Archer: The Comforted Kitty of the Month of April!

by | Apr 27, 2020


Meet Archer (aka, Archer-bub, Handsome Pants, Thunder Cat and Potato), the TCK of the Month of April!

Archie was adopted from the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas. He was deemed un-adoptable for being shy (and angry) after being abandoned by his prior family. His guardians offered to foster him in hopes he would relax and we could help him find his forever home. After weeks turned into months they realized he was already home with them: “It’s been a long winding road with milestones at ever turn and we are so happy to be his Guardians.”

Some fun facts about Archer:

  • Archer’s motto: Eat, Sleep, Stretch, Repeat
  • Favorite Song Lyric: “You can go your own way”
  • Describe Archer in 3 words: Sweet, innocent, particular

A special message from Archer’s parents:

“There are lots of cats like Archer that don’t get the chance to find a loving home. His situation was NOT his fault and he shouldn’t be punished or have lost his life for humans failing him. Take a chance on an angry kitten near you, you never know who you might meet. And you might just save their life.”

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