Jane G.
"What I love most about cats is how independent they can be while still being very affectionate. They all have their own quirks and behaviors which can make them entertaining and a joy to be around."
Five years ago, a friend of mine gave me a one month old kitten that she rescued from the street and I have been a cat lover ever since. Taking care of him helped me learn alot about cats and their temperaments, how they respond to things and how to make them happy. I take a lot of pride in making sure that my cat is healthy and has everything he needs I've also gained a lot of experience with animals by meeting my friends' cats and sitting for them when they are on vacation. It makes me feel good to help people out and get to spend time with different kinds of cats and get to know their personalities. I think that each cat has its own unique needs and special way of connecting with people.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Kaitlyn Z.
"I love being able to spend time with a cat and learning their little quirks! Every cat is so unique and deserves to be cared for like they are."
Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and, like many others, I am an animal lover with my favorite leaning heavily towards cats. I currently have 3 cats of my own but the one pictured above is my oldest boy, Simba. I promise he really does like wearing that sweater. All of my cats have been shelter babies and have the funniest personalities. I have 12 years of experience owning and fostering different types of animals with pet sitting experience sprinkled in. My own cats are very different and require individualized care which makes me comfortable with all sorts of fur babies and their needs. My favorite activity during a visit is catching candid shots. The goofy ones are always my favorite. Outside of cats, my favorite things include: dancing, watching movies, and reading. I would love to hear any recommendations for a good book!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Lindsay O.
“I love how each cat has their own unique purrsonality, quirks, and likes/dislikes. It’s fun getting to know each one. Plus, it’s impossible to feel upset or stressed when you have a purring cat on your lap. There’s an old proverb that says if you put a cat in a room full of broken bones, the bones will heal. Contented cats definitely have a calming and healing presence.”
Hi, I’m Lindsay! I’m originally from Upstate New York, and I have always been an animal lover. I grew up with both dogs and cats, but preferred cats because they are just so cute and funny! I have lived in several different places, but moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to attend graduate school at UCLA. My husband and I currently have 3 cats: Broadway, Layla, and Kismet, and they bring so much joy to our lives. Besides cats, I love history, archaeology, and travel and have been on archaeological digs in Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Turkey. On digs, friends have often laughed at me for carrying cat food and extra water in my bag to feed any strays that I came across. I even found an abandoned black kitten on an archaeological site in Turkey a few years ago and adopted him! When I’m not caring for my cats (or yours!), I like exploring the city, going to museums and parks, and doing arts/crafts, especially cross stitching and weaving… and my cats love to “help” me with those activities because they can’t resist any type of string!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Gail L.
"I love cats for all the ways they show you they love you; like, sitting on your face while you sleep, doing cardio on a toilet paper roll, scattering carefully collated papers on the floor, bringing me all sorts of "gifts" [mostly still alive] from their catio, and my favorite, performing Matrix style moves across all the most valuable possessions in the house."
I have been taking care of all kinds of critters virtually my whole life. Beginning with my experiences growing up on a farm, I have had the responsibility of taking care of cats, dogs, horses, and a variety of farm animals. I have also had the experience of working in an animal hospital and a wildlife care center where I picked up a wealth of knowledge and skills; for example, administering medications, cleaning and dressing wounds, and closely observing cats for any signs of distress or illness [especially since they are very good at hiding any evidence of pain or injury]. I have deep respect and love for all animals; this has included efforts to save wild horses [mustangs] and burros as well as assist in the annual whale count of both greys and humpbacks along the coasts of California and Maui. Working with raptors, small mammals, various birds, and reptiles gave me the knowledge and experience of how fragile the lives of urban wildlife can be. [RIP P-22] I am currently volunteering at a horse rescue and farm animal sanctuary, and live with 4 cats and two rescue horses. While I did love my career in education, my retirement from teaching has given me the time to devote to the compassionate care of cats. As any cat owner [I mean, human owned by cats] will tell you, these are mystical, graceful, sometimes stubborn, both arrogant and affectionate, goofy, highly intelligent, mischievous, and utterly devoted creatures. I have been blessed to have shared my life with so many wonderful felines -- all unique and special in their own ways. But each has taught me so much and brought me more joy than I could have imagined possible.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Karen Y.
"I truly believe cats must be smarter than humans. Just look at their lifestyle; they know how to live the good life."
Cat sitting is the best work ever! I love walking into work to kitties who are happy to see me. Are they hungry? Yeah, there's that. But then they hang out with me after they eat too. And there's the purring and head butts, and they rub up against me. It's the best job ever! After that, I feel honored to clean their litter box to help keep them happy and healthy. I grew up with cats, dogs, a turtle, fish, and horses. I love all the furry and not-so-furry creatures! Some of my best memories center around animals. I am the lucky caretaker of two kitties who have taught me how to live a happier and more relaxed life, full of naps and stretches and cuddles. When I am not cat sitting, I enjoy making and designing jewelry, taking photographs, being in nature, cooking, and watching movies.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Tess H.
My name is Tess Harmon and I am a California native who loves cats. I have worked with cats in a variety of ways, including: fostering, working at a cat cafe, cat-sitting, TNR work with rescues, and I also have three cats of my own. Meaning, I have lots of experience administering medication for your pet, cleaning up after them, playing with them, cuddling them, or giving them their space if that’s what they prefer. I love cats and I look forward for meeting your pet and making a new furry friend!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Shauna J.
Hello cat parents! My name is Shauna and I recently relocated to LA from the east coast. I have over 20 years of experience both owning and caring for my feline friends treating them as if they were my own. I know the feeling when you have to leave home and sadly can't bring your fur baby with you, and I know that it helps you rest better knowing that a trustworthy cat lover is looking after your feline friend. I love caring for life; pets, people and plants, so I look forward to caring for your fur babies. I respect cats' boundaries as they all have different personalities and I care for them accordingly giving them as many cuddles, scratches, play and/or space that they desire and I feel that is what makes me unique. I have provided cat sitting services within clients homes for a number of years and enjoy getting to know your kitties. I also have experience managing homes ranging from 2 bedroom condos, larger mansions, apartment complexes and international tourism properties. I am experienced in coordinating & organizing moves, renovations, repairs, cleaning services and staff/vendor services so if you're away for an extended period of time and also needs some things taken care that fall under that umbrella, I'm your person 🙂 I have 2 years managing a 40 acre farm thus versed in plant care. I am a certified yoga/meditation guide thus I bring a calm open heart presence to your space. I have a health science & public health educational background (BS degree). I am peaceful, efficient, resourceful, organized, timely, pleasant energetic and responsible. Looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies 🙂
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Thank you for understanding and thank you for taking such good care of them and all the love and patience you gave them. Thank you thank you thank you, Shauna!!! You are clearly a beautiful spirit. Toots, Peet, Jane and myself are very grateful ~ until next time.” -Larry K. (Los Angeles)

Anny A.
"The things I love about cats are their independence and sense of themselves yet they are also loving and playful on their own terms. They are so beautiful, as someone said, "There is no need for sculpture in a house with a cat." It's hard to put into words how amazing I think they are. There is a dignity about them that says, "You expect me to do what???" They can look right into your soul."
I have been pet/house sitting for friends for several years, cats, dogs, and chickens, but cats are my favorite. As a kid, we always had 2-3 dogs, German shepards and mutts. When I was in my early 20s I had a horse for about 4 years. I always wanted cats but wasn't able to have them until I was an adult with my own space. For about 4 years I had a family of raccoons I fed and they and the cats would sit out on the patio together. They all got along like a house on fire. My responsibilities for the cats and dogs were the usual, feed them, play with them, take dogs for walks, clean litter box daily, pet them, talk to them. I talk to cats a lot and tell them everything that's going on, what we're going to do, when their owners will be back, what kind of games they want to play. I can communicate telepathically with them. The 8 chickens involved letting them out of the coop in the morning and keeping an eye on them (coyotes, owls, raccoons), then bringing them in at night, feeding and watering them, plus making sure they were all in the hen house and it was securely locked. I have always felt a strong connection to animals, especially as I've gotten older. It is one of the ways that God communicates with me through them. The charities I choose are those for animal and environmental protection. Due to my living situations for a long time now, I have not been able to have my own cat and miss them fiercely. My hobbies are figure skating (I'm a retired coach), hiking, old movies, I love books and read like crazy. I'm also an actress with an agent who sends me around 10 auditions a month, commercials only what with the strikes. I'm a member of the Group Repertory Theater in N. Hollywood. Two of my favorite books/films are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series, but I have a wide range of books and authors I enjoy, as long as they are about human/family connections, their struggles and how they overcome and heal them. I love to cook and am quite good. I have zany things that come out of my mouth sometimes. For instance, one time during a break in acting class, we were standing around talking about where we are from. Someone said "Steve's from Somalia" and I said, completely seriously, "You mean he comes from Somalia every week to go to class?" Of course everyone busted up laughing and I immediately realized how silly that was. The other side of me is that I'm extremely reliable, dependable, almost to a fault.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Jacquelynne T.
I think I’ve had a cat in my life ever since I could recall memories. Growing up, my family had four cats all at one time. Whiskers, George, Clyde, and Thunder. My family also had a plethora of other pets, such as dogs, hamsters, fish, birds, and even a praying mantis at one point. While I consider myself an animal lover, I understand cats the most somehow. And it continues to this day when I meet a new kitty and show my gratitude towards it upon the first meeting. I currently live with my boyfriend with our two wonderful boys, Frito (13 years old) and Koji (2 years old). We both absolutely require cats in our lives and expect to adopt more kitty babies! I cat sit for my parents who are regularly out of town, and have cat sit for my other friends while they are away! Why Are Cats Important to Me? It begins with offering your hand. It is up to the cat whether to accept or decline the offer. A cat’s trust, love, and affection is earned with respecting the feline’s boundaries (and maybe bribing with a couple Churus!). Finally earning that trust, maybe when a cat decides to flop next to me or headbutt my leg, is such a rewarding and wholesome experience. All cats are inherently good and the bonds we share with them cannot be described with words. Frito has been my sidekick since I first adopted him when he was 8 weeks old in 2010. Since then, we have lived together in many cities, including Monterey where we were together in my dorm room. He has been in remission for about a year now from nasal lymphoma and has been even more talkative and energetic than when he was a kitten! I just cannot imagine my life without these wonderful creatures. The Non-Feline Things While cats play major factors in my life, I do have quite the variety of hobbies! I love playing video games, reading, and cooking together with my boyfriend. On my own, I love knitting, baking, archery, and am quite the car enthusiast!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Daniel F.
Daniel moved to Connecticut when he was a child and eventually, his love of the New York City music scene drew him to NYC, where he lived in Brooklyn for 14 years. There, he channeled his creative passions and deep love for animals into a career as a pet care professional and musician. Now, he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two cats. A lifelong animal lover and long-time cat dad, Daniel has a natural affinity for the furry and four-legged. He considers himself deeply fortunate to have been able to build a separate livelihood out of being surrounded by pets all day. He finds pet care to be particularly rewarding due to the wonderful connections he has made with the cats and dogs in his care, as well as his diverse clientele – many of whom have become friends over the years. Daniel has been an active part of the pet care community for more than a decade, and values his relationships with the vibrant network of pet care professionals in his area. Physically fit and active, his idea of a good time is going on long hikes and discovering a riveting new spot off the beaten track, skateboarding, biking, yoga and meditation, swimming, and making trusty lists of films and TV shows that he intends to binge watch with his wife.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Kat G.
I'm absolutely bats for cats! My lifetime love of them began with Butchy, my first cat, who adopted me when I was 2 years old. I have enjoyed loving, being around, and taking care of them ever since. I care for the cats in my charge, whether yours or mine, with the dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, and love they all deserve. Cats occupy most of my waking (and many of my sleeping) hours. At my residence, I currently care for a family, a colony of 23 spayed/neutered cats. I must be doing something right as they all choose to live with me. Luckily, my other chief hobby provides these cats with their own gardens at my home. The gardens are free of pesticides and poisons, a quiet, safe, restful, shady, protected place for them. The outdoor cat crew love it. All the neighborhood cats visit it. My indoor crew admire it from inside through the windows and glass doors. I have cared for cats in sickness and in health, until death do we part. As a result, I am very competent to give insulin shots, pill (though liquid medicine is far easier for the cat and me), give eye drops and ear drops, and feed a cat through a surgically implanted tube -- although I am very happy when my charges are healthy instead. The only area where I am lacking is in administering subcutaneous fluids. I cannot honestly call myself competent at that. I hope you will trust me to care for your favorite purrson(s). I'll do my very best to fill the empty space your absence leaves in their lives whenever you must be away.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Griselda V.
"What I love most about cats, is that they can be both very independent, and social with their humans. They bring us great comfort and support with their unique personalities, and social, or personal needs."
I have owned and cared for my own pets, 3 cats and 1 Yorkie Terrier for around 12 years. Today, my son and I have one cat. We love animals. Our cat Bubbles, brings us great joy, and emotional support. I have taken care of family members’ pets while they went on vacation and found that it was something I wanted to pursue. I love cat sitting. I love to be able to help people, and their pets out whenever I can. I am an active American Red Cross Platelet Donor. I give every week to help patients who are fighting cancer. I enjoy knitting scarves and hats, and other small projects in my free time. This Winter, I set a weight loss goal. Since seeing the results of my hard work at the gym, I found that I enjoy it.
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Griz – I can’t tell you how comforting it is to have you cat sit for us. I feel guilty about leaving Maia – having you there gives me peace of mind. Thank you!!!! Again, I so appreciate the love and care you show Maia. These pictures say a thousand words…she clearly loves and trusts you (she doesn’t headbutt many people)!” Susan P. (Signal Hill)

“Thank you so much. Honestly it means so much to us that we have found you :0)” Jennifer H. (Los Angeles)

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of them! Washing their dishes is super appreciated. We are really grateful for your help over the last week.” -Sean C. (Hermosa Beach)

Sheiley R.
"What I love about cats is their unique traits! I love meeting a cat and just being able to tell about their personality based on a small window of interaction. They’re so funny in what they find curious and I love how they know what they want and how they choose to communicate with us."
My name is Sheiley Rios and I have been part of The Comforted Kitty company since August 2021! In my experience I have learned so much, ranging from administering vaccinations to cats with medical conditions to simply giving them oral medication(s). Cats I’ve encountered have been overall very friendly and curious; though I’ve had a few that were more cautious and feisty and that’s been just as wonderful! Patience is a strong suit of mine and I always put the comfort of the cat before anything else (hence the company name 😸). I have always loved animals but only recently got my very own cat at home and I have been able to learn more and more about her body language and how she chooses to communicate with me about her needs 🧡! My wonderful cat (Pantera) and I love to take naps together and play with bird toys she has lying around. We also love to go on walks (she’s either on a leash or in a bubble backpack) and look at ducks and fishes! She likes to smell me after every cat sitting appointment I have and whiff what my cat clients smell like ! My favorite part of the job is observing each cats personality! I love seeing how they approach a stranger in their home and watch them trust me and allow me to be part of their play time, earning their trust is by far the most fun of everything!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Zaira O.
"I love cats for their companionship and for their shamelessly self-indulgent lifestyle, reminding cat owners everywhere to nap, stretch, and sit in the sun."
Zaira is an LA resident and a lifelong cat lover, available to take care of pets in downtown LA and surrounding areas. She grew up volunteering at a small-town animal shelter in Oregon and has fostered and rehabilitated dozens of rescue cats and kittens through non-profit animal rescues throughout SoCal. She has experience caring for sick and shy animals and is comfortable giving cats various types of medications as well as grooming your kitty's claws, coat, and teeth if necessary. Personally, she also loves looking after her collection of houseplants, and her family has unintentionally adopted 3 generations of all-black cats.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Andrew W.
"I love the different personalities and quirks each cat has. Every cat is different and requires a different approach to gain their trust! It's a wonderful feeling when a cat finally trusts you!"
Greetings cat lovers! My name is Andrew. I use to be an assistant editor working on documentaries, I went to school for film/televison/media thinking that was my career path however life always throws a curveball now I'm here to spoil your cats. I love meeting new kitties and seeing all the interesting quirks and personality traits they carry. How they like to play, how they socialize, and how they show appreciation. I understand every cat socializes differently and I'm eager to learn from them!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Meaghan R.
What I love most about cats: I find their overall energy to be incredibly calming and loving. Even when shy, cats may be mysterious, but they’re great communicators. They make me want to do nothing but love and care for them, and I couldn’t be happier doing that.
Animals mean more to me than anything in life and I find extreme joy in bringing them safety, care, and happiness. I have been a pet owner my whole life and currently have three cats, each rescued from the streets of Los Angeles. I love making cat friends everywhere I go, and I personally think they make the best company. Besides caring for my own and sitting various friends’ cats, I also volunteered for several years at the Pasadena Humane Society. I am comfortable with detailed instructions and giving any oral or topical medications. I am a freelance artist, working mostly in miniatures and stopmotion animation. Afternoons and evenings work best for me, but have a flexible schedule. I am located in the 90026 zip code of Echo Park near Silverlake, Los Feliz, East Hollywood, Angelino Heights, Downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown, Elysian Heights, and Chinatown neighborhoods. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting your feline friends.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Jen K.
What I love most about cats is their intuitive spirits, and their 6th sense of human emotions. No other creatures show love and comfort quite like cats do, and always at the perfect moment.
Since her early childhood years, Jen has been an avid lover of cats, initially intrigued by their alluring and affectionate nature; and soon thereafter, their unique quirks and fascinating behaviors. For the last 9-13 years, Jen has been caring for her own three black cats, Ninja, Yoda, and Toby; and is so thankful for these therapeutic and entertaining beings in her life. With her “cat whisperer” essence, Jen is happy to look after and care for her friends’ cats, as well as all cat clients of The Comforted Kitty. A client recently said to her that she has the best job in the world, and she was very accurate with that statement. 🙂 When Jen isn’t spending time with cats, she enjoys painting works of art, playing bass guitar, and exploring all nature spots throughout the Los Angeles area. As a creative person, Jen inevitably has eccentric cats who like to sit in her lap while she paints, or fall asleep to her playing soft bass lines.
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“My sitter Jen was great. My cat took about 2 weeks to warm up to me when I first got him but he took to Jen in about 5 days. I received daily updates about the amount of food he ate, the litter situation, and his overall demeanor. Everyone at the company was very responsive when I first contacted them about watching my cat so I was able to book a sitter quickly before the holidays. I will definitely be using this service again in the future.” James H. (Los Angeles)

“We worked with Jen K., and she was an absolute delight to have taking care of our cat! She sent updates and pictures every visit, and it really eased our minds a lot having her take care of our kitty while we were gone. He needed medication and a lot of affection, and Jen did all of that and more! This service is really above and beyond any of the petsitters we’ve tried in the past.” Elizabeth B. (Los Angeles)

“Jen took an excellent care of my cat when I was in the hospital. Communication and making changes was effortless. I will definitely be using The Comforted Kitty in the future when in the need of cat sitting.” Heini N. (Los Angeles)

“Hi Jen! Thank you for being so kind and patient with her and staying the extra time to let her get comfy. We just arrived back home safe and sound to a very happy cat. Thank you so much for your considerate care and thoughtful updates. I hope we can have you visit next time we’re away!” -Katherine N. (Pasadena)

“You have been fantastic! I know Bub and Lou will miss you. Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful vacation! 😻😻” -Ellen V. (Los Angeles)

“Jen thank you so much for your incredible care! Mark and I can’t tell you how much our minds were at ease when we were away, knowing our cats were being taken of in the best way!! We are so happy you were able to bond with our cats so well!! ” -Annie M. (South Pasadena)

“Jen! We are SO grateful to you for looking after Mochi. I can tell that Mochi was stoked to have you as her cat sitter and I so hope that we can always go through you! You made being away so much less stressful, it was so beautiful to be able to see her every day. Thank you again. I couldn’t have wished for someone better! Mochi sends her love 😻✨🙏🏽🎉” -Yuni W. (Los Angeles)

“Hi Jen! Girls were beautiful and well cared for! Thanks for the amazing updates and care 😻 Can’t thank you enough. You’re truly a kind spirit and been a godsend for us 🙏🙌🏼 I’m sure they will miss you.” -Rosemary G. (Los Angeles)

Judie H.
I have always loved cats for their ease of care. And also, contrary to popular opinion, they are very affectionate, entertaining and smart.
I am Judie Henninger and I am a former entertainment industry executive and producer. But I have retired from that industry and now I’m here to take care of your fur babies. I have had cats since I was nine years old with family and then on my own. It seemed a natural move to spend time more time with the animals I love. I currently have brother & sister Tuxedo cats that will turn two in August. I adopted them at 3 months old from their foster home. Prior to that I had two Maine Coon Cats who have since passed. I started taking care of friends' cats a few years ago when they went out of town for business or pleasure. And really enjoy being with them. Cats always sense another cat lover and sometimes even the shyest cats warm up to me. I have experience giving insulin shots, subcutaneous fluids and pills or liquid meds to them. I joined The Comforted Kitty as a professional cat sitter in November 2021. And I have met some awesome kitties as well as people. I want potential clients and current clients to know they are in good hands with me and I will give them love they need while you are away.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Julia A.
I love how uniquely adorable and funny cats are. They truly give us a special kind of love and bond and add so much joy to life.
Hello! I’m Julia, a life long cat owner and lover. I have always had a passion for all animals, but especially cats. I have always lived in a home with cats, and I grew up volunteering with my local shelter and rescues in Illinois. After moving to California, I began working at a cat cafe where I cared for a colony of 20+ adoptable cats and learned so much more about cat care and the rescue world. I still continue to volunteer with my local cat rescue Stray No More, but moved my focus to cat sitting when I went back to school. I am currently pursuing my certification to become an American Sign Language interpreter 🤟
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Thank you Julia!! He looks so happy and we are very lucky that you are taking such great care of our favorite George.” -Zoe E. (Los Angeles)

Emily D.
Hi, my name is Emily. I am an animal lover who has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 fish. I love animals so much that I went to school and got my license to work as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT for short). I currently work at an animal hospital and have been working with cats for 4 years! As well as love on my animals when I get home! On the weekends you will usually find me cooking or going on adventures (with my animals of course). I am so excited to be working with The Comforted Kitty to provide the best care and service for your babies! I love cats because of how unexpected and silly they are. They are constantly making me laugh and I could easily adopt many more.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Lauren V.
"My favorite thing about cats is that when they do something you want them to, it feels like it's an earned moment of respect and obedience from the cat. I like the give and take of every cat's personality. That and their absurd little meows."
I am a life-long cat lover that loves every cat like my own. My mission in life is to help as many animals--especially cats-- as I possibly can, and that includes your cat! My own cat's name is Maggie and she is 10 years old. I have had a lot of experience taking care of cats, keeping them healthy and happy, and I hope to continue that through my work here at The Comforted Kitty!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Emma P.
"My favorite thing about cats is when they make biscuits in your lap and turn into bread loaves."
Hello, I’m Emma Perry. I am a known cat lady. I’ve had family cats and now have a 7 year old cat, Appa that I have raised since he was a kitten. I’ve cat sit for neighbors and family friends (changing cat litter, dispensing meds, playtime, and cuddles). Outside of cuddling cats and slow blinking, I love doing crafts and work with adults and kids with autism.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Lisa M.
I learned the magic of a cat’s purr as a young child and have shared my life with feline friends ever since. I appreciate each cat’s unique personality and quirks. Having encountered the challenge of finding someone I trusted to care for my feline family members, my goal is to provide you with peace of mind. It is my privilege (and joy) to provide loving care while you are away.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Gaby V.
Hi there! My name is Gaby. I am a lifelong cat lover who has always been surrounded by them and would love to help you care for yours. I have owned cats my whole life and have a profound understanding of feline behavior. The thing I love most about cats is that they all have their own unique personalities and require you to truly earn their trust as a caretaker! As a cat parent myself I know how important it is to make sure your cat is taken well care of during a vacation. I understand the importance of having a sitter you can not only trust, but someone who will go above and beyond to make sure all your feline needs are met. I love showering cats with affection and attention, so you can both feel at ease during your time apart. I hope to be a comforting presence for them while you are away. When I am not caring for kitties, you will find me volunteering at different rescue organizations (cat/horse/rabbit) all over Orange County. Looking forward to connecting!
, California, The Comforted Kitty

“Awww thank you so so much Gaby! We feel so lucky and grateful that you are who watches our babies while we’re away 🥰. It gives us such peace of mind! Thank you for everything.” -Victoria B. (Irvine)

Donna H.
Hi, I’m Donna and cats have always been a part of my life. They are such a calming influence. I will take care of your cat(s) as if they were my own. Keeping them safe and well looked after. Feeding and cleaning up after them, playing and talking to them. I have been called “the cat whisperer” due to the fact that all cats gravitate towards me. I would love to take care of your precious cat(s) while you are away.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Karen T.
Hi! My name is Karen. I have always loved animals since I was young. I grew up on a farm with chickens, roosters, goats, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and peacocks! Everyday I would wander around talking to them, feeding them, playing with them etc but the cats were always special. I love how mysterious, elegant and playful they are. They have always had a calming affect on me. I feel we have a lot in common as I love to stare out the window, relax, sleep, be independent, love sparkly shiny things, just to name a few. I have always been a helper, take care type of person. Friends and family have always ask me to take care of their pets when they are not able to or go out of town/vacations. I absolutely love it! I look forward to be able to meet and care for your feline family member(s)!
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Marlene M.
"I love being around cats and learning about their many different personalities! Cats are so majestic and I am so honored to be able to work with them."
Animals are family members and bring so much calmness and happiness to people's lives. Cats are the most beautiful, majestic and magical animals! I am honored to be able to work with them. Having cared for indoor and outdoor animals of every size, age, and personality! With cats being her favorite! Coming from the country she naturally started taking care of stray animals and feral cats. She has rescued many animals and continues to do so. My passion and fondness for animals, especially cats, grew from there. She has had fish, pet hamsters, bunnies, cats and dogs. Has rescued a small Beagle mix dog named Sadie, beautiful Savannah named Cypress Hill and a feral cat named Felix. Currently feeding a racoon and opossum who find their way to the outside food, no names have been given to them yet! Having worked as a pet sitter, dog walker and personal home-care assistant gives her years of invaluable experience, so your cats are in caring, capable hands. I feel that nurturing and caring for humans and animals, especially cats come naturally to me. The most rewarding aspect is being able to help others, whether it be a furry friend or a loved one. Her goal is to open her own cat rescue one day to help even more cats! Every cat has a unique personality and never two require the same care. Being able to adjust, adapt and be flexible are some of her amazing traits. My goal is for you to feel completely confident in my abilities, so that you can leave and come home to a happy, healthy cat!
, California, The Comforted Kitty

Ashley M., Long Beach
Marlene is the biggest pet lover. She prefers fur babies over human friends any day. My skittish cats are always so excited to see her, I highly recommend her pet service, very trustworthy with my favorite companions.

Rachel R., Santa Ana
Marlene took great care of my cat, sending me updates and pictures of the amazing time she had with her while I was away. I recommend her and give her five stars for the care my cat received. Thanks Marlene!

Lyn P., Corona Del Mar
Marlene was wonderful with our pets, we were away 5 days and she turned up without fail to take care of our 4 cats, they absolutely loved her, she sent me pictures of them playing which really stopped me worrying about them, I would definitely use Marlene again.

Shanley S., Costa Mesa
Marlene has been a great help to me and my cats since last year. She took amazing care of them. My cats love her so much. Every time I was out of town, my cats stayed with Marlene and always came back so fresh and clean. We are so grateful that we know Marlene.

Megan M., Fountain Valley
Marlene is very professional, timely and sweet! She has assisted me with my cats and has also taken great care of them on several occasions. I have never had to worry about a thing! I have complete confidence when Marlene is around. 🙂

“We are home. Nothing beats seeing a happy kitty waiting for us at home after a long trip. Thank you again for everything, Sponge will definitely miss you🥹” -Yu Y. (Foothill Ranch)

Sam B.
"Give a dog a bone, or a half eaten hot dog for that matter, and he'll love you for a lifetime! Cats are far more cautious and selective, but when you finally win their affection it's such a satisfying experience! It's a special bond I really enjoy!"
As a child, growing up in England, I accumulated lots of furry critters, guinea-pigs, rabbits, mice and gerbils just to name a few. My Mum was remarkably tolerant of my petting zoo, even after the gerbils nested in her laundry basket and shredded her freshly ironed clothes! In 1985 I moved to the U.S and later began watching other peoples' pets instead. I met cats of all shapes, sizes and temperaments ranging in age from kittens to 21 year old seniors. Six years ago, I adopted two cats of my own, both rescues: Rosebud, a feral kitten and Miss Mew Mew a diabetic senior cat. They won my heart but I had to earn their trust.
, California, The Comforted Kitty
Erika R.
What I love most about cats is just how misunderstood they are by people! They have so much to offer in terms of love, loyalty, friendship! A cat's loyalty comes unexpectedly...but when it does, it's there to stay. It's rare but, not because it happens rarely, but because we rarely see it."
Hi there, my name is Erika Rasmussen, and I Adore all things cats! Since before the day I was born, I've always had a cat in my household whether it be mine or my Mom and Dad's! I noticed at a very young age that I've always had an affinity for cats and seem to share a special connection with any cat I met on the street. That connection launched me into the world of cat advocacy. I am a TNR (trap neuter return) advocate, feral cat caretaker, foster for numerous cat rescues, and an independent trapper when needed. I also very much enjoy educating the public on all the above topics. I've worked at two non-profit cat rescue organizations in California. The first was Stray Cat Alliance, where I had the pleasure of being the Return to Field Coordinator in three different shelters in Orange County and Long Beach. My second cat job was at the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in Laguna Canyon, where I was able to learn plenty of skills that I still currently use today like, giving insulin injections to diabetic cats, pilling cats, and sub q fluids. That was a really cool job because I dealt with only senior cats as it's like a retirement home for senior cats... Only in California, right?! I have a total of 15 cats between two houses. I have six feral cats, one foster cat, and one rescue at my parent's house - Big Black, Smoketree, Whiskers, Nails, Ginger Blue, Snowshoes, Mr. Baker, and Bela Lugosi. At My boyfriend's house I have four cats and four foster kittens- Raggedy Ann, O'Malley, Ziggy, Dünner Junger, Twinkle, Beep, Boop, and Bop. I've dealt with every temperament of cat out there. I pay very close attention to the body language of cats, as they don't talk like people and you need to be more aware of what they're really telling you. I always love meeting new cats and their caretakers and/or parents!
, California, The Comforted Kitty


“Just got home, everything looks good and Lily is good too. Thanks for tidying up too, really appreciate the good work and care while I was gone!” -Jospeh S. (Costa Mesa)

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