Boo and Jinx: The Comforted Kitties of the Month for March!

by | Apr 18, 2020

Happy Caturday!

We’re giving you a double dose of our featured TCK of the month, with fun info about not just one but TWO of our cat sitting kitty clients from Las Vegas, Boo and Jinx!

Meet Jinx!

Also known as Jinxy, Little Man, The Most Handsomest Man, The Littlest Dude, Baby Boy, The Baby, The Sweetest Little Guy

Jinx was adopted from a foster mom through the Camarillo Animal Shelter in Camarillo, California. He loves food and getting pets and likes taking walks outside.

Here are some other fun facts about Jinx:

New Years Resolution: To take more walks outside and to say hi to all the birds and animals that I see from the window

Words to live by: “What is this!?” and “Where is my dad?”

What was Jinx in a past life: An Explorer

If Jinx could write a Haiku, what would it say:

Me and dad take walks
My dad is my bestest friend
I want some treats please

Meet Boo!

Also known as Booboo, Booby, Booboos, Da Booboo, Da Booby

Boo was adopted from Camarillo Animal Shelter in Camarillo California. She is a black very shy kitty and it was around Halloween. Her human mom was single and living alone at the time and she just knew they were meant for each other.

Here are some fun facts about Boo:

New Years Resolution: Eat More Treats

Favorite Quote: “Run away!!!” – Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Favorite song lyric: “If you see me comin’ your way, Better give me plenty space If I tell you that I’m hungry, Then won’t you feed my face” – Weird Al “Fat”

If Boo could write a Haiku, what would it say:

I love my parents
But my brother is a jerk
He eats all my food


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