FAQs about our sitters

How are your sitters selected?

Every sitter at The Comforted Kitty is selected for their years of cat care experience, excellent customer service, and proven exceptional work ethic. Furthermore, we are proud to pay a living wage in order to attract and retain the best caregivers.

All of our partner cat sitters are screened and selected via a rigorous three-part interview process, an extensive reference check, and must pass a criminal background check too. Furthermore, they are covered under our commercial liability insurance and bonding policies.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Will I get to meet my sitter beforehand?

Absolutely! In fact, we require an initial consultation / meet-and-greet with you as a new client so that the sitter can come to your home and interact with both you and your cat, to make sure there’s a good fit. It also is an opportunity for the cat sitter to familiarize themselves with the entire visit and care routine, retrieve your house keys, and ask you any questions they might have. It’s also appropriate in this meeting for either party to mention any concerns that might exist so that both you and your sitter are best prepared for the sittings. We assign the same sitter for your entire trip so that you will have met the person entering your home and not have someone new each visit.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

How many sitters will be caring for my cat?

We believe it is very important for a sitter to develop a relationship with our human and feline clients. In fact, it’s really beneficial for all when the sitter is able to form a strong bond with your cat. Therefore, only your one assigned sitter (the person you meet at the initial consultation) will be entering your home to care for your cat. Unlike many other pet sitting companies and dog walking apps that are popular these days, you will always know ahead of time who is coming into your home and we won’t ever bring another person or animal into your home. No bait and switches here!

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Will I have the same sitter each time I use your services?

While we do assign a sitter as your primary sitter — and strive to have that person care for your cat each trip — we cannot guarantee their availability each time. This can be due to such factors as illness, personal obligations, vacations, or other scheduling conflicts. If we do have to assign a substitute sitter to help you out, you will always get to meet that person beforehand to see they are a good fit with your cat too, and also go over the whole visit care routine with them. And rest assured… the sitter will ALWAYS be a The Comforted Kitty sitter who is background checked, insured, bonded, and fully vetted. Additionally, all of your cat care routine and contact information is stored securely in our pet sitting software so that regardless of which sitter helps, they will always have the most up-to-date information to complete the care — and execute the visits — properly without any confusion.

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Do you have references available?

Absolutely. Check out our Happy Clients page, as well as our Yelp, Google, and Facebook review pages. Lot’s of our current clients are eager to share their experience using our professional cat sitting services!

Have questions? Shoot us an email (info@comfortedkitty.com) or call/text us (925-494-0485)

Meet Your Sitters

Kim M.
I have always lived with and cared for at least one cat. Most recently, Mr. Purrkins was my housemate. He was ill for the last year and a half of his life. Not ready to adopt another, I miss the sweet balance of dependence and independence in cats. I look forward to meeting and caring for cats because I enjoy their unique personalities and dispositions. I recently retired from a career in education. Now I have more time to spend doing things that delight me, like gardening, walking, swimming, and caring for cats!
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Michael S.
"What I like most about cats is their calming presence and empathic nature. Cats possess a remarkable sensitivity to the emotions and energies of those around them, often displaying an intuitive understanding of other's experiences."
Meow there! My name is Michael Stone, and I am your purrrfect cat-sitting extraordinaire! Each day, I wake up to the delightful task of feeding several hungry kitties, as I have been chosen by the feline world to be their humble caretaker. My journey began years ago when a feral feline took shelter under my back porch and surprised me with a litter... and that's when my love for cats truly blossomed! She became "The Feral Matriarch" the foundation of our harmonious family of feline fanatics! Beyond my feline adventures, I am a proud 33-year-old Marine Corps veteran and a graduate from ASU. Timeliness, responsiveness, dependability, and trustworthiness are values I hold dear, and for the past six years, I’ve successfully owned and operated my own cleaning company. However, now it's time to take a break, stretch my paws, and care for the cats! I have extensive experience working in residential environments, often independently, and have proven to be a capable caretaker and custodian who understands the significance of a well- maintained home and a content kitty while you're away. When I'm not delighting in the company of cats, you'll often find me exploring the great outdoors.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty


“Took wonderful care of my cat. Great communication and dedication. Highly recommend Michael!” – Kerry K. (Mesa)

“Emily and I loved the updates and pics you sent while we were away. We could tell she was relaxed / having a good time and appreciate you visiting everyday! You helped make our travel even better since we didn’t have to worry about her when we were away.” -Will Z. (Gilbert)

Elizabeth J.
I have loved cats for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of playing with my grandfather's many cats and just being fascinated with and enamored of them. Since then, I have shared my home with many feline friends as well as caring for others' cats. I'm currently fostering my third litter of the summer for a local rescue and have helped support cat welfare efforts in other ways whenever I can. I love cats' beauty and independence, and also how loving they can be on their terms. When not spoiling my own two pet cats I do some editing work part-time and volunteer for a hospice by visiting patients and providing respite to their families.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Jacki P.
Jacki, like many of us, is a transplant to Arizona. She moved to the Scottsdale area in 1992 from Florida where she was raised. Jacki has over 25 years of professional animal care experience- caring for dogs, cats, reptiles, turtles, pigs, and small and large birds. She has worked several years for a grooming salon, and local boarding facility. Currently she volunteers with Better Piggie Rescue assisting with daily chores, feedings and socializing farm animals searching for a forever home, Jacki also has several years' experience working as a professional pet sitter. Having worked so many years with animals she was able to obtain skillful experience in basic pet care, physical and mental enrichment, bathing and grooming along with being CPR certified. Jacki and her husband Steve have had many animals throughout their lives, currently they share their home with four dogs of their own- "Harry" Chihuahua (dog model pictured), "Baxter Boxer/bulldog. "Frank" 3-legged Rat Terrier, and "Butters Pug/Chihuahua. Jacki is a true dog mom dedicating her life to providing a lifelong loving home for her fur babies. When she's not working with pets Jacki lenjoys kickboxing, skateboarding and caring for her plants.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty


“Jacki was wonderful! I am new to the area and was nervous to find someone I could trust. Jacki put me at ease right away. She sent daily updates with photos and was so eaay to work with! Cant recommended Jacki or Comforted Kitty enough.” – Herb S. (Phoenix)

Mickey W.
"What I like most about cats is that they each have their own unique personality. I like how they clean themselves, and when they bump up against you. And who doesn’t like it when they purr?:
I have always liked animals, especially cats. My greatest accomplishment as a child was to talk my parents into letting me get a kitten. I read about how to take care of them and promised I would, which I did. I loved that cat, and he became part of our family. I was a social worker for many years and pet sat for coworkers, taking care of their cats and dogs. I’ve had many cats throughout my life, including two who lived with me for almost two decades each. PJ was my BCF. She lived at a residential facility where I was working, and gave birth to three kittens in my coworker’s office. They came to live with me, and I kept her and found other homes for the kittens. We had many adventures throughout the 17 years that we had together. Beverly was the other cat who I had for many years. I adopted her when she was a tiny kitten and was home with her when she died 18 years later. I have two little dogs now, and we go on lots of walks together. I would be honored to spend time with your cat or cats and I can be counted on to do whatever needs to be done while you are away from home.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Thao P.
Enthusiastic young professional with know how cat knowledge. In other words, I love fluffy friends of the feline variety! It would be such a joy to look after your loved little babies. Nothing brings more joy to my day than petting cats and kitties. I grew up with a tabby cat name Boba. He likes to play fetch with rolled up plastic bags and roll around in the dirt. Then we got a mini Boba who we named MilkTea and she’s quirky and spazzy and has extra toe beans. I loved coming home to these kitties. They now live with my younger sister and cannot be separated. I currently do not have a pet and misses having a fluffy ball around. I work from home so my friends sometimes would drop their animals off at my house so we can keep each other company. Outside of my fondness for cat, my hobbies include rock climbing, BJJ, and reading.  
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Anne S.
I am an older lady who has had dogs and cats all my life. I am retired and available pretty much anytime. I have worked with animal rescues and have fostered many cats and dogs in my home. I have stayed at clients' homes to spoil their dogs and cats while they’re away. I enjoy meeting clients and their fur babies. All the cats are so different from each other. It is fun to watch how they each connect with me.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty


“We left town for Christmas, and Anne took care of our three kitties. She was great. We met her before we left town and went through their schedule and such. She was very attentive and did a great job with the kitties. She took such good care of our fur babies! We’ll definitely use The Comforted Kitty again!” – Jake P. (Mesa)

Seth S.
Seth Scott has lived in Arizona his whole life. He's lived in Phoenix since 2010. He is a big cat lover and has two of his own, Snow (9yrs) and Iris (8yrs). He is an actor and independent artist who loves to help out his friends and family when needed, especially when they need someone to watch their pet.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Polina B.
"I love how personal cats are, and how each personality develops the longer you know the cat. I’ve always admired how forward they can be, leaving no guessing as to what they’re communicating. They’re also simply the best."
"Hi! My name is Polina. I’ve been a cat lover my whole life and have always found them to be the most fascinating pet. Growing up, I had my own kitties and was always surrounded by family members and friends who had them too. I would watch my aunts' cats and dogs for days at a time and would make sure they were fed and had clean litter. I got to spend my last few weeks in my hometown cat sitting my piano professors cats, Jeffrey and Sally Anne. They have such differing personalities, and it was the best experience before moving off to Arizona. I currently love on my friends cats as I go through my busy schooling completing my masters degree at ASU. I am studying collaborative piano, so I love playing piano and exploring different music genres and experiences around town. I also love thrifting, and have very quickly started a collection of cat trinkets."
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Hanna F.
I've been a dedicated cat lover for years, with two adorable felines of my own. I've also had the pleasure of looking after friends' and family members' cats. My cats have taught me the ins and outs of feline care, from the importance of regular feeding schedules to the significance of providing playtime and affection. What I love most about cats is their ability to form deep bonds while still maintaining their sense of independence. Their purring is like a soothing balm after a long day, and I find their presence incredibly calming. Staying active is a big part of my life, so I hit the gym regularly to keep fit and energized. For a touch of global connection, I'm an avid postcrosser and traveler, I have sent and received over 150 postcards from all over the world and visited 14 countries.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Angie D.
"My favorite thing about cats is how different their personalities are; it’s fascinating to learn all the different ways they communicate their moods and needs, and what makes each of them feel safe, excited, and loved."
My name is Angie and I’m a writer, teacher, and artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been a devoted cat servant ever since a kitten moved into the tree outside my window and made me realize that my whole life spent assuming I was a dog person was a lie. I now work as a cat sitter and live with an adopted Torbie named Ro. She has endless energy, and loves climbing the walls, playing with toys, and stirring up trouble to get my attention so she can then climb into my arms for some cuddles and neck scratches. I am friendly, calm, tidy, and detail-oriented, and I enjoy giving regular updates to my clients and their families. With years of cat care experience as a sitter and foster caregiver, I understand just how important play, socialization, and stability are to their well-being and environment. I’m also experienced with administering oral medications, injections, ointments, and other treatments, so you can trust your loved one is in good hands. I really look forward to meeting you and your unique pets, and to learning how I can best support them during your time away!
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty


“This was our first time using The Comforted Kitty and we will definitely be using them again! Our sitter Angie was so kind and thorough. She sent a text each day to let us know things were great with our cats, and followed our instructions so they had the dinner experience they’re accustomed to. 🤗” – Kevin & Betsy R. (Phoenix)

“Angie is taking great care of my kitty! Will definitely use again in the future.” – Jillian T. (Mesa)

“Angie was absolutely amazing! This was my first time using a cat sitting service for my boys, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved getting updates and pictures from every visit. I will definitely be using this service again!” – K. N. (Phoenix)

“Angie did a great job caring for my two cats! The service itself was very fairly priced and I received a report on my boys to include pictures each time she stopped by to check on them. We plan on using this service every time we go out of town for more than a couple days and would definitely recommend if you prefer in home care for your kitties!” – N.A. (Phoenix)

“Thank you so much for taking such great care of Loki! He was very excited to see us, but wasn’t too needy, so I’ll take that as he was satisfied with his amount of activity he had this weekend. He is already back to his normal self.” -Brittany A. (Mesa)

“Thank you so much, Angie! The pictures were wonderful and really brought a smile to our face 💗 thanks for making our vacation have a great vacation! It’s been a pleasure and we really appreciate everything you’ve done for our babies ❤️❤️ and I’m sure they have too!!!” -Dalin R. (Tempe)


Troy E.
What Troy likes about cats most is their calming nature. Cats are very intelligent but also make great companions and can be very comforting.
Troy is an Arizona Native and has had pets his entire life. Troy has years of experience with taking care of other's pets including oral medications and insulin shots as well as experience with emergency situations. Troy has 2 cats of his own currently (or could be labeled as 2 spoiled rotten kitties!). Troy's hobbies include cooking, hiking and alternative healing methods including Reiki (which can be used to calm animals). Troy has a calming nature that cats detect quickly.
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty


“Troy did a great job taking care of our 3 cats for a week. The website does a good job of capturing all the needed information and Troy paid us a visit prior to our departure to make sure we were a good match. He was very professional and we could tell immediately that he loved cats and his job.” – Jim R. (Phoenix)

“I was so worried about leaving our rambunctious boys for weekends, but I’m so glad I found the comforted kitty. Troy in particular has been such a great asset to us when we are away. Our cats love him (and one of our cats doesn’t like anyone). He makes sure we know they are doing well and sends us great pictures.” – Sarah M. (Phoenix)

“An incredibly professional cat sitting service. I had to leave my apartment for 5 days and was very worried about the well being of my cat. So I booked with this company and it was a great decision. The application was very thorough, meaning that my sitter would be well informed about all the nuances of my cat. My sitter (Troy) was awesome! Every time he came to visit my cat he gave me a brief status update along with a few photos. I am using them again while I am gone for the holidays. For anyone with worries about leaving your cat alone while you are out on vacation, I highly encourage you to book with the Comforted Kitty.” – Ben C. (Phoenix)

“Troy did a wonderful job with Eva and was very attentive to her and helped alleviate a lot of her anxiety while we were gone! I would love to have him watch her again next time we go on vacation :)” – J. D. (Phoenix)

“Thank you SO much for taking such great care of the kiddos! I will definitely be reaching out again for my next trip! , Arizona, The Comforted Kitty -Emily B. (Phoenix)

“Just got home – Major seems great! Thanks so much for taking care of him while I was away!!! I appreciate the note and keychain/card also! Next time I’m leaving town, I’ll definitely reach out and see if you are available!” -Jess J. (Phoenix)

Guadalupe S.
Hello! My name is Guadalupe (Lupe for short) Santillan and I'm a Cat Sitter Specialist. I have a great passion for animals. Since little, I've owned a lot of different species including dogs, cats, chickens, birds, and more. I knew that always wanted to work with pets. In 2012, I began working at my local veterinary clinic and since then I have been in the veterinary field. Currently I work for the University of Arizona, College of Veterinary Medicine. I have a lot of experience taking care of dogs and cats which includes administering medications. Even though I love all animals, I've realized that cats are the ones that I feel I'm more attached to. I love their personalities and just how they are! From kittens to senior cats, they all deserve special care and attention. I'll make sure your cat gets daily visits, new food and water, litter cleaned, and more! I'm very caring, friendly and will communicate with you at all times to let you know that your cat is doing well. I'll treat your cats as if they are my own!
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty


“I am so happy with the services by The Comforted Kitty, and my cat sitter Lupe was nothing short of incredible. Before our planned trip, one of our cats had a blood clot which led him to suddenly need a lot of medications for management and of course we were worried to leave him, but the minute I met Lupe and saw her love for my cats, her attention to detail, and confidence to provide the care and deliver the medications, I was immediately put at ease. She was such a blessing and we had immense peace of mind knowing our babies were in the best hands! Everything down to the app used and communications has been so easy and professional, and I have been overall so impressed with the company. Highly recommended to use this company for your cat sitting needs, especially Lupe!” – Vanessa F. (Tucson)

“Thank you so much, we feel so comfortable leaving them in your hands!” -Vanessa F. (Tucson)

Luke M.
Howdy my name is Luke, My cat story (hisstory): I wasn’t allowed to have cats growing up because my dad and sister were very allergic. I always wanted and asked for a cat. Many years in a row the only thing I wrote on my Christmas list was “cat”. My mom finally broke and got me two cats back to back a year apart just randomly. I named them Jade(Tabby girl) and Coal(Tonkinese boy). My mom and I became super involved with helping the stray cats in the area and at one point we were taking care of 16 cats! I moved to Arizona for college in 2019 and now I’m trying to pursue my passions and have work that makes me happy. I’m a 22 year old cat sitter, biologist, entrepreneur, artist, and community builder. I hope it goes without say I love cats deeply. I’m a cat person at heart. Cats love me because I’m just like them haha I have experience interacting with many different cat personalities and temperaments I am Knowledgeable about cat behavior, communication, and signals. I have a lot of cat and other pet sitting experience. I will reliably care for and love your cat(s)
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Rebecca W.
Hi! I’m Rebecca. I adopted my first cat in 1985. She was my best buddy for 17 years. My husband & I adopted two kittens in 2001, and really enjoyed watching them grow up. A couple years later we adopted two more kittens, and the four of them - Larry, Carmen, Walter and Stella - all got along pretty well. They were definitely family members, not just pets. It was during that time that I knew I would always have at least one cat. We currently have two – Kenny and Picasso. I have thought for many years that I’d like to do some pet sitting once I retired and now, I’m ready. I really enjoy meeting new cats as they are all different and have interesting personalities. I believe that giving pet parents some peace of mind is equally as important as feeding and caring for the pets. I look forward to being your cat sitter!
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Keagan A.
"What I love most about cats is how they all have such a variety of personalities and are just so joyful to be around. No matter their personality, I always feel so comforted by their presence and love interacting with them in whatever ways they feel comfortable with!"
Hello! My name is Keagan and I am very excited to be working with The Comforted Kitty so I can care for your cats while you are away! I am a very friendly, trustworthy and dependable cat lover who gets so much joy out of caring for cats and making sure both the owners and cats feel safe and comfortable during their time apart. I have owned two cats with my family throughout my life and prior to being hired by TCK, had been cat sitting for a family since 2017. My parents currently own a sweet senior black cat named Opal, who has been in our family since 2007. I love her very dearly! In my free time I enjoy singing, exercising, going on walks, playing the bass, learning about paleontology and anthropology, and of course, hanging out with cats! I look forward to meeting you and your cat(s)! 🙂
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
Kylee M.
"My favorite thing about cat-sitting is definitely getting to meet different cat personalities. I think it's really special when a cat gets comfortable, sheds his or her anxiety, opens up to me and let's their personality shine. There's nothing better than a cat who instantly feels safe enough to trust me. I have the paitence, gentleness and determination to make every cat my best friend. I love the talkative cats, the timid cats, the energetic cats and the lazy cats!"
Hi, my name is Kylee! Loving cats has been a piece of me for as long as I can remember. I have had numerous cats throughout the years and each one has left a special and unique impact on me. I currently have three of my own at home that I love dearly. I have done private pet sitting in the past and I came on with The Comforted Kitty in 2023. I have experience giving oral medications as well as topical medications. I'm always excited to meet a new four-legged friend and hope to meet yours soon!
, Arizona, The Comforted Kitty
925-494-0485 info@comfortedkitty.com