Best Vets in the City of San Francisco

by | Aug 19, 2021

If you live in downtown SF, you know there’s plenty to do and see. But do you know where to take your cat when you need veterinary care? Here are a few of our favorite vets located in the heart of San Francisco.

Nob Hill Cat Clinic

When your scaredy-cat is too nervous to go to an all-purpose animal hospital, you may wish to explore more specialized clinics. Nob Hill Cat Clinic is a dog-free, distraction-free clinic with almost 50 years’ experience. Over the decades, they’ve perfect the art of treating cats and know exactly what makes them special. No generic care here — Dr. Ruth Doe and the team love to get to know cats and care for your kitty from whiskers to tail.


Wellness exams, dentistry, pharmacy, surgery, lab work, grooming, kitten care, overnight hospitalization, and more.

Best for…

Cats who don’t tolerate being around other animals or have feline-specific health needs.

San Francisco Pet Hospital

If you’ve been searching for a well-established veterinarian who’s seen it all, San Francisco Pet Hospital look no further. This clinic has been open longer than anyone can remember – it opened its doors in 1905 – and has become San Francisco’s go-to cat and dog clinic. After a 40 tenure as the director, Dr. Lee Morris handed the reins to his longtime associate, Dr. Bobby Leyba, to continue to provide the level of pet care that only generations of experience can produce.


Wellness exams, dentistry, diagnostics, surgery, vaccines, preventative care, and more. Lab work, radiology.

Best for…

Cat owners who are looking for a familiar, well-established clinic with a great track record.

Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates

If driving is an issue or your cat can’t make it to the veterinarian, why not have the vet come to you? Whether it’s an issue of health or just convenience, Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates will bring a full clinic’s worth of care right to your door. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Brian VanHorn, this mobile clinic is trusted by San Francisco’s cat, dog, and exotic owners to provide care ranging from exams to emergencies.


Wellness visits, urgent care, imaging, diagnostics, dentistry, surgery, and end of life services.

Best for…

Housecats that prefer to stay home, humans who are unable to make the drive to the vet, and cats whose health prevents travel.

Irving Pet Hospital

Irving Pet Hospital is an AAHA-accredited clinic. Earning this award is the gold standard of veterinary excellence, and a distinction only a small fraction of vets can claim, so you’ll know you’re in good hands at Irving Pet Hospital. Owner Dr. Joe Fong is a native San Franciscan who loves to get to know all the pets in his neighborhood. He has led this large, full-service clinic since 2007 and cared for countless purring patients along the way.


Wellness exams, vaccines, surgery, dentistry, nutrition, diagnostics, emergency care, and more.

Best for…

Cat owners who are looking for an award-winning hospital close to home.

Animal Farm Pet Hospital

Owning a cat can be expensive, but when it comes to care, you definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality. That’s where Animal Farm Pet Hospital comes in. With transparent, upfront pricing and a long history of quality service, you can feel confident you’re making an informed decision when making treatment plans for your pet.


Wellness exams, dentistry, surgery, vaccines, diagnostics, x-rays, emergency care, and more.

Best for…

Cat owners who are looking for that perfect balance between excellent care and budget-friendly pricing.


The San Francisco SPCA is much more than just an animal shelter. If your cat finds herself in an emergency situation — even in the middle of the night on a weekend — the SFSPCA is ready. In the event of poisoning, injury, or sudden health issues, don’t waste time calling around. Head straight to an on-call emergency vet to keep your cat from cashing in one of her nine lives. Best of all, SFSPCA is a cat-friendly practice, keeping stress levels low.


Urgent care ranging from life-saving measures to quick care. Be aware that emergent care can cost more than regularly scheduled appointments.

Best for…

Walk-in emergency services or spay/neuter visits by appointment.

Smith’s Veterinary Service

For the gentlest approach, Dr. Kelly Smith’s in-home holistic pet care is just the ticket to getting your cat feeling her best. Dr. Smith earned her DVM in 2005, attended the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine in 2010, and has been providing integrated veterinary medicine ever since. Enjoy wellness visits with a personalized touch, routine preventative care, or acupuncture to treat chronic conditions without ever leaving your house!


Wellness visits, acupuncture, nutrition consultation, herbal supplements, and compassionate euthanasia.

Best for…

Cat owners who want gentle alternative care in the comfort of their own homes.

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