15 Last Minute Gifts For Cat Lovers You Can Still Get With Amazon Prime

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December 19, 2018
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15 Last Minute Gifts For Cat Lovers You Can Still Get With Amazon Prime

Your mission: find a tasteful, unique, cat-related Christmas gift for your sister…by Tuesday. Stay
calm, my friend. Amazon Prime has your back. Just breathe and peruse these top-rated gifts
that will make any cat lover swoon.
You’re so winning Christmas this year.

15 Awesome Gifts for Cat Lovers

1. Stacking Cat Measuring Cups
Adorable. Decorative. Useful. Your baking friend will love these so much, maybe she’ll even
share the love with a batch of cat-shaped cookie cut-outs.
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2. Set of Six Cat Wine Charms and a Cat Wine Stopper
This colorful set of silicone kitty wine markers will be a smash with the cat loving wine enthusiast
in your life. Pair them with a quirky cat wine stopper to completely hit it out of the ballpark.
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3. Cat Mug with Fish Tea Infuser
Maybe your friend is less of a wine drinker and more of a tea fanatic. If so, check out this
beyond cute glass mug featuring a fish infuser for brewing loose leaf tea.
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4. “Nekozushi” Sushi Cat Notebook
Perhaps the cat lover you have in mind has a more unconventional taste. This oddball notebook
featuring, yes, cats dressed up as sushi is sure to please the quirkiest of friends.
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5. Cat Bluetooth Speaker
This portable speaker, featuring cat ears and whiskers, will be a slam dunk with your
musically-inclined friend.
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6. Hidden Cat Litter Box
This clever kitty litter box doubles as a decorative clay planter, making it an ideal gift for the
design-savvy cat lover who doesn’t want to compromise her carefully curated living room.
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7. Ceramic Cat Planters
These attractive cat planters are perfect for small succulents or cacti. They’ll make a chic
addition to any windowsill, counter, or tabletop.
Buy on Amazon .

8. Leather Cat Print Wallet
With its quirky illustrated cat print, this leather wallet will please any of your hip, style-conscious
Buy on Amazon .

9. Cat Egg Mold
Breakfast is served! This playful egg mold is a surefire way to make anyone excited to start the
day. Made of silicone, this mold is food-safe and functional.
Buy on Amazon .

10. T. S. Eliot’s Book Of Practical Cats
Surprise the literary cat lover in your life with the book that inspired the hit Broadway show,
Cats. T. S. Eliot wrote these poems in the 1930’s to entertain his godchildren and friends. It’s a
Buy on Amazon .

11. Cat Slippers
Because who couldn’t use another pair of cozy slippers? These cat slippers are made with
memory foam insoles, combining comfort with cuteness.
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12. Cat-Shaped Paper Clips
With an assortment of six colors, these whimsical cat paper clips will make a charming addition
to any cat lover’s stash of office supplies.
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13. LED Cat-Shaped Light
This color changing wire frame lamp will add a unique touch to bedrooms or desktops.
Buy on Amazon .

14. Mother of Cats T-Shirt
A nod to HBO’s Game of Thrones, this hilarious tee is the perfect gift for cat-loving fans of the
Buy on Amazon .

15. Funny Cat Doormat
This cheeky greeting will set the tone for anyone entering the home of your multiple cat-owning
friend. It’s funny. It’s functional. Your friend will love it.
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Give the Gift Your Cat-Loving Friend Really Wants
This Year

Not all cat-related gifts are created equal. As cat lovers, we’ve dutifully nodded in feigned
appreciation over tacky sweaters, kitschy cat decor, and don’t get me started on the number of
cat ornaments taking over my Christmas tree.

Don’t be that friend. Buy a cool gift that your cat loving friend will actually enjoy. And then
congratulate yourself for a job well done with a set of cat-shaped paper clips. You deserve it.

Got anything you can add to this list? Share your favorite cat-inspired gift you’ve received in the
comments below!



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